Noctis, The Lead In Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Is Just A Regular Guy

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 2:35am

imageTetsuya Nomura spoke with Dengeki about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. One of the topics in the interview was Noctis who Nomura said he’s surprisingly not cool and just an ordinary young man. A hot-blooded man who thinks he is stronger than he is. Noctis, who was explained before is a prince, has a group of followers.


One of them is a blonde boy with a gun. He’s a diplomat from another country and one of Noctis’ new friends. The blonde boy excels with firearms. Control him to manually aim at weak points on an enemy. Other characters have auto-aiming. The other characters are childhood friends. One of them wears glasses and acts like a strategist, often butting heads with Noctis. You can have up to three characters in a party at a time, but other characters will stick around for event scenes. Dengeki explains you will be able to switch characters in the opening of the game.


The field is a natural world map with topography and a time system. Final Fantasy Versus XIII switches between day and night. Obstacles can be razed on the field, like a bridge that’s sent flying after a behemoth charges into it. Events are said to be seamless and take place in real-time. Noctis can also commandeer enemy vehicles like tanks, airships, and chocobos.


Nomura confirms the main in the suit is the king and Noctis’ father, but the monologue in the trailer about "not becoming a king" was not directed at Noctis. He also says the armored clad woman seen in the trailer is not Stella. The mysterious woman is a dragoon with a modern day style and an enemy.


Nomura also asks fans to be patient with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This year, he says, Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are slated for release so please forget about Versus XIII for awhile. A release target has not set, Nomura stresses quality of the game is important. At the earliest time, the next follow-up report will be at E3.

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  • urbanscholar

    Regular guy….that can spam magic swords from thin air to cut his foes down =p

    • Testsubject909

      You forget, he’s also a prince. A regular guy prince.

    • glemtvapen

      Does being a cool bishounen considered regular these days?

      Man I feel old.

      • It’s JRPG land – everyones a cool ass bishounen. XD Hell, line him up next to all the other FF protagonists, and he does look like an average guy! |XD

        • I agree.. He is pretty much a regular bishonen in the FF realm..

  • My guesses are that the one Noct’s dad was facing the old man wants to become the king and ,maybe his relative. The gameplay part looks like Kingdom Hearts meets GTA.

  • Sure fooled me, Nomura, coulda sworn you were going for the generically cool look. How much spikier does your hair need to be to be considered “cool” in FF land?

    • Someone like Kenpachi Zaraki

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      The point of the statement is to say that even though he visually appears cool (as in: cold and antisocial), he is actually not personality-wise.

  • As long as you deliver, please take your time, Nomura sensei

    • Yui

      Totally agree. Type-0, Duodecim and XIII-2 are easily good enough for one year – just keep on keepin’ on, Nomura, and everything’ll go fine. =D

      • Duodecim could keep one busy for a whole year, it also has some quest making system that will be interesting.

  • Aiddon

    “hot-blooded man who thinks he is stronger than he is.” Apparently Nomura just flips to a random page in Shounen Jump/Shounen Sunday/Shounen Magazine for character personality.

    • well, noctis is a normal “royal guy” to you.. I’d say he is still an inch away from the typical Shonen manga.. lol..Just how many royalties out there who grows up in royal family his whole life a “regular”?

      Say, I have never seen Nomura set a story where a girl was courted by 2 guys simultaneously before… XD

      • Aiddon

        Oh Nomura, trying to pretend that royalty is somehow normal. We really don’t care what someone’s station is as long as they’re interesting. And considering how long this game has taken it will NEVER live up to expectations

        • whats funny is that this game will probably still kill anything FFXIII brought to the table in comparison… sometimes I think you guys give Nomura too much crap the guy is one of the few guys at Square-Enix that still knows what he’s doing there its not his fault Square-Enix’s leaders are putting so much on his plate (that and that the other producers/directors at Square-Enix aren’t all that great especially Kitase who seems to have lost his touch…).

