Localized Yuna Event Screens From Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy Screens

By Spencer . January 21, 2011 . 7:11pm

Square Enix’s latest round of English screenshots give us a glimpse at Yuna’s events in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. It appears she gets in the middle of a fight between Tidus and Jecht.


4774DDFF_Jan_01_e-1_FIX 4775DDFF_Jan_01_e-2_FIX 4776DDFF_Jan_01_e-3_FIX 4777DDFF_Jan_01_e-4_FIX 4778DDFF_Jan_01_e-5_FIX 4779DDFF_Jan_01_e-6_FIX 4780DDFF_Jan_01_e-7_FIX 4781DDFF_Jan_01_e-8_FIX 4782DDFF_Jan_01_e-9_FIX 4773DDFF_Jan_01_e-10_FIX


We have a few more battle screenshots too of Yuna summoning Ifrit and Valefor. Aeons appear to be tied to a magic circle and don’t fully pop out. They have their trademark attacks like Diamond Dust (Shiva), Thor’s Hammer (Ixion), Hellfire (Ifrit), and Mega Flare (Bahamut).


4765DDFF_Jan_01_b-F_FIX 4761DDFF_Jan_01_b-B_FIX 4763DDFF_Jan_01_b-D_FIX 4764DDFF_Jan_01_b-E_FIX 4766DDFF_Jan_01_b-G_FIX 4760DDFF_Jan_01_b-A_FIX 4762DDFF_Jan_01_b-C_FIX


More screenshots of returning Dissidia: Final Fantasy characters tied in combat follow. Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy comes out on March 22 in North America.


4757attack2_04_FIX 4758attack2_FIX 4759attack3_FIX 4754attack1_FIX 4755attack2_01_FIX 4756attack2_02_FIX

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  • No shirt Tidus is intimidating me

    • Code

      Are his nipples starring at you opo?

      • Aoshi00

        Snow’s nipples in HD were scarier, so detailed :(… I hope they would have the original Eng. voice actors from X on board…

        • Same here! I’m sure James Arnold Taylor will reprise his role :)

          I just hope they don’t screw up Lagunas voice. He’s never been voiced and I have a feel of what I would want him to sound like…Square is pretty good with who they have to voice people but I’m still nervous.

          • Code

            Agreed about Laguna, seriously you can practically imagine his voice — and he’s the type of character who with the right voice will be absolutely stellar xpx;

          • My thoughts exactly, I want Laguna to be perfect, or very close to being so because I was a little disappointed with the guy who voices Squall at first because he sounds like the typical teen who thinks the world and everyone in it is out to get him. =.=

            I didn’t like Kains voice in the DS remake of IV either so I’m hoping his previous VA will not reprise his role, no offense to the guy or anything I just felt Kain needed a more stoic voice that didn’t sound like some total creeper.

          • The right voice in Square’s judgement, you mean. Characters like Laguna, if you hear his voice from JP to ENG, you’ll be looking for a reason to not like it.

          • I wish he’d be voiced by Rick Gomez Zack and Gippal’ voice actor.

          • Aoshi00

            I like Jamers Arnold Taylor too and he should be back as Tidus like you said since he’s still very active.. I wanted to hear the original Yuna voice again, I thought she was cute, and I like char voices to be consistent instead of being different from one game to the next.

            I never really imagined what Laguna would sound like back then, and I’m not too familiar w/ the Eng. voices, the Jpn Laguna we have heard sounded easy going and comedic but a little off somehow like too cocky and not gentle enough? Hard to put my finger on it, I hope they get it right too.. I like both the Jpn and Eng voice for Zack in Crisis Core, they were both very cool and fitting.

            I only played the Jpn ver of FF4 DS, so I only knew of the Jpn Kain (Vincent in Catherine, Kaji of EVA), he could voice pretty much anything.. In Jpn they used the same actors for several FF chars so far, like Auron/Squall (Itachi in Naruto), Aerith/Lightning, Laguna/Balthier.

          • Agreeing with you there on Laguna’s voice. Hirata Hiroaki is a good seiyuu but he doesn’t seem to have fully grasped all the facets of Laguna’s personality – he’s got the clownish side down but not the gentle side.

