See Aerith Cast Her Invincibility Spell In Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy

By Spencer . January 27, 2011 . 4:18pm

Square Enix released a few new screenshots of Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. One of them contains Aerith, an assist character you get if you purchase Dissidia Duodecim Prologus. One of Aerith’s abilities freezes an enemy in their tracks. Protection of the Stars (or Planet Protector, the limit break name – thanks Tommy!) appears to be the spell that grants temporary invincibility.



We also have third form designs for Final Fantasy II characters. Frioniel’s outfit is based on a Yoshitaka Amano illustration.



The Emperor’s third form is from the opening movie of the PlayStation remake, which was released in North America as Final Fantasy Origins.



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  • Jacket and long skirt dress have never suited better

  • So that’s why Planet Protector had stars in it’s animation.

    • There is the kanji of star at the beginning, and the kanji of protect… but i dont understand/know the last kanji in there

      • It also means to protect/guard/defend. Those two characters together mean “protection” and are pronounced “shu’go”. The difference between them is that “守” is used more often in a verb combination, and “護” is used more often in a noun combination.

    • That would be a better translation, I forgot about that limit break! Let me update…

      • While we’re at it, the first assist is going to be Seal Evil.

  • kupomogli

    I wonder how long invincibility will last. Regardless, people may end up using it like the interupt block when entering EX mode. If it’s like the Ex block then it’s technically a game breaking move because isn’t Aerith only available for people who preorder?

    • You get it when you buy Prologus.

      And im sure that if both people dont have aerith, it wont let you use it.

      • Code

        It’s likely part of the game’s data/disc, it’s just people who preorder (or download the demo) will get a key that unlocks it in the main game (it’s like a 400KB file right?), I wouldn’t imagine something like this would be off-disc DLC.

        • Code is right about the file size. After you buy Prologus you get a file for the game and a small 480KB file for Aerith.

        • Its basically their way of saying;

          “Nyohoho you’re too cheap to buy the demo!! As a consequence, tremble in fear as your wealthier opponents crushes you with invulnerability and petrify your helpless digital self with the power of cold, hard cash”

          • Code

            I figure if it was being a real bother, it’s easy enough to just ask someone to not use it >w<' If it's particularly cheap I'm sure most people will understand.

          • i think it’s fine considering she hasn;t any attack assist and it’s like the second bar anyways

      • I’m not so sure about that ~ the game doesn’t prevent you from going online and encountering players using Lufenian gear if the player hasn’t completed Inward Chaos. It doesn’t prevent you meeting characters with summons you haven’t unlocked in Duel Colosseum either, so if only one player has Aeris in their game, I’m fairly sure the system won’t prevent that player from using her.

    • if the interupt blocking was in the first dissidia i don;t see why it’s breaking a move considering now you can stop time and all

  • PrinceHeir

    badass trailer :)

    hopefully we get Auron, Rikku and Paine please :P

    i wonder if Noctis will be the central character since Lightning seems to be here ^^

    • Noctis won’t even be in the game. Nor are they connected that closely -.-

      • PrinceHeir

        actually i just forgot to put the next dissidia on my statement.

    • Dissidia 3 for the NGP!

  • So… … where’s Balthier?

  • So wait, if the JP site says the trailer was the “Final Trailer…” does that mean they won’t have any more characters?! :O
    This won’t do.

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder

      That doesn’t make sense. If you check the Duodecim website, they don’t have the cards for FFV and FFXI, which we know have Gilgamesh and Prishe as new characters. (And Butz, Exdeath and Shantotto as returners.)

      I really don’t understand what they mean by “Final Trailer” when their own site doesn’t have all the information up.

      • Yeah I did notice that. I do hope they AT LEAST add a VI and IX character.

    • No it doesn’t mean that there wont be more chars just no trailers.

  • Firion’s third outfit is a tad underwhelming. Pity, but I’ll continue to play him anyway.

    If I don’t main Tifa or Yuna, that is. I’m so indecisive. :|

    • Obviously, Firion admires WoL’s horns.

    • As a fellow Firion player, I think you should stick with your first choice. (^__^)

  • 1. Fight Sephiroth with Cloud

    2. Choose Aerith as Assist

    3. Sephiroth uses Hell’s Gate

    4. Assist guard with Aerith

    5. Laugh

    • if that happen!!! it should be like a counter to only sephy where she does holy that would be awsome lol

  • If only Zack is there… Lol.. XD

    • Aerith: *casts Invincibility* “Good luck!”
      Cloud: “Thanks!”

      Oh wait.

      • I see what you did there…
        *Exbursts Heehee*

      • cloud: wait… aren’t i suppose to say something like “the power of soldier”…
        zack: i guess you remembered huh… ‘alright! here comes the big one’…


  • I don’t like the Emperor’s third form… He no longer looks like David Bowie as the Goblin King…. XD

    Seriously, that was the first thing I thought when I saw his Dissidia artwork… XD

  • Yui

    I was listening to the Crisis Core OST this morning and I realized that “Protection of the Stars” is one of the tracks from it. What an interesting reference. :D

  • I see Aerith is a powerful assist, now I know why Seph killed her before the last battle :D

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