          • Aiddon

            he’s okay, but he’s no second Sakaguchi like many claim, not by a LONG shot. If anything his talents seem to be deteriorating as I find the KH series to be getting increasingly bloated and even as an artist I find Nomura’s style to be static and overshadowed by other designers like Kazuma Kaneko, Akihiko Yoshida, Shigenori Soejima, and the Yoshinari siblings.

          • I am by no means saying noctis is not a great character… I like him in many many ways…(No “but” here) And Nomura is still great as a character designer.. Noctis is still cool but cool people can be normal too. I really like the idea although I never thought it would be this way.. I do not like him to be too emo or too dark and that will really be like a certain character from shonen jump..

            Anyway, how could you judge the game just by the few seconds of trailer and a few comments? Why not just let Nomura use this perspective to tell his story? And why do you hate him so much by the way?

            Also, he created Zack Fair and he is like the best character that had been done by Nomura… Well, Sephiroth too especially his human side.. I never hate any of his Final Fantasy characters.. So, I will always believe in Nomura..

          • noxian

            frankly, Mistwalker Sakaguchi hasn’t even been a second coming of Squaresoft Sakaguchi.

            frankly its probably an unrealistic standard people should just drop already. especially since people’s vision of the Gooch’s greatness is so heavily inflated by fuzzy memory-ed nostalgia.

            no one’s ever going to match most people’s notion of the old Squaresoft Sakaguchi, not even Sakaguchi himself, because that man is pure Herculean fantasy.

  • Bakuryukun

    Holy, I once had a dream about their being dragoons in Versus XIII! Spooky!

  • Hey guys! First time posting here in Siliconera. :) Finally!
    Anyway… As long as the end product is what he says is to be awesome, then let him have his time. I’ll be grinding in Dissidia Duodecim and Final Fantasy Type-0 while I wait :)

  • Hmm… Am I the only one that think’s the character types described here are very typical/cliche? Hopefully that’s only because it’s hard to get a character across in a single sentence,

    But the glasses stragist character that is usually arguing with the protagonist? I really hope theres more to him than that, or that is a horribly overused stereotype.

    Don’t get me wrong, this game still looks cool, just not as cool as I though it did before reading this article…

    • Yeah, no doubt the characters will feel as artificial as the FF13 ones. Everyone is creatively bankrupt.

      • Eri

        It is getting harder and harder to create really original ones, almost everything has been done at least once already.

        Plus, I see nothing wrong with an intellectual glasses type :3

        • Eri, don’t get me wrong – in every game/manga the intellectual glasses type is always my favourite, but usually they have other personality quirks that make them different from each other. I’m just hoping Nomura being vague becuase the game is still in development, rather than the character being a little flat.

          I know games don’t tend to have the most deep or complicated characters, but Nomura and the Final Fantasy team have proven they can make fantastic characters within the worlds they create, so the little we’ve seen so far is slightly dissapointing. But I shall wait and keep the faith.

        • There isnt an exact same person in the world, even if they are twins, they are different…

          I vote for the creativiy’s bankrupt

          • noxian

            and yet to understand their differences you generally need to dig deeper than “glasses intellectual type”, so frankly labeling all characters the same simply because they happen to be intellectual and have glasses is no deeper of an assessment.

            maybe Nomura’s characters will have nothing more to them.

            maybe they will.

            we don’t know one way or the other at the moment.
            what i do know is there are rather curious declarations of the creative bankruptcy of his characters considering pretty much the only thing we know about them is what they look like.

          • Well, so far in FF13, i didnt liked Hope, Fang (i know a lot of ppl were ok with here, but i just dont like here =/) and Vanille (-.-).

            Lighting was ok, it was kinda different, but her changes of attitude were kinda weird, Snow, was ok too, he was with all the “i will save everyone” but fail thing, i think he was a good character overall… Sazh, well, he is the comic relief so i cant really say much about him =/

            So rather than the generic personalities, i think the problem was the generic responses in the different events in the new but still kinda generic FF13’s story. Yes, i think this is my conclusion, the problem was the mode the characters responded to the events.

            So yeah, i think i will back up with the “creative bankrup” for now, i just realized this new conclusion xD

    • Guest

      His name is IGNIS

    • puchinri

      Agreed, which is pretty disappointing so far. I liked how the characters sounded before this, but now I feel a little let down. But maybe it is just a case of not getting the character across in a single sentence.

