Enslaved Art Director Now Working On DmC

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 5:07pm

imageThe man who led a team to create the lush post-apocalyptic world in Enslaved: Journey to the West is now directing the dingy cityscapes in DmC.


Alessandro Taini posted on his site he is the Visual Art Director on DmC, the Capcom x Ninja Theory Devil May Cry reboot. Monsters Dante fights in the trailer reminded me of his artwork for "Frost Flower," a feature film he worked on.


image image

[DmC left – Frost Flower right]

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  • Ooh. I love broken cities. One of my favourite things in pictures! It may sound cruel, but photographs of abandoned, or ruined lands are beautiful to me, in a tragic way.

    • A friend of mine lives in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania. She’s sent me all these pictures of abandoned schools and homes, from when a mine sinks or something. Really amazing stuff going on there. Reminds me of Silent Hill.

      • Oh man, Silent Hill gives me a helluva shiver when I go near a hospital.

        • Try recording an album in Binghamton, New York, and then driving back to New York City when the fog is so thick you can only see about four feet in front of you. We kept joking that any second, the road was going to stop and there’d be a huge chasm in front of us.

    • RupanIII


      edit- you might like Jem Cohen’s film Chain. He creates a narrative from footage of abandoned shopping malls all over the world

  • Guest

    Surprised with all the hate reactions both overseas and in the West that they are still moving forward with this.

    • I think they expected the crazed reactions all along. They aren’t stupid. :p

      • Guest

        I guess they are also expecting the low sales, because i can’t see this selling millions and millions of copies. So yeah, capcom is not stupid, they know how to destroy their own franchises!

        • Uhm dude, it should sells millions as this redesign of the character is already appealing more to the masses in this new and phenomenal redesign than the old hotness did in the past. The current appeals to millions, so it should succeed; just look at how talked about this one is, the most popular DmC to date.

          • Er… Trying not to antagonize you here, but where did you find a group of people that actually like this young Dante? (Personally I’m indifferent.)

          • Last meeting of the Vaan fan club, I assume.

          • I like it, and people who are like minded like me, like it too. Though dude, I think that at the end of the day, no matter how the character looks if the game is revolutionary and fun to play then it should beget good sales.

          • no matter how the character looks if the game is revolutionary and fun to play then it should beget good sales.

            Tell that to Nier.

          • GamerKT

            *raises hand*
            I’m cool with it.

          • @Charles Lupula
            Nier was an adquired taste. It took a few hours of gameplay in order to know what was so awesome about it.

          • Guest


          • Guest


          • mirumu

            What makes you say it’s more appealing to the masses? Seems like some generic and boring CG design to me. If you have stats to back your statement up I’d love to see them.

          • I think the character looks edgier than the older in age previous versions of Dante. Who did the old one even appeal to? Certainly not me. I say my statement as the character looks like an amalgamation of key traits and design choices that embody popular characters in todays media that appeal to the age group in focus; thereby warranting its appeal to more people.

          • mirumu

            You mean he looks like a Twilight character? If you like the design that’s fine, but copying what’s popular elsewhere does not guarantee it’ll be successful in a different context or market. I think they’d actually sell more copies if it was an original title rather than a DMC reboot. Time will tell of course, but every current DMC fan I know loathes the design.

          • The old character appealed to me. This one…let’s put it this way, if they want me to even consider renting this, they’d better release the greatest demo known to man when they put this out. Because that character is crap. Pure and simple. He looks some whiny suburban screamo kid that’s convinced the rest of the world “doesn’t understand his pain.” I want to beat him up.

            I never felt that way with Dante’s old design. He always seemed kinda cool, yet cheesy in a good way.

          • “I think the character looks edgier than the older in age previous versions of Dante. Who did the old one even appeal to? Certainly not me. I say my statement as the character looks like an amalgamation of key traits and design choices that embody popular characters in todays media that appeal to the age group in focus; thereby warranting its appeal to more people. ”

            I would’ve thought the old Dante would’ve appealed to you on a massive level. I mean, his chest was showing AND he had Silver hair; It was like Vaan and Hope mixed together!

            What 17+ year olds (The people this game is made for since it’s M) find the stereotypical Emo look appealing, other than stereotypical emos of course?

          • My ex-girlfriend’s response to the character design was great: “I don’t want to play as Davey Havok!”

