Eyes On Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D: The Naked Sample

By Alex Aniel . January 11, 2011 . 10:30am

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D: The Naked Sample

Developed by Konami, slated for release this year

Estimated Demo Length: 10 minutes

Wait time: 5 minutes


image Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D has the same story and setting as the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. Konami staff mentioned during the title’s stage show that by being the first game in the Metal Gear Solid series chronologically, this is an ideal game for 3DS gamers and other newcomers to the MGS series to jump into with (as well as being related to another portable Metal Gear Solid game, Peace Walker). The visuals, which were quite impressive and some of the best on the PS2’s, are similar on the Nintendo 3DS, except now they have had 3D effects added to them in an effective manner. The demo received large booth space at Nintendo World 2011 despite being a bare bones interactive demo designed only to show the 3D capabilities of the 3DS. All viewers could do was use the Slide Pad to change the camera angle, but what happened in the demo was preset and could not be changed.


Featuring no real gameplay, the demo follows Naked Snake as he sneak-crawls through a jungle attempting to avoid being detected by enemies. This is where the 3D effect truly shines, and I managed to enjoy the whole demo with the 3D dialer at the highest setting. The 3D felt highly immersive for such small device, with objects, such as animals, twigs and plants being moved aside as Snake crawled through the environments. Field depth is clearly present in the demo.


image There is one segment in which Snake hides behind a bush and a tree, with an enemy soldier on the other side. The enemy soldier drops a pack of cigarettes, which fall right beside where Snake is hiding, so the soldier reaches his arm through the bush in an attempt to get the cigarettes back. The arm reaches out into the 3D space, and so does Snake as he tries to keep away from getting touched by the enemy’s arm. The demo properly uses 3D to convey the distance and space between two different objects. There were other 3D effects utilized, such as Snake getting attacked by wasps, a scene meant to give the viewer the sense that he or she too would be stung by those insects. There was one sequence showing some giant letters in the environment background that Snake would hide around, showing the viewer the space and gap between objects. The demonstration ended with a knife-fight between Snake and a woman named Boss. Their battle would occasionally pop out of the screen.


For a demo meant to show the Nintendo 3DS’s visual and 3D capabilities, it was surprisingly effective. Taking around 10 minutes from start to finish, Konami and Kojima Productions have convinced gamers that the 3DS can handle PS2-level visuals and 3D visuals in an immersive way.

  • So were they still saying that this is a concept and not actually a true game that is being made? (RE had a longer wait time, I thought MGS was bigger)

    • They said a long time ago that it was a real game.

    • What is RE? Anyhow, this is a port 3D added of the ps2 version Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, so they didn’t had to start from 0

      • Mr. Alex wrote about Resident Evil in the previous one. I didnt know because when it was initially announced it seemed like it was just a tech demo versus an actual basis for a real game.

        • Oh Resident Evil, since im not into those series i couldn’t really tell

  • shion16

    metal gear games have gameplay??

    • The portable ops ones are excellent.

      • shion16

        yep portable ops and peace walker games are pretty decent

    • Im gonna answer thinking that is a real question and not some sarcastic comment xD.

      Answer: YES, and is one of the best gameplays you can find in stealth (or not, depends on you) game.

      In this game in particular they expanded a lot on the gameplays in metal gear games, this is really important, since you have to change your clothes so you can camouflage in the jungle, and of course, there is a lot of places in the jungle.
      Also you can be bitten by snakes when you are on the floor, you can be bitten by mosquitos, you have to heal your wounds as well (including the mosquito bites, you gotta know what treatment to use on yourself, even broken bones).

      You are completely free to choose if you wanna go stealth, you wanna go killing everyone/knocking unconscious with close quarter combat/makin’ them fall asleep or even put down some playboy magz so the soldiers can enjoy them, while you stealth behind them.

      If you havent ever played a metal gear game, THIS is a great choice, this is one of the best metal gears to date (they all have been good, but this is just the golden fish on the pond)

      • Guest


        That said, before Metal “now installing” Gear Solid 4 the franchise did use to have gameplay.

        • Yeah i said that at the beginning because i wasn’t sure if that was a for trolling purpose, or not D:, and Metal Gear 4 did had gameplay, i didnt mind all that “now installing”, it made the game really smooth.