    • He likes to head-butt!! XD

      …I wonder if in the middle of the game, he’s intelligence will go ‘poof’ with all the head-butting…

  • karasuKumo

    A character that isn’t too overly dramatic and that we can relate to better is something I’ve been waiting for. The fact we can switch characters during fights is a massive bonus too.

    Duodecim will keep me occupied until Type-0 and XIII-2 (I still play Dissidia almost daily lol).

    • Hraesvelgr

      I don’t really think you can expect Final Fantasy to not be overly dramatic at this point. Ever since they started voicing the games, the drama level has just been excessive. I don’t think XII was as bad as X or XIII, but I doubt they’ll be doing anything like XII again anytime soon.

      • FireCouch

        How is X overly dramatic?

        • HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!

          • FireCouch

            You do know that they are supposed to be forcing laughter right? That isn’t the voice actors making a bad attempt at laughing.

          • Bakuryukun

            ^ This. VERY this. No one seems to understand this.

          • That would be all the contrary… it would be better to choose.

            -DAD, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!



            Or something like that, still, i consider FF10 really good, and the last good FF made.

          • FireCouch

            There definitely aren’t family relationships out there like that or anything…

        • ……….hahahahahaha your kidding right lol just look at the scene before you fight Jecht and you’ll see why…

      • karasuKumo

        Good point, the VA cast is really important for the drama. Hope’s VA got on my nerves apposed to Lightning’s and Snow’s. XIII’s plot wasn’t bad but for its story it didn’t have much of a feeling of pressure outside of the boss battles.

        I’m just hoping Noctis isn’t a character that lingers and whines about the bad events that happen in the game (Hope, Cloud, Vincent etc). Advent Children is a film based on that kind of story but the way Cloud learns to move on is what made it good in my opinion. From the translations off the January conference trailer it seems Noctis has good fighting spirit :)

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          I thought the main complaint about Advent Children is that Cloud reverts back to his lingering, whining self despite him already moving on in the original game.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        Dunno, VII wasn’t voiced and that was really heavy on the drama.

      • which is unfortunate because other then the very slow pace of the story (and the somewhat to mmo battle system) it was probably the best voiced FF to date still…

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      As long as I don’t get another Cloud or Squall. I’m fine

  • Blonde guy is still the best and he is a diplomat, wow, awesome!!!! I know who I will always have in my party!!! lol. Wow this makes it seem like the year of Final Fantasy…dude, its looking to be mighty epic!!!!

  • “Noctis who Nomura said he’s surprisingly not cool and just an ordinary young man.”

    Tell that to the thousands of fangirls swooning over him.

    I would love the game to be here now BUT with other cracking FF games on the horizon (and the non FF game Radiant Historia) will keep me busy so as Ashgail says, just take your time and make us justified in beleiving the hype :D

    • Eri

      Now we can swoon over him for being the (royal) guy next door *shrugs*

      • Lol.. royal guy next door sounds good to me.. XD

  • Quality = PS3 Exclusive and Nomura is fighting for it like a Real Life Noctis right?

    • Nei_chan

      As if Nomura had anything to do with decisions like this…

  • Eri

    For Gods sake, just name it FFXV already.

    That said, I really AM looking forward to this game.

    • lol this should of been the real FFXIII honestly…

  • Xeahnort

    “Nomura also asks fans to be patient with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This year, he says….. please forget about Versus XIII for awhile”

    So, basically he’s saying FFVersusXIII not gonna have a proper release date till 2012/2013.

    • karasuKumo

      Yeah :/. Hopefully it’s released Spring/Summer 2012 to follow up XIII-2’s Winter 2011 release.

      • I guess thats hopefully or maybe even the same winter? Though that would mean a FF15 in 2012 Winter maybe?

    • badmoogle

      It is a very painful comment especially for someone like me who didn’t liked XIII at all or have any interest in XIII-2 but can’t wait for the release of Versus.

      Oh well,better start replaying FFXII.

