Shonen Jump’s Tidbit About Final Fantasy XIII-2

By Spencer . January 19, 2011 . 11:32am


Scans of Shonen Jump are circulating and sure enough there’s a small feature on Final Fantasy XIII-2. The magazine has the same picture of Lightning in her new armor with white feathers fluttering by.


There’s also a portrait of Lightning with the following quote, in English, underneath. It reads, "In the world where I once existed, time’s path is no longer certain…"


The story in Final Fantasy XIII-2 centers on Lightning and a new rival, which she spars with in the teaser trailer.

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  • Oh today is Shonen Jump day…curious about Ichigo and Hibari v Adelheid nufufufu!

    Lightning looks as stunning as ever in all the photos used. I so can not wait for this definitive Final Fantasy game, I loved 13 to deaths and having more of it, just makes it the best thing ever!

  • HarryHodd

    Time travel eh? Sounds interesting.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder if they’re really going into X-2 in terms of story

    *Final Fantasy X-2 SPOILER

    in FFX-2 Shuyin is actually the real Tidus(since he’s only a dream of the real Zanarakand, so could this be the Real Lightning?(in this case the future lightning?)


    taken from andriasang’s NeivaDias


    Fal’cie-pulse Fal’cie = Etro, fabula-the story of … Lindsei.

    The visible world, invisible world, such as Genesis and the birth of mankind in the world, mythical tale is told.

    FABULA It seems that the whole myth. He appeared in producer Kitase good range here.

    Kitase said “four years, the myth had been set years ago 5. XIII later put out the story behind this myth that in the future”

    Kitase said, “The Myth of the actual finer. Basically, the creators of each piece, which is made for free to interpret this myth, FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS”

    Kitase says “FF XIII who was playing I think a few key words come to mind”

    Lightning just came back from a crystal man. “Lightning Goddess Etro it, rest in peace. I do this, protect me. Lost time, I get a second life”

    It’s horrible! I can not understand. Etro = Lightning? Pulse Fal’Cie = Etro? One of them and Etro are the same? Goddess Etro death or Lightning death (rest in peace?)? FFXIII-2 is in the future or the past (5 years ago)? What say?? Please help!

    Thanks again.

    taken from andriasang’s CassyChan


    Etro is the Goddess Etro from the FNC mythos (the painting in the room where Noct and Stella speak in the Versus XIII trailer is of Etro), she’s talked about a little in the dof FFXIII and the eidolons are said to be ‘gifts’ from her. She is also the one that defeated Ragnarok 500 years before the game takes place.

    Lindsei is localized as Lindzei in FFXIII, who is also referenced in the datalog, Lindzei, not 100% sure on it and cba getting the game out to check, is a fal’Cie who created Cocoon from Pulse and later abandoned it (not to be confused with ‘The Maker’, basically ‘God’, who was the creator of Pulse and the fal’Cie who later abandoned them all, hence the plan of sacrificing Cocoon in order to bring back the Maker).

    Also FFXIII-2 seems to be set after the events of FFXIII.


    lots of speculating hopefully we get to know more in the coming months :D

    /sorry for long text

  • “In the world where I once existed, time’s path is no longer certain…”

    Translation: FF XIII didn’t happen XD

    Serious comment: Now we’re dealing with time? Hmmm… Take good ideas from Chrono Trigger!

    • FlamingSausage

      Or maybe a pararrel universe, maybe a world where Cocoon never existed.

      • Lavos ate Cocoon and Pulse.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Then super computer system FATE found that FFXIII was a Chrono Trigger and hurts the time stream thus needs to be eradicated and so it sent out Lightnings rival lol

      • And parallel universe Lightning is queen and also a homicidal maniac that loves to torture victims, Saw-style.

        Mmm hmm

      • Guest

        Lightning: Cid Raines! But I thought you died?? And whats with this silver car??
        Cid: It’s a Delorean! but nevermind that! We need to go back to the Future! Something has to be done about your kids!
        Lightning: But where will we go? And there’s not enough road here!
        Cid: Where we’re going….we don’t need any roads!…

        Dunnnn…Dun-Dun Dun-Duuun…

  • alternate universe?

