Browser Sakura Wars Battles Look Like This

By Spencer . January 7, 2011 . 12:52am

Sakura Wars: Taishou Roman Academy still has tactical battles even though you play it in a browser. You start by placing units in "attack order." When you’re done the battle plays out in execution phase.


saku4 saku2 saku3 saku1


Yes, this isn’t a console Sakura Wars game, but being an online game has at least one advantage. Sakura Wars: Taishou Roman Academy has online cooperative play.

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  • Guest

    I wish it were in English. I’d be all over this.

  • Speaking of Sakura Wars, is the translated one any good? I didn’t want to bother with it because it seemed nothing more than a dating sim with robots attached.

    I found the “limited edition” pack thing going for an ok price at a local EB, so I’m curious.

    • Well, i don’t know your tastes, so i can’t really tell you, “IS GOOD!”, but i’ll write from my personal point of view, trying to point out how it is.

      In my opinion, yes, it was good, the story isnt bad, and i like the characters (strongest point of the game) , is really funny and is great to follow a girl’s route and getting to know her more, the MC can choose different answers a good amount of times, and they are timed xD, they were scary but it made the choosing of answers more exciting, the game is new for us english users so it also has this “new” air around it.
      The battles were ok, there was one at the end of each chapter, the only problem is that it sometimes become too long, at the very end i felt it became kinda tedius, but the story (even if its not a masterpiece) made me want to beat it, mostly because i wanted to see how the characters end, the main storyline is just decent.

      You could basically describe it as you describe it, but well, it’s not that simple xD, some parts of the story were really good and funny, and you gotta know how to spend your time.

      This could be the first and last (sadly) sakura wars in the US, if it’s possible i suggest you to try it! In these kind of games is really hard to know if someone else will like it or not :P

    • It is a good game. Whether it will be to your taste or not is a different issue.

      Gemini Sunrise’s VA varies in quality from good to bad on a whim, but everyone else in the game fits their roles perfectly. About 3/4 of the dialogue isn’t voiced so its not as big of an issue as it could have been.

      • You’re kidding, right?

        • Some of the translations are a bit odd though not horrible. The gameplay probably suffers from the fact that most people would play it expecting to have lots of quick mecha battles when they will in fact spend most of the time talking and making choices while the fights will typically occur once per chapter.

  • Well, that could be fun… but what makes Sakura Wars, Sakura Wars is the girls… and musicals xD of course robots too but i dont mind meanwhile it has Strategy battles

  • Apollokids

    For the life of me, i cannot begin to imagine why this had not begun as a psp title. It would have been the perfectly at home there. The screenshots remind me of Fire Emblem. Making this browser only was the wrong course of action.

    • Compare how many people have PSPs to how many people have browsers.

    • Well, as far as i can see, they seem to want to go the social game route, so browser is the best option…

  • If it’s a browser game then I can’t see why there would be any mention of it here. The odds of it making it over the water are slim to none.

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