Hsien-Ko And Sentinel Rocket Punch Into Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

By Spencer . January 27, 2011 . 10:35am

The mutant capturing giant from Marvel is back for another round of rocket punches and half-screen crouching kicks. Capcom announced Sentinel and Hsien-Ko for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Hsien-Ko, a newcomer to the Marvel vs. Capcom line, is armed with blades and it appears a throwing star that sends an opponent into dizzy status if it connects.






You can watch Sentinel and Hsien-Ko duke it out on Eurogamer.

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  • John_Polson_IGB

    Lei-Lei looks awesome. I really hope she has a Japanese voice option. I didn’t see any Level 3 supers in these videos. The three supers shown from Sentinel all used 1 bar. Hsien-ko’s weird “yellow” super may have taken 3 bars.

    • FireCouch

      Some characters don’t have level 3 supers, like Spiderman.

  • Nite

    Even though Sentinel is a lot slower, he still looks really intimidating. Here’s to 10 more years of Magneto, Sentinel, Storm.

    I think I want Lei-Lei on my team just to have her reflecting shield as an assist.

    • I did NOT wait for 10 f’n years to see Team God Tier in #MvC3!

      Heck, I can easily see why #MvC3 will wind up shunning away new players.

      • krokounleashed

        Guys what’s wrong with you? Dante is by far more annoying. Magneto is confirmed to be not as good as in mvc2.

        • A lot of people still haven’t lived down Team God Tier back in #MarvelVSCapcom 2 @MarvelVSCapcom …which explains the collective disgust aimed at Magneto/Sentinel/Storm.

        • How do you know how annoying Dante is if you haven’t played as or against him yet?

  • Pichi

    Lei-Lei is now added to my team.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I’d bet my next 5 paychecks they have the mango Sentinel in simply because of Yipes. But I hope they balanced him more so not every online match will be against Sentinel

    • krokounleashed

      Yes mango is in. He mentioned it, while discussing alternate colors.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Okay, Kroko, pay up

  • cmurph666

    Darkstalkers 4 confirmed~!

  • raymk

    Finally revealed them huh. I guess they pushed it up because of the magizine leak yesterday the had sentinal and hsien-ko in it. We already knew the whole roster for awhile do to the leak anyway. so while its not surprising who they are the vids of them make the hype all the better.

  • Happy to see Hsien-Ko, very unhappy to see Sentinel, but if you read my previous MVC3 comments, people’ve known about these two for about a month and a half now.

    And I do have to say that Hsien-Ko’s English voice is awful. I’m not usually one to prefer Japanese voices over English (hell, Star Ocean The Last Hope’s voices didn’t bother me), but hers is really, really, really bad.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I totally agree with you (and the Star Ocean part too)
      It just didn’t sound right…

  • It’s like Taokaka but without the “Nyaaa!!” >_<

    PS: Yes, I know Lei Lei came before Blazblue

    • Code

      But the Nyaaa~! is the best part >w<~!

      Cat Punch~!

      • mikanko

        Tao doesn’t turn into a tiny sized panda bear, which can only move around balancing on a tiny ball like a circus animal, when she gets cursed by Anakaris!…

        …. I wonder what Tao would turn into if she was somehow ever cursed by Anakaris. <.<

        Also add Demitri to MvC so we can see Thor and other beefy Marvel men seduced and turn into girls. D:

        God I want a new VS

  • And the worse kept secret in MvC 3 has been revealed finally.

    And EVO participants and supports are crying in joy and hugging random people next to them.

    As for Hsien-Ko…Hell yeah, once of the best Darkstalker characters (playing and design wise). Anyone complaining about these placements..Well screw you :D

  • Hours

    It’s cool to see Hsien-Ko, she looks like a lot of fun.

    Sentinel is the definition of meh.

  • Chow

    I have one thing to say:

    “Rocket Punch!”

    …but you have to imagine that I’m imitating Sentinel’s voice. Or something.

  • thaKingRocka

    i love love love hsien-ko. i think she is one of the best characters from a conceptual and aesthetic perspective. playing with her never worked out well for me, but i love her attacks even though i can’t use them well.

