No Pop Songs For Final Fantasy XIII-2, Sequel Will Explain Events In XIII

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 12:59am

ffx132Also in Dengeki, there are some new details about Final Fantasy XIII-2. Producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama make it clear that Final Fantasy XIII-2 won’t have a pop feel like Final Fantasy X-2. By playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 you’ll see the complete story. This game will cover the events behind the scenes of Final Fantasy XIII and have a dark feel to it. The story will have mysteries and won’t be straightforward.


The game picks up where Final Fantasy XIII ends and the booklet from the booklet bundled in Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International. Players will search for a gate to the invisible world called Bunibelle. Etro, a goddess, will be a central character in the story. While we’ve only seen Lightning and her rival, other characters from Final Fantasy XIII will return too. Other characters from Final Fantasy XIII will return with major and unexpected changes. The team says the battle system is evolved and to please wait for a future report regarding changes. Easy mode, a feature added to Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International, is under consideration for the sequel.


Dengeki’s interview also notes that the development team listened to criticism from people outside of the company and overseas. Opinions regarding the characters, story, and interface were taken in.

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  • Hopefully it won’t be replaced by crappy rock music or generic fantasy music.

    • If the music in the trailer is a sample of what’s to come, I’d say it’s going to be a good soundtrack.

  • Thank fal’Cie no pop, now I’ll consider getting this game, I think the game will have some sort of time travel. There should be a Final Fantasy with Heavy Metal.


      Go now, if you want it
      An otherworld awaits you
      Don’t you give up on it
      You bite the hand that feeds you

      • Thanks a lot, the lyrics describe a lot of location of Spira.

      • i love to put that song in Dissidia, it inspires me so much on the fights

    • So you wasn’t going to buy the game if it had a pop song? Picky…

      • I can’t stand pop too much, I’m a metal guy the two reasons I played that game was because of the battle system and that Yuna gets a happy ending.

    • Would you say that Crisis Core is the closest thing to FF with metal? It wasn’t exactly heavy metal, but it had some really nice driving riffs in the battle themes.

      • Yeah Crisis Core had a good soundtrack and since then Takeharu Ishimoto has been one of my favorite composer he’s also done a great job in Dissidia and Doudecim’ soundtrack is very good so far.

        • Try listening to Daisuke Ishiwatari, dude. The epitome of rock video game OST

          • BlazBlue right? It has some nice tracks.

          • Blazblue and Guilty Gear. Blazblue’s got more orchestral tracks in it, while Guilty Gear’s more like traditional rock, eargasm inducing guitar riffs.

          • Pretty much spot on there, mate. That guy is partially responsible for me getting into hard rock/heavy metal in the first place. Ever since the first Guilty Gear, Daisuke has never disappointed me.

        • Crisis Core’s OST is epic. Has a good mix of hotblooded and soulful music :D Also BlazBlue’s OST is awesome; the character select, Bang and Hakumen’s stage themes are the best pick of the bunch.

  • exhume

    Really hoping for more backstory and details about the world/setting in this one. If XIII felt empty, to me that wasn’t because of a lack of towns; it was a lack of a fleshed-out feeling. I loved the game, but it left me wanting so much more!

    • Aoshi00

      I felt the same way too, I thought the premise had potential but it was never full fleshed out in the game (I missed towns too of course). You should give the Episode zero prologue novel a read, someone translated it to Eng as well. I enjoyed the story and chars much more after reading the backstory. They’ve also recorded all 7 chapters into CD dramas as well, which I loved. But the first chapter CD was only included w/ the LE OST (how Serah ventured into the vestige and got branded as a l’Cie)

      • Impressive… If only someone bothered to translate Blazblue: Phase 0. I can’t find the original Japanese light novel either >_>

        • Darkrise

          Here’s the light novel. Had my eye on it since it came out but it was pointless if I can’t read japanese.

          • You’re my hero. Looks like I didn’t search hard enough. I can’t read Japanese either, but I feel like I can absorb its contents just by holding it! *__*

          • Darkrise

            Well I can understand, I’m still unsure if I want it or not just so I can see the nice art work done in it, especially an epic pic of Hakumen, Rachel when she was younger looking, and Jubei vs Nine. ^.^

        • Aoshi00

          I’m not that well versed in the BB universe, haven’ t finished the story mode of either game yet.. yea, YesAsia could get some really rare items, especially books. I think it’s pretty amazing there are fans who translate novels or manga so quickly, I could never do it.. there are some BB drama CDs too, wonder if they’re good..

