The Magic Genius And Green Graduate, Two More Tale Of The Last Promise Characters

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 3:02pm

Wolf Celes

If you’ve been following Tale of the Last Promise, an upcoming PSP dungeon crawler from Luminous Arc developer Imageepoch, you should recognize those two warriors. Wolf and Ceres are the game’s lead characters.


Lisette (left), a recent military cadet graduate, joins them. While she is not a Messiah Knight, Lisette acts as a navigation aide. Known to be loyal to her job and rational, her judgment guides the Messiah Knights when they are confused.


 Lisette Rushdie


Rushdie (right) is a close friend of Wolf. Beneath his gentle eyes and gloomy look, Rushdie is a powerful magic user. He’s said to be a genius magic knight, but what kind of burden does that put on his soul, Imageepoch asks?


Battles in Tale of the Last Promise are shown from a first person perspective, but you do see your party members. Some attacks trigger cut-in animations where Wolf dives in for a Lionheart special move.


SS_01_cutin001 SS_01_cutin002SS_01_cutin003 SS_01_battle01 SS_01_battle02


SS_01_back002 SS_01_back003 SS_01_back004 SS_01_back006 SS_01_back001

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  • Anybody else getting a Tales “Mystic Arte” vibe from those cut-ins for those special moves?

    • At least the portraits have more detail to look more fierce.

      • somehow.. i never draws out mystic arte in tales before.. and i still duno why.. XD

    • Nope, mainly because almost most of the anime style battle games have these kind of stuff.

      These drawings look a lot better though, but these seem to be with normal attacks, while in tales of with the the hi oughi!! making it epic xD

    • Darkrise

      *raises hand*

      I kinda laughed when I saw the cut-ins since I thought Mystic Arte. Still, this looks like a very interesting game, love the characters already. =Pdar

  • Guest

    “Battles in Tale of the Last Promise are shown from a first person perspective, but you do see your party members.”

    I hope this is more of a “Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky” ordeal than say… Class of Heroes?

    Not that I hate First Person dungeon games, it’s just that I suffer from lack of imagination… I like to see my characters in action. Little slash marks and character portraits won’t do.

    • I’m thinking the battles are like Brave Story.

    • Ereek

      While I understand (even if I don’t agree with it being necessary) liking to be able to see your characters, I really hope it isn’t DQIX-like. DQIX’s battles ended up far longer than they should have been by showing the characters running around, hitting enemies, and using skills. I’d say it more than doubled the average battle length.

      • Yeah i understand too, it’s pretty cool to look at your chars, but this doesn’t means that is the only good way to enjoy it, im liking the 1st person battle style this game is offering so far :DD a lot

      • Exkaiser

        Honestly, I thought DQIX’s battles were fine. They certainly didn’t take any more time than VIII’s despite the running around, and random battles were much less tedious than they got to be in VIII.

        Certainly, it’s not as snappy as the completely first-person perspective is, but I don’t think the extra battle length hurt the game.

        That said, I’m fine with Tale of the Last Promise not showing the characters. Both views have their merits.

        • Ereek

          I thought VIII’s dragged on as well, longer than IX’s, even. When there’s as many random battles as there are in early DQ games, fast battles are important.

          As for this, isn’t it supposed to play, to an extent, like Wizardry? If so, there might be more battles than in DQ. Games like Magna Carta PS2 were ruined for me because of how much fighting you did compared to how slow the battles were.

          Edit: I’ll play the game regardless, I’m just trying to defend first-person viewpoints. I’m of mind that they still have a place in gaming.

          • Exkaiser

            Oh, I definitely agree with you. Games like the Etrian Odyssey trilogy, SMT: SJ, and the DS Dragon Quest remakes make it pretty clear that the viewpoint still works.

            I think one of the places VIII dragged the most was in non-action delays. The attacks and offensive magic tended to be pretty quick, but it felt like it took forever showing you things like HP/MP being restored, characters defending, and the Candy Cat A washing its face. It got especially bad once your characters started getting passive HP/MP regeneration. IX does the same thing with MP, but it feels like it passes by a half-second quicker.

