More Screenshots Of Yuna And Other Final Fantasy X Characters In Dissidia 012

By Spencer . January 18, 2011 . 9:02pm


Yuna the steadfast summoner from Final Fantasy X is a playable character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. She uses Aeons in battle. These screenshots show her summoning Bahamut to hit Jecht with Mega Flare. The other screen shows Yuna calling Shiva and Ixion at the same time.




This week’s issue of Famitsu has a look at the third form of two other Final Fantasy X characters. Tidus’ blitzball ready outfit is based on artwork from Yoshitaka Amano. Jecht’s costume also appears to be blitzball garb.


image freepic-2328yuna_FIX

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  • heartless141

    in the mag scan there’s also a screenshot with Valefor :P

  • yuna sounds scary to fight….

    • Ereek

      You think so? I’m thinking she’s going to end up like the patched Emperor and his floating/tracking balls of doom. When used properly, they’re very dangerous, but most people (including the AI) won’t use them very well.

      Also, once you get in close, you just know she is squishy.

      • Testsubject909

        Gilgamesh vs Yuna. I’m betting on Gilgamesh.

  • PrinceHeir

    im still waiting for X-2 Yuna :)

    she’ll probably the highest tier in the game ^^

    what about aerith? it’s so stupid that not only that you have to pay for her but also you only get her as assist character instead of a main.

    • Testsubject909

      Feel free to insert some somewhat mean joke about her being killed off midway removing the full potential for her to be anything but a supporting character whose majority of special moves ended up wasted and who’s overshadowed by the fighting prowess of a far more buxom beauty in the same game that’s garnered far more attention from fans, fanfics and fanart.

      Plus it’s made in Japan with a mind for the Japanese first. Considering how FF5 had an equally heart breaking moment with a long-term party member, Aeris’ demise was most likely less of a sudden tragic shock to them then it was to us. To us in the west, it was a never before seen event of sort… Okay, sure, we had tragic deaths in Final Fantasy 4 and 6, both of them romantic interests, but none of them long term party members key to the story.

      But in Japan, that already happened. The only difference was the gender as well as the lack of, or existence of a cinematic view of the event.

      Not to be a bit cold hearted towards Aeris, but she’s fine as a support. There are far more suitable characters to have up there as lead fighters… Plus, anyways. Aeris was always more of the healer type then the fighter type. One can excuse Yuna up there because of all the dangerous creatures she could summon as well as due to the sequel game she featured in, causing her to be more of a pop star diva femme fatale.

      And cheer up… There’s always… Gilgamesh!

      • Aerith was a good magic caster her limit breaks were healing i think she would be a good fighter for dissidia using her ancient powers
        also consider she was the main heroine of ff7 No not tifa (it never states she was she was just clouds love interest)
        she has more connection with cloud and sephy together :)

        • Ereek

          Aeris was the most useful character in FFVII. Period. No questions. Hello, being able to fill two people’s limit gauges instantly.
          That doesn’t necessarily make her a good fighter.

          Edit: We also have both Prishe and Yuna as heal-y type mages added to Dissidia 12. Yuna just has a Summoner main and Prishe is Monk. While I’d be interested in seeing Aeris as something like a Geomancer, I don’t think it will fit just yet.

          Also, if you still think Aeris is the canon love interest in VII, please read this, from the FF 20-Year Ultimania.

          If you don’t, then I’m misunderstanding. Your wording about Tifa is a bit confusing to me.

          • oh yes i had read that but people seem to mistake tifa being the main heroine when she is not.
            it’s aerith she is main heroine she is final fantasy 7’s poster girl
            tifa is just clouds love interest i personally think after seeing yuna’s summons in dissidia seeing how aerith being a geomancer would be a piece of cake lol

          • Testsubject909

            I believe both Tifa and Aerith were actually the main heroines of sort. Romantic Rivals.

            The thing that made Aerith so memorable though was exactly what she was. A tragic heroine. Her death. Basically she upstaged Tifa, even though both were crucial to the story in their own manner and Tifa’s relationship with Cloud was deeper.

            Also, Cloud’s failure to save Aerith can also reflect to his failure to aid Tifa in his real memories. Towards the end of the game though she was heavily underplayed. Most characters were underplayed and honestly the optional characters had better story segment.

            One can argue that Vincent is far more important to the story of Final Fantasy 7 as well due to his love story with Lucrecia. Had he and Hojo never had such a backstory, we’d never have had Sephiroth, which in turn would’ve meant that Cloud would’ve remained the pathetic non-enhanced soldier that he was, Zack would’ve happily lived with Aerith and Cloud would’ve eventually been with Tifa.

