Have A Baby After You Get Married In Rune Factory Oceans

By Spencer . January 5, 2011 . 12:35am

imageFamitsu has a piece on Rune Factory Oceans this week, which outlines an event that can happen after you get married. Players can give birth to a baby in Marvelous’ game.


Message boards are also buzzing about swimsuit contests, another new feature for Rune Factory Oceans.


Rune Factory Oceans comes out on February 24 for PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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  • Swimsuit contests? Thats sounds awesome! No photos?

    • I wish i could get the pre order bonus, it brings the girls with swimsuits drawings as well, in the game we will only see them with thte 3D models =/, is not bad either but meh

  • HarryHodd

    Seems like there is a lot to do in this game. I wonder how open ended it will be.

  • All the joys of having a baby with none of that tedious and terrible intercourse.

    • Kai2591

      Thank god this is a ‘good’ game~

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t have mind a sex mini game

        *must….make that….baby! Unghh!* (press X multiple times)

  • Guest

    They better not force some heroine on you like in RF3 at least have a cutscene for each potential wife. Seeing whats here face in the wedding cutscene was annoying.

    • Phlo

      We’re going to be together forever, Pia!!

      *video of running around happily with the least interesting bachelorette in the game instead*

      Have you ever played the last Rune Factory for the Wii, though? They did exactly what you were asking for.

      • Guest

        Yea but I couldn’t get into it and those damn load times.

        • That game was great, i don’t remember the loading bothered me that much… But i did got the “Error Reading Disc” error a lot of times T_T that is why i hate the wii, it looks like a toy, i don’t feel it is so high quality and its showing it’s true colors with some games, im worried about the last story

          • Guest

            I don’t even know how to respond to this….so much….ugh. Whatever.

          • Well, its the truth, the wii sounds almost the same (or more) like the ps2 on its later games, it seriously feels like it may break at any moment. It has endured a lot though, and im happy of its small size so i can always put it next to the ps3… but every loading screen of the games it just feels it can spit the disc on my face at any minute.

            I shouldn’t had used “hate” let’s just say i dislike it, i even feel the gamecube was made of better quality

          • vadde939

            Um I think there must be something seriously wrong with your Wii. I play my Wii a ton (and played lots of RF Frontier) and I’ve never even once got any errors or anything.

          • Well, then it must be only my wii, but i still feel the gamecube had a better quality than the wii, regardless mine having something wrong.

            Im not a wii hater , i have one and im happy with it, i just don’t like the way it took in quality (dont wanna rage some wii lovers, but it seems is already too late)

          • Playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and hearing the sound of the disc drive as it tries to load Final Destination, always scared me and made me think the Wii was gonna implode or something, that sound, lol.

            But is anyone really getting oceans on the Wii? It seemed there was more praise over the PS3 version.

          • If it was only released for wii, OF COURSE ill go for wii, but now that is released in PS3, EVEN MORE REASON TO GET IT, ahhhh i can’t wait!!! AHHH PUTTING IT INTO MY PS3, AND PRESSING X TO ENTER THE GAME, OHH GOD, AND MAYBE TROPHIES, AND THEN MY FRIENDS WILL SEE IM PLAYING THAT AND WILL SAY “hey man wtf you playing” and me like “IDIOT IS RUNE FACTORY OCEANS, GO JUMP FROM A CLIFF ROFLMAOz0rz” and of course, no error reading disc >8D

            Hooo… that is life

            I was just talking about the wii because of rune factory frontier (only for wii)

          • Guest

            Yes I am if it’s released here. It’s the exact same game minus SLIGHTLY better graphics and maybe trophies which don’t add anything for me.

          • puchinri

            I prefer it for the Wii because of Rune Factory Frontier (and just wanting it on the Wii), but I’m considering the PS3 ver. I don’t really play my PS3 though, so it’d be nice to have a reason to use it.

          • Joanna

            I’m also getting Oceans on Wii~ (if it is released here)

          • Guest

            I can’t reply to your bottom comment so I’ll reply here. It seems like you just got bad luck or didn’t take care of it. Your toy comment is ridiculous, I don’t understand your “true colors” comment and I don’t see how it has an impact on The Last Story.

          • The last story seems to be a very powerful game, a lot of things happen at the same time, i hope it doesn’t lags too much (on my wii), im also sure the wii will be constantly reading the disc, anyhow i guess is just my luck.

            What i meant with the true colors of my wii, is that it has never shown those kind of errors/lags in “normal/non-full of action games” like trauma team or the harvest moons, donkapon kingdom, etc.