          • In other words, only people who saw the trailer in this game w/o playing the rest of the franchise. It’s true that we should all wait until we see some game-play until we cast judgement, but I think you should refrain from using “millions” and “masses” to refer to people who agree with you on something. At most it’s tens of thousands people who would agree with you on this and the “masses” wouldn’t be interested in this game to begin with.

          • Infamy and Popularity are NOT the same thing. And how does redesigning him into what is, to the eyes of these “Millions”, a generic Emo stereotype guarantee sales? While I can’t speak for everyone, considering that I’m only sticking on because his CHARACTER seems to be intact and I don’t particularly care for the new design as I’m a pizza-eating, smoke-hating Dante Fan, there seems to be a rather loud backlash from longtime fans and indifference from non-fans (you excluded, though you’re just…you…).

          • “… it should sells millions as this redesign of the character is already appealing more to the masses…”.Says who?

          • Well mirumu from above likened it to well the high selling “twilight,” so from there, we see that masses completely enjoy that based on its high sales and praise. Thus replicating a character in that style would theoretically be able to garnish praise and well appeal from the demographic that enjoys twilight. Plus the game also appears to embrace dark, gritty, the voice of character is pretty cool, and his appearance seems to be that which is in in the world of fashion and music, so it bolsters the claim that it appeals more. We can do an even more upclose analysis, the old one benefited from having white/silver hair, which is usually all the rage for videogame style, as well as showing his chest, which is awesome to appeal to fans of action type games, but failed in that he has the black thing across his chest which is just odd, and his jacket, well covers up all of it too, and in the actual gameplay/and cutscenes of DmC 4, it isnt showing, whereas for example, Vaan or even twilight characters, always), lastly the shape of his head is strange for the hairstyle, maybe if he were given spikey hair? Did they change his voice actor too? Lastly, the old one is toooooo buff or maybe not buff, just kinda thick? Its been proven time and time again that people arent fans of thick characters, his arms and legs are like the size of poles for streetlamps, which isnt appealing. Though its a shame he will have to change into the olde form :(

            Therefore, it seems the redesign just replicates that which appeals more for our generation.

          • Nobody Respects Twilight, Tsuna. Nobody.

          • You realize the same general demographic that likes Twilight would stay away from a game like this don’t you? Like I said before, these “masses” wouldn’t care about this game, or even games in general, even if Dante actually looked exactly like Edward Cullen or one of his relatives, which I don’t actually see. Once again, your making statements that only at most tens of thousands, would think, and saying that the “general masses” and/or “millions” would agree with you on what you think.

          • I think there is significant overlap with the demographic that is capable of buying T-rated games and the same age group of Twilight fas, could buy this; I know I would without a shadow of a doubt ^_^. But youre probably true that, well, a general few masses would agree with me, even here when have people ever agreed with meh; though the game looks like it appeals to the west…

          • “I think there is significant overlap with the demographic that is capable of buying T-rated games and the same age group of Twilight fas, could buy this”

            Devil May Cry is Rated M, not T. At least try to do a little research before you spout off biased assumptions.

          • @Mark Shaver well who knows, this new game could target a lower rating?

          • @Tsun

            The main demographic for Twilight consists of tween girls. I seriously doubt they would be buying a game where you kill demons/robots/whatever the hell this game will feature, as their main draw to the Twilight series is the apparent “romance” of it. This is not being sold as a romantic game, so they won’t be interested in it.

          • Not that you and the two people who liked you are wrong, but who and where are these “millions” of people you are talking about?

          • Dante shoots the head of a demon in the trailer and blood splatters, he smokes, and he’s in a torture chamber. Those factors alone would get the game an M rating.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      They’re not just going to up and stop a game because of some fan backlash. When you’re remaking such an awesome gaming icon, some hate is to be expected

      • mirumu

        That’s true. Companies rarely change direction once a project is far enough along that they’re revealing video at E3, TGS, etc. That said, fan backlash can still make a difference even at this stage. I’m reminded of Sucker Punch changing the design of Cole in Infamous 2 after a negative fan reaction to the early footage.

        • And I wish Capcom would have learned from Sucker Punch’s example.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Right, but if you look closely, it’s not a super major redesign. They just made some superficial changes, like hair and a little facial tweak. Nothing major. Nothing like what people are demanding be done to Dante in this new game. I also found the whole Cole situation really ironic because Sucker Punch changed Cole’s design because of what people were saying when the first game came out. And then when they did what their audience wanted, they were hated again and had to change it back.