            Removing Hojo from the picture solves a LOT of things.

          • PrinceHeir

            Tetsu pretty much sums up everything, i can’t believe there’s actually people who pays attention to the compilation of FFVII thank god im not the only one.

            i agree if hojo wasn’t there, Vincent would’ve have stayed with lucrecia. zack should have been the star of the series with Aerith with his side. and Tifa and cloud could have been normal characters.

      • I always thought Tellah was important to the story. Must’ve just been me though.

        And Maybe it’s because by the time I actually saw Aerith’s death, I’d already seen Tellah and Galuf die, but Aerith’s death has always been meh to me.Tellah and Galuf went out in much cooler ways and took way more damage than Aerith did, who got oneshotted like a noob.

        • Testsubject909

          Tellah wasn’t a long time party member, more of a part timer.

          Which is what I’m saying with FF4. Party members kept switching nonstop. Sure you could draw a liking to them, but you’d expect them to go away at one point or another through the story. Whereas in FF7, your unused party members were switchable as opposed to permanently removed until the next story event drew them back in your party.

          Which is why their deaths weren’t so “Strike-at-home” strong…

          Mind you, I was one of those who developed a good liking for good ol’ Tellah. And his death? Absolutely memorable. I’ve always felt that Meteor was always underpowered after such a scene though was secretly glad that it was so world-endingly powerful in FF7.

          Secret’s out of the bag though now, huh?

    • There’s no X-2 model in Prologus game file :<"

    • Well, I don’t think Aerith has the makings of a Cosmos warrior imo. Besides, do you want “it” to happen again? :)

      • alot of people didn;t think summoner yuna was gonna be in there too but look what happen looool

        personally anyone ANYONE in final fantasy can fight everyone portraits aerith as some damsel in distress loool
        she fought and lived for years while the turks were after her she’s natural born fighter like anyone who joins a party in final fantasy loool

  • Wedding dress alter please!

  • She looks pretty brutal…

    • Testsubject909

      Perhaps she’s more flash then substance?

  • Even though Yuna looks intimidating, dont forget this game’s CP system so even if you buff her with a lethal movepool, her other movements would suck. Probably If her only summons were Ixion and Shiva, they would have individual movepools kinda like Cecil

  • There’s too much people from Cosmos’ side. Isn’t there anyone new on Chaos’?

    • Testsubject909

      New, who knows. Old? Perhaps a few twists…

      Terra could be under possession to work for the bad side. She did start her story with a mind altering crown on her that made her do various villainous deeds.

      Kain is also most likely on the bad side, possibly switching back and forth.

      Cecil has the capacity what with being both light and dark.

      The Warrior of Light seems like he just might switch sides temporarily for some odd reason from what I’ve seen of the trailers.

      I wouldn’t put it against Squall to be on the wrong side for the wrong reasons as well. Nor Cloud.

      Really, the only ones I expect to remain on the side of good through it all are:
      Firion, Onion Knight, Bartz, Zidane and… Tidus? Eh. I’m not sure about him either… he’s whiny…

      • tidus cloud and terra are on the bad side :( thats why there are more cosmos characters

  • karasuKumo

    All I need now is Cid Raines, maybe Snow Villiers and anyone else Square decides to put in. I’m not too bothered about the older titles.

  • I want steiner, and Vivi as support *drolls*

    • Testsubject909

      How about a playable Steiner with Vivi as his support. Sword Magic all the way!

      • That is want i meant xD, use steiner to fight and vivi as support :O!

    • Beatrix FTW. We need a female knight that have a uber hax moveset

      • That will pwn you in one turn and prompt you to change the disc xD

        • To FF Type-0? XD

          • Haha, that would be pretty epic, a game that ask you to put another game’s disc/umd

  • alot of people thought girls like yuna cant be in dissidia because their magic caster and can’t imagine them running and flying ..well there you have it guys if yuna can be there any FF character can

    • Testsubject909



      That argument shuts them up…

      • i meant girls in long dresses testsu loool staffs and rods lol

  • Okay, if you guys are arguing about Aerith’s LOVE LIFE and involement in DD012, then forget it! I dont know why we always get back to this. And i agree with you Tien Ron! No matter what ppl think and disagree, Aerith will always be the Heroine of ff7 in my eyes atleast. And she’s still protecting the planet behind the scenes like in ff7, with Holy and the lifestream and still doing so in AC/ACC.

  • So, the summons will be only half summons? I mean judging from those pics they only have their upper body.

  • I love yuna but I’M waitin’ for ZELL~!

  • N while they at it add PAINE~!

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