          I can’t wait for the Nier drama that’s coming out in March, too bad it won’t have the old man though, just the young Nier. Otherwise they could have Tager’s Jpn voice to do the old man like the US one :)

  • skymap

    Listening to fans worries me. Who did they listen to?

    • They probably listen to themselves, this “evolved ATB system” is now becoming a scary part every time they say that something or the other goes wrong.

  • Hmmm, will the theme song will be changed like in XIII too, for the JP and NTSC-UC/PAL versions?

  • Thank God I won’t have to listen to MY HANDS! during an epic ending. I think a power ballad would do this justice, or a song with a good guitar solo.

  • Skeptical

  • Kaoro

    So this game, released worldwide, will tie into the story of a booklet only released in Japanese. Makes sense!

    Which brings me to my biggest hope for XIII-2… XIII was a bit too dependent on the Data Log for key information. Data Logs are awesome but we shouldn’t ever have to read them to understand the main plot. Just tell the story a little better than it was told in XIII. That and no more “Heroes don’t need plans!” :-/

    • Why, that doesnt make sense. Most of the information presented in the datalogs was basically conveyed through the cutscenes, and you are faced with the entries during the loading screens. The datalogs evolved over time as the characters gained information. I didnt find that they presented more information than was presented through dialogue.

      • Agreed. The only thing I really “learned” from the datalogs was the name of some Fal’Cie and the fact that Jihl pretended to care about Sazh (Which sucks, cause I wanted SazhxJihl to happen QQ). The story itself wasn’t that hard to grasp.

        • Guest

          Jihl was such an unfortunate waste of hot ass

      • Kaoro

        I can’t really remember any specific examples from when I played it in March, so while I could be full of crap, I remember feeling clarified on what was going on after reading the datalogs. Especially the history and l’cie/fal’cie stuff.

  • Just make sure the HP of (later) enemies and bosses are lower and that bosses don’t get that cheap ass “doom” attack. If that’s what Easy mode will be then include that :D

    Oh and no 20 hour tutorials.

    • What? Doom made it way more suspenseful and fun. One had to be on their toes and utilize the best equipment to decrease the odds, plus it helped to make sure that we werent battling bosses for more than 30 minutes.

      • Spenseful? Yes. Fun? Hell no. The best equipment could only be avialble by either painstakingly making them early in game (a slow, labrious process) or waiting till 3/4 of the way through the game where it becomes a whole lot easy but by that time you slogged your way through most of the bosses.

        And actually, battles would last less longer if they didn’t have it, since it made sure that you would have to start again unless you were fortunate in that they casted it when their health was very low or they didn’t do it at all.

    • The only time I ever saw doom was during Eidolon fights. If you got doom anywhere else, you’re just too slow.

      • Or your very fortunate. I got Doom a couple of times fighting non Eidolon’s and it was very fustrating as it was just past half their HP gone.

        I should have mentioned that Eidolon’s were the exceptions to my rage because they somewhat did make sense in having that and they weren’t too fustrating once.

  • Aoshi00

    Aww, no Koda Kumi? I totally expected that kind of pop from the new trailer’s music..

    Have to say I’m a bit excited to see what the chars would look like after “several years” (S-E w/ their FF, they got me again..), Serah would be a hot mom (Snow better did his job lol).. and Hope would be a dashing lady killer (he had been hugged by Lightning and Vanille after all) and sporting a Bieber ‘do… Maybe Sazh Jr. would be a teenager now too, guess not that long has passed though..

    The quick release date is nice at least.. I would like to go back and save Hope’s mom if time traveling is involved, I got a thing for her *.*… “moms are tough”, sob…

    • His name’s Dajh.

      • Aoshi00

        Um.. on my 3rd playthru now and having listened to the several drama CDs, I think I knew Dajh’s name… but he’s still a Junior :) The names w/ the crazy h’s, I wouldn’t forget that.. (the Eng. VA for Dajh is much better though, the Jpn one sounded like 15 yrs old :(… I actually thought his name would be “Dodge” or something when I played the Jpn ver..

