Take A Closer Look At PS3 Shooter Mamoru-Kun In Widescreen

By Spencer . January 21, 2011 . 4:55pm

Cyberfront went beyond a standard arcade port and added widescreen mode as an option in the PlayStation 3 version of Mamoru-Kun. The Xbox 360 version only had a narrow vertical presentation. Here’s how Gulti’s shooter looks without borders.



Those downloadable costumes at the end are a bonus. First print copies of Mamoru-kun include codes to get those items off the PlayStation Store. Mamoru-kun comes out on March 31 in Japan.

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  • Apollokids

    Ikaruga on the gamecube looks better than this garbage.

    • wtf? It’s a shmup, what do you expect – bump mapping and dynamic lighting? The game looks cute, color, looks totally fantastic for what it is.

    • Code

      By far the worse comment I’ve read in a long, long time opo’ rar, garbage comment is garbage.

  • Aoshi00

    I would get this if I haven’t gotten the 360 ver alrdy (but the artbook, soundtrack, & DLC are tempting).. it was fun and kinda play like KiKi KaiKai, I guess w/ the widescreen this would feel even more so..

    • Code

      I figure I’ll hold out for this version I guess, what with the extra content, I’m still curious though about what Senko character cameo’d in this series >w<' Nevermind totally noticed Luca/Karel (as a cat opo?) there didn't recognize him right away with shorter hair/different costume!

      • Aoshi00

        I think the biggest draw is the widescreen mode, also the loading time should be improved (it took a while to load when you start the game, not as bad as DDP DOJ, but still annoying), it’s 2000 MS pts on Jpn Live now if you don’t care about the extras..

        Yea, the DLC from Senko was Lucino/Karel.. and there’s the Nowa girl, can’t use them in story mode though so I didn’t get them.. I guess this is more of a spiritual sequel to Kiki Kakai / Pocky & Rocky than the horrible Heavenly Guardian.

        • Code

          Ah I see >w< hooray Luca! Awesome! rar, hardcall, getting DLC might be trickier on PS3, and easier on 360 (plus the game would be cheaper on 360 to boot) does the 360 version still have costumes?

          • Aoshi00

            nah, these costumes are new for the PS3 ver (unless they add these DLCs to 360 marketplace later, like the addt’l content for the Steins;Gate PC port for 400 MS pts), they really do look cute.. there were only Nowa / Luca and gamer pics.. I think it’s kind of the same getting DLCs from both Live and PSN right, you still need to import Jpn MS pts or yen cards.. this ultimate ver w/ all the DLCs included does sound enticing.. yea, Karel looks funny as the familiar :) man, you really do love your Senko..

          • Code

            Actually Playasia is offering MSP cards digitally now! There still some markup though — but at least it beats having to pay shipping and have it shipped over.

            Actually just checked and they offer Japanese PSN cards digitally too still some markup but yeah at least that gives me the option, hooray!

            rar, that’s right! I absolutely adore Senko/DUO +o+! One of the most original games I had played in awhile, combining delicious flavors of shmup and fighter, that I had never knew could be so good together xwx~! It’s really a shame it didn’t do better, talk about making your heart sink x_x’ Still it’s neat seeing Luca and Karel >w<' I hope G.Rev continues the series, and continues to support it.

  • Icon

    I’d play this.

  • ZeroNova

    Reminds me of Pocky & Rocky.

  • godmars

    Looks better in motion that I thought it would.

    Though wasn’t it suppose to be a DL?

  • heartless141

    would get it if it was a DL game. too bad

  • This looks like something that Aksys can take to market!!!!! DO IT BOYS

  • JustaGenericUser

    I hope Rockin’ Android has an eye on this one.

  • thaKingRocka

    Does this mean that the game has been completely rebalanced and all for the additional real estate? It looks really fun. I’m glad to see they offer the standard arcade mode as well. I always like to play this sort of game in the original form before I move on to the revised editions.

  • TrevHead

    its good to all you ps3 owners finally getting a full retail shmup. i bet the rest of the stg industry is watching very closly to see how this pans out. Cave’s Deathsmiles 2 would make a perfect ps3 port due to it been widescreen and 3D

  • TyeTheCzar

    Wait… is Touhou creator ZUN secretly composing the music to this game or what?

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