          And the online game is full of gameplay >_>, i hate people that electrocute you..

          • PrinceHeir

            i don’t understand why they didn’t upped the sensitivity. i made everything max out but it’s still slow. why not make it Uncharted 2 Sensitivity style.

            actually they do that because MGO has a lock on mode(which is cheap since i prefer aiming things my way)

            oh well hopefully the next MGO has the sensitivity of Uncharted 2 and remove the lock on feature, make the CQC enable for multiple enemies(like peace walker) and it’s gonna be a blast ^^

        • The installs never bothered me. I might have preferred one big install at the very beginning, but otherwise, 2-5 minutes every five or six hours wasn’t bad. The only Metal Gear game that can honestly be criticized for having too many cutscenes and not enough actual game is MGS2. All the critiques that I heard about 4 from people who obviously never played it would have been valid for 2.

          As for MGS3, it’s not only the best of the series, but my favorite game of all time.

          • PrinceHeir

            i don’t why people hate MGS2?(im not talking about you) it offered alot in the series such as being able to hang soldiers, hang on ledge, attack in first person view, breakable objects(fire extinguisher and watermelons), being able to steal dog tags, tons of easter egss.

            actually MGS2 has a longer codec scene than the cutscene part. remember about rose after you you were hit by olga? or before the fight with solidus the fake commander trying to explain what the S3 plan for?

          • Guest

            Gameplay-wise MGS2 is a fine game, and that’s where it matters. The problem was the obnoxious plot that chokes the player over and over. HEY GUISE HERE COMES ANOTHER STUPID PLOT TWIST!

          • PrinceHeir

            well i think kojima was trying to experiment things with MGS2, the whole raiden thing, tons of easter eggs and bloopers and what not, more orchestra feel, he also change some of if due to the 9/11 attack. i think it was all good but he could have tone it down a bit.

            i remember the first time im playing the scene where the commander is acting weird and saying that i should stop playing game since i’ve been playing non-stop. i literally turned of the game, i was scared since i thought someone was hacking my game back then. so yeah it though at least it was good ^^

        • All the installing was quite refreshing from the action, you had enough time to make you a sandwich or to grab some sweets or whatever, and it was never too long that it became annoying.

          • PrinceHeir

            soo true :D

            actually i went for bathroom breaks since i played it on long occasions. not to mention i sometimes haven’t eaten yet because the story get’s better as you progress.

        • At least you didnt call it Movie Gear Solid 4…

        • PrinceHeir

          lol the installs never really bothered me, i kinda like snake’s smoking not to mention a no smoking sign. hopefully Rising will have a Uncharted 2 install.

    • PrinceHeir

      lol just i think wild arms already explained it so well but to add a few points.

      you can also disarm enemies by shooting their arms to drop their weapons(don’t know why they didn’t include this in the older games like Peace Walker i miss this feature) you can hang them, interrogate them(sometimes a few easter eggs are here) you can actually capture animals and throw them at enemies, if you destroy their food storage the enemy will feel hungry and if you throw them a poison food, they will eat it and die. you can hang on trees and shoot people one 1 arm. the codec scenes have a few secrets and like how the Hind was named by Snake and Zero, or who was The Boss child and so on.

      tons of easter eggs(the dream in the prison scene where you play a DMC like game) i won’t spoil you but there’s a ton of content in the MGS games. and it’s not meant to be played 1 time.

      not to mention what i like about the MGS series is that the way stealth is implemented is soo good. almost every stealth game involves hiding in the shadows or what not but MGS is different. you use whatever means necessary to avoid conflict with the enemy. either hide on cardboard box, use your camouflage to blend with you surroundings. distract them by throwing a empty magazine. knock on walls to lure them.

      i have actually played MGS1 like 3 times, Twin Snakes 3 times, MGS2 9 times and Substance 8 times, Snake Eater 8 times, Subsistence 5 times. will be replaying alot of MGS games in the future including the MSX games and the portable games.

      so yeah your statement is making you look like a fool.

