Summon Night’s Fate Is, At Best, Hazy

By Spencer . January 6, 2011 . 2:38am

imageLast year, Flight Plan, creators of the Summon Night series and Eternal Poison, disbanded their studio. While Flight Plan is no more, the Summon Night intellectual property could live on. Namco Bandai owns the series since they acquired Banpresto.


The official Summon Night site is still around and home for fans, but not for long. At the end of this month, the plug is being pulled on the Summon Night community service. That means the message board and online chat servers are going dark.


Probably not a good sign for the Summon Night brand, which had its last game, Summon Night Granthese, on the PlayStation 2. Atlus released a handful of portable Summon Night games in North America, but none of the main series titles were localized.

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  • “Namco Bandai owns the series”

    R.I.P. Summon Night

    • alastor3

      ahahaha I laugh out loud and then… im sad :(

  • Kunio_kun

    Good Night, Irene…

  • PrinceHeir

    if they didn’t continue the Xenosaga series, what makes you think namco will continue this? they’ll probably use the characters for cameos in games like Tales but never a new game in the series

    • The xeno series did continue under nintendo. Xenoblade was the latest game and it was just last year

      • Sorry, but Xenoblade is not related to the Xeno series in any way.

        The name was changed from Monado in order to leverage the “Xeno-” brand name for better publicity, because original IPs often have a tough time selling in this market. Especially on the Wii.

        Wait, no—I mean, they renamed it to honor Tetsuya Takahashi. Yeah, that was it.

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          Well, there’s gotta be a reason they want the Xeno-brand to be noticed, right? Maybe they’re planning a Xenosaga reboot.

          • I kinda doubt that, given the Xenosaga series was abbreviated to three episodes because no one cared enough to keep buying it. It seems to me more like the expectations for “Monado” were so dismal that they were banking on every scrap of recognition and possible sales they could get.

        • And in the end it was actually better than any of the real Xeno games, so gratz, Monolith

      • Pichi

        Not exactly Xenosaga, but “close enough” I suppose.

  • WTF THIS IS FREAKING MESSED UP, WHAT THE HELL, THIS WORLD IS SURELY GOING TO WORST, WE ALL ARE GOING TO ETERNAL OBLIVION WTF SUMMON NIGHT HAS SOME OF THE BEST SRPGS/RPG IN THE MARKET, darn localization’s spiral could never bring those beautiful games to us, nooo T_____T, and they always put something the player can choose to make the game more personal, something most of the games doesn’t even try, summon night was really unique T.T.

    Like different MC, and if i remember correctly in summon night 3 you are a teacher, and you could choose from 4 students, or any of the 2 boys or any of the 2 girls all with different personality.

    Oh and the change of MC isnt the always generic crap that all they do is change “she” for “he” or viceversa in the text like most of the games with multiple MC do, they always changes a lot of dialogue, and even new events the other MC doesnt get

    Darn it all, wtf

  • Summon Night?
    Yeah i remember, that’s the game i once played on my GBA.
    I bought many games, but i liked to play Summon Night just because of the fun i get when i can try my new forged weapon. Did you know about the fabulous boss battle BGM? It’s just great, i spent quarter of my childhood repeating those selfripped bgms on my cheap and old cd player.
    The last Summon Night i played was Summon Night: Twin Age for the DS i lent from my friend. I didn’t like it, the gameplay i loved so much was gone and there were many skills that require coordination and skill.
    Was is the last game to be localized? Do i ever get the feeling of a “real” Summon Night again?

    It’s sad to read this post on my favourite starting webpage when i am tired from anything else. Let’s see what i can find on youtube, oh, this here.
    If i think about Summon Night, i think of epic battles, epic music and epic health bars. If i want to play Twin Age,i could play Riviera Promised Land instead, thats great too.

    • Exkaiser

      The three Summon Night: Swordcraft Story games were spin-offs, so they weren’t “real” Summon Night games anyways. The main series Summon Night games are SRPGs.

      But they were really fun. Might give the second Swordcraft Story another go sometime.

      • Phlo

        And the worst part is they skipped out on localizing the third and best Swordcraft Story title for the GBA.

  • Shame as the first one on the GBA was better then it should have been and the second one is muched improved. Not played any of the others but I might seek out Summon Night: Twin Age…which is being advertised below this post, hence why I know about it :D

    • There are 2 GREAT games for GBA localized, the Summon night swordcraft story 1 and 2, (there is a third but it never came here) they are really good, i really enjoyed it already having later gen consoles, i felt the time (with new graphics, gameplay and everything) didnt affected the games, it didnt felt that old (considering is based on the pixeled sprites xD but they are nice sprites), it still felt like a fresh, new, different and funny story, and the gameplay isnt overly used as others, im sure a lot of people that havent touched their GBA for a while would still enjoy it.

      As for summon night twin age, well, i liked the game, but it is entirely different comparing it to their other games, since is based entirely on the DS´s touch screen powar, it is something that you could easily love it, hate it, or just like it :P, in my opinion, the game was good, but i think it could be the one in the lowest part of the pyramid of the summon night’s games out so far. (thinking that it gets better as the pyramid goes up)

  • Summon night 3/4 were great games……………

  • doubletaco

    This is what they get for making games that aren’t Swordcraft Story.

    • Wtf man, have you ever played another one, is not like the ones they could get localized are the only ones, …they only have 3 games localized the first and second of swordcraft story and the DS touch thing one.

      They started with SRPGs, they have 4 summon nights, their main series for a way to say, all of them are srpgs, they have 3 swordcraft story games, we got only the first two, the DS touch one, twin age, the Summon Night X classic rpg, and the 2 real action times Summon Night xthesis Winds of Dawn and the last one they released granthese.

      And i can assure all this game have a good quality, and different stories.

  • Wow, this news sucks even more than having a new game announcement and knowing it won’t be localized.

  • Nyron

    Swordcraft Story were the only good ones, and Eternal Poison was one of the worst things I’ve ever paid for

  • epy

    We are seeing more and more of this in the industry. Can’t say I played the main series as my japanese level is not good enough for SRPG, but I enjoyed EX Thesis and the titles released in english throughly. I would not say the series is dead forever, I mean, look at Marvel VS Capcom and Megaman Legends getting a new game after years of waiting.

    Then again Namco Bandai owns the rights so I guess we won’t see any games in english even if they did release them.

  • I think it sucks the most that the real summon night games never really made it state side. All we got were the swordcraft stories, and I personally didn’t like them.

  • JustaGenericUser

    “Namco now owns the brand.”

    Now we’ll definitely never see a Summon Night game over here again.

    • Neckbear

      Man, you guys act like Namco Bandai didn’t allow NISA to localize Ar Tonelico and XSeed to localize Fragile Dreams.

      It’s just the Tales games that suffer from the common case of “Japan Onry”.

  • MarkMario

    Aww Summon Nights, I miss you :(

  • shion16

    one of the saddest moments of 2010 =(

    (yeah i know in my country we had a 8.9 earthquake and the rescue of the 33 miners, but this was sad too xP)

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