      • Guest

        You should give XIII-2 a chance since they said they listened to complaints and the story will have a different direction and be darker and not so much straightforward pop feel

        • Testsubject909

          Give it a chance, don’t put your hopes up.

          That’s the answer.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Based on those descriptions, honestly, none of the characters sound like “regular guys” to me. But then, that is usually the case when it comes to video game characters – even if the developers say their character is supposed to be a regular guy, a so-called “everyman”, the very nature of video games pretty much dictates that they are anything but that.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a number of developers have said that about their characters in recent years and it is pretty much never the case. Very few game genres actually allow characters to be “regular guys”.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Maybe he is “regular” by the account that he’s not a “half esper”, “mako-infused soldier”, “artificial mankind destroyer”, “dream of the Fayth” or “Keyblade’s chosen one”.

      Just an normal human relative to the universe he’s in.

      • Yui

        So he’s a veritable Bartz Klauser? Son of an important figure, but not-so-important in and of himself? Is that a good thing?

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          It’s neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Hmm… yes, touché.

      • Well, Sora was a Normal kid. He wasn’t even chosen to be the KB Wielder: Riku screwed up his chances, so Sora was just the next best thing.

  • PrinceHeir

    so the dragon lady at the top of the airship is not stella okay check

    but stella is the one with the white dress and gold hair?(on the picture) right?

    so who’s the other girl with a FFX Yuna Dress made into skirt? it is her right? but battling Noctis instead? Pause at 04:04 and 04:08

    there’s also a mage battling him, soo many bossfights arghhh please release this already :

    *pause at 03:00 in the video

  • IdleBullet


  • neurogal

    I’m interested on how they explain dragoons in Versus if they still taking that ‘Everything will be as realistic as possible’ FF13 stance.

    What I’m talking about? Nothing in Final Fantasy can be explained.

  • IceRomancer

    Wow this game just might live up to the epic hype that surrounds it!
    I sure hope this and all the FF games that come out this year reverse the negative image everyone has for ol’ squenix.

  • I wonder if they will add any girl in your team. I don’t like a team full of men who look like girls XD

  • It’s funny. With all the JRPGs we had, it’s hard for us to remember what the word “regular” means anymore. It probably takes a physiologist to know what the characters are like. :p People will whine that some personality traits are not so realistic and they don’t carry us into the game, and this is happening for decades now.

    So what is a “regular” person in a video game? What makes Noctis different from any typical spikey-haired protagonist? I’m waiting to see that detail of yours made true, Nomura.

    • NoElixirs

      My sentiments as well. It also seems this game is a tad bit ambitious to the point of satiation, but it doesn’t bother me given the amount of time they’ve had to work with it.

    • raymk

      Yeah i’m with you on that what does regular in an rpg mean. Are we talking about realistic as in Mass effect series,cause even then not everyone is as realistic as they make them out to be either.

      • I don’t have a 360, but I know Mass Effect has enough dialogue to make it “seem” realistic if we were in that sort of timeline, let alone the conversations you make with other humans. Of course there were plenty of bits here and there that come from a sci-fi movie such as the Illusive Man, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t relate to the characters.

    • Aiddon

      it’s usually just a term thrown around thrown around because the devs want us to “relate” to the characters. A lot of the time devs SAY a character is normal but their actions are anything but. I mean, seriously, Isaac Clarke in Dead Space for example is anything but normal considering how he can use industrial equipment as lethal weapons with surgical precision. Or we have Sora in Kingdom Hearts. Even at the beginning of the game he can jump and run like a superhuman.

      If he’s talking in emotional, personality value then what the HELL is so different about that? Everyone in games can do incredible things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems, flaws, and other completely human qualities. Samus Aran, Cloud Strife, Fei Fong Wong, Aya Brea, the Prince in Prince of Persia, Dante, and a slew of other character can do incredible things that are superhuman at times, but this is properly juxtaposed by them having complex issues and personalities. Y’know, like a LOT of characters in fiction

  • KyoyaHibari

    Lol im ok with Noctis being an average guy from my perspective, but if Nomura considers Noctis regular and Cloud & Squall “cool” then Noctis is a frickin [email protected]$$!