      hopefully if they make a remake MG1 and MG2 from MSX. i would want them to put all the features from all of the series games on these games, that involves dog tags, able to hang on and shoot. disarm enemies, camouflage, interrogate people, multiple CQC techniques(like Peace Walker), crazy boss fights(another phsyco mantis or The End fight would be awesome), multiple mech fights also(like peace walker) tons of easter eggs, balance out the Cutscene(just put some of them in codecs so that they have the option if the want to know a certain information or what not)

      sorry for long text

  • This game is a piece of art, one of the best metal gears games out there, and no, you don’t need to play any other metal gear to play this one, this story is before metal gear 1, 2 and of course 4, and is part of the psp games, but you dont really need to play them for this one. (actually they are “sequels” of this one)

    Im gonna buy it, even if is exactly the same as the ps2 ver. this game is compressed art into a great gamplay, great characters and excellent main story.

  • AaqibRawat

    I agree with wildarms (love the the wildarms series like your picture of Ashley back on topic :P)

    If you want to start playing MGS or get into it MG3 is the best place to start, its awesome because you can play it anyway you like.{stealth,GUNS A BLAZING}

    Is this MGS 3 Subsistence? or just MGS 3 ?

    also it says the 3ds is as good as the ps2 ! should it not be as good as the Gamecube!

    if i remember correctly the gamecube was slightly better then the ps2 ! remember resident evil4 !

    • Shouldnt advances in technology mean it should be just as good as the Wii, if not better?

    • Yeah, Ashley pwnz xD, people normally abbreviate it MGS3, the full name is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

      I think that playing it on the ps2 and on 3D will be very unique experiences, the graphics look a lot like the ps2 though, wich is pretty cool, i can’t wait for the psp2 to be released and maybe (just maybe) we will start to get ps2 ports haha, it would be cool but it would feel too soon though… xD

    • I actually agree with MGS3 being the best part and that it’s a good starting point, though as I am one of the people who like it when something goes from ok to epic, I would say(to people like me) that playing 3 before 1&2 is kinda contraproductive, as after playing the far superior 3, 1&2 would just disappoint. That, I want to point out again, is just meant for people like me xD.

      • Umm yeah, certainly, it was pretty cool to play MGS3 when already having the other games beaten, but is pretty hard for newer gens people to like a PS1 game these days, at least this game is a good starting to get into the metal gear games.

        Of course i recommend to play those 2 before, but at least people should know they don’t really need to xD

        • Indeed, which is kinda sad. :(
          I understand what you are saying and I agreed with it, just wanted to point out how I personally like it, don’t think to much into it. xD

          Though for future MGS games, which for sure will come(damn you for still not working on ZOE!!), MGS3 is the perfect start.

          Yeah storywise there is no need to play the other ones first, point for you. xd

          • PrinceHeir

            i want a MG1 and MG2 MSX remakes in the same atmosphere style as the first metal gear solid game. that would be nostalgic ^^

            fighting big boss and Gray Fox? in HD? that would be sooooo much win, but ZOE3 comes first :D

      • Yeah, I agree. I didn’t enjoy MGS2 to begin with. If I had played MGS3 first, I don’t think I would have even been able to complete it.

      • PrinceHeir

        it would be cool of this was the subsistence version but i don’t think they can fit all that content on 1 cartridge especially the theater mode.

        yes Zone of the Enders 3 please. actually i would want ZOE3 to be part of the Super Robot War series, wouldn’t it be cool if ZOE and Xenosaga are in the same game? that would be awesome :)

        • I totally agree with you, Zone of the Enders and Xenosaga need to be in future SRW games! Erde Kaiser would be amazing, though I would be happy enough if they finally would make ZOE3 I’m waiting like crazy for it since years :/

          • PrinceHeir

            hell yeah :D

            2 of my favorite mecha games(ironically one of the few that made it outside of japan)

            just add Eva, Gundam 00, Macross Frontier, ACE, and Armored Core and you got yourselves the perfect mecha game :)

            though since Namco is the publisher say goodbye a release outside of japan :(

          • True enough, great games indeed(with ZOE being kinda short and Xenosaga being not fully completed*I think*), though they hadn’t had the problem of anime licensing like most other mech games.

