See The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer In HD And In English

By Spencer . January 20, 2011 . 1:51am

Square Enix quickly localized the Final Fantasy XIII-2 teaser trailer with Lightning speaking in English.



A quick recap for those who haven’t been following the Final Fantasy XIII-2 news.

  • This game is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and introduces a new character, Lightning’s rival.
  • "Why does mankind defy its fate?" is the game’s tagline.
  • Shonen Jump offers another clue about the plot, "In the world where I once existed, time’s path is no longer certain…"
  • Like Final Fantasy XIII before it, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • Square Enix plans to release Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan this year.
  • North America and Europe will get it "next winter."

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  • digitalricket

    Man, that was taken down “lightning” fast. Haha, get it?

  • IMPORT!!!!!!!!!

    • Darkrise


  • what exactlyis “next winter” its technically winter now so do they mean the late 2011/early 2012 or late 2012?

    • Yeah it’s really confusing.

    • If they want to release it at the end of this year i imagine it would be 2012 for us…

    • Well considering Winter doesnt actually start until Dec 21…it has to mean January, February, some of March.

    • Nei_chan

      maybe if they will hurry up it may come near the end of the year…FFXIII also was speculated to come about June and we had it in March already….or maybe they will decide to delay it everywhere, because they don’t like giving us games so fast haha

    • PurpleDoom

      They probably mean late 2011/early 2012. That would be “next winter”, after all. I agree that they shouldn’t use such a vague term, though…

  • heartless141

    blocked =/ in japan at least.

    • Kaoro

      Blocked in US as well.

      I’ve never seen a company go so out of its way to prevent its customers from seeing its products. Crazy.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Bethesda does the same thing, though I suppose they aren’t quite as bad.

    • ikiryou

      It’s *free publicity* which might help the game actually get decent sales. Why is Squenix so intent on committing suicide (Hello, Front Mission Evolved and Mindjack)?

    • So, blocked in Japan, US, UK.. Whose is this trailer for?

    • Guest

      Someone just needs to upload it mirrored thats all. People are dumb

  • Looks like Lightning has become a sort of Valkyrie warrior and her rival/nemesis is straight out of the Blue Bishonen Ghetto.

    • or boyfriend slash rival.. oooh.. that will be great! instead of looking like FFX-2 talking bout divas… It feels like FFX-ish romance.. except with more rage… Ain’t it great? lol..

      • Hmm. Never looked at it that way. I suppose that’d be a nice twist to the game, wouldn’t it?

      • Nei_chan

        ugh…stop..just stop

        • Atleast its not a weird pairing.. lol…

          • Nei_chan

            you don’t even know who he is

    • Darkrise

      … Fanservice for female audience? Well we got Lightning with her thighs and armor so it’s only fair to cater to the opposite gender who will play this game. =P But really, he looks more like he came out of Metal Gear Solid.

      • you mean he looks like raiden?? i thought he looks more like laguna.. but evil or naughty? lol..

      • I guess. Wait… Metal Gear, really now? Oh wait – you mean Raiden! I get you now.

  • kroufonz

    will we finally get dual voice???(or atlest some asian chinese version like ff XIII that has jp voice,eng sub)

    tough is not like i am gonna buy this (unless they make it more like good old ff with thing like airship,town,fully controled party member, etc i don’t mind if light become singer/j pop idol as long as some of the old ff element making return><)

    • i will get it no matter what but… yea.. i do agree with you.. save for the j-pop part…;)

      • What are you saying, Lightning as a pop idol is…crazy twist is crazy! xd

    • Hraesvelgr

      No, they won’t to dual audio, 95% sure of that. I’m sure some people will try to blame it on the 360 or some other reason, but it’s more likely that the companies just don’t care to spend extra money to pander to a small minority.

      • Guest

        Its not like we’re dealing with Resident Evil One level of dubbing. I wish people would stop whining about such trivial stuff like that

        • Hraesvelgr

          I agree with this.

    • But Yuna wasn’t even a J-pop Idol. That was Leblanc!

    • we don;t need dual voices….
      english is good enough

      • For the people who want it, it should be an option, and there are a lot who do.

        • I think its unnecessary if it causes the game to be delayed. I wouldnt want to have to endure waiting for a feature that I would never use. Ultimately they could just wait for an international version, of course.

    • You can wait for the international version to get the dual voice.

    • Barrit

      That was what I was wondering. Hopefully they do a Chinese + English version like the first part. It really made a difference for me. I really really hated and despised Snow in the English one. I’m not sure why, he just got on my damn nerves, but he is a lot more likable with the Japanese voice.

    • Darkrise

      I wish but SE has never done a single game with dual audio so I don’t think they’ll bother with this one either. For NA I mean.

