This Week In Imports: The SaGa Begins Again

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 3:41pm

imageFinal Fantasy Legend III, Squaresoft’s first time traveling adventure, gets a second chance to shine with SaGa 3 Ruler of Space-Time – Shadow or Light. The Nintendo DS remake is more than a graphic overhaul. Square Enix changed the combat system and added multiple endings.


Will it have a happy ending on the sales charts? The only other game this week is a pachislot title…


Nintendo DS
SaGa 3: Ruler of Space-Time – Shadow or Light


Slotter Mania P: Mach Go Go Go III


Key European Releases


Key Domestic Releases

Lost in Shadow (Wii)

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  • I was looking at Ghost Trick (DS) in some videos on gametrailers, and well, the game looks king of boring if I may be frank. I was looking to get it in the Capcom store combo with an Ace Attorney game since I never played the series.


      CHECK OUT THE FREAKING DEMO, look for it in the search function of siliconera, if there are forbidden words or sentences in the world, THIS IS ONE, I CAN NOT PERMIT THIS!


      • He thinks it’s boring because it has no voice-overs. Lawl.

        • Seriously lol, even in gamespot, a place where all i see is nooby haters in the comments, all i saw was good stuff when people commented about the demo of this game, even to the point where i was impressed and even made me feel proud for loving this game so much.

          I can accept if someone doesn’t likes a game, but this one is just a special case >_>

        • yeah that’s weird.

          personally the only sound related thing that i don’t like in a game is the kind of voices we’ll soon hear in Okamiden u_u

      • Wow dude I see how I missed that post, I was expecting a demo and all I got was like voiceless scenes. Dude the only sound it had was the sneeze of the girl and maybe a scream, it seems like it would have been perfect for voice overs and cutscenes :( IT kind of reminds me of the phenomenally epic Disgaea Infinite except without voice overs. Without voice overs, I would probably be really bored :( Its a shame that in this day and age, that all games do not have fully voiced dialogue. How do they expect to keep the attention of people like me?

        • See that, WildArms? I was right on the money.

          • I dont really know why i had a little hope thinking it may be because of something else… *sigh*

          • We all gave up trying to educate that….thing…. You should give up too.

        • It will keep your attention, you just gotta read all they say! I don’t see the need in voices (or at least much voice) on portables, they always end up sounding a bit weird as well (specially on DS), this is where the soundtrack comes in, don’t tell me you ignored it D:.

          These kind of games are great without voices, i can’t really imagine a Phoenix Wright with voices haha (though it might change with the layton game).

          You should at least finish the demo, there is a lot into this game, if you can’t get concentrated, i recommend you to use earphones, they pwn in all portable consoles

          • I finished the demo, and I will admit that it had its moments dude (the wrecking ball), but well, not enough to get me to spend money on a partial experience. I think the voices just keeps me from getting engrossed and absorbed into the games world, and well, with such a neat graphical style, I just hate that its the experience in sound that is the games weakest feature, enough to inhibit the experience.

          • Oh well…, there is not much i can say but one thing…, That is a shame

          • I know, it is a shame that they couldnt give the game voice overs. Capcom is loaded, it shouldnt be that costly.

          • Nah, is a shame you can’t enjoy a game unless it has voice, you don’t know how many good games you are skipping because of this… And i stand at what i said, thank god Capcom didnt put any voice to this, it wouldn’t suit well in these kind of games, another good example is 999, i seriously can’t picture that game with voice covers.

          • I didnt say that it is impossible to enjoy a game that doesnt have voice. Golden Sun Dark Dawn and Pokemon are just two examples of games that had an absence in voice acting that were/are a thrill too play, Yugioh 5D’s Tag Force 5 (US) as well. A game that is likened to a visual novel of sorts though, well, it should have voice I think. Maybe Im just tired and dont want to have to read whats on screen, but its nice having the voices; is it really a bad thing to have them, or even if they are in it.

          • It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not something that should be seen as necessary. You’ve played games that don’t have voices in it before, so why should a lack of voices be the deciding factor that stops you from playing this one? If you actually give an effort to read the dialogue, you might actually find it to be pretty humorous.

  • neo_firenze

    Slight correction:

    Ghost Trick is for DS (not Wii), and is releasing next week (Jan 11).

    Lost in Shadow is really the only NA retail release of interest this week.

    • Thanks for the correction. :) I can’t believe I wrote Wii last night…

  • Ereek

    Poor Europe has gone pretty much a month without any new games.

    I, for one, am interested in Lost in Shadow. I’ve heard it’s not amazing, but I’d still like to try it for myself.

  • Ghost Trick’s release is next week.

    Edit: Whoops. neo_firenze said it before I did.

    • *fan girl scream* OH MAI GOD!!

      • *Looks at DeviantArt profile**Double-checks**Triple-checks* … You mean “*fanboy roar*” right?

        • *ehem* Yeah, sorry, *cough* it happens some times d(-.-‘d), the uhh… inner child you know.

          Don’t mind me if the same thing happens when we start getting the Ar tonelico 3’s english release info on siliconera xD…

          • *lmao* It’s alright. I understand *lmao*

            Edit response:Thanks for the warning.

          • Testsubject909

            At least he warned you about the fangirlish scream… but I have a sensation there’ll be other types of sounds in the dark coming from him when he’d start playing Ar Tonelico.

            And it’d be nice to be warned of those, mind you…

          • Well as long as I don’t have to read about those sounds from him…

          • Wah, freaking reply limit, i don’t know, knowing how big this game might be, knowing myself and knowing my love for ar tonelico, i can’t assure anything xD i might play 5 minutes, come here, comment something about it, go back, then 5 minutes more, talk about those 5 minutes…

            Ahhhh just thinking about it makes me smile… I CANT WAIT FOR THAT GAME ANY MOARRRR!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

          • D=
            Thanks for that warning too…….. *shiver*

  • Key European Releases


  • Pichi

    Looking forward to Ghost Trick. Like the style of the game and the gameplay seems fun.

  • Testsubject909

    If it was sold here… I’d definitely buy it, so to help it see a good sale.

    As for Ghost Trick… You know, as of the writing of this comment. I don’t see it in the article at all.

    • It was there before neo_firenze pointed out Spencer’s mistake.

  • “Key European Releases

    New Year’s being kind to Europe in games? Hahahaha never!

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully it’s more on par with the original games ^^

  • vadde939

    Is there even any point hoping for this to be localized? We never got the SaGa 2 remake so I’m not feeling optimistic.

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