            Is a way for me to say “when things get more serious/hardcore”? :P It sometimes lag when playing smash brothers, also with rune factory it kinda lagged when there were too many monsters on a screen, and since i was always moving in the town all the time, the loading screen appeared a lot more that it would in any other game, oh, it also lagged where there were a lot of things in the screen with muramasa :P.

          • Joanna

            Something is wrong with your wii, maybe something came loose inside? Possibly the reader…which could be causing you to lag theoretically if it’s moving and loosing the position where it was reading…

            Like vadde and Love, I’ve never had any sort of lag, even when playing brawl or mario kart online.

    • They always have this main girl with more stuff than other, it always annoys me D:, but in RF3 each girl had a good story, and the “main girl” wasn’t as “main” as the others in the other RF.

      It seems they are focusing more in the 2 souls in one body thing on this game, and the 3 sisters, but there are also other girls (and boys) we have barely seen.

      I already want to see the anime opening…. (please be in anime…)

      • Guest

        Yea I know thats been a big annoyance. I don’t care who the other girls are because I’ve already decided among the 3 sisters. ;P

        • Haha, wich one you will choose? i’m weak againts those “tomboy” style girls so i guess ill might start with that one (im sure you can guess wich one im talking about), ah just saw the official page, her name seems to be oditto… or something like that, the other sisters look nice though. =.=

          And i don’t know, Ahhhh maybe you can separate from the girl later in the game, i don’t know if you can get her too, i may end up liking sonia as well xD

          Also, in the video i saw a girl that looks like a samurai and really called my attention, now that im on the webpage i can see she is in the characters section… wait now im not sure if she is a he … wtf, i remember she/he was blushing in the video to the male MC, and looked like a girl in the 3D model… She looks like a girl from my point of view in anime ver. but it makes me doubt lol, oh wait! from the things i understand it seems in her description it says.

          “The people of the island think he is a young man but…” Oh i see, interesting… :0 her name is mikoto

          http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/runeoceans/character/ she is right after the blonde girl

          • Guest

            Dunno the name but the loli sister that cooks. I see who you’re talking about I never saw her before. Shes definitely #2.

          • Yep that is the one i was talking about at the beginning, she also looks like a tomboy xD, her name is “Odetto”

  • karasuKumo

    Can we … level up the baby?

    • It can even evolve… into a… TEENAGER!!! AHHH RUN!!!

      • karasuKumo

        AHH! Teenager used “Puberty Whine” It’s super effective!

        • Teenager has a emotional social crisis! His/her friends make fun of him/her because he/she lives on a farm! He/She will be locked his/her room for the next 10 day(s)!

          Then you have to collect some herbs your wife/husband asked for that will act like a red bull and will cheer up your son/daughter so he/she can go out of the room early and help you in the farm once again… until the effect passes….

          • karasuKumo

            Once you’ve collected all the herbs for a second time they decide they don’t need them but instead ask for money after crashing Ymir the giant. Your wife/husband is annoyed that you let them get away with it and starts shouting, your teenager hears this and gets upset … again. Now you need to get more herbs to cheer them up :/

          • Haha, until someday he/she is 16 and start asking for his/her own dragon pet xD

          • Next time you do the game guys XD

      • puchinri

        You just reminded me of AnWL’s child. I never knew raising a child could be so bloody depressing (or creepy, what with that bear). I almost regretted having the poor dear.

        • Rofl xD that sounds so sad

          • puchinri

            Lol, it was really sad actually.
            (Is that a Wild Arms character in your avatar? I always think of the game when I see your name, but I haven’t actually played them, so I never know if your icon is from the games or not.)

          • Yeah :D, Ashley Winchester, “main character” of Wild Arms 2 (my fav game in all times, and my first rpg), i say “MC” because there are parts of the game where other characters take a more spotlight, and Ashley is more of like a support, but at the end he IS always the MC :D!

            Now that we are on this theme! (sorry i can’t control myself), if it’s not much of a problem, take some minutes and watch the opening of this great game! I assure you that those 1:34 mins you will be watching it will be great xD, i just love this game so much that i want everyone to see it haha.


  • PrinceHeir

    hope there’s a maid mode there. i love maids :)

    • Kai2591

      That makes two of us. lol.

    • Barrit

      I Lol’d. You’re so silly.

  • Love how Siliconera went with the more classy route, mentioning about having babies first and swimsuit contests lasts when most sites would do the opposite :P

  • So far nothing new xD, but i still like this stuff

  • Kai2591


  • Methylene

    It’s a Harvest Moon type game, NOT having a baby would have been something new.

    • puchinri

      That’s kinda true, kinda not, considering there are a couple HM games where you can’t have a child (or even get married).

  • Hopefully this isn’t as big of a letdown as Rune Factory 3.

    • …? Let down?, or you mean the baby part in RF3?