  • square enix ought to come up with a better name for this…

  • I actually dont care for this game and i would rather have Versus 13 this year BUT….I like that music at the end of the trailer….The violin starts and then hard e-guitar Sound <3
    Reminds me of some Songs from the Japanese Singer "Gackt" – Could be a random Intro for his songs

  • Why didn’t they translate first FF 13 versus or type-0…. D: i hope those games come before this one, or at least one of the two

    • PurpleDoom

      Me too! I want all of them, but Type-0 is looking the best to me at the moment.

  • boredlook

    So, was the original FFXIII a full game or not? Is this just a fan service game or was the last game not a complete story?

    • What? How could a 40+ hour quest not be a full game?

    • rinoa_chan

      well the story of everyone ends…satz return with his son, vanille and fang spoiler, serah and snow got married, hope return with his father…and lightining?

      • PurpleDoom

        I’d say Lightning’s story didn’t get a definite conclusion, and her story certainly seems to be the focus here. In addition, since this came out so close to the first game after that one took forever, it seems they were at least somewhat being simultaneously developed. Even if that’s not the case, they can’t have started too long after XIII’s release, so I’d say there’s a good chance that thought was put into tying the two game’s stories together.


  • PrinceHeir

    yay i just found the japanese trailer :D

    for those who want it ^^

    they replace “www” to web so you don’t have to worry being blocked or anything :P

  • Does this sequel include new features like “having to go a direction besides forward”?

    I seriously can’t get any excitement up for a sequel to 2010’s best Corridor Simulation.

    • Guest

      I think FF13 was a wal mart simulator, with cosplayers instead of clerks. What kind of civilization builds huge empty corridors full of nothing?

  • What kind of dress sphere will there be? Also who is singing the jpop inserts?

    • Guest

      This time its hip-hop featuring Drake & Rihanna

      Oh Wada, what’s my name?
      Oh Wada, what’s my name?
      Oh Wada, what’s my name?
      what’s my name?
      what’s my name?

      I heard you gooood with that gunblade
      Yeah you know word of mouth
      I heard this game is XIII part something
      Cuz I’ve been tryna work it out,
      Good weed, white wine
      I battle behemoths in the night time
      Okay, away we go I fear
      Only thing we have on is this out of place new medieval gear
      let it play,
      say you gotta leave
      But I know you wanna stay
      You just waiting on the game to finish girl
      The things we could do in twenty minutes girl
      Say my name, say my name
      Wear it out,
      its getting hot, summon an Eidolon, air it out
      I can get you through a mighty long gameplay
      Soon as I go the next corridor you gon right is gon say…

      Not everybody knows how to fight my body
      Knows how to make me want it
      Boy you stay up on it
      You got that something that keeps me so off balance
      Baby you’re a challenge, lets explore your talents

      • No, I think Justin Bieber will be the one singing the song for the US version ^_^ which would be epic.

        • I think i have lost any remaining respect i have for you now.

          • Darkrise

            Best reply for a comment like that. Ever.

            TS, I want to know how your train of thought is like. How is that epic?

        • If anyone were to ask what would actually make me decide to not buy the sequel to a game I enjoyed, your idea would be very near the top of that list.

      • I’m not sure whether I should be laughing or crying…

  • runesong

    I think we can all safely assume that next winter means a year from now.

    …which means in about a year I can look forward to losing 40+ hours of my life to this game. Man, I simply cannot wait.

    XIII left me hungry for a more realized sequel, so I’m beside myself with excitement over the chance to get exactly that.

  • HarryHodd

    Man I can’t wait to hear more. I hope this releases this December or January of next year.

    Oh and yay for some non-handheld news.

  • evilhero

    Gotta give props to Square for trying to correct what they did wrong with XIII.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I seriously wish game companies would feature female characters in full suits of armour and not ones that expose the thighs for some completely arbitrary reason…

    Oh well, at least they don’t expose the chest like some others tend to do.

    • What are you talking about? Having full armor is just not functional. Why waste time on dedicating to designing bulky ugly armor that causes us to be distracted from the character?

      • Caligula

        Doesn’t stop them from putting full body armor on guys.

      • I think you have Dat Personality confused with Dat Ass. A common problem among children.

    • Guest

      The Last Story

    • Exkaiser

      Namco did it with Soul Calibur’s Hilde. But then, this is the same Soul Calibur that features costumes as absurd as Ivy or Taki’s.

      I agree, though, full suits of armor are nice.

  • Happy Gamer

    maybe its juss me but i felt 13 had a pretty good satisfying ending out of alot of recent ff games…they HAD to say it wasn’t done lol better make a better ending

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