Naruto’s 3DS Debut Is A 3D Side-Scrolling Action Game

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 11:02am

imageTomy is preparing a Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen, which sounds like a 3D take on the Naruto: Ninja Council series.


Shonen Jump explains this Naruto Shippuden game makes use of 3D fields, but it’s mostly a side-scrolling ninja action game. Some levels make use of 3D gimmicks and players will see Naruto Uzumaki leap out of the screen. The bottom screen has touch screen special attacks and it appears you can tag a partner character like Sakura. Whether you change characters or call her out for a partner attack wasn’t explained in the article.


Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen is slated for a spring release in Japan.

  • joesz

    I’m not happy with the fact that this game’s style is side-scrolling.

  • Day 1 Baby!!! Day 1!!!! The Giant Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken in 3D will be simply, MIND BLOWINGLY PHENOMENALLY EPICALLY AWESOME dude!!!!! This game…Naruto, simply put, the leading game that convinced me to buy a 3DS upon release! Hopefully Atlus nabs this and brings it out for meeting the same release as the launch of the 3DS!!!! I want my Naruto fix!!!!!

    • GamerKT

      You are on drugs, sir.

      • onilink888

        Or, simply a huge Naruto fan. I, myself, don’t see the appeal in it however.

        I would like to see the likes of a Macross game on the 3DS, though. What with all the sexy, spacial acrobatics and hundreds of missiles zooming around the screen (and Sheryl Nome in all her voluptuousness :D) in 3D no less; the gestalt of it would be unequivocally brilliant.

        Provided that it’s done by Artdink of course. :P

        • GamerKT

          I’d say I’m a fairly big Naruto fan, too. However, if this is like the Ninja Council games, which is seems like it is, it will be very disappointing. And like everyone says, a fighter would be cooler. A slick 2D one would be great on that screen.

        • Im a huge fan of naruto, im the kind of guy that would buy anything if Hinata, or Shikamaru appears on it…

          But i really dislike when they use things i like to milk stuff, (yes, im not those kind of guys they are targeting, that buy anything if it has naruto’s name on it), just making generic repetitive games and sequels where they barely put any heart on it, i know is too soon to say anything yet, but i really hope there is more into this, this doesn’t gets my hopes up at all.

          (2D side scrolling in naruto ultimate ninja heroes 3 was horrible, all the stages were the freaking same and such a drag, thank god the fighting part was so good, and they put so many characters)

          • Dude youre a Shikamaru fan?! Awesome, he is so underrated!

          • Shikamaru pwnz all, and hinata pwnz all too, naruto pwnz because hinata likes him

    • You’re a little TOO enthusiastic…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Actually that’s kind of a muted response coming from Tsuna.

        • Ren

          Please don’t call him that, you’re gonna make me associate him with the character. I don’t want to start disliking a character of a decent kinda-homoerotic series just because I will start to associate him with ‘this’ KHRfan… Wait! Now it all makes sense. Principally his mancrush on Vaan. I didn’t know KHR did that to people.

          Hmm, I wonder what Junjou Romantica will do to him?

        • This is true…I saw him comment on the demo for the Bleach game :/

    • shion16

      Im starting to think you are a namco bandai publicity agent xD

      • Lol, ive been called a troll, a true gamer, a sony marketing associate, a weekly shonen jump marketing agent, a sonic fanboy, a sony fanboy, a naruto fanboy, a bleach fanboy, but never have I been called a namco bandai publicity agent, lol.

        • skyblaze

          Lol, well… regardless of people’s opinions, I think Siliconera would be missing something without you, dood. No complaints here =D

          /don’t elate the hate, increase the peace

          • I think it would be amusing if Siliconera’s dinosaur logo got replaced with Tsuna

          • lol, he just appeared of nonewhere, he is still a new poster as far as i can remember, (of course im not that old user either) but i lurked a lot at the beginning then decided to join and a goood while after that he appeared… so i don’t think it would do much difference

          • skyblaze

            I’m pretty much the newcomer here (kind of migrated from Joystiq a few months ago… they don’t really cover alot of the games I play like they do here =D). So to me he’s been around since day one so to speak… guess I’m just used to it the way it is or something

          • Oddly today I found out that I made a post way back in October of 2009 on a Persona post on this site, talk about olde! lol.

          • I would really like to know when and what was my first post… I wish Disqus could make it so we can know easily, i dont really want to “load more comments” for like 2700 comments i have

        • No one has ever called you a true gamer but yourself. Let’s just keep that clear.