  • Guest

    So wow ultimately it’ll be six to seven years that this game was in production.

  • masuto

    What the heck happens to the “shy and reserved” guy? So Versus is coming out in 2012? Sure, no problem…just call it Final Fantasy Versus XIII Forever at that.

  • AaqibRawat

    Not seen anything that makes Noctis speacil or cool
    However seen screen shots of his buddys and him acting friendly so maybe there is someone good in there.

    Zidane was moving forward with a main character he was cool and a perv,seems like square keep going back to old character traits.

    i read something about dragoon im intrested!

  • “just forget about it for a while”?

    well how about you not announce 16 games at once if their release date is so far off..

  • He is anything but regular.

    • Roses4Aria

      Amen. If I knew any “regular” guys like that…Oh my…

  • Happy Gamer

    It really sucks but this doesn’t excite me nor any FF news since I played 13. Not that I hated the game I just no longer like the games anymore. The Squaresoft feelings that i used to have moved gently toward anything mistwalker develops. Maybe it wasn’t FF, but Sakaguchi’s stuff in general.

    Anyways I hope this game turns out well as an RPG.

  • Roses4Aria

    I’m definitely willing to wait if the end product is truly going to reflect the quality Nomura mentioned in the article. I still can’t help but be a bit wary, considering how long ago they announced this one. I think they just majorly jumped the gun when they announced it alongside XIII. But I can cut them some slack, considering we’re getting Dissidia 012 so soon. :)

    • I’m pretty sure its because they are making XIII-2 now that Versus ended up being put on the back burner till next year (that and like said the 3 main titles they have coming this year already).

  • ninetailes4life

    So I should forget about this game for a while because he wants to make a sequel to a horrible game…. bullshit

  • Testsubject909

    “He’s just a regular guy.”

    “Who’s totally not cool, but he’s hot blooded, he can warp, he can fight an army of guys that have guns with teleporting swords. Oh, and he’s a prince with a small following. But he’s just a normal guy. Just a normal guy.”

    How the hell is that a normal guy!?

    • Aiddon

      because supposedly us schlubs can’t “relate” to someone who is superhuman or of an odd station.

      • Testsubject909

        Did I ever mention anything about being unable to relate to him?

        I’m stating how un-regular the guy is. Stating that he’s a regular guy just because you believe that he is doesn’t make him all the more regular.

        He’s a supernatural type of guy who experiences events that us lower schlubs can relate to, as opposed to a regular guy who experiences marvelous things that us schlubs can imagine to an extent that we can relate to.

        Actually. I’m in the belief that it’ll also be the latter, looking at how it’s happening… When was the last time you had three lackeys following you around as you save the world and get the girl? Sure, you can imagine yourself in the scenario, paint it in wide strokes so to make it relatable to yourself on some emotional ground, but it doesn’t color him any differently.

        He’s not a regular guy. Not in any form or manner.

  • JustaGenericUser

    We’ll probably see Versus in 2020.

    These guys really need to slow down, they’re making like 500 games at once.

    • Testsubject909

      “We’re in financial trouble, what do we do!? …MAKE MORE GAMES!”

      Yup… Goodbye Squeenix.

      • Well if this generation is to be believed, when faced with financial trouble they actually release updated version of games.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Perhaps I’m alone here, but would anyone else prefer this game to Dissisia 2 any day of the year? Nomura sure has odd priorities, to say the least.

    While I thought the original Dissidia was a novel idea (who could have seen it coming really), I didn’t particularly find it enthralling enough to warrant a sequel. And with the way that SE is hyping it up to no end, you’d think there is actually something exciting about it, though based on the “demo” that you can buy from the Japanese PSN, it seems to be more-or-less, exactly like the first. So essentially the hype is all about fan service…for fans who no doubt would rather have Versus.

    Sorry, I just found it a bit…curious…that he basically said “the game won’t be released at least for another 1-2 years”.

  • So, same personality as in the latest FF games? And how the hell can that blond dude be a diplomat?! For God’s sake Square… grow up

    • PrincessGarnetXVI

      whats wrong with him being a diplomat? why do they need to grow up
      because they made him a diplomat

      • Never judge a book by its cover!! There may be some purpose for his look.. You never know..