  • PrinceHeir

    they can also make it like FFVIII, the whole sorceress traveling from the future in this case a either another Lightning or clone,. that would be cool :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      No please don’t talk about the story in Final Fantasy VIII, I’ve had enough of it. XD Really hated VIII’s story and it seemed full of plotholes and I honestly felt square just made a list of cool ideas and interesting twist and THEN tried to connect them to make a story. It’s still an OK game and if you like it cool, but yeah after FFVIII I’m all time traveled out and don’t want to see square fumble around with a story like that for a long time (unless it’s a Chrono game)

      • PrinceHeir

        well i liked the story actually, sure the team could have improved putting the story in place but overall it was a great concept, is just that the execution was a little off.

        haven’t played trigger is it really that good?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece made by the biggest names in RPGs at it’s time. Some might find it more cliche-ish, or light hearted, imagine Zelda or Dragon Quest you won’t be blown away but it’s good. It’s a super NES game so give it credit it was more original back in the day. It’s got like 13 or 14 endings and the charas more than make up for it since the cast is pretty well fleshed out. Chrono Cross is a masterpiece, with a very complex story. It’s both it’s own game and a sequel that ties in nicely and answers all the plotholes left in Trigger while still leaving in some room for the next game (that sadly hasn’t come yet) But to get to the part relating to Trigger you have to get farther into it and be very observant to pick up on the references. It does has a lot of endings (I forget the number) and like 40-45 potential party members. They both have their own unique feel and atmosphere that set them apart but are still one congruent story (Cross takes place 20 years after Trigger in a different area of the same world with a diff cast). Trigger is about time travel and Cross is about traveling between parallel worlds. If you’re interested start out with Trigger than move on to Cross so you can appreciate it more. But the beauty of Cross is that you don’t really need to of played the first game to understand it (it’s just that you’ll miss a lot of references). Trigger has a streamlined fast paced battle system that feels like the battle systems in FFIV-FFIX but runs a lot faster and gives you the ability to combine special moves between your party members to perform combo attacks that do mad damage. No random encounters either. Cross’s system is hard to explain but very fun and if you’re still interested after this long @ss response I suggest you youtube some videos of it. Both games can be found on the cheap. The DS version of Trigger is like $15-$20 (it’s the best b/c it’s got the animated videos of the ps1 version but none of the slowdowns) and you can still find the ps1 Cross for like $20 or so since square printed a lot of them. Hopefully it’ll get a PSN release in the US like it did in Japan.

    • Goddamn you. :(

      • PrinceHeir

        why you mad? :(

        • I’m not “mad,” really. FFVIII’s story was just full of headaches with the 4-Dimensional stuff, at least from what I’ve heard or watched. I think I’m glad I didn’t finish it.

  • joesz

    I just hope they add the exploration mode that was removed from XIII.

    • Guest

      and Town mode

  • Zero_Destiny

    Am I the only one who thinks this new rival is going to be established in this game and not be like some ret-conned “we’ve been rivals all our lives but I just mentioned her now” kind of thing? I mean you can met/make new rivals right? All your rivals don’t have to come from your childhood.

    • I don’t think this guy is even a rival, more like a nemesis.

    • Nah, it seems is in another universe or something… pretty lame if you ask me

  • thebanditking

    I have not finished XIII so I’m guessing I should stay away from XIII-2 news. Stupid backlog, XP

    • Darkrise

      Same here. =P But then again, curiousity really get’s to you.

  • karasuKumo

    Those portraits of Lightning and Noctis in those scans are lovely :).

    I wont be impressed if it ends up being something like she is sent back in time to fight the first l’cie (the guy in the trailer) made by the first fal’cie the “Maker” for a pointless reason.

    My guess is that if she is indeed going back in time it is to prevent the events of XIII. Also would they keep the exploration like the first because of the people who enjoyed it or change it to please the people who didn’t? So many questions :/

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I’m thinking that it’s probably the same thing that happened to Fang and Vanille*.
    i*After she completed some mission she was placed into crystal stasis on Grand Pulse, and she awoke a few centuries later.

    • Darn then that means no, HOPE!!!! I cant wait to hear more on the story though.

  • What I can mainly derive from that sentence is that Lightning is no longer apart of the original world’s timeline.(Where I once existed.) And, probably the new char too. Something must be happening that would wreck the time of the original world.(Time’s path is no longer certain.) Or at least, Lightning is partly apart from the world. My hypothesis would be the story has something to do with the guy trying to alter what has already happened, and Lightning is trying to stop him, and this time, she has to do it alone.

  • Tokyo Guy

    As someone who loved the combat in FF13 but hated the characters and story, I am certainly hoping this sequel proves to be more enjoyable than the product which spawned it.

    And as others have mentioned, it is a bit sad that Versus-which was announced years ago-is seemingly not going to be released before XIII-2 which was announced days ago. Though obviously to be fair, 13-2 will have a lot of reused content so it’s not exactly built from scratch.

    Still though, given how X-2 was such a departure from the tone and style of the original, I wonder if this too will be a totally different experience.

  • mikanko

    As long as Sakamoto is still doing her voice I will probably get it day one again. =/

    I blame Kara no Kyokai for being too awesome.

  • Rival for Lightning? Hmm… This should be an interesting one.

  • Does this rival have a *gunblade? A scar going down his/her face? Some pent up agression at trying to reach their ambition? Cause I swear I played a game like this many years ago…What could it be again?

    *Yes I know Lightning’s weapon wasn’t called that, but it was a sword that could transform into a gun…Work with me here okay.

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