  • Edgar Cumplido

    why not a dmc that tells the back story of nero???

    • He only awakened to his demon powers shortly before the start of DMC4. It’s in the manual. Let’s see… “A number of demons appeared suddenly from deep within the Mitis Forest and attacked the city, destroying a number of houses and inflicting slight injuries to citizens. As luck would have it, Nero, a knight of the Order of the Sword, was present at the scene. All demons were exterminated. During this incident, a private female citizen who was a traveling companion of Nero’s, was injured. Nero himself received a minor injury to his right shoulder.”


      3:31 – 3:39 is a flashback to that event and what he says at 4:40 is what happened to him because of it.

    • I agree. Just change his name to George and make him a demonic rocker from Minnesota. The “west is always right crowd” like satchidananda will love it.

      The monster designs look great, although; I fear it will just be another repeat of Lords of Shadow. Let’s see how many elements from other western games we can ripoff while pretending to give a crap about the game’s legacy.

    • See, that’s what’s so tragic about this. They established the character of Nero, who was actually pretty fun to play, and then they pull this, instead of continuing the story. There was plenty of places for it to go. Hell, they could’ve made a game that took place after 2, where Nero brings Dante back from Hell or something. You could play half of the game as Dante in the other world and the other as Nero, striving to rescue him.

      But no, we get this. If there was ever an example of why it was a good thing that Inafune left Capcom, it was that he had started with things like this. It’s just a shame that they don’t scrap the project completely or, at the very least, fix Dante’s look.

    • Me want a full game with Vergil.

  • This is going to be awesome dude! I love that Dante and the environment shown thus far is pretty impressive! Though Dante makes this a day 1, it will be my first time playing a game in this franchise. I have high hopes!

    • FireCouch

      I want you.

    • The fact that your favorite Final Fantasy characters are Hope and Vaan means that I am completely right when I say that this is an awful character design. ;)

    • karasuKumo

      Do me a favor and get DMC4, it’s cheap at the moment and might be better than this. I have a feeling you will like Nero too.

      • I was thinking about it, I ended up watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV-Z19chIJQ when I was looking up to compare the two, and well, the game looks kind of fun still. Maybe they will give it an HD Collection.

        • Why would the remake an HD console game on the same console? -.-

          • Didnt they do it for Tomb Raider? It could be nice to play the first 3 and then the 4th one, so people like me would be able to get the whole experience if we desired to experience the other games for the sake of playing the game.

          • What he is trying to say is that DMC4 IS already a PS3 game. There’s no need for an HD remake of it, as it’s already in HD.

  • Aoshi00

    Wonder if Andy Serkis would be playing any char again, he was the villain in Heavenly Sword and Monkey in Enslaved, I like that guy’s acting, very physical and he knows how to voice act too. I think he a hand in directing the mo-cap, voice recording, and cutscenes as well.

  • young dante ….without his epic (man) boob strap.. lol.. i sure do miss that accessory of his.. XD

  • I am hoping this flops hard, so that they can get back to the proper Devil May Cry continuity. There was no need for a reboot just because 4 wasn’t as good as 3.

    • neon6

      Yes, there was and if this flops, I’ll guarantee you Capcom will drop the franchise as a sign that there’s nothing else to do with it.

      • I’d rather it die then. I feel the same way about the Silent Hill franchise over at Konami. I loved 1-3 and thought 4 and 0 were alright. But Homecoming and that new one…I’d rather they just kill the franchise than crap all over it.

        If you’re going to change one of the fundamental things that made the series so great in the first place, there’s no point in continuing it.

        I’m also curious as to exactly why you think it even needed something like this? The fanbase is still there. Hell, Dante was probably the most requested character for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. They didn’t reboot after the disaster that was 2. They just made a better game. That’s what they should’ve done instead of this.

        • neon6

          Devil May Cry 4 felt like an unfinished game. Dante’s sections were mostly rehashed from Nero’s sections, half of his move set was reused from previous games saved for Pandora and Lucifer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi made the decision to make the male characters look even more metro sexual with the intent to better sell to the female audience (which created some disconnection between male players similarly to the introduction of Raiden from MGS2), and the main character, Nero, didn’t seem to have any original characteristics seeing how he acts like Dante, talks like Dante etc. Almost like they wanted to make a new character for a new audience, but one that wasn’t much different from the original. Though it all worked out in the end considering the game sold 2 million copies, something 1, 2, and 3 never did. Though the game left a sour taste in my mouth and most likely others if Capcom didn’t want anything to do with it for over 2 years after release. If Ninja Theory is competent enough, then this reboot might actually be the shot in the arm the series so desperately needs.

