One Of Aerith’s Assists In Dissidia 012 Grants Temporary Invincibility

By Spencer . January 25, 2011 . 1:30pm

ff6_1_3[1] If you want a quick stat boost in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy you may want to consider changing classes. The PSP sequel (that’s actually a prequel) introduces a job system. Let’s say you’re a Terra player who likes to keep distance by casting fire. Black Mage is the class for you since it gives a magic attack bonus. The thief class starts players off with a half-filled EX gauge and assist bar. You can mix and match classes and characters in party battle where you have a five on five brawl.


As mentioned earlier, Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy has a quest making system. Director Mitsunori Takahashi discussed this feature with Dengeki and explained you can also create custom event scenes by using character icons and text. Players can write the text, set background music, and even original rules. The development team plans to make their own custom quests, which will be distributed via Mogweb. The Square Enix Members page in Japan will also have rankings showing the most popular user-created quests.


Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy includes the full story from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. It’s unlocked after you complete the story made for this game. Instead of the chessboard from the previous PSP title, you’ll explore dungeons a la Dissidia 012[duodecim].


After the team settled on adding an exclusive assist character there was some debate about who to add. Mitsunori wanted a character who wasn’t part of a battle group so their assists can shine. The team referred to a Square Enix members survey held last summer and decided Aerith would be a perfect fit. Aerith has two unique moves. One magic spell binds an enemy, the other makes a player temporarily invincible.

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  • Like I said, Free dlc.

    • Yes. We will free dlc.

  • NoElixirs

    A bit confused about the dungeons and chessboard. Does Duodecim still carry that vapid board system?

    • PurpleDoom

      From the looks of it, what they’re saying is that when you play through the original game’s story mode, it will use the new dungeon system that Duodecim’s story uses.

    • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

      Yes, Duodecim still has the board system. HOWEVER, you have the option of using it or not. So if you didn’t really like it, you don’t have to use it. The world map is for people who thought the chessboard was limited and boring, like me =).

      • NoElixirs

        Sounds like a godsend then. I could not bear to continue slugging my way through that boring system.

  • kupomogli

    The five versus five thing sounds cool. It’ll probably be like one versus one until one player loses all characters though which is fine. I still like the idea of the world map and dungeons rather than the chess board.

  • Hmmm, a job system? that’s cool. I wish it was as awesome as the FFV one though xD.
    This game needs to come out NOW!! haha

    And I’m guessing Aerith’s moves are Seal Evil and Great Gospel. Or something like that.

    • It’s Planet Protector. Great Gospel would involve at least a Brave boost on top of the invincibility.

  • adam483t

    Aerith is going to be incredibly overpowered for multiplayer play (Ad-Hoc or Kai battles.) Perhaps even banned from use.

    Scoring a free hit has bad consequences, and turning invincible could be another game changer.

    • Testsubject909

      Again, we can’t really tell, not until we know exactly how her invincibility and binding effect works.

      For all we know, it could just be incredibly overhyped and subdued in comparison to the use of certain new summons or other types of assists which provides a greater service in rapidly winning a battle or overcoming the possibly brief period of invincibility provided by Aeris/Aerith.

      Plus, if you can still be stunlocked by attacks during said invincibility period, she might not be all too effective against highly offensively oriented characters who can do wonders at juggling you around, simply waiting until your invincibility period fades away to then lay a quick death upon you that you’ve only momentarily pushed back.

    • she probably will be overpowered i mean stopping anyone in their tracks with seal evil and giving invincibility when your about to get ex special is like god send

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    Cool stuff. The job system is gonna add variety, ie tailoring characters such that they have dual proficiencies and whatnot. I hope SE gives us more than 3 slots for customizing item/abilities/moves :S

    • That’s impossible for abilities, we could use some free slots for accessories. The only thing that pissed me off the most was how purposely grinding Dissidia was, forcing me to go from battle to battle to get trade items that could take me a day to get just so I can grab one lv. 100 weapon (granted I don’t have ANY lv.100 weapons). It’s almost preposterous to have more items/equipment to trade than to buy.

      • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

        There are already enough slots for accessories. Besides, when I face my friends with ad-hoc, I don’t use items, and neither do they. This way, you actually test your skill instead of deciding who is stronger just by their equips. Equips can do wonders. They can go as far as to give a character unlimited EX force (which i had on my OK).

        I think that the trading items was not bad. I mean like, you can’t have a game that just gives u everything for not working hard, because that wouldn’t be very fun IMO. The satisfaction that you get after you worked hard to get the final weapon for a character is enough for me, so I don’t really mind that aspect of Dissidia.

        • Meh, it’s still not very pleasing IMO, especially the Battlegen (getting item that have less than 5% chance of getting), Blackjack Course (@[email protected]), etc. Dissidia does have trade items worth working hard for, it just has twice the number of those items in store than any RPG, which is why I said it’s purposely grinding.

  • joesz

    I’m too enthusiastic for this game after hearing the previous.

  • Bakuryukun

    So how long will it take you think before we get custom made duodecim campaign porn?

  • Binding and invincibility

    sounds OP to me

    • that’s the point.

    • Testsubject909

      Depends on how long you receive it, really.

