While Waiting To Play Kid Icarus: Uprising, Palthena Explains The Controls

By Spencer . January 7, 2011 . 1:42am


Kid Icarus: Uprising, as designer Masahiro Sakurai explained before, has simple controls. You move Pit with the analog stick, press the L button to attack, and rotate the camera with the stylus.


The Nintendo 3DS game will be playable for the first time this weekend at Nintendo World and Nintendo anticipates a line. Sakurai said on Twitter, Palthena* will explain how to play Kid Icarus: Uprising while you’re in line.


Sakurai mentions a couple of commands we haven’t heard about before. The game has flicking motions, a dash move, dash attack, and a dodge move. Those are some of the tricks Palthena will teach people waiting to play Kid Icarus: Uprising.


(* Note: In Japan, the Kid Icarus series is called Palthena’s Mirror. I believe "Palthena" was "Palutena" in North America.)


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  • Kacho_ON

    so no circle pad for lefties :(

    • They would have to manufacture a complete different set of 3DS’s just for left handed people. That’s not something they’ve ever done for a handheld, or any controller that I know of, before.

      • silver_baron

        The issue isn’t that Nintendo isn’t making an alternate version of the 3DS. No one expects that. This issue could have easily been resolved by making the 3DS dual analog, though, which Nintendo didn’t do with the 3DS for whatever reason. Doing that wouldn’t even draw complaints of Nintendo changing their own handheld to suit the small minority of us sinister freaks considering that dual analog on handhelds has been a pretty common request of many gamers since the PSP first debuted with its analog nub.

        I’m still getting a 3DS day one and I’ll buy Kid Icarus as long as there’s even the gimped option of ABXY + R for movement/shooting, but it’s still going to be an inferior experience to analog + L.

  • maxchain

    They should call it Palthena: Uprising. Shwing!

    • ahh I remember when Palutena was given a 3d model and a trophy in brawl. I tried my best to adjust the screen for the perfect position but alas..

    • Testsubject909

      I’d play a game where the goddess comes down to earth and deals with the mess herself.

      Betcha she’s a real powerful magician and archer.

  • This seems to be those kind of games they would release in a bundle with the 3DS… Ahh sadly, i think ill wait for more game releases to buy the 3DS.

    Also… i seriously hope that they release like an epilogue or something for tales of the abyss 3DS like they did in tales of graces xD… and i hope namco bandai US will know that a freaking 3DS release would be a good way to get new fans for the series and with this, moar money

    • alastor3

      agree with all you said

    • kylehyde

      Unfortunately I don’t see that Namco bandai US would take that aprouch, instead I saw more probably that they promote their presence in the 3DS with ridge racer and maybe the one piece game. Namco bandai US has show us that they doesn’t care about the tale franchise, they only care about the products that could make safe money, even if they are not good.

      • I hope they can make money, they got rid of the Hokage Room, the Naruto fan site and stuff this week :( I guess the company had to let loose some weight and support for community features :( I wish market conditions changed and they could make money no matter their property as I want both Naruto games and Tales games.

        Though how does one market an RPG like Tales of the Abyss 3DS or most in general

      • Well, i don’t know T_T, but with this new no glasses 3D stuff, im sure a lot of new people might go into the gaming world, and a lot of people will try new games as well… Let’s just hope namco bandai is smart enough to notice…

        • kylehyde

          I’m agree.

    • vadde939

      I’d love to see Abyss 3DS make it over regardless of if it has extra content or not but I’m not so optimistic. Being pretty much the only RPG announced for the 3DS so far if Namco localize it could sell extemely well due to no RPG competition and attract newcomers to the series increasing brand recognition which means a higher chance of future Tales games being localized. Everybody wins. But knowing how stupid Namco are they’ll leave Abyss in Japan in favour of Ridge Racer and that One Piece port instead.

      • Lol, ive been thinking about it a lot, and at the end, even if they bring the game in english, i dont think i would buy it, unless it has some good extras, i don’t really have the money to buy stuff just because i like it when i already have the ps2 version here D:

      • Joanna

        Didn’t one of the siliconera articles say it was a straight port? That mildly increases the chances as there should be no extra work for Namco USA…but then it’s on a portable and Namco USA hates portables….so who knows.

        But yeah, it would be in Namco’s best interest to bring it over at the start of the 3DS’s life cycle. It’s been shown time and again that the start is the best time to introduce new I.P.s. Phoenix Wright came relatively early in the DS’s life, and I am convinced that is part of the reason it did so well.

  • Please say that you only adjust the camera with the touch screen and you don’t need to aim accurately… Making a game unplayable or severly crippled for 10% of the population isn’t good.

    That aside I’m liking that draw distance.

  • onilink888

    Lookin’ good so far.

    And, might I say, Palutena’s looking pretty damn fine herself.

  • Testsubject909

    Flicking motion with stylus controlling the camera?

    … I have a bad feeling here…

    Why… couldn’t they have done this?

    Analog: Movement
    -Up: Dash
    -Up + Attack: Dash Attack
    -Left/Right/Down: Dodge

    L/R: Attack

    Stylus: Camera Control
    A/B/X/Y: Camera Control which would work in the same way as an R analog.

    Because honestly, that flicking motion probably won’t work too well with some gamers.. Control the camera one moment, find yourself looking at a shaking screen, place yourself back into the stereoscopic 3D sweet spot to see what’s going on, pray you don’t get bumped into and the game registers it as one of the special flicking actions…

    Additionally, providing camera control through buttons enables people to choose between the two. A more static camera movement, or a more fluid one, each with it’s own advantages, and each capable of replacing the other when required…

    Please tell me they’re smarter then to force down all three gimmicks in one game, ignoring some proper alternative controls for better gameplay… I don’t want to see Pit be the poster boy for the 3DS’s accelerometers, 3D Stereoscopic and the already known stylus gimmick… All that’s missing is some news about how it’ll make use of both the internal and external camera…

    • Perhaps one is being hasty in judgment in that just mere hours separates us from hearing players impressions of the game and its controls for a live demo.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Maybe you should just wait a few hours until people have played the game and will tell you if the controls work or not. Besides, you really think they wouldn’t try multiple control schemes and you, some random guy on the internet, is going to come up with something that all the workers of Nintendo couldn’t?

      • I agree. There’s no way the people making the game didn’t try out and test multiple controls functions. I’m sure they’ve hired lots of people to play test the game, as well.

        • malek86

          Admitting that is the case, I wonder how comes there are so many games with bad controls on the market. Don’t those get playtested too?

          I also sometimes wonder if Nintendo ever playtested the original GBA… or at least, if they playtested it in a place with only natural light.

          There’s also the case of the first Xbox controller, which was said to have been created by a “focus group made of gamers”.

          Overall, I think playtesting is overhyped.

  • My second most anticipated game for the Ninty 3DS. I cant wait to hear more on this game and see more images and video. This seems like it will be an epic game.

  • gatotsu911

    “Palthena” = “Pallas Athena”?

  • JustaGenericUser

    … The L button is attack? Err, why?

    EDIT: I mean, isn’t it usually the B or Y button?

    • vadde939

      Well your right hand is expected to be holding the stylus to move the camera while your left hand uses the analog nub to move and the L button to attack. It makes sense.

  • Can’t wait to see this game and many others in action at Nintendo World 2011…who’s with me? =)

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