          • Wait…you’re complaining that the characters in 4 looked too metrosexual, but…

            You don’t think Dante’s redesign is a horrible emo nightmare?

          • I don’t think Neon6 is aware of what he is saying considering reboot Dante looks like at best, androgynous and at worst, a girl.

          • Testsubject909

            Actually… about Dante’s redesign, other then looking like the new guy in charge…

            He also oddly looks a bit like a friend of mine… And that’s not a plus.

            This specific friend of mine who has some physical similarities to the new Dante… has a bit of a superiority complex, complains a lot, has a slightly grating quality in his voice and is a bit of a spaz… Plus he smokes smokes a lot of marijuana and quites often (meaning he never quits at all).

            …And yes, his smoking doesn’t help…

            …And no, that doesn’t help me think of this Dante in any better way possible..

          • But this Dante looks just as “metro sexual” as the past games. Dante looked like that from the very first game, so I don’t understand where your argument is coming from. And besides, only a minority seems to be feeling that way if it sold so much in comparison. Also, the guy in your avatar is fairly “pretty” as well.

            And I am not sure how your argument is in anyway a case that the game “needed” a reboot. If anything it’s a case for the opposite.

          • mirumu

            Even if Ninja Theory manage to create a new, interesting and non-generic visual style for DMC, something I’ve seen no evidence of so far, they’ve yet to show they’re capable of the tight gameplay DMC is known for. The controls for both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were rather loose and unwieldy for my tastes. I say this as someone who actually liked Heavenly Sword too.

            Regarding the visual style, all I’ll say is that when I see the new Dante I can’t help but think “emo-Kefka”.

      • mandystevens

        I don’t see that. The franchise was doing well to begin with. Just needed some filling out and things explained. I do see some back peddling.

  • I played the demo of Enslaved and I didn’t really like it. It seems like a lot of people like it though, so I might try it when it hits the bargain bin.

    EDIT: As long as the combat is smooth, fast, STYLISH, and fun, I’ll buy a copy of DmC. Still hate Capcom for killing everything.

    • Enslaved suffers from “Legacy of Kain” syndrome, where they spent so much time making a good story that they forgot the “game” part of the game. The demo was awful and recently, I had the opportunity to play the full retail game at a friend’s place. I was not anymore impressed by the gameplay than I was by the demo.

      Still, the story seemed neat enough that I might Youtube it if I ever have a few free hours.

      • Ah, alright thanks. I guess I’ll just youtube the story scenes and buy a copy if I like what I see.

  • joesz

    Can’t any Japanese person work with them?
    I want some bouncing boobs and ultra zoom into cleavage,etc..

    • Give this man Trish and Lady making love.

  • Testsubject909

    You know… The acceptance of this new Dante could’ve worked better if you had at least two details altered:

    1: White hair, a lot of people are picky on this.

    2: Don’t… Make Dante look like his new lead developer/producer/whatever… Seriously, during the interview, it almost looked like he was casting his little twin brother into the game. It all stunk of narcissism, and that… just turns off a lot of people further.

    • GamerKT

      Uhh, watch the trailer again. The back of Dante’s head has white hair.

      • Testsubject909

        Watch that trailer repeatedly.

        What’s the first color you see?

        Now, aside from scrutiny to see the white…

        Look at the white again… Now, ask yourself. Is this white his hair? Or is this white just a reflection of a freakishly strong light source?

        • GamerKT

          It’s white because it’s a prequel game. Dude, check out his hair. He has a gray-white mohawk-thing, EVEN in the dark, dark asylum room. I’m guessing he goes through demonic puberty, thus the mental problems and facility…and the newly-forming white hair taking over his head.

          I have black hair, reflections do not work that way on it.

          • GVmanX

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that it’s been stated that this isn’t a prequel game.

          • GamerKT
          • Actually, it was already established in the first Devil May Cry game that Dante had white hair even as a kid. If this is a prequel, the only way it should be black is if he dyed it black.

          • GamerKT

            Read #1.
            Either “kid” was used loosely. He could be 17 in the game. “Kid” could’ve meant 19.
            Or, he DID dye it black. He’s seems like a total punk in this game. So, not outta the question.