          • neon6

            Tsuna is a true gamer. He’s the most vocal user on this site about his feelings and opinions.

          • Ereek

            How does being vocal about your feelings make you a true gamer? Writing out what you like and don’t like doesn’t make you any more of a gamer than someone who keeps their opinions to themselves.

            I’d say playing games, no matter what type, makes you a true gamer. Not that it matters, we’re all gamers here. We all have different strengths and weaknesses in gaming, and different preferences, but games are what tie us together.

          • Being vocal does not make one a true gamer…just sayin’

        • You can scratch true gamer, a true gamer does not depends on voices in the games :[ and i don’t know who could call you that anyway, no offense :P

  • The could just make it a 3D fighter! Move the GNT series to the 3DS, and finally upgrade the series for the Wii or NintendoNext!

  • waaaaath!? why not fighter… this just sounds like the same game as the ninja counsil series, but 3d ._.

    Anyway i hope there is more to it…

    • Ren

      I never saw the appeal of the Ninja Counsil series. Although the fighting games were fun to play with my little brother if you ignore the fact that a six years old kid could beat me in most fighting games. I don’t think you need to worry though, it’s just a matter of time until a fighting game pops on the system, and if takes a bit more time to come, the probability is that it will end up using the specs better.

      • Uhm dude, what are you talking about. Its a Naruto game, so therefore, the appeal is Naruto, lol. That is, of itself, enough to warrant being excited!!!

        • Ren

          If its a crappy game, or a game with a gameplay I won’t get interest in there’s no need to get exited. Final Fantasy XIII was a FF game. It didn’t make me any more interested in it though. Put this on your head DameTuna, if the contents aren’t up to your standards, whatever they decide to call it won’t change anything. They could even adapt Nelson Rodrigues'(best author imo, change to your own) stories into a game, but if the game is uninteresting or it completely sucks, there’s no reason to treat it as desirable even if it was something by Nelson Rodrigues. Although I don’t think it’s possible to make a game based on his stories.

    • I want another Path of Ninja though, I loved that one (the music was awesome in Path of Ninja 2)!

      • Oh, that is something i always admire in naruto games, they always have nice soundtracks, even if is 1 or 2, there are soundtracks in most of the games that always make me stop and think, “woa this is pretty good”

        • I can’t stop looping this

          Well, it is made by CC2, so I don’t doubt the production quality. However, I think they used music that is a bit too similar for Naruto and .hack//G.U. Everytime I boot up a CC2 Naruto game, I keep reminiscing .hack//G.U’s music

          • It’s funny that you mention it.

            The Town Theme from UN2 is taken directly from GU. I don’t know if anyone online has said it, but I played the 2 games in close proximity and I was astounded.

          • It’s been years since I’ve completed G.U, so I can’t really remember any of the town’s theme, but I can definitely tell it’s G.U-ish. By the way, which town are we talking about? Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona or Breg Epona?

            If I remember correctly, the 2 games started sounding quite similar when Narutimate Hero 3 was released. Anyhow, it’s quality music, so I’m not complaining

          • After doing extensive research, i found that the game I was thinking of was UN3, not UN2. It was only a part of the Konoha theme in the Ultimate contest mode that they lifted straight from Zelkova’s guild Castle theme.

            But Yes, their music does start to sound the same. After playing GU games and UN games for so long, the fact that they use the same instruments throughout all their games becomes more and more apparent.

          • I love the music in the CC2 Naruto games, the composer is excellent.

          • Y’know what? Do me a favour and play .hack//GU. I promise it’ll be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have

          • Aoshi00

            I liked the UNS2 music, it actually sounded more Jpn and ninja-ish than the anime. I like sidescroller, hopefully this game would turn out to be cool w/ the 3D effect, like 3D Ransengan like Tusna said..

  • GamerKT

    Aaand I’m disappointed.

    • neon6

      What exactly were you expecting?

      • Not a side scroller at least

      • GamerKT

        What Ridgeley said, “I was expecting something like the Clash of Ninja games…”

  • Mmmmmmmeh.

  • Guest

    Yeah guys, way to go all out on this one.

  • shion16

    It looks!!!!…………………..kinda bad

  • lolnaruto

  • Really disappointed…..I was hoping for a spin off of the GNT games with a major revamped/reworked fighting system.

  • I was expecting something like the Clash of Ninja games…

  • karasuKumo

    At least we know it’s not Ultimate Ninja Impact! I have hope for that :)

  • Looks kind of meh, but we’ll see how it plays in trailers first. Could end up being kind of fun.

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