            And OMG Auron and Squall were voiced by the same person!? 0_o

          • Aoshi00

            I like Hirata Hiroaki too, but he doesn’t sound warm enough as Laguna, to think that he was the clumy Alan in Xenosaga being bullied by Shion :) His Balthier was cool, but the Eng. one was cooler. He’s going to be Orlando the hippie guy in Catherine too.

            Yep, Ishikawa Hideo, I was surprised they had Auron voicing Squall later in the KH games, but he could do both gentle or deep voices. The Eng. Auron sounded so cool.. I hope they would have X remastered for the PS3 later..

            Overall, the Eng. VAs for FFs I heard have been pretty good, especially for FF12, 13, & Crisis Core.

      • AaqibRawat

        Almost like there having a six pack contest…….

        thats tidus and jecht bonding right there

        ah son youve grown nicely


  • PrinceHeir

    why is Tidus acting so stubborn to yuna?(2nd pic right)

    anyways cannot wait for this game :)

    • Brainwash

      • Edit: Oh wait. Darn. Whoops. Nevermind…

    • Not sure but it kinda pisses me off lol

      my inner fanboy is like: =O! dont you dare talk to yuna like that!

    • The pesky little runt has no rights to talk like that. Yuna should be thrashing him instead of Jecht.

    • Roses4Aria

      Ummm… Yeah. That kind of interaction with Tidus is NOT what I wanted.

      Yuna, put your man in his place! :)

      • mach

        She’ll have to learn his name first. I’m kind of hoping they keep that little joke intact and just have her refer to Tidus as “you” throughout the entire game.

  • Hmm lets see what summons Yuna has I see Shiva, Ixion, Ifrit, Valefor and Bahamut. Makes me wonder if Anima, Magus Sisters and Yojimbo are in.

    • epy

      So glad the game has summoner Yuna instead of Charlie’s Angel dual gun Yuna. Still trying to forget X-2 happened but man, that game had an awesome battle system.

      • Yes the battle system of X-2 was really good.

      • Yes that’s what i loved about FFX-2 the awesome fast paced battle system. I sure hated angra mainyu or whatever you call it.

  • Apollokids

    I’m playing the demo now!! It’s really great. Love Lightning, shes a beast. When you press the square button, she uses Odin’s blades from FF13. She also looks much prettier than her ps3 version, softer around the eyes..

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      are you buddhi_jay on gamefaqs/gamespot by any chance? O_o

      • Apollokids

        i feel so naked now… yeah its me. do you have cfw? i could hook you up with a working Duodecim Prologus =]

        • ChaosPaladinFayt

          i don’t think we’re supposed to be discussing this…but…..maybe i do maybe i don’t have it already (wink wink)xD

          • Apollokids

            In any case. To those who appreciate and enjoy. This is a working copy of the demo.


          • You’ve been banned for posting links to pirated software.

          • And that’s all she wrote folks.

        • What? You’re buddhi_jay? I just replied to you in your “Lightning is a beast.” thread. I’m Burisu.

          • Apollokids

            Oh man are you serious?! Hey let me thank you on the info you gave me about her blades being those of Odins. And i put my nickname on gamefaqs just under my posts, though people dom’t see it i suppose.

    • Guest

      I actually think she looks worse than her PS3 version and her eyes look hard making her look kinda manly

  • its because yuna is an awesome fighter. she should be like. “fine, if you wont stop fighting then… *double summons* then i will fight you both!”

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    Oh, nice summons from Yuna-nyan~

    edit: sorry for double post

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan


  • If just Auron and Edgar were in the game.

  • Draparde

    I’d count the days until this came out…but there are too many ; ; so i’ll count the months!

  • I want X-2 Yuna next time. But she probably won’t be in the next game at all.

  • Masengan

    If they were complete summons she would be broke as hell.

  • karasuKumo

    I’ve noticed that we haven’t seen much of The Emperor, him and Bartz aren’t even on the Duodecim site. I wonder why?

  • Zidane just has to be the odd one out by being the only male in the story cutscene screenshot to be shirtless.

    No wonder your not a popular character -_-

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