  • No remastered version of Real Emotion? *shakes head* I am disappoint.

    I don’t care what people say, I loved FFX-2. the battle sytem and job sytems were addictive and fun, and fun’s all I ask from a video game ;D

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, X-2 was fun even though I didn’t feel like X needed a sequel.. guess there’d be new political factions fighting for power again, maybe now NORA would be big.. at least they said it would be dark and wouldn’t be campy..

      BTW, easy mode would be very welcome, it’s extremely helpful to be able to toggle in on and off anytime in the Int’l ver, some enemies just took unnecessarily long to be staggered, overcoming the challenge is still fun of course, so far I’ve only used it a couple of times since I just want to see the ending in Eng.. but it made the game more balanced.

      • Took too long? What, the target time for enemies was rather short in my playthrough, with utilizing the best paradigms for the best team in the game Lightning, Hope, Fang, it shouldnt have taken long for most enemies until the final two chapters Velocicylcles (sp) and those bosses turned regular enemies, forgot their name.

        • Aoshi00

          Yes, those are some of the enemies that I meant, the flying bikes, the monsters in Oerba, and some on Gran Pulse and in the final dungeon, even w/ the right paradigms it’s still an unnecessary long tug of war. For the bosses I wouldn’t mind, but not w/ the small fries every step of the way. Not to mention the ridiculously high HP, as many have said, they could knock off at least 2 to 3 zeros, it’s like all the enemies in the later part of the game have like boss HP.

    • Yes the battle system was amazing I say that was one of the best version of the ATB system, I really wish they make a prequel to FF-X with Jecht, Auron and Braska that will be great and my dreams of a heavy metal FF will come true.

      • Amen to that my friend! Tho I did just get a mental image of Jeckt in Yuna’s FFX-2 outfit O_O *shivers*

        Seriously tho, that game would be amazing, and we’d get to see more of Braska’s character.

    • dusk

      Otherworld > Real Emotion

      • That is absolute fact. I will never say Real Emotion is better than Otherworld, FFX has the greatest opening to any game I have seen to date. All I’m saying is Real Emotion is catchy and just a bit of fun ;D

      • Koda Kumi > your existence

    • PrinceHeir

      im with you ^^

      Real Emotion is amazing but if you want a more serious song, try 1000 Words.

      arghh your making me play FFX-2 again ^^

      hopefully there’s a job system or a grid system(where you can stack abilities and such) oh and a dressphere too :D make it Paradigm shift except that clothes became different and stats and so on.

      i think FFXIII is more of a prelude to what’s to come, kinda like FFX even though you’ve stop a big threat(Sin), there’s even more bigger threat lurking in the shadows(Vegnagun and Shuyin)

      im definitely excited, yay i was right about etro being the central of the main plot ^^

      • To be fair, the bigger boss behind the big boss is FF standard – Kuja pulling Queen Brahns strings, Ultimacia controlling Edea… etc. I still need to play XIII tho DX bought it ages ago, just haven’t got round to firing it up :(

  • karasuKumo

    “the development team listened to criticism from people outside of the company and overseas”

    That already makes this very promising.

  • meaning no dress sphere aswell!! DANG! :(

  • Maybe people will FINALLY stop bitching about FFX-2.

    • lol doubt it… X-2 should of really been a prequel staring Braska/Auron/Jecht and there quest it would of told a way better story and it would of shed some light on as to why Yuna really had to embark on the quest she did in FFX.

      • PrinceHeir

        umm FFX-2 still gave you alot of history of spira actually. it was revealed there’s actually a machina that can destroy sin at anytime. Tidus was only a dream of Shuyin. the relationship between Shuyin and Lenne are almost the same with Tidus and Yuna.

        i also love the searching some old recordings of sphere’s and such. so no FFX-2 is actually a vital part of the story. as much as i like the prequel. you can probably find some of them in the spheres from FFX-2.

    • I actually felt FFX-2 was fun. Sure it was patranozing, had some awful dialouge and cringeworthty moments. But the battles were good (thanks to the Dressphere system) and a good soundtrack and two great characters (Rikku and Paine)

  • I wonder if this announcement will be an “epic” disappointment for someone.

