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By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 1:35am

imageThe Final Fantasy Type-0 plot thickens. In addition to the trademark and potential logo we discovered, Square Enix appears to be readying a website for Final Fantasy Type-0 too.


Square Enix registered the domain names and Both are linked to their headquarters in Japan. While they own those domains, the following related domains are up for grabs:


Get ’em while they’re hot?

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  • Yukito

    Can’t wait for the inevitable countdown of a countdown!

  • Say whaaaaaaaaaaat? :O

  • joesz

    what the hell is this?
    mii wants 2know

  • probably just a rename of 13versus, sounds better

  • Ereek

    I’m curious about what it is, but I’m going to remain apathetic towards it until I see gameplay and story information.

  • Sounds like Final fantasy 1 Remade with 3d graphics, or they found files of the first Final fantasy 1 so they are calling it 0 :O i doubt it.

  • *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* *spam* *spam* *spam* muahahahhahahha!

  • karasuKumo

    Maybe it’s some spin off of the FF series on a handheld. Maybe it’s even a prequel to FF1!

    I’m not too bothered about it considering if it is a PS3 title we wont see it for many many years :/

  • it this the FF reboot they were talking about? if not disappointment in 3…2…1…

    • memoryofwater

      Four Heroes of Light is the Final Fantasy reboot. It’s Mystic Quest, dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world and splashed with a veneer of “Everyone wants games to be hard” where all the “Americans want games to be easy” got scraped off.

  • epy

    FPS Final Fantasy with bald, muscular space marines created to appeal to the West.

    • Testsubject909

      I call it right now, the tough hypersexualized woman who’s as strong as any other man with a triple barreled shotgun to compensate for her lack of a weewee.

      The compassionate soft lug big tough guy of the whole group who’s actually a soft hearted pacifist.

      And the hot headed bastard guy who could possibly end up traitorous and the bad guy.

      As we find ourselves fighting some highly technological company that’s attempting to syphon the powers of the earth while genetically altering it’s army into super soldiers, so the group decides to take over a train with supplies where we begin our adventures in a resistance cell called Earthquake. Named so for the retaliation of nature against technology, nevermind the fact that our heroes are all using heavy artillery.

    • I don’t think that will happen, also because of what Wada said

  • This name sounds like a shmup lol
    Well, is hard to trust Square-Enix right now, they forgotted their past and are producing only creep games. FM Evolved is unaceptable.

  • Barrit

    I wonder if this will be an anime or something.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    God Siliconera, why are your advertisements so annoying? I don’t want to hear some crappy generic rock song every time I click on an article.

    • Can you e-mail us about the offending ad so we can take it down? Music ads are not allowed on the site.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Sure, I’ll just need to find it first. Sorry for being angry about it. It wasn’t worth posting such a flaming comment.

        But yes, the ad is a video about some social/MMO type game. Currently, all that’s showing up is a Super Mario Bros ad, so it’ll take me some time to accurately locate and describe it.

        • That sounds like an ad from Outspark’s Fiesta. I haven’t seen it here yet though.

    • Something like that has never happened to me, and i come here a lot, as far as i remember, something like that happened once, the ad that is always on the upper right part, but is only because the ad is a video, and it started to play by itself

  • HPN

    I’m thinking Final Fantasy Type 0 is the new name for Final Fantasy Fortress, which was in development at GRIN and then was moved to a new undisclosed studio after GRIN shut its doors.

  • PrinceHeir

    i think it’s that fortress game that we saw last year. it looks like a lighter version of demon souls to be honest ^^

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