Mysterious Man On The Throne In Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Is Noctis’ Father

By Spencer . January 24, 2011 . 8:46am

imageDengeki Online also has a follow up report on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The trailer shown at the Production 1 press conference had a mysterious man in a suit proclaiming he would be the final king.


This man is Noctis’ father. He is the king of the only country that possesses a crystal. Stella, the blonde haired woman Noctis often talks to, is a princess from Tenebrae, a different country.


A few details about the battle system were discussed too. The game’s command menu has four options: Magic, Summon, Item, and EX-Arts. While there isn’t a specific command for "fight," Noctis can use several swords in the game. It’s possible for players to switch between characters during battle. Party members are armed with different weapons and abilities.

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  • OH I hope they introduce the party members soon, the cast from videos all seem pretty excellent thus far, with this one being so awesome

    But anyway, his father and crystal and the gorgeous Stella? This games story is already sounding truly phenomenal, I think its well on its way to becoming GOTY 2012.

    • You know all of 3 things about the story and already it’s phenomenal? I bet if Stella was ugly, it’d be a different story ;P

    • Yui

      Each comment you post is more and more outlandish and exaggerated than the last, TS. At some point, are you going to reach critical mass and explode into a fiery ball of anti-common sentiment and impossibly baseless praise for games that barely even exist yet? ;P

      • He did praise Transformers 2 the other day.

        • Saying “screw the story”?

        • Yui

          I feel like I’m coming to understand TS a little more each day. Whether that’s a nice thing or not is up for debate. ;P

          • Isnt that hard to understand me, lol. Most of my friends say its so easy to read me since Im literaaly like an open book, whatever that means.

          • Yui

            Over the internet it’s slightly more difficult for me to understand people, but I can see where your friends are coming from. You certainly are an open book, in most cases – your opinions are always out on the table, no matter how contrary they may be, and even if it’s insincere, that’s still cool. =D

        • How anyone can not praise transformers 2 for delivering the most drool worth movie of the generation is beyond me, fans were literally drooling at the site of the mechs and how detailed and epic they were, and the explosions, and the action, it was just, well simply put a phenomenal and thus far incomparable experience.

      • Chiupon

        You sir/mam, are made of win due to the Lisa Silverman avatar. :V
        And truthful opinion. For all we know, Versus could be some cliche game ridden with plotholes! You can’t tell based on /one/ trailer that’s taken them 36373652145 years to make.

        • But I must vehemently disagree. You can base it on sheer stellar awesomely epic character design (prompto) and the experience through sound and drama, and do not forget about the gorgeously stunning graphics. This game makes me so excite!!!! zomg, you just dont know, dude!!!

        • Yui

          Thank you, fellow sir! I feel that the inclusion of the avatar in my approach is win also. :D
          Exactly. Now, if we had a demo with a section of the game for us to enjoy, I’d be all over that like a bad simile, but right now even with this trailer and the previous trailers I’m not seeing anything that says “Oh, hey, gripping and unique plot right here, baby!” which is sad, but understandable, considering FFXIII’s development time. :(

    • I thought they already named the party members.. it was a while back when they introduced his friends and gave us their names.

      *taken from wiki*
      Noctis has three companions who have been revealed in the video game magazine Famitsu. The first is Ignis, a man with light brown hair and glasses who is seen wearing a suit and driving the protagonist’s car. The second is a bulkier man with long dark brown hair and a scar on the left side of his face, named Gladiolus. In the January 2011 trailer, he’s seen wielding a long two-hand sword. The third is a younger man named Prompto, with blond hair who is seen carrying a shotgun and teasing Noctis. These three people are Noctis’ friends; they speak casually and amicably with him, and they also accompany him during his travels.

      • thanks. I didn’t know about Prompto. By the way, the names are getting more and more ridiculous. They’re worst than FFXIII’s, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

        • Well, they made it up on the spot. Of course it’s ridiculous.

        • Chiupon

          too much damn latin. Ignis, Noctis, etc… I wonder how many is’s there’s gonna be.. Since it’s latin, I’m expecting a lot. Prompto… That just sounds stupid. And one of them is named after a flower. :V How manly.

          • Isn’t Ignis one of Bahamut’s attack from Final Fantasy XIII

        • Aoshi00

          I thought Loz, Kadaj, Yazoo were bad, seems like they want to outdo George Lucas’s way of naming Star Wars chars.. Noctis and Stella are okay I guess.. The thing is in Jpn none of these made up names sound weird, at least they’re not as bad as Ninety-nine Nights, those are some funky spellings.

      • PROMPTO, sounds and is awesome, hes so cool lol.

        • joesz

          And epic!:)

          • alundra311

            And wicked sick. :)

            Oh, wait, he doesn’t say that.

  • PrinceHeir

    i knew there was similarities i though at first it was actually Noctis since maybe he grown old but that would be to many spoilers, does this mean he also uses the same sword as Noctis(judging by the trailers)

    also what happened to the mage guy? i remember seeing scans of a white mage battling noctis, where the hell is he?

    • I’m guessing that person in white is the old man Noct’ dad was facing.

  • So if this were a KH Game, you’d get to Plays as Auron/Mulan/Axel?


    Why hasn’t that been done yet?!?!

    • Yui

      Kingdom Hearts: Versus? =D

      • Some day. Perhaps Nomura will come back to Dissidia’s original idea, which was basically KH:Versus.

        • Yui

          I won’t lie, it’s certainly an intriguing concept. I’d really rather see it focus on KH original characters and the occasional FF/Disney character rather than Disney characters, though. For some reason the idea of playing as Simba just isn’t as appealing as playing as Axel, you know?

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Wasn’t that Disney’s fault that Dissidia wasn’t a KH game? I’m sure I read somewhere that Disney didn’t want their characters fighting against each other, but yet we’ve been fighting against their villains throughout the series. Though Dissidia was a good game any ways :P

  • NoElixirs

    Much of the information released, we already knew about. Here’s to hoping for more information on gameplay from related magazines.

    • joesz

      Same here.
      It’s easy to figure it out anyway.since in the trailer he said he was the king and we already know that Notics is a prince since 2007.

  • Guest

    Underneath that posh exterior business suit he’s wearing a King Mickey T-Shirt

  • Hexen

    like father like son. they do like a boss

  • This game is gonna be so hip

  • This man must be voiced by Alan Rickman. And if Rickman is not willing/available, then just go with the voice actor for Grimoire Weiss.

    • Liam O’Brien it is then, if he could pull it off. Most of the time, he seems like he’d sound too young, though he does have that oh-so-unique voice…

  • I’m hating the overall plot so far. It sounds like a bad romeo and juliet *and I already dislike romeo and juliet as a romance*.

    It better have a huge twist or something of that sort in order for me to buy this :/

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