  • No pop songs? Does that mean they wont have Leona Lewis, or the currently popular, Lady Gaga or even Justin Bieber perform a song for the English version of the game? I really had my hopes that one of the two would deliver another fantastic song for the game…

    But ultimately the best line is this article is the “other characters will return!” That means one thing, HOPE is coming back dude!!! And he is gonna still be epic and phenomenal. I cant wait as I loved his boomerang thing, he was greatly designed, and the easiest to relate to character, fantastic, and in my experience, still one of the best male protagonists that Square Enix has designed (Vaan, Hope, Edge Maverick, and Luso) thus making this game a guaranteed Day 1 Baby Day 1 purchase!!!

    • I’d be fine with Leona Lewis (My Hands seems more R&B than Pop anyway), or even Gaga (I have no opinion on her), but Justin Bieber needs to stay the hell away from Final Fantasy. Period! I’m not one of those random Bieber haters, but FF gets a bad enough Rap as it is; the last thing it needs is Bieber bringing it even further down.

      I won’t comment on your choice of Best (because honestly, it’s been beaten to death), but I do wonder what hope looks like now. He should be 18 by now, right?


  • Tokyo Guy

    Everything I hear about this game makes it seem more and more ready to eclipse that which spawned it.

  • Awww, and I was SO waiting to hear Sarah sing in the opening.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay!!! I’m glad the sequel will be serious and am really glad square answered their criticism, just hope that means they’ll give us a good game.

  • badmoogle

    What?No Leona Lewis and desperately trying to cater to western audiences anymore?I’m disappointed in you Square Enix.

    Btw i’m not against pop.I think the X-2 pop songs really fitted well with the game overall even if i didn’t liked some of those.”My hands” on the other hand (:P) felt very tacked on.

    Personally the singer that i’m dying to listen performing a Final Fantasy main theme is Alan Dawa Dolma.She has an incredible voice and she can really give lots of emotion to a more “darker” theme.Maybe Versus would have been the perfect game for her to sing into.

  • cmurph666

    So, we’ll finally learn the mystery why there were no towns…

  • PrinceHeir

    oh and please, remove the when the leader dies it’s game over. i hate that feature O_O

    • Aoshi00

      Totally, and w/ the instant retry at any time, I don’t even know what the phoenix down was for :(…

      • For when they kill both of your party members only leaving the poor you xD

        • Aoshi00

          lol I know.. but when the healer in your party can’t throw you a phoenix down when you’re down, s/he’s not much of a healer at all *.*… like “oh noes we lost our leader, it’s game over”… I think they might go for a full party control this time like you could switch to other chars mid-game like Xenoblade..

          • Yeah, i must say that getting my leader killed in 1 hours boss battles… really sucks T_T

  • Guest

    Damn it I was hoping for Kesha with DJ turn it up up up up up up up up

    • I think Justin Bieber and even Lady Gaga are just way more popular than Ke$ha for the song. Plus I dont think her songs have the level of sympathy, passion, and feeling as the previously mentioned phenomenal musical artists have.

      • Guest

        God damn it can’t you tell when someone is being sarcastic..

        • Or are you, he, who is the one who can not tell when one is being sarcastic?

          • Guest

            I never know with you though; that’s how scary you are

  • will there be Final Fantasy with villain as your main character?
    it would be epic…

  • “Opinions regarding the characters, story, and interface were taken in.”
    One could only hope that “interface” includes the game being a challenge on how long you can hold the stick up for.

    Alas, I do not see this being the case.

  • raymk

    I’ll be looking out for this square-enix. this is your time to make it happen. You have me sold on Dissidia 2 so lets see if you can sell me on your other games.

  • So looking forward to this!

  • xNekux

    “Other characters from Final Fantasy XIII will return with major and unexpected changes.”

    I bet Sazh is bald now

    • Aoshi00

      Would Snow finally take off his damned sweaty beanie and show off his beautiful golden locks (or he has a bald spot so still need to keep his hat on *.*..) I hope their styles would be different too other than outfits.. I wish more years would’ve passed other than just 2 years so the changes would be more drastic. Maybe Dajh would look like Jaden Smith in Karate Kid lol…

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