Ways To Make A Living In Way Of The Samurai 4

By Spencer . January 26, 2011 . 12:33pm

imageFor samurais short on cash, Spike designed a few part time jobs for Way of the Samurai 4. You can take on a gardening gig and trim hedges with your katana. Tenchu (or heaven’s punishment) missions have players assassinate people.


There are other jobs that don’t involve your sword. You can play cupid and deliver love confession notes. Also, you can be a pick up artist (nanpa) and flirt with foreign women for pocket money.


Here’s a look at the four methods of livelihood mentioned in Way of the Samurai 4.


image image image image

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  • shion16

    graphics are TONS of times better than WOTS 3

  • MakoSoldier7

    Oh man! big improvement in graphics, which means the gameplay will be even further awesome! another superb title that i will be purchasing on day 1!!!

    • Who are you! Did you Make another new name, or is this some copycat or what?!?!

      • Apparently, a copycat that claims to have at least both a 360(w/ a Japanese Live account) and a PS3.

        • MakoSoldier7

          hey, im just here to talk and converse with you that we will truly be playing some epic and phenomenal games soon!!

          • Okay… Except Tsunayoshi Sawada doesn’t have a Xbox360 at all. So why are you mimicking his behavior?

          • MakoSoldier7

            but i am not who you mentioned, i own an xbox360 and can vouch that it is simply best console ever produced! microsoft has made the definitive epic console for gaming

          • I dont even know why you followed his game :P

          • Okay, so you admit you’re someone different. So why are you acting in a similar manner as him?

          • MakoSoldier7

            thought it would be fun lol, he gets a lot of attention on this site, but yeah I’ll stop, it takes way to much work to act like him :P

          • Yeah, but Tsuna is genuine; his ignorance has HEART. That’s the one thing you could never imitate!

    • vadde939

      Yeah um who are you? Are you Tsuna? Or a copycat Tsuna?
      (Or Ishaan in disguise? :P)

    • tr1gun1212

      Surely there is more than that.
      Don’t you mean that it will be innovative, fresh, exciting, cutting-edge, graphically stunning, revolutionary, ground-breaking, and a “Baby, day-1”-purchase?

  • Who would localize this, anyway? Near as I can tell, Agetec is dead in the water. Their forums aren’t even active anymore and there hasn’t been a peep out of their website in some time.

    • I’d be surprised if this *didn’t* come over… eventually. Acquire was shopping around for a US publisher even before the game was announced in Japan.

      • And it basically, really basically, is a hack n’ slash games… i know they have the idea that Americans love hack n’ slash games :P

        I really hope this comes anyway T_T

      • Thanks for the info, Spencer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! It looks great.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, WotS3 was co-published by UFO in the US, so maybe they’ll do it. Of course, I wouldn’t count Agetec out – their website and forums are always dead.

  • I will cry tears of manly joy if this manages to get localized.

    • Souji Tendou

      I’m with you dude.

  • Chippel

    Oh, you Siliconera goers and your Tsuna obsession, silly sillies.
    On topic… SOWANT!!!

    • Having one of him is frustrating enough, so when a copycat pops up, it’s best to stop them ASAP or else it’ll just be a major annoyance to have readers, both newcomers and long-timers, to be twice as frustrated.

  • Chow

    It seems to be getting strangely more and more like “Western” free-roaming games. As long as they stick to the scripted daily routines of every NPC, the game should still work out like the rest of the series, though.

    • Wots has always been free-roaming from what I remember.

      • Chow

        Yeah, no kidding? Don’t just look at a single word out of context. Look at the whole message this time and tell me if you understand what I said.


        • If I missed the context of your post, I apologize. I thought you were stating how WOTS was entering into a greater degree of freedom like Western games are alleged to take place in.

  • HarryHodd

    I want to trim hedges. I wonder if I can do that anywhere.

  • Looks like they are really fleshing out Way of the Samurai 4. I heard the third one was disappointing so it looks like they are doing all they can to improve it if that is the case.

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