Kinect "Completely Turns" An Ordinary Man To Ultraseven

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 11:32pm

An Ultraseven super fan made a Kinect program that transforms a user into the tokusatsu superhero. After you activate Kinect de Narikiri Ultraseven (narikiri is Japanese for "completely turn into") you can make a gesture to transform into Ultra Seven.



Pretty impressive! As demonstrated, there are motions for Ultraseven’s three attacks (in order of appearance) wide shot, emerium beam, and eye slugger. Even though wide shot is the most powerful attack, the gesture used to toss Ultraseven’s helmet-rang was probably the toughest to program.

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  • Wow that is so incredibly geeky in a awesome way. I knew the Kinect was accurate but seeing the beam sparks bouncing off objects is really neat.

    I’d love to see someone make it where you thrust a fake sword into the air and then beam of light bursts from the sword if you shout “THUNDER CATS HOOOOOOO!”. Lol.

    • nyrjin

      What about “By the Power of Greyskull!”?

  • ECM

    The best part is how serious he is throughout all of it.

  • Xekyo

    i’m really impressed from what i’m seeing. i thought kinect was gonna be lame. only because i’m a ps3 head but i’ve grown pass the childishness. the kinect shows so much potential.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks good i guess ^^

  • karasuKumo

    I love how ironic it is that the Japanese are using Kinect to its full potential. The virtual reality Miku is my favorite though, kicking balls all over the place haha.

    • Kinect isn’t even being used to half of its potential yet. Most of the Japanese Kinect techdemos are already in games.

  • PersonaBull

    Oh man that was so awesome. This is one of my favorite uses of Kinect I’ve seen to date. As a kid that would have been so fun to do! (I’d totally still mess around with it, though) Seriously, though. How many kids out there already do stuff like this around their room? Now they can see themselves being goofy while looking totally awesome at the same time (in the geekiest sense of awesome, at least).

    Also, whoever would put up the argument of “ruining a child’s imagination capabilities” is just silly. I would have so much fun setting up entire sequences using this thing.

  • Such awesomeness *_____*

    Now I’m drooling all over for a “Kinect de narikiri Kamen Rider”

  • Looks like Kinect is more then we thought it would be. Then again with the way Microsoft presented it to us, it’s hard to blame many of us for being unable to see past the “casual” side of it.

    • Aoshi00

      The degree of responsiveness really surprised my expectation as well. So far I got these games, Dance Central, Fitness, Kinect Sports, and Adventure (bundled) and I enjoyed them a great deal, no controller really felt liberating, which is why I played w/ it more than Move (you need to strap yourself w/ the Move and calibrate so many times).

      I thought they way they presented Kinectimals in E3 made everyone roll eyes, but it’s actually very fun for kids and adults alike, I want to get that.. I got Joyride for free since I waited in line during the launch party (grueling wait), but that was lame so I traded it in.. I’m looking forward to Child of Eden and the Jpn line-up too. I thought I would like Move better, but so far I play w/ Kinect more, it’s just easier and intuitive, and has a lot of potential for the more casual games that get people off the couch.

      • I championed Dance Central before I even got to try it out because a) the presentation looked good and b) a dance game dosen’t just make sense, it’s fitting for the Kinect. To this day it’s still the only game I would only consider getting a Kinect for. Joy Ride is pretty much lame. It’s a little unweidly but the AI is so slow (on purpose) you shouldn’t have trouble placing in teh top 3.

        Move will be better in my opinion because it offers motion and controller options so the potential gaming wise is stronger then Kinect. However, Kinect seems to have better interaction as seen by the various geeks/nerds in how they are using Kinect.

        • Aoshi00

          Totally, no strapped on controllers, no mats on the floor, just you busting a move. I was worried of that game because I can’t dance lol.. I did get the “I Gotta Feeling” DLC song though, that was one of my most hated songs, but it’s a good party song, so I figured I would about to dance to it. I didn’t play that much Joy Ride, I tried to look for matches online but no one seems to have that game so I gave up.. I didn’t even want to spend time to get the easy achievement, it was a little fun, but lame ultimately.. I think Move is better for hardcore games mostly shooters or on rail.. plus you get the Sony 3D thing I don’t know how they would take off, playing Tumbler, Killzone 3, or Uncharted 3 in 3D later would add immersion.. Kinect seems to be for casual and more creative games, like what the fans are doing here, being actually responsive helps a lot (unresponsive was what I didn’t like about the Wii remote control). The voice activation and moving your hand to watch movies or listen to music is kind of cool too.

  • this makes me want to invest in a kinect. Could deem useful in next year final project

  • じぁじぁ〜ん
    The eye slugger is really impressive.

    …Though I’m honestly surprised the Ivy moon-boobs video hasn’t shown up in the comments yet. (Not gonna post it, as it’s NWS, but it’s good for a chuckle if anyone feels like searching.)

  • malek86

    Now i can’t wait for a Dragon Ball Kinect mod. I want to see shoot energy beams from my hands.

  • Barrit

    Very nice touches with the particles flying off the objects he shoots. One of the only Kinect hacks to be impressive to me so far.

  • Ragnika

    LOL, he even put the 3 minute time limit into it, that’s just epic.

    • Guest

      I thought Ultraseven is the only one that doesn’t have the timer limit…

  • Darkrise

    Best thing I’ve ever seen on the Kinect.

  • Guest

    He’s supposed to put the glasses on first in order to transform into Ultraseven. And they should be red glasses.

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