        • Testsubject909

          The purpose for his looks:

          To attract the female gamers.

        • PrincessGarnetXVI

          seriously right?!?!
          The blonde guy with the shotgun is the diplomat…correct?
          cause even if he does look that way and joke around.
          doesn’t mean he isn’t smart and cannot be serious

  • PrincessGarnetXVI

    imma cry when 13 versus comes out..
    just cause…this anxiety will finally stop killing me and everyone!
    Also…I think we can all agree that the feeling we had in the old FF -square soft creations- is completely absent in the Square Enix’s FF games. I miss heart warming moments and deep moral meanings the old FF had. FF13 FAILED to capture my heart. character development needed a lot of work. story had potential and they didn’t use it. I liked FF13 don’t get me wrong…but it wasn’t GREAT! Compared to…hmm… FF7 FF9 and FF10
    I mean kh1 was a lot better than kh2 since kh2 was made by enix.
    idk a feeling was missing while playing KH2. but what?!
    The only game that could get spotlight would be FF7 Crisis Core.
    I hope Versus will capture FF’s former glory…
    otherwise…hope for the FF franchise will be lost..=[

    • i wouldn’t say so.. FF is just too legendary.. Its something most JRPG gamer will be reluctant to let go of yet.. This franchise just hold too much memories for many people..

      Btw, I just love Zack Fair… It just proves to me that even though set in a more modern atmosphere… The game can still be so epic! And its done by SE!!!

      • PrincessGarnetXVI

        In all honesty, yeah of course I would still buy future FF games,
        if Versus sucked. But..doesn’t mean my hopes for a GOOD FF
        would come with buying the game. It would be gone.
        Cause FF is legendary for their graphics, game play, and character designing for cosplay. But to me , stories has been lacking it!

  • PrincessGarnetXVI

    I swear..we better get BETTER news in e3!!!

    • I imagine the news would be that its coming to the Xbox 360, with an trailer showing it playing on the Xbox 360 console.

      • PrincessGarnetXVI

        no dude. Nomura called it.
        ps3 only. I heard from an asshole of a commenter on my translation video of the FF13 versus trailer that if it does go to xbox360 cause Square is going bankrupt that he would quit. Sounds far fetch?
        Eh. Just passing the word. Sorry but, the xbox360 wouldn’t be able to handle the graphics! I mean it is WAY better than FF13. and they had to cut it into 3 discs for ff13 and still lower the graphics.
        13 versus IS TOO MUCH FOR XBOX

  • SeventhEvening

    It blows my mind that they can churn out XIII-2 in about a year, yet can’t manage to make Versus XIII in five. It makes me feel like they have 3 people developing it, while the rest of the SE team is devoted to churning out fast sequels. If I’m not mistaken, 3 Kingdom hearts games have come out since Versus XIII was announced, with a fourth announced that will likely make it out before Versus. Also during that development, Dissidia was announced, released, had a sequel designed, and the sequel will hit the market first.

    I’m really starting to doubt that Versus will ever actually come out.

    (Please note, Type-0 has been in development for eternity as well, so I’m not slagging it).

    • PrincessGarnetXVI

      I completely feel you…
      I am mad that..a game that hasn’t been in much development…for what like a year? cause FF13 came out a year ago…and now it already has a release date?!?! and Versus has been in production for 8 years about to be 9
      and it’ll be 10 years when the game comes out!! either two things,

      ff13-2 will suck cause its released to quickly!
      or.. ff13 versus will be one amazing game

    • MrRobbyM

      They’re trying to get FF-XIII situation out the window while it’s still hot. Keep in mind they did mention they cut out enough content of XIII to make another game so most of that was probably already done for XIII-2. While I am disappointed as much as you, SE has their priorities straight(well…in this case)

  • PrincessGarnetXVI

    yeah…Noctis’ hair changes color and his eyes are one of a demon
    but yea..he is just “Regular” and not creepy.
    VERY HUMAN nomura
    Fail lol

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