Glance At Box Art Of The Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles

By Spencer . January 10, 2011 . 1:33am

Standard box art for Nintendo DS games was set with launch titles like Super Mario 64 DS. The design was revised a bit for Nintendo DSi exclusives like Picture Perfect. Notice all of the Nintendo DSi exclusive warnings in red?


image image


Layout for Nintendo 3DS games isn’t that different. The main difference is a clear white stripe on the right that says Nintendo 3DS instead of the left. (Photo from Hachimaki)




Top row: nintendogs + cats (Toy Poodle & New Friends), Ridge Racer 3D, nintendogs + cats (French Bulldog & New Friends), nintendogs + cats (Shiba & New Friends), Samurai Warriors Chronicle

Bottom row: Pro Evolution Soccer 3D, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Combat of Dinosaurs 3D, Leap out! Bust a Move

  • nyrjin

    Do they pay people to design these things? That has to be the easiest job ever.

    I kid the marketing design department. They probably do the first party game boxarts (and a few hundred other things) as well.

  • I wish they had gone with black strip instead of white, but otherwise, I hope the boxes are smaller than the DS’s. It always felt so strange having such huge boxes with such a tiny cartridge inside.

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. Layton’s cover’s very plain compared to the DS covers, it would’ve been cool if they have an extra holographic slipcase like the Despicable Me 3D blu-ray.. The 3D puzzles look cool, can’t believe they have Matsutouya Yumi singing the theme song.. gotta go finish Layton 4… I would buy the US system on day 1 if it’s region-free to play Layton.. no blue for me though.. Love Plus’s cover would probably be quite plain again like LP and LP+…

  • Kaoro

    So do these cases open in reverse as well (open on left side)?

    Maybe I’m just so used to seeing everything on the left, but the 3DS logo on the right feels so odd to me.

  • Hmm its going to be very odd to start opening 3DS cases the opposite way I am a righty not a lefty.

    • Actually… It looks likes the boxes still open from the right. There would be a white line on the left that would be the grip if they opened from the left.

  • All they did was copy and paste the Nintendo DS thing on the right and put a 3 before the D… I didn’t expect this from nintendo D: they are normally more creative in this kind of stuff

    • Avojavo

      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      They needed a simple design that doesn’t distract from the cover art and is distinct enough so that consumers won’t confuse DS and 3DS games. The previous design was simple enough. The left/right swap is distinct enough.

      It’s not creative, but it’s functional.

      • Heh, that reminded me to the kind of people that say “But we’ve always done it this way!” and when someday it doesn’t works, they break and crumble on the floor.

        I call this the lazy way, safe? maybe, with such a huge and original portable console, i expected a better way to call the attention of people. Not that i mind, but it would could had been a good way to get even more people into the industry.

        • Ambron

          Actually, the DS games had a very similar design from the GBA Boxes [only in gray], and these had a very similar design from the GB.

          Actually, they didn’t change the essence of the boxes since Game Boy =/

          • They changed the material it was made of (this could be natural because of evolution though), BUT they also changed even if little, the font of the letter, colors… they didn’t even bother to do that here. Also, new cartridge, as far as ive seen is exactly the same, but is ok since this way the old DS games work, i hope they at least changed the cartridge’s color.

    • Joanna

      That was my first response too, but they actually did change more then just shifting the bar from left to right. The plastic is white this time, whereas the DS cases were black-gray-ish. And if my eyes do not decieve me, the cases look taller but thinner than regular DS cases.

      edit: also, I bet Nintendo wants to keep the design more or less the same to associate it with the DS cases. How do I say this…psychologically if DS cases left a good impression on you -not you personally but you anybody- (and judging my the number of games for the DS, they must have), then a box with a similar design will inspire confidence in you as well. Piggyback off past success is a good business decision, so while it isn’t creative, it’s well thought out. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    looks like they only switch the label to the left side.

    are the boxes cardboard or plastic? looks plastic to me

  • For a moment there I thought the “Picture Perfect Hair Salon” was one of the the 3DS launch games and got scared at the speed shovelware had hit the 3DS.

    Anyway. Not a fantastic set of titles for Launch but it’s nowhere near weak either.

    Actually, of all those the only one I wouldn’t buy on first day is Combat of Dinosaurs 3D and Leap out! Bust a Move and only because I have no idea about the first one and I’m not too keen on another Bust a Move game.

  • nonoko

    I really like that Professor Layton boxart. Really simple, but it gets the job done well.

    • Aoshi00

      I dunno.. it’s too simple, compared to the first 4 colorful covers, almost to the point of sloppy.. Luke’s not even on there :(… what are they going to do w/ the 6th cover?

  • BelmontHeir

    I didn’t realize french bulldogs were that popular!

    • puchinri

      I’ve been noticing that I’ve seen them a lot in Japanese and American media. In stuff from youtube vids to manga, etc. They’re more popular than I thought (and I suddenly want one).

  • vadde939

    Not a fan of that Layton boxart. It looks very plain and uninteresting. Having the label on the right side looks nice though. Hopefully they still open on the right side as opening them on the left would feel pretty weird to me.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, it’s weird that the Layton box art is so plain (maybe it’s a place holder?) since the other Layton games all had gorgeous art.

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