          • This is not really related, but now that we are in the battle peace theme…for me, the rpg with the most perfect battle peace, seriously, perfect, is final fantasy 10, really, the battles there were so nicely done, the timing of everything was long enough to enjoy it, and for it to not become long or boring, it is one of the most important reasons i like FF10, i seriously haven’t seen any other rpg where the battles were so… *wishhh* *wasshhhh* like the wiiiind xD i’m missing the words to describe it…

    • Er… Just to clarify things, you won’t actually see the character model attack in this. You see the character cut-in and then the slash, pierce, magic burst, etc. They could have different cut-ins for different specials though. I don’t see anything that doesn’t say they won’t. At the same time I don’t see anything that says they will though.

      • Yeah!, I think (and hope) they will give different drawings to different attacks. It would be pretty awesome

  • Ugh, Class of Heroes style battle…

    • Dont you mean Etrian Odessy? Or let’s get farther, dragon quest? Seriously Class of Heroes might be one of the most “dull” (for a way to put it, this doesnt means is bad) between some of the most famous games with 1st person battle games. ( i know there are other ones, but im just comparing it to the ones i’ve played)

      • Exkaiser

        I would argue that Class of Heroes [at least the first one] was bad.

        Certainly one of my least-favorite Wizardry-likes.

        • Yeah, i didn’t mean it was bad, i enjoyed it, but when i compare them to games like Etrian Odessy or dragon quest, at least in my opinion, i feel it is lacking something.

          This is merely my opinion, maybe if class of heroes had a better soundtrack it would appeal more to me (Ohhh and the super limited inventory really messed my head T_T).

  • OMG THIS LOOKS SO COOL, i love how the game is looking

    • Dont forget, its about the gameplay not just about the graphics

      • And what did you thought i said that was cool? :P i mean all the game of course, i love all rpg style battles, and of course, 1st person as well *been through most DQs, etrian odessy, class of heroes (1st one of course) and i know ive played others like that, to date*

        You think i would forget that? And don’t forget, the story is an important key factor too

    • EXACTLY! This game has a stylish vibe to it, from the HUD design to the character design and…. EVERYTHING!

  • Dude, Rushdie is pretty awesome! The environments and battle screen looks simply stunning, and those character portrait images from in game, look awesome!!!! Must buy!

    • *Looks down* *Looks up* Looks down again* *Looks up again*

      (I’m just joking around btw.)

  • Barrit

    I’m with you guys about the first person battles. That just seems like the easy way out of animating. I’ve never been a big fan of them ever, although I did tolerate them during the NES days. With so many other good upcoming games I’m looking forward to, that’s just a hard sale for me.

    • But if they went the “easy way out” in battles, they didnt took the short route on everything else >8), you gotta admit it all looks high quality

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Some of those screens remind me of The Last Ranker, which is a great thing because that game looked gorgeous on the PSP. The artwork looks nice, but it kinda has an “amateurish” vibe about it, can’t quite explain why.

    Slick interface, which is something I’ve come to expect from Imageepoch and the enemy design looks great (at least those two do).

    BTW, there’s something wrong with the last screen (no link on the thumbnail, and I can’t access it on the gallery).

  • For a moment there, Lisette reminds me of Vocaloid….

    • Yeah right? i though it was something about that too before reading the tittle

  • My only question is, do they have towns?

  • PrinceHeir

    this looks cool :D

    Lisette looks hot for a cadet ^^ need to see more of gameplay :)

  • Ah, so Lisette is gonna be similar to Persona 3/Persona 4’s Fuuka & Rise?

  • Ladius

    I really don’t understand why IE went with first person battles, this is not a Wizardry-like dungeon crawler, it seems to be a story driven game and it actually uses 3d character modeles for explorations and cutscenes… really a strange choice on their part, and I fear it will lessen the game’s appeal.

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