Yuna Dual Wields Summon Monsters In Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy

By Spencer . January 11, 2011 . 7:45pm

image Everyone who identified that foot in the water as Yuna’s is right! It’s official, Yuna the sullen summoner from Final Fantasy X is a playable character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy.


Shonen Jump has the news and says Yuna has the ability to control two Aeons at the same time. The magazine has a screenshot that shows Yuna controlling Shiva and Ixion for simultaneous attacks. Yuna can also summon King Bahamut in Dissidia 012[duodecim].


Her EX Burst sounds absurdly powerful. Translated as Sending off to the spirit world, this attack makes Yuna call all of her Aeons for a consecutive set of attacks. Hmm.. I wonder if that includes "secret" Aeons like the Magus Sisters, Anima, and Yojimbo.

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  • urbanscholar

    Hmm interesting, I wonder how that’s going to work.

    • NoElixirs

      And suddenly, Yuna controlling her summons ala XIII’s characters mounting on their summons come to mind. Another viable idea relates to her commands changing depending on the current Aeon summoned.

      • I take it that you’ve never seen Shiva riding Ixion? :)

  • Oh man Anima and Yojimbo were awesome, would be cool if they were in the Ex burst too.

    • I wouldn’t mind Yojimbo provided he doesn’t ask for Gils :) I think Seymour will have Anima IF he’s in the game.

      • he’s not.

        • Actually, with the inclusion of Yuna, this is more likely to happen now. He was her direct opposition in-game, after all; the fact that he’s actually nuked BEFORE the last boss drops in FFX justifies his absence in the original Dissidia.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            And considering that Jecht is on the side of Cosmos here, FFX is currently kinda without a villain.

          • mach

            That doesn’t mean much. FFIX is equally without a villain, and so far it seems like to there won’t be ANY new characters for that game. To assume that both Yuna AND Seymour would be added is kind of ridiculous.

          • Having four Characters from FFX would be against everything they set out to do with Dissidia. It’s not happening.

            Laguna’s Opposition was Adel, but she’s not getting in either.

          • mach

            No, it’s not. Every indication thus far is that no game will be getting more than one new character. Seymour’s chances (while microscopic to begin with), have dropped catastrophically.

  • badmoogle

    Glad they are using FFX Yuna instead of FFX-2.

    • godmars

      If there are costume changes for Lightning and Tifa, you can bet there’s some for Yuna. Her FFX-2 outfits especially.

      • Her FFX-2 outfit will be there no doubt about that, then there will one based on Amano’s artwork I hoping for the wedding dress Yuna outfit.

      • badmoogle

        I was thinking more in terms of character than costume.Gameplay-wise FFX-2 Yuna could also be fun to play but only if they managed to include most of her costume/job changes.
        I didn’t liked her character at all though.:/IMO they destroyed what they had built in FFX.

        • Roses4Aria

          I totally agree with the above. It would have been cool to see some mix of FFX and FFX-2 with Yuna perhaps having the ability to change into a gunner, or a dark knight, etc. But I definitely preferred her character portrayal in FFX.

    • I think having the X-2 Yuna would be just as interesting having a similar playstyle as Lightning or Cecil.

      • If they had put up a FFX-2 Yuna then I guess she would’ve been a mix of Laguna and Lightning she can change her dress sphere by pressing L&R between Gunner, Knight and Summoner well I got all three favorite Yunas.

    • joesz

      I know this might sound weird but when I played X I always felt that Yuna was a little Jesus-ish

  • SneakyHawk

    It’s gonna be fun having Bahamut beat my enemies into a bloody pulp.

  • Pichi

    So glad they went with this direction for her. She’ll be one of my new characters to main with.

  • Well, hopefully they reference X-2 in some way. It’s the same as TAY and should at least be given the same recognition as it.

    • PrinceHeir

      what’s TAY?

      and yes FFX-2 needs some sort of connection since it is canon no matter how you deny it.

      • WizardoftheBlueOrder

        “The After Years”, the follow up to Final Fantasy IV.

        Golbez has his 3rd outfit as a direct reference to his appearance in TAY.

  • PrinceHeir

    i would also want a FFX-2 gunner costume please? maybe P2 costume? some people may hate it but she’s badass, she’s agile, cool and awesome not to mention they can make her EX Mode switch to different classes at the same time.

    hopefully we get Rikku, Paine, Auron, Snow and Fang and we’re set to go ^^

    please if your gonna make a console version, add zack and vincent. there to awesome not to be used

    • PrinceHeir

      it would also be funny if Shuyin and Lenne made a cameo appearance watsoever, that would be nice ^^

  • WOW! i never thought yuna would be summoning aeons in the battlefield of dissidia,this makes it really interesting, jecht is a cosmos then tidus must be in chaos side probably cause of his hatred toward his father! it be crazy much if they added seymour into the mix also.

  • Zaken

    I hope its not to late to say this but, I hope there are a few villians addes to this game, dont get me wrong, im stoked about the new heros and all the work they dont thus far, but i still would like to see new villians, like Genisis maybe?

    • Don’t get your Hopes up. Genesis isn’t happening; don’t even ponder the thought.