      For example, if one assist basically consists of a stun-locking five hit combo from an ally, which would stun an opponent for roughly 3 seconds time while also causing Bravery damage and more then enough time for you to jump in and finish with an HP attack.

      Versus a binding effect that lasts only 5 seconds. It’s still a considerable trade-off between an assist that’s more offensively oriented or a more passive one, as both can serve functions in escape or offense.

      Now, if the binding one is guaranteed at 100%, then perhaps it’s time could be lowered down to a 1 second to 2.5 seconds for proper balancing versus the stun-locking one that needs to connect first to enable a proper similar effect to the binding.

      As for invincibility, without proper knowledge as to the length of the invincibility, it might not be all that OP, considering some of the summons that can cause similar effects.

      So… no. I don’t see how she’d be OP, not unless the invincibility applied to both Bravery and HP damage for a length of time equal to, or above, 30 seconds. Same for binding.

      • omg aerith is gonna be sooo amazing she is always gonna be my assist character who needs anyone esle
        and i’m gald they picked her instead of any other character

  • thebanditking

    Thats pretty cool, just like her final limit break. Looking back that was still one of the biggest shocks in a game story line (at least for me) no game since has been able to lure me into that same false sense of security.

    • Testsubject909

      And, obviously, telling you or suggesting you to play one game or another will immediately raise your guard up won’t it?


      *raises a glass*

      Here’s to you never receiving any video game suggestions from me, mainly for not wanting to spoil any surprise and possibility that you would be lured into a false sense of security!

  • Now, I wonder when the demo will be released in NA so I can receive my Aerith assist and become invincible when fighting?

  • Yui

    …I feel like a bad person, because the first thing I thought reading that headline was “Wow, she could have used that in her own game”. How tongue-in-cheek of SE. :(

    • Testsubject909

      Don’t feel bad, I thought about the same thing.

      And it amused me, oddly. (Yes, I’ve grown quite heartless about the Aeris/Aerith tragedy. Mainly because of my dealings with some fanatics of the 7th game.)

      • Yui

        It was amusing, yes, but for me that was the problem. I never really became attached to Aeris, so why I felt guilty over finding her death funny now eludes me considering she’s a fictional character. :D

        (Also, FFVII has the worst fandom. The worst!)

        • Testsubject909

          4 days late. But I have to challenge this “FF7’s fandom is the Worst”.

          What about Naruto and Halo (Which by an extent also shifts to Gears of War and CoD)?

          • Yui

            No worries. I’m 3 months late for my last two History assignments, so I’m no stranger to lateness. ;P

            Naruto’s fandom is admittedly horrifying, but those of the fandom I have encountered are largely not so vehement as FFVII fans. Meanwhile, besides XBL, I don’t really frequent the sort of places you encounter screaming Halo, GoW and CoD fans, and when I do meet them, they’re surprisingly friendly and pliable. So from personal experience, FFVII fans are the worst. :D

            I should know, after all, I’m one of those vocal FFVII fans myself. =D

  • She grants you invicibility by sacrificing herself with each hit, so fans will once again feel what we felt in FF7

    • Testsubject909

      Oh, so you mean this time instead of just getting an oversized unbalanced katana in through the stomach…

      She’ll also get a gigantic axe-blade to the face, floating shining balls of explosion, darts of dark energy, symbol based electric traps to her feet, oversized sin-filled blade to the chest, dual blade judgement, light of non-discriminatory eradication, gravity wielding dual dragon breaths, arrows, axes, knives, longswords, blitzballs, ice, fire, water, lightning, ultima, dual knives, short swords, homing blades of light, mimicked weaponry, gunblades, bullets, giant summons swooping in with their own death-inducing powers, multiple small meteorites and a fist to the gut if ever she were to grant temporary invincibility to Cloud?

      Huh… Sounds fun.

      • You just took the words off my keyboard

        • Testsubject909

          *Takes a bow*

      • PrinceHeir

        oh you forgot that she also has to deal with summons from Yuna.

        so yeah poor aerith, now if zack were here things would be different :P

        • Testsubject909

          “giant summons swooping in with their own death-inducing powers”

          It was right before the multiple small meteorites.


          And yeah, if Zack were here. She’d also get a huge buster sword up in her from a hypnotized Cloud tag-teaming with Sephiroth.

      • neocatzon

        please, dont make me imagine it…

  • Guest

    Where’s Zack assist

  • Custom event scenes. Jesus, I can only imagine the people who make yaoi related stories.

  • “Director Mitsunori Takahashi discussed this feature with Dengeki and explained you can also create custom event scenes by using character icons and text. Players can write the text, set background music, and even original rules.”

    This is what I was hoping for. Man I’ve been having so many funny ideas but they were based on being able to at least create my own text :D

    Aerith should gain the ability to distract when the player faces of against Sephiroth.

  • WOO-HOO!!! Go Aerith, show the haters and players what a great help you would be! A great addition!! Seriously, if she wanst useful, why would she have to COST you anything. o_O Seems like she’s going to be a great Assist character. To Seal Evil the enemie in place and temporarily invincible. Thats freaken awesome right there already. well whatever, screw the haters Aerith, you can just assist me. XD

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