Two Sega Franchises Turn 20 This Year

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 12:57am

image Sega’s most iconic character, Sonic the Hedgehog, turns 20 on June 23, 2011. While the character was designed in Japan, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis was released in the West first.


Sonic isn’t the only franchise celebrating its 20th birthday. Blob stacking puzzle game Puyo Puyo turns 20 too.




Sega has unspecified plans to celebrate both titles. Meanwhile, Alex Kidd who turned 20 a few years ago is restricted to cameos in games like Segagaga and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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  • malek86

    Puyo Puyo 8? I wouldn’t mind that, thank you.

    • I’d like it too but what if they make Puyo X Sonic or a crossover like game, or puyo 20th anniversary i liked 15th a lot, or you could be right Puyo 8

      • malek86

        A crossover is fine, too.

        Actually, it might be a better idea, since it would exponentially increase our chances of seeing it localized. Not that language is especially important for a game like this one, but an american version would be a lot cheaper.

      • I liked 15th a lot, too, but I can’t believe it’s already almost 5 years old… scary thought.

  • skyblaze

    Why does CG Sonic’s mouth always look so… frumpled…

    • Haha, yes. His reaction to turning 20 looks rather meh.

    • It’s because he feels like an old man already. :D

  • I so can not wait for the Sonic games they will announce this year dude! I hope that they are like the phenomenally epic Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Colors, as the games are simply gorgeous, and so fast paced. Hopefully the powerful consoles gets in on the action too, as the low definition of the Wii inhibits the experience that can be had for Sonic Colors, which is still a superbly awesome game, but could be awesomer if it had been on the other systems. Oh well, Sonic is always awesome and I liek so can not wait dude!!!

    • Dunno what “Sonic Unleashed” you played, but the one I played was only half fast-paced.

      • No dude, lol! You played the wrong Unleashed, the one I played had the awesome Werehog part that was just a brawling good time (and he was pretty fast). The daylight stages were so awesome too. Actually, the whole game was simply phenomenal. Maybe you should replay it dude!

        • I played the one that was only half good. Some nice music, but the design was poor.

      • neon6

        Actually, it was only 1/3 fast paced. You forgot about those hub worlds (you know, the ones usually found in RPGs).

        • Eh, that didn’t bother me as much as the crappy night stages.

    • Guest

      This is the part when i point out your obvious trolling. Sonic Unleashed is a bad game. Atrocious camera, poor level design, gimmick wolf transformation and the list goes on.

      • Dude that doesnt make sense. I bought Sonic Unleashed on day 1 and still have it to this day and found it to be a great pleasure, simply divine and my favorite Sonic game since the outstanding Sonic & The Secret Rings. Did I mention that Unleashed has the most memorable soundtrack as well? The Werehog was a great part because he could go fast and had the outstanding stages, actually all stages were greatly designed. I really did not find any faults in the game at all except for a few extremely touchy platforming sections that was probably just difficult due to my desire to push too many buttons too fast. Werehog had so many awesome combos too that I loved redoing the levels!

  • Sonic turns twenty, eh? For all I know, he deserved his puberty in Sonic Colors.

  • Yay for Sonic!! I hope we get games better than Sonic Colours 4 his Anniversary…I’m really psyched for his 3DS game as well =)

    • I dunno, I thought Colors was fantastic. Anything is fine though so long as it’s better than Sonic 4

      • You didn’t like Sonic 4, did you?

        • Nah, Sonic 4 was awful

          • lol dude, what you meant to say was that Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was awful in that it left us begging for the next episode so that we could get even more of the definitive platforming experience to date.

          • skyblaze

            In my opinion Sonic 4 was a pretty good platformer in its own right, it was just by no means a viable successor to the original Genesis games. The physics were off, the zones and bosses were all total rehashes, they focused too much on making it look “new”… and… well… overall it just felt… really different. Being someone who grew up playing Sonic since I was 5 (hell, Sonic 2 was my very first video game) it’s just one of those things that I’m really sensitive about. ~meh…

  • Sonic is younger than Mario….

  • “and it’s the one series everyone wishes died ten years ago.”

  • 20 Years old! Can’t beleive it! Feels like only yesterday when you games were awesome! *gets shotgun* Come on Sonic we’re going out the back…For a walk…one final walk…Oh nothing just muttering to myself.

  • PrinceHeir

    haven’t played any sonic games, though sonic 4 looks cool don’t know why people whine about the physics and stuff.

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