          • @GamerKT

            No, I am talking about the locket that Dante has in the very first game that showed him, Vergil, and his mother. Dante looks somewhere between 5 and 10 years old in the locket. Both he and Vergil have white hair in that picture/painting.

        • The producer himself told fans to notice the white patch in his hair.

      • Reply to your answer to my question: There’s a difference between just being cool with it and actually liking it. TS is saying that the design will draw in everyone, and is implying that it’ll sell more than any DMC game just because the young Dante looks appealing to the “masses”.

        • GamerKT

          Personally, I don’t give a crap. It’s a prequel. He WILL eventually BECOME the Dante we all know. If he’s gonna be a scrawny meth head in this game, cool, just make the gameplay fun and reasonably tie it in with the other games. You really can’t ask for more from this game..

          • “Fun gameplay”
            “You really can’t ask for more from this game.. ”

            I’ll forgive you since you probably haven’t played a Ninja Theory game before, but people have a good reason to be worried this time around.

  • So at least the post-apocalyptic world in the new DmC won’t be genric :D

  • evilmoogle

    If only he didn’t look like a crack junkie…

    • GamerKT


  • Aiddon

    The character design is CRAP. If he designed Don’te then this man SUCKS at his job. Though I will admit he was supposedly just listening to CAPCOM at the time. It’s times like this where I’m glad that Inafune’s whiny self-xenophobia is gone from CAPCOM. Excuse after excuse from those involved seem to paint this as the game that’s going to make DMC a ten-million seller or better than 4 (which was one of the highest-selling entries in the series) when in fact it might do worse than 2 and make some people realize the error of their ways

  • z_merquise

    Okay, so I went to the artist Alessandro Taini’s website and I gotta say, his art is a real beauty! Here’s the link if anyone is interested: http://www.talexiart.com/.

    I think his design could fit a game like Devil May Cry. It got a dark and creepy feel and at the same time, it looked beautiful. His art style can be perfect for a story/settings about angels, demons, the super-natural and things similar to that.

  • I have decided that from now on, unless they release a demo that absolutely blows me away, in which case I will apologize, I will no longer refer to this character as “Dante,” but “Dino,” as in “Dante In Name Only.” Anyone else who disapproves feel free to do the same. Maybe if it spreads enough, some minds might be changed.

    I will play a demo if they release one (and they DAMN WELL better release one if they want to even attempt to win over any of the old fans). If it impresses me enough, I will buy the game. Bayonetta raised the bar, gameplay-wise, on this type of game and if they want to get away with using Dino here, they better have vaulted over that bar. But, Ninja Theory are not exactly known for their gameplay.

    • puchinri

      Dino it is. (How that fit so well is curious and awesome.)

      I don’t think I want to bother with the game at all, demo or otherwise. I will however, sit about patiently and twiddle my fingers while I wait for another DMC title done right. (And hoping for Bayonetta 2… Too. )

  • mandystevens

    Is this really new news?

  • mandystevens

    I don’t think it is only about the hair. It is the westernization and unnecessary reboot/prequel when the last game sold best. The franchise is not old. The interviews were garbage and lack confidence as does NT’s ability to pull off a DMC styled game based upon their previous record. To change a franchise totally is going to lose many fans and others will have to be convinced to spend money on this. All around it looks like a bad move.

    • NT or Capcom might not even care about the old fanbase(I am not saying they don’t, btw.) and may just assume that if they can make a game that will appeal to today’s crowd, it will be worth it.

  • PrinceHeir

    will see how this turns out, but really i never considered this a part of the Devil May Cry timeline, more of a what if or alternate universe dante. oh well given ninja theory’s arrogant attitude and track record things don’t look to well on this project but will see.

  • Guyz don’t expect this Dante will appear in SMT 4
    The DMC3 Dante is the One I expecting to appear in SMT 4

    Devil May Cry: Be Cool
    DmC: Do Drugs

  • I think the Dante in DMC3 is much younger than this dante.

  • karasuKumo

    Still angry about the new DMC but I guess it can’t be helped :/. As long as the fact that it’s partially western isn’t shoved down our throats every 5 seconds with generic western enemy designs like the one above it should be a semi-decent game. That’s if they don’t mess anything else up!

  • I do like that first picture with Dante’s “COME AT ME BRO” pose though

  • GVmanX

    I really think that this whole new dMc (That’s how they’re abbreviating it now, right?) is a TERRIBLE idea.

  • nyrjin

    I only hope that Super Dante isn’t as hard to unlock.

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