      • I mean the entire game. It was not to my liking at all. The characters just didn’t do it for me.

        • Aw, yeah, in my opinion, i still prefer the chars from RF1 (but i think this is mainly because that was the first one xD, but RF3 had everything else upgraded :P, the only problem i saw is that there were too many girls -.-‘ is hard to choose.

          I don’t like the Main character’s design at all though, so far Raguna is the best one ive seen.

  • maxchain

    I’ll pass. I don’t want ’em bogging me down in real life, and that goes double for my loosely-simulated farming and/or dungeon crawling.

    • You think a bouncing bundle of joy bogs people down in real life? I think they provide so many moments of fun and excitement (now that I actually have been around them for that long)

      • Ren

        Not to say that I fully disagree with you, but had ever have to actually take care of a baby, principally a newborn one, for great periods of time? They’re a handful and need your attention for pretty much every single second. People who have busy lifes are clearly bogged down when they have kids because of the amount of dedication that it takes to raise a baby. And you forgot the part where not actually everyone wants or likes kids.

        Say, are you just naive and optimist like that or is this only your internet persona? And I’m going to refer to you as Trist from now on. I don’t want to associate you with the actual Tsuna. It would make for awkward parts on the kinda-homoerotic scenes of the manga.

        • No, Ive never really been around a newborn baby before. Maybe just to see them when they are all wrapped up when the family is showing off a baby but, most of my interaction has been when the kids are at least walking and talking. The people are usually smiling and such with a baby, so I only assumed it brings pure joy.

          You dont like KHR? I think its one of my favorite series. The character interactions, mainly between Tsuna and his family are just awesome, lol. (Tsuna and Gokudera, lol). Homo-erotic scenes of the manga? What

          • Ren

            I actualy really like KHR. It’s one of my favorites and the only Jump manga I bother reading nowdays aside from Sket Dance and maybe One Piece or Bleach once in a blue moon. I really like Tsuna and Yamamoto in particular, but I don’t really dislike any character(besides my dislike on having the same birthday as Hibari and I find Mukuro too much of a creep to actually find him interesting, altough Chrome is my favorite female character).

            The author for the series is a woman and most of her assistants have drawn yaoi doujinshi before, and the series is very popular with women in japan, which basically means it has a lot of yaoi bait(just take a good look at pixiv and you’ll se most of the fanart has yaoi undertones if its not fully blown R-18, also, most of it’s fanfiction is yaoi, just like with Kingdom Hearts) like with Sengoku Basara(my ten year old brother got amuzed by the amount of on your face yaoi bait the anime has, and he found the scene when Tokugawa wins the main story on the third game a bit strange). Also if you take some characters too seriously(not really), is very easy to see a lot of bromance/homoeroticism(depends on what you like to call it). Gokudera is pratically in love with Tsuna to the point where Tsuna actually gets awkward with the way he acts and he seems to compete with Yamamoto for Tsuna’s attention. Yamamoto is like the girl with the secret crush she doesn’t ever plan to act on her feelings when he’s around Tsuna(which is easily explained by his suicide scene on the early story). Mukuro is well, Mukuro. And if I have to make list of every character who can easily be seen as gay for Tsuna without the need for any actual imagination it’ll take the whole afternoon…

            Wait, wasn’t this an Rune Factory discussion?

            Well, at least you now should understand how yaoi and yuri fans view things(or anyone that has actual eyes and a sense of ‘this is really gay’ or ‘they are just too friendly’). Just for a fun game, from now on, try reading the series taking every character as gay for Tsuna(or campy in general) and you’ll see how well and natural it fits.

          • Guest

            It’s marketed towards Japanese girls as well so thats why it’s written like that because they like that faint homo-erotic stuff that seems like its barely there but..is

  • How very moral. lol

    In honesty, I’ve never played this series. Supposing the PS3 version gets localized, someone who is a fan of the series, please sell me on it. Keep in mind I’ve also never been a Harvest Moon fan, which people say this resembles.

    • puchinri

      I’ve only played Rune Factory Frontier and didn’t really care to try any of the other titles, but RFF is a really fun, good game. It handles its dungeon crawling portion well and the other parts of the game don’t suffer for another being good.

      And I believe the RF series is a HM spin-off (some debate whether it is or isn’t, I don’t know why or how).

  • puchinri

    I was wondering about all the stuff on the beach in swimsuits. Not just them being there, but looking lined up for a contest. Is it official or an assumption from watching the PVs?

    And I’m going to be very disappointed if we really only get two bachelors… They could have made Mikoto a bachelor at least… (I’ll be even more disappointed if we don’t get bachelors in swimtrunks. Or fundoshi or speedos…)

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