  • PrinceHeir

    so this is the last set of characters huh?

    oh well there goes Gene, Strider, Juri, Seig, Vergil, and Samanosuke.

    you better put them on Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2, just replace some of the similar character from MVC3 like Chris-Leon, Dante-Vergil(but i want both) add some more Rival Schools and Darkstalkers Characters and this will be the hell out of Marvel for sure.

    still gonna buy this game. Dante along with Amaterasu is Day 1 :P

    • AaqibRawat

      Lets just pray for those characters as DLC ! (they are all my wants as well,and Gambit)
      Come on PrinceHeir pray with me !

      I Like Lei Lei she deserved a spot in the game felicia and morrigon were wasted Jon Talbain and Jedah or Bishomon donavon ,or maybe even demitri would have been awesome

      lets just hope darkstalkers character make DLC

      • PrinceHeir

        im already praying XD

        well i don’t expect them but at least put Vergil and Stirder in.

        well i also want Darkstalkers 4 :P

        • AaqibRawat

          This is strange my wants are your wants!

          1. Strider want him the most
          2. Vergil It has to be done !

          I recently saw a poll on the capcom website and strider and vergil are the most wanted so there might be hope i think mine and your prayers are working ! keep it up !

          Darkstalkers 4 would be amazing but i would like high quality 2d sprites like kof XIII

          No semi 3d sf4 darkstalkers 4 :{

          Also PrinceHeir i want to fight you when this game comes out ?!

          what console do you own !

          • PrinceHeir

            oh my god yes Darkstalkers 4 on FULL 2D not SSFIV style(though i think a watercolor style would be good) as long as it’s in 2D same vein as KOF XIII, Blazblue heck i wouldn’t mind if it’s kinda like Melty Blood or Daemon Bride.

            yes i think strider and vergil would fit as well as Gene and Juri. not sure how Seig Warheit or Samanosuke would fit but if Amaterasu made it, im sure they can too.

            ohh okay here’s my PSN ^^


            anyone can add me as long as you msg me that your from siliconera ^^

    • Balmung

      Yer dante and amaterasu pretty much sold this game for me, esprcially since ive only played MvC1 on an emulator really excited for this game

  • Hell yeah, Hsien-Ko! Hopefully they balance the mango Sentinel this time around. He was even more broken than your average Sentinel.

  • No Strider? D:, but he was like… my most favorite character in MvC2! T^T Noes!
    Hsien-Ko or Lei-Lei whatever her name is, sounds fun to play with :3. I hate Sentinal… who the hell decided to put him in the game? He so crappy… Doesn’t even look entertaining to play…

  • where is phoenix

    • krokounleashed

      Was revealed a long time ago.
      Lei-Lei looks ok, I’ll have a look at her. Sentinel … he is definitely great again.

    • AaqibRawat

      A very good chance were gona get him

      a recent statment from Nitsuma Said there is a good chance of him making the roster as DLC if the game sells well and we all know the game is going to sell so fingers crossed

  • I’m so disappointed with this game.

  • mikanko

    Lei Lei made my day day.

    Think there’ll prolly be at least 3 sets of 2 character dlc packs going by the room on the character select screen. Shuma Gorath and RE5 Jill are the first pair. I’m guessing Frank West makes it simply because he was originally postponed a few months back because of technical issues. I just doubt they’ll just scrap what they’ve already put together for him.

    Dunno, I would really like to see Strider, and I think Marvel needs a couple more girlies. Psylocke is my top choice I guess seeing that she’d fit well with the other X-Force peeps, Black Widow would be pretty cool too.

    Cast could use a few more villains too. I’d definitely prefer Dictator over Akuma, but whats done is done! Jedah being awesome in this game goes without saying, but he’d take a lot of work to get his animations right. Is probably a li’l more M rating than what they’d want to go for if they make him as detailed as some of the other characters so I doubt it’ll happen.

  • Scallion

    Good to see they left the most boring for last. MvC was never about good gameplay, it was about flashy fights with your favorite characters and spamming Molecular Shield on your douchebag friend who won’t use anyone but Cable. (You know who you are)
    I’m sure we’re all going to bend over for the trickle of overpriced DLC characters that should have been in the original lineup. And costumes. Knowing Capcom, we’re going to get tons of costumes/palate swaps.

    All I wanted from this game was the ability to BURODIAAAA people all day long.
    That was all I wanted.
    Why do you hate us, Capcom?
    Why do you want to crush our dreams?
    Oh, and Captain Commando. Seriously. They’re perennials. You can’t leave out the Cap’n.

  • xxx128

    Awesome, looks like shiny plastic action figures duking it out. I think i go back to mvc 2.

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