      • Guest

        I would hope not. I hated that character

      • PrinceHeir

        hey i like Genesis he’s probably one of the few soldiers that can take sephiroth during his prime along with Angeal.

        would like to add Weiss also though, he’s the Goku version of Sephiroth with gunblades

  • Arcm

    Now if only she summoned Yojimbo… I would use her exclusively but THANK GOD it’s the FFX Yuna.

  • Zaken

    I hope its not to late to say this but, I hope there are a few villians addes to this game, dont get me wrong, im stoked about the new heros and all the work they dont thus far, but i still would like to see new villians, like Genisis maybe?

    • Wouldn’t happen unless they added Zack. And THAT would cause continuity nightmares.

      Of course they could have Ultimecia fix that…

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        Why continuity nightmares? We already have young Laguna and Squall together, after all. Also Chaos and Garland.

        • Laguna and Squall together is not a problem. It’s not like Laguna was dead or something.

  • Holy crap o.O
    Honestly I was expecting something Dresspherey but not this, but this is definitely a change for the AWESOME
    …only thing is that I assume that her 2P costume is Gunner Yuna…whom I can’t imagine holding a staff for some reason ._.

  • is no one thinking about how is gonna move in the game i mean yuna air dashing looool GRINDING EVEN ??

    • PersonaBull

      Hey, if Lulu could to it, Yuna can. Don’t you remember them raiding the wedding? :P

      • Actually, it’s funny you bring that up, because In that entire scene, I don’t think they ever actually showed Lulu. I always found that funny.

        • PersonaBull

          Hahaha, they never did show her grinding down the lines. It’s something that’s actually always bothered me, since I assume it looked pretty interesting.

          She also jumped like a boss onto the ship during the blitzball incident with what seemed an amazing ease.

        • mach

          They did show her. Kimahri carried her on his back. You can see it pretty clearly.

          • I figured someone was carrying her.

            But that brings up another question: How was Kimahri grinding on his barefeet?

  • i am sooooo happy yuna is in the game its official dissidia duodecim is going to stomp out dissidia lol now all thats left seymour, gilgamesh, cid raines, faris probably to aid bartz, garnet to aid zidane, maria to probably aid firion and leon to probably aid the emperor heck he has a ex mode, and probably the shadow will be shantatto rival.

  • Wow, quite the additions for Cosmos..looks like they’re added for the purpose of further building up the remnants for the previous Dissidia.

  • I hate Yuna

    • mach

      Then don’t play as her. Problem solved.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m very excited that it’s FFX Yuna. I guess I wouldn’t mind if they gave her FFX-2 costumes, so long as they give me her wedding dress, haha. I’d like to see some visuals of how exactly she utilizes two aeons at once (also, I didn’t know that was canonically possible, personally o.o) and as someone else suggested, how she moves about in the air and such, considering she didn’t seem the most mobile of characters in FFX.

  • Roses4Aria

    Yay! It’s Yuna! Dissidia definitely needed more girl power! Like I said before, I just hope we get to see her have some interaction with Tidus. :)

    • ninetailes4life

      Yea some pretty nice interaction behind the scenes ;)

  • Fonic

    I like the use of summons but I was hoping Rydia would be implemented that way. I Guess Yuna makes more sense though.

  • DDanny

    I’m glad she’s FFX Yuna because of the summoner part. I’d rather have her X-2 personality than the bland innocent flower type she is in X though.

  • karasuKumo

    Yes! I really hope we get another trailer at the conference just so I can see some more of that lovely CGI and hear more of that epic soundtrack.

    For Chaos I still have hope for Cid Raines and Gilgamesh.

  • No love for Auron…

  • That’s good news, and while I liked X-2 – much – more than X, Summoner Yuna looks much more interesting to play than Gunner Yuna (not to mention there’s already Laguna for some gunfest). A gunner or songstress outfit is a given now.

    But, we sure are missing some Chaos characters. here’s a hint:

  • Wha? No femlae pandering dual-pistol weilding yuna :( Not even as her EX Burst.

  • Please… no more heroes… I want some villains! MORE VILLAINS! Gilgamesh, I can’t think of any for FFII, make Shadow from VI a bad guy, IV either one of the Four Fiends, mostly Rubicante, etc.

    • I really doubt there’ll be anymore FFIV characters… There’s already three. From what I’m seeing, that’s all any game’s gonna have.
      I think I’d rather make Celes a Warrior of Chaos, at least for the story, since she was a part of the Empire.
      I suppose they can put Gilgamesh, Beatrix, and Cid Raines in for more villains.

      • Okay, pretty reasonable, I just would like to see more villains… Cid Raines would be good cause there’s no villain for XIII, and to be honest, I don’t know any villains for FFXI but all new characters now would be in the SNES era from what I heard… I-VI… Celes would be nice… They have to put Gil in there… even the director said he wanted to…

  • Please… no more heroes… I want some villains! MORE VILLAINS! Gilgamesh, I can’t think of any for FFII, make Shadow from VI a bad guy, IV either one of the Four Fiends, mostly Rubicante, etc.

  • great! 3rd Magic-based character on Cosmos. . .
    less combat-based characters on Chaos.

    i go for wedding dress Yuna(alt costume)

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