Ghostlight Bringing Persona 3 Portable Plus A Collector’s Edition To Europe

By Spencer . January 11, 2011 . 12:35am

imageShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable is coming to Europe care of Ghostlight. Atlus and Ghostlight have a long standing relationship that started with Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call better known as Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne in North America.


A date has not been set for the PSP game, but whenever it hits stores fans will be able to buy a boxed collector’s edition. Ghostlight’s Digital Devil Saga 2 collector’s edition included a soundtrack CD and a bunch of art cards.


The announcement has a bit of insight to the publishing deal. While Ghostlight has long been rumored as the publisher of Persona 3 Portable (we even asked them, they denied it), the two companies were only in "early discussions" when Persona 3 Portable popped up on UK retailer Game.


Thanks for the tip Mario!

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  • too late! i’ve already imported it this summer…and within a few days i’ll finish it. great game…a bit too long…i’m at 100 hours now…i think that 50/60 hours are more than enough for a game…

    • Same here. Imported US version, finished it in 57h, have sunk more since then. One of the best PSP titles so far.

    • I’ve got like 40 hours and I’m only in the third block of Tartarus… then again I’ve never played a Persona game before P3P.

      • Same here, but now I am a fan of the series!

  • Ereek

    I’m glad Europe is starting to get more niche titles. I hope more companies like Ghostlight pop up in Europe.

  • Awesome news, I’ve been wanting to get into the Persona series but I don’t have a PS2. I can’t remember if the first game was released over here, if not then I hope this company bring that over here aswell.

    • Kirbysuperstar2

      It was, but only on PSN.

  • malek86

    The first SMT title in a long time, basically since P4. Well, there was also P1 on PSN, but technically that was just an american game put up on the european store.

    Now will anybody bring us Devil Summoner 2?

  • Glad to hear Europe will get this game as well. And if the Junpei hat reappears, I may have to get myself a copy!

  • Xeahnort

    I wish Ghostlight the best of luck trying to sell this game, most of the european psp owners already imported the US version, specially when you can get it for less than 30 USD.

  • Small publishers, I want you to know this: you guys are the best!

  • there is hope for catherine… oohh… i love you ghostlight…

  • Already have the US version, but if the extras are nice, and if I feel like supporting good publishers(which I do), I’m probably going to buy this.

  • Wow unfair, I wanted the soundtrack cd instead of Junpeis hat, I would love to have all my favorite songs. Once again, we Americans have been cheated by the games industry. We truly do live in an unfair world.

    Congrats, I know some people were dying to get the epic game though.

    • I dont know about you but i prefer to get the game 1 year before rather than get the game with soundtrack 1 year later (or more)

      • True enough. Would love a Mitsuru figurine(or one of the other gals) in the collector’s edition, but Europe editions tend not to have such extras, sadly. :/

        • Whoa hold yer horses there You know you’ll be adding another £50 premium for a figure, right?

          • Yeah I know, but I can’t resist such things. x3

          • Its ok, is not easy to resist mitsuru-senpai xD


          I doubt you’ll be able to find her for a decent price now.. I hate the VAT. I used to collect figures before I moved here.

          • Aww man that’s exactly the figure I’m talking of, wanted to buy it, but everywhere I look it said sold out. Though, yeah kinda hard nowadays.

    • Tristan, soundtrack that comes with games are usually sample soundtrack covered by the so called “recommended by the composer” (excuses used by square enix with their FFXIII collectors edition) or any other cover ups. In this case I would rather prefer to have Junpei’s hat just for display purposes than to have a sample soundtrack which I doubt I would listen to or look at because like everyone else, they would prefer to listen to the full soundtrack than hand picked. Like WildArms said, I would rather prefer to get the game a year before (which I have) than to wait for it to come to my region. Man my sentence structure are bad…

      • When it’s Square Enix, of course you’re going to get approximately 2 tracks on a CD that aren’t even very good songs out of the entire OST.

        When it’s Atlus, you’re more likely to get at least one CD filled with good tracks. Hell, the U.S. Yggdra Union PSP preorder soundtrack is the whole game’s OST pretty much.

    • mirumu

      Unfortunately for Ghostlight I suspect many have already imported it. Here in New Zealand (Generally treated as part of Europe for games) we even had local stores selling imported US copies back when it came out. So even those who can’t/don’t buy overseas could still buy the game. Hope it sells well for Ghostlight despite that though. If we could rely on local releases coming out many probably wouldn’t be so quick to import.

      I’m with you on Junpei’s hat. That’s part of the reason I personally only ended up importing the standard version of the game myself.

      • vadde939

        Were those imported copies being sold as ‘preowned’ even though they were clearly new? Here in Australia I’ve seen that happen alot and I’m curious as to whether NZ game stores do the same thing.

        • mirumu

          No, they were sold as “Imported” new stock. From what I saw the online stores even left them shrinkwrapped as they arrived from the US. At a guess the way they’re labeled in store is probably determined by each country’s parallel importing laws.

          • Awesome.. You guys have an import store.. It’s either a rare sight in London (I only know 1 store) or I just don’t know where to look >_<

          • if you’re looking to import online, go to axelmusic. Their delivery time is about up to a week. Also if you want to request a specific game (NTSC only) you can request on their facebook or twitter. btw I live in london and sometime it takes 4 days to come.

  • Just to support Ghostlight, I’ll buy a copy. Better else, why don’t just make Ghostlight an official Atlus EU publisher?

  • heartless141

    gimme that tarrot card set and you guaranteed two more of those editions ( i already have 2)

  • CE *__* ? count me in XD!

  • Already imported when it came out in the US, but it’s nice to see the EU getting this game anyway, mean’s we’ve not been forgottenXD

    If we got something really awesome with the Collectors Edition, I’d maybe consider buying it again.

  • I admit I imported it a long time ago, but I’ve also had it on preorder from Game since they listed it, because I want them to release more Persona/SMT goodness over here. XD I might switch over to the collector’s edition when I see the content, I’m such a sucker for those things.


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