            It would really interest me how they would make Armored Core in SRW, could just think of Nineball Seraph and the White Glint as major mechs(and I think we never saw any pilot in any of the AC games).

            That’s actually because of all the licensing, if you put alone Macross F in it, the chances of it appearing outside of Japan are dropping drastically, sad copyrighted world we live in :(

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i can definitely see Xenosaga not being fully complete. i read it was supposed to be 6 games and that each 2 episodes is an arc. episode 1-3 supposed to be episode 1-2 only called shion’s arc. and the rest will probably never know.

            actually im playing the Xenosaga Series now, im already in episode 2 and i really don’t like the artstyle. they should have stick with the anime artstyle and keep the old voice actors please(at least japan has no problem with it)

            i saw some pics and videos of Episode III and it was in the right direction.

            if only Episode II and Episode III were created by the team that did Episode I. imagine the story, music and atmosphere are in the same vein in Episode I while the gameplay is Episode II mix with Episode I(you can customize tech attacks or so) and the graphics and cutscenes are Episode III. it would have beaten Xenogears by a Mile.

      • AaqibRawat

        you have a great point but !

        after playing through MGS 3 you could play metal gear solid the twin snakes on the game cube ! that would kind of work.
        …..but then you have to play 2 meh !

        but yeah if you wana do it the right way
        MGS twin snakes
        MGS 2
        MGS 3 3ds version
        MGS rising ???

  • “Featuring no real gameplay”

    Business as usual I see

  • I’m just gonna go ahead and point out that that is Naked Snake, A.K.A. Big Boss, not Solid Snake.

    • shhh , even if indirect, spoilarz! xD, well, is good for people to know this is not the snake they would use/see in MGS1,2 and 4…

  • this is not ps2 visuals you need to boot up your blocky ps2 games again this is years ahead of ps2

    • Looks like it has its share of pixelization to me.

    • It freaking comes from and is based from the ps2, THIS is ps2 visuals based, even if you dont want to admit it

  • vastly superior visuals to the jag fest blocky ps2 game that looks far worst clearly colour textures bump mapping and normal mapping are a massive step up from ps2 8 bit colour jokeathon

    ps fanboys need to get a darn reality check its like 2x ps2 plus 3D on a small screen ps2 psp are no were remotely close to that and resident evil 3DS is another 2 fold MGS3 3D

    psp2 is a fantasy WAKEY WAKEY GUYS

    • SolidusSnake

      Cool story bro

      • I dont even feel like answering something like that lol, took me 2 times reading to “understand it”, and i don’t even feel offended, i feel bad for his/her ignorance…

    • Gamefaqs is that way. –>

    • Aoshi00

      I played MGS3 upscaled on my PS3 and it was pretty sweet… MGS3 was one of my favs too, not sure about replaying it again but I would definitely get it, never skipped a MGS game so far..

      Wonder how Raiden would pop out at the beginning of the game, that joke was funny, and we have Raikov too, you’re going to feel that crotch grab w/ the 3D *.*…

    • I would believe your statement if the Resident Evil games didnt have blocky fingers, and that the Resident Evil Mercenaries didnt have ps2 quality textures and blocky fingers…

      What 3DS are you looking at? It sounds epic…

    • PrinceHeir

      lol are you an idiot? just the physics and movement alone is better than the PS2 one’s

      go back to your cave and troll there some more kid

    • Erm…Wut? PlayStation 2 has 8bit graphics…Wait, did someone sell you a NES (along with a copy of Metal Gear) and tell you it was a PlayStation 2?

      At least you got beauty ^_^

  • PrinceHeir

    MGS3 is by far my favorite MGS game ever, the story, james bond music, setting, boss fights, everything here is excellent. would be cool if kojima makes another Snake Eater game but i would rather have ZOE3 instead :)

  • Eh, even with the enchanced graphics and good use of 3D this won’t be a purchase for me unless they add additional features. This is due to having already played it and suffering that epic war of attrition against The End. Yeah I’m never going to understimate an old guy again.

    Oh and Metal Gear Solid 4 was the best in the series (was going to say Snake’s Revenge but can’t bring myself to do so).

  • Never played a MGS game….Day one buy for me then, it’s about time I play other franchises apart from the cliché Mario and Sonic games

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