Lose Units, But Use Reinforcements To Defeat Foes In Final Fantasy Type-0

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 12:25am


Now that it’s been unveiled (… again) Dengeki Online has some commentary from Yoshinori Kitase about Final Fantasy Type-0.


The keywords for the battle system are "magic in action." Weapons in the game are imbued with magic. As an example, the screenshot above shows Rem fighting an Empire Army unit. She has four commands: Fire ST (straight?), Dancing Dagger, Thunder MW (multi-way?), and Cure. Machina and Rem are the protagonists in Final Fantasy Type-0, but they are far from alone. The PSP game has an additional 12 lead characters for a total of fourteen playable party members.


Before battles begin, players will have to strategically move characters on the world map. You send three members out at a time and they could die in battle. The game doesn’t end there. Final Fantasy Type-0 lets players replenish their forces with additional units. That’s part of the game’s system, which is designed so defeat an enemy bit by bit with several groups of reinforcements.


Final Fantasy Type-0 is designed to be a single player game where you can enjoy the feeling of a multiplayer system without gathering your friends to play. You can gather your friends too since Square Enix also developed a multiplayer mode where you can earn points (it isn’t clear what these do) by aiding other players. Multiplayer sessions are initially limited to three minutes, but this time can be extended if another player is doing well.


Final Fantasy Type-0 is slated for release this summer in Japan.

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  • Action tactics RPG…? Intriguing…

  • I need this now.

  • PersonaBull

    Well then, this title just got a lot more interesting to me. Can’t wait for some more in-depth info on this “strategic moving” business, especially since all that keeps popping into my head is sending out my little assassinos on missions in Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood (I can’t imagine that’s at all what this system is like).

  • malek86

    Uhm, tactical? Oh well, maybe…

    For some reason, I hoped this would be like .hack, if anything.

  • ShinGundam

    I didn’t understand anything except the magic part, is it an RTS or what ?

    • No it’s not an RTS. I think it’s something like the switch feature from FF-X only difference is that if your active party dies then the reserve members come in.

    • It’s not an RTS.

      It’s designed like a multiplayer game (read: “Monster Hunter”) where you have a group of people that go into battle. Even though you have groups of three, characters can die in battle and you’ll call other units in to replace them.

      I’m guessing a bit (a reason why I didn’t post it), but I imagine it has a “life system” where when one character dies you can call a different one from reserves. (Notice the x9 in the screenshot with Rem?)

      • NoElixirs

        I noticed that as well and it’s a feature I was hoping they’d append at death of a character..

        • Guest

          ^EDIT: moved.

    • PrinceHeir

      it’s more like Portable Ops and Peace Walker recruit system, where you recruit soldiers and build an army, send them to the battle field. if they won they can salvage equipments, weapons they can even level up but if they die they die.

      in this case i wonder if each recruitment will have a affect with the story? kinda like FFX(where you choose which one to die, i forgot the name of the two)

      honestly im glad many developers are finally making used of this system, Assassins Creed Brotherhood used and now this. we need more games using this system ^^

  • By the sound of it, I can imagine Guilty gear 2:Overture-ish gameplay

  • I’m a little confused here, by Rem and Machina as the protagonists do they mean those two are the primary protagonists and the other 12 characters are just a secondary protagonists?

  • Final Dynasty Warriors Fantasy?

    Hopefully you can level up these additional characters level up so they can last longer in the battlefield. Also three minutes sounds a bit limiting in terms of multiplayer. Still Type-0 is sounding more epic.

    • Guest

      More like Kingdom under Fire II

  • Most interesting out of the three FF’s

  • I so can not wait, this is the perfect game to send out the PSP. 14 playable characters is just stunning. I know one thing, Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh man Summer 2011, it’s really happening!!!!!! The gameplay sounds interesting like Valkyria Chronicles or something, just made by square. Now I’m even more excited for it.

  • I hope square announces a West side release soon.

  • It feels like MGS:Peace Walker…where you can recruit mates and send them to war at another zone.. But Without the catch em all factor.. wonder do we need to train them from the beginning if this happens?..

    Anyway, It is getting more and more interesting…

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