Europe Gets Nintendo 3DS A Few Days Before North America [Update]

By Spencer . January 19, 2011 . 7:25am

DSC_0082 If you’re in Europe, you can pick up a Nintendo 3DS on March 25, two days before the handheld launches in North America. How much does it cost? You’ll have to check your local retailer because Nintendo of Europe didn’t announce a price.


This is probably a good time to mention, during Nintendo of America’s conference focus groups that used the Nintendo 3DS deemed the handheld’s price to be worth $300-$400 (yikes!). The Nintendo 3DS will retail for $249.99 in North America.


Update: Nintendo of Europe said to check local retailer for the price, so we did. UK retailer Game lists the price of the Nintendo 3DS as £229.99 ($368). Play is a tad less at £219.99 ($352).

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  • “…focus groups that used the Nintendo 3DS deemed the handheld’s price to be worth $300-$400”
    Thank you very much, hype-machine-internet-generation!

  • But its just 2 days, and who was crazy enough to speculate!

    • AdamBoy64

      It’s likely to be $400 over here (well, over in Australia, where 1 AUS = 1 US at the moment), with that said I’m importing..

      Although paying ~$120 more for an inferior PAL version and being crippled by overpriced games for the life of the console is very tempting..

  • Please, Americans, don’t complain about it releasing over there 2 days later.

    HMV has set their price as £229.99 which (according to is around $370…

    It’s still early on so I do hope Amazon, etc, set it lower.

    • Still complaining since we are also getting PKMN Black and White later as well, and let me not forget to mention the limited editions of games that we are not getting…

      • I think I’d rather get Pokemon later and skip the Square Enix LEs which have only really been a six-track soundtrack and minimalist artbooks than pay a $120 markup. We’re even paying more than Japan!

      • joesz


      • I think the limited edition argument is one where every region thinks that the others get way more than them. It probably evens out in the end. Thank goodness for importing, at least in the case of region free games!

    • malek86

      That will probably translate to 249€ RRP. Quite high. And it’s not even going to be metallic orange.

      I should probably wait a bit before buying. Even if the call of new technology is veeeery tempting, in the end there’s just too much going against the 3DS for me right now.

    • I hope so! I’ve put in a preorder on Game, since I can always cancel it if I decide it’s not going to be worth it. Just realised that they didn’t give me a choice of colour though. At that price I want to pick!

      Edit: Game has now removed both the option to buy and the £229.99 price – I can only hope this is a good sign?

  • Guest

    If the damn thing wasn’t region protected I would import and not bother with the Euro release considering these projected prices. At this point I have no reason to upgrade from my DSi, which I only bought a year ago. The software just isn’t enticing enough.

    I guess I’ll wait it out. I’ll definitely jump on the 3DS wagon, just not yet.

    • The region lock worries me more because of the fair number of games that I’ve had to import due to their non-release in Europe. I really do want to play Tales of the Abyss at some point without having to buy a whole new console to do so.

      • Guest

        I’m with you. Stupid move on Nintendo’s part imo.

        • Yeah… I guess it’s ‘only’ going to lose them some games sales from desperate importers like me, but still. I’m miffed!

      • Caligula

        iirc, that’s just a rumor. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Nintendo has ever announced that the 3DS will be region-locked.

        • Ooh, really? I hope so! I’ve read so many entries on blogs and gaming websites referring to it that I thought I had just missed the announcement.

        • PrinceHeir

          don’t forget with nintendo not even localizing games like Fatal Frame 4, Xenoblade, and The Last Story.

          Nintendo should not screw around and give us gamers what we want.

          • In our case, we’re a very specific audience. You can’t expect a company to cater to the needs of one specific group just because they wanted the attention. I despise Bandai Namco for Tales, but showing your anger on the net wouldn’t really capture their attention.

            Unless it’s an organised, angry, hungry for blood flash mob. Rawr

          • PrinceHeir

            wait what? im not angry im just frustrated at how nintendo has doing this all these years. first it was MOther, Fatal Frame 4, Xenoblade and now The Last Story.

            actually what i mean by localizing is not only the US but most western sides as well, europe needs some love too you know?

            ehh i already gave up on Namco. nothing will change unless they have a change of heart.

          • mirumu

            That’s very true, but we have no obligation to support their products targetted at other markets either. If they think they’re better off without catering to us then I guess I wish them good luck, but they won’t be getting any money from me if their products don’t appeal to me.

          • We’ll do just that :)

            Sadly, the power of ‘casual’ gaming attracts hordes of companies which try to cash in the current craze, and we can’t deny they make a significant amount of the population.

            Now I’m reminiscing the good old days of gaming :) I feel like an old man now >_>

        • Apparently it’s been confirmed to be region locked.

          • Caligula

            I stand corrected. Even so, the way it reads to me is that they’re kind of leaving it up to the individual game publishers as to whether a game will be region-locked. Not so bad.

          • mirumu

            The 360 has an optional region lock too. Many games aren’t locked, and yet every single game I’ve ever actually wanted to import has been. It might as well be a full region lock for all the help it’s been.

            Even though I’m in the European region buying a local 3DS just isn’t a risk I’m willing to take. If I do buy it’ll be a US version.

    • Agreed, region lock + extreme price = not worth the money, at least not for yet.

      Amazing how they go over the top with it :/

  • DSI XL -> £149.99
    3DS -> £229.99 or £219.99
    Seriously what a big jump just for better graphics and 3D enable. I expect nintendo to annouce the RRP themselves than to tell us to check local retail.

  • PrinceHeir

    if only it wasn’t region locked :|

    • neon6

      Chances are it’ll be cracked on day 1 just as the PSP before it.

  • karasuKumo

    I’m not too bothered about the 3DS, I’ll wait until the announcement of Pokemon 3DS or more RPGs to get one. If I were to spend £229 on Nintendo related stuff I’d buy the DS games I haven’t played haha

  • What is it with Nintendo of America releasing their stuff on Sunday?

    They could’ve released it on March 22nd on a Tuesday (Like how most games are released in North America) But they choose the 27th on a Sunday… At least we don’t have to wait about a month.

    • Better opportunity to release it at midnight and not interfere with peoples work and school schedules? Maybe so that it is in stores early, gives them a whole week to break sales records, eek out an additional supply run, screw over customers who buy online, yeah, thats it. Another chance for us AMZN buyers to get screwed.

  • thebanditking

    “focus groups that used the Nintendo 3DS deemed the handheld’s price to be worth $300-$400”
    Yeah I’m sure that’s not just a bit fabricated, honestly I think Nintendo is scared of the pricing for this and is doing everything to try to lessen the overall impact. It’s what was predicted but PSP struggled with that price 5 years ago and that was not during an economic downturn. Also outside of a holiday season it will be interesting to see who bites, as the game line up is likely to be as paltry as Japan’s.

  • In your face…Is what I would like to say except when it comes to pricing it seems you guys win out.


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