Students Of The Round Demo Levels Up For Xbox Live Tomorrow

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 1:04pm

Team Muramasa’s Wizardry-like dungeon crawler Students of the Round will be available for Xbox 360 on February 10. While we’re not sure if it’s going to get a North American release, you can sample the game.


Experience announced a demo version at the end of this trailer. The Students of the Round demo comes out on January 27 (that’s tomorrow!). Clear the demo and you’ll unlock a present for the retail game.


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  • MakoSoldier7

    oh wow! this game is just sounding amazingly epic! especially since the superb demo is out tomorrow! day 1 baby, day 1!!!

    • Guest

      noooooooooooo you’re now in hyper flame mode

      • MakoSoldier7

        Im just so happy that they are preparing another rpg game for the phenomenal xbox360! just cant get enough of the best console on the market!

        • … Don’t try to evade the following question. What’s the best line of laptops out there?

          Edit: Actually scratch that question. Tristan doesn’t have a Xbox360. Who are you and why have you decided to be a copycat?

          • MakoSoldier7

            the glorious Sony Vaio line of notebooks of course!

          • I would ask you what your job is next, but I remembered the fact that the person you’re mimicking wouldn’t even bother exclaiming “Day 1” to this game.

          • MakoSoldier7

            I most certainly have an xbox 360, they are simply the most successful consoles on the market, and are a superb way to play all the amazing titles microsoft has to offer!

          • … Seriously. You can drop the act now.

          • Zero_Destiny

            As fun as it is to laugh at I agree with Lee here, stop this and get your own name. THis sites got enough hate on TS we don’t need you to fan the flames.

          • Bruce

            *sigh* … it’s the tsuna virus …

    • You have a Japanese Xbox360 account?

      • MakoSoldier7

        how else would i be able to get all these amazing titles on day1!

        • Looks like you already gave yourself away. tsktsktsk.

      • Dont feed the troll peopleeeee!~, maybe he is a user that already exist, maybe the mods of the sites could know with the IP or something like that, dunno how advanced is DISQUS, even if it sucks in my opinion…

        I never found what tsuna says funny, he just tries to change so he can fit, but he had said so many stupid things that people already see him as a comedy show (No offense tsuna :P, i dont blame you for being who you are)… Anyway… i never though it could get to these extremes, pathetic…

        • MakoSoldier7

          calm down buddy, i was just joking around, i already said i would stop :P

          • Its ok, as long as you stop, no problems here

    • Zero_Destiny

      OH GAWD it’s spreading!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MakoSoldier7

        fine i’ll stop. :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          Serious? Thank you, I know I’m not the best at staying on topic either but we don’t really need a gag account to just fan the hating on TS.

          • MakoSoldier7

            yeah i know, i was just kidding around :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Change your name/pic or make a new profile. It’s not like you can’t be on the site (then again and sorry if I sound paranoid, I kind of have a feeling you’re already a member and you’re just joking around) Either way just be honest and if you want to flame Tsuna go ahead and do it. lol He’s pretty cool he’ll listen to your criticisms.

    • Lordy. I came to this page earlier this afternoon (before you changed your display name) and honestly thought you were the real thing.

      …Well played, I must admit…

      • MakoSoldier7

        eh ehehehe lets just put this all behind us shall we :P

  • malek86

    Stupid MS and their seven days rule… oh well, I’ll try it next week.

    • Aoshi00

      I know, what a tease.. still waiting for GalGun demo to be available… you know what, I might receive my copy before I get to try the demo :(…

      I really love the art of Students of the Round and the music is totally epic and I would hate to miss out on the super deformed DLC, but I’m not sure if the Wizardry-like mazes are for me..

  • Whats happening?? o.O

  • I REALLY hope this gets a western release. It looks pretty friggen nice.
    I wonder if say, I downloaded the JP demo and played it on my US account; if the unlockable would be credited to me if a US version ever came around.

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