Two Square Enix Trademarks They Didn’t Mention During Their Press Conference

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 10:31am

image Nearly all of the Square Enix trademarks we dug up popped up during the 1st Production Premier press conference. Imaginary Range, however, did not.


Square Enix Japan filed a trademark for Imaginary Range in Europe and the USA. They even registered a domain name for the potential title, which as of now is unused. Could be a game, could be a brand for an "Imaginary Range" line.


In Japan, Square Enix registered Story of the Fairy’s Journey. While it could be a title, it sounds more like a subtitle to me. Hmm… what Square Enix series have fairies in them?




Thanks to Liam and his imagination for the heads up about the domain name!

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    I swear, the constant trademark reporting kills some of the surprise of future game announcements.

    • Honestly, I’m not a fan of leaks. I actually LIKE being surprised… I mean I know it’s news and everything, but it’s not fun seeing “FFXIII-2 trademark announced!” and a couple days later seeing the announcement and trailer for it from Square. It’s sort of “oh yay…” and not as exciting. Same thing with E3 but at least SOME of the leaks (in this case, just being rumors) weren’t ALL spoiled.

      • city_debut

        Then stop reading news maybe?

        • It just makes it less fun. But not reading news at all? So don’t be informed about anything?

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          Wonder why E3 is a let down year in year out? Because everyone leaks everything. When you expect everything a month in advance, nothing can really satisfy. Genuine surprises seem to be almost non-existent in games these days. Suggesting Curler stops reading news is stupid. He’s only talking about leaks.

          • city_debut

            Here’s the thing. News is news, and in spite of NDAs companies aren’t going to be able to prevent everything from coming out. It’s the responsibility of a news outlet to report credible news, whether or not it “ruins” the surprise when a company is going to formally announce a new game or product. If you feel cheated or “spoiled” for real life developments… then, well, do not pay attention to the news.

            Are you truly that disappointed that FF13-2 had a trademark leak a few days before the game was announced? Would you have really gained something important if the first word you heard about this game was the announcement trailer? Did knowing this game was coming out ruin your experience watching that trailer in any way?

            If genuine surprises are non-existent in games lately, it’s not because Siliconera, Joystiq or Kotaku are reporting leaks. It’s because companies like Square-Enix aren’t doing anything surprising.

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            Boy… alright, let me clarify. I’m not complaining about websites leaking information. I don’t work as a PR person. I like leaks. I just think that trademark filings are routine and not newsworthy. Oh, Final Fantasy Type-O was registered! Ok, so… what’s that mean? Square’s making more Final Fantasy stuff? Huh, didn’t see that one coming. Type-O, you say? Hm. Yeah, you see, there’s really nothing tangible there. It’s the name of something. Maybe it’s a game. Maybe it isn’t. I mean you can have the same conversation over and over and over. Are there any screenshots? Any comments on what it is? If not, it’s filler. That’s just my opinion!

            I’ve been at Siliconera long before most of you, trust me. I remember when these articles got zero comments and had Godzilla graphics all over the place. So, I am not bashing Spencer or anyone else here. I just don’t think telling us about trademarks every week is progressive, that’s all. Just one man’s opinion. And, they’re not even really leaks by the way. Anyone can look this stuff up. It’s just, no one does except Siliconera.

      • Leaks makes me more excited for what possibility could be seen. To me it is surprising usually and it gets me intrested and a little hyped up to what could be revealed.

        Also you can’t know what [insert title] is going to be until you see the first drip of screenshots and trailers. That adds to the excitement and fun (or on the rare instance disaapointment :D)

        And leaks aren’t always accurate anyway.

        And really…You couldn’t have been surprised that FFXIII-2 was going to be made surely :p

    • You could skip these posts, I suppose.

      Personally, I think digging up stories, asking lots of questions, and doing the detective work is more interesting than waiting for press releases for everything. But, that’s just me.

      • Icon

        I do skip them. But I always see these headlines and finally wanted to share what I thought about them. I don’t think much detective work goes into searching a trademark database. But, that’s just me.

        • I’d say we’re doing work other sites aren’t. Plus we’ve revealed other games like Deathsmiles, Way of the Samurai 4, Neptunia, Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light before official announcements and without trademarks.

          If you want a site that just waits for press releases and official announcements there are plenty of those out there. You’re more than welcome to read those instead :D.

          • Icon

            I’ll give you a star for Way of the Samurai 4. But, like I said to another user, I’m not lashing out against you or any other writer on your staff. I love the site, have since 2006. I just wanted to say how I felt about that particular kind of “news.” Tell you what, the day you report on Chrono Trigger II being registered is the day I change my mind on everything!

  • Dragon Quest X: Story of the Fairy’s Journey?

    • I thought the same thing, Story of the Fairy’s Journey really sounds like a DQ subtitle^^

    • Zero_Destiny

      Heheheh That I like!!!!

      • Testsubject909

        Maybe your laughter should’ve been adapted to the title’s feel?

        Instead of Heheheh, you could’ve gone: “Teehee!”

  • There are fairies in Seiken Densetsu 3 and Legend of Mana…

    • alundra311

      I’d love for them to make a new game similar to or a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3. Hope it’s the former, but a remake would still make me happy. :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      Meh after the game on the PS2 I’d rather not see square butcher the Mana series anymore. But if they could ever finish Versus and gets that team on it I think I’d be willing to give it a go. But yeah still have bad memories of the PS2 game, lol.

      • Testsubject909

        I’d kind of want Squeenix to stop making use of Squaresoft games, but that’ll never happen.

        They’ve been doing good with the Enix games though, oddly… I mean, to date I’m not disappointed by any Dragon Quest games…

        What gives?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Enix is the more reliable partner in this relationship lol They know how to treat their fans.

  • Imaginary Range? That sounds…E rated.

    • Testsubject909

      And it reminds me of Harvest Moon…

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