Is Lightning Truly Happy? Final Fantasy XIII-2 Answers That Question

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 7:28pm

imageSpeaking with Famitsu, Motomu Toriyama said the end of Final Fantasy XIII had a lingering question is Lightning truly happy? Fans will find out in Final Fantasy XIII, which will give a clear answer. That wasn’t the main reason why the development team started Final Fantasy XIII-2. Toriyama said the primary reason was because many fans over the world voiced their desire for a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII.


Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International, the Xbox 360 version in Japan, shipped with a novella titled Final Fantasy XIII Episode i. Toriyama says this story, which shows the characters moving on to their regular lives, serves as a prequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2. At the end of that novella, Lightning is wandering in a dark world. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a different setting, but players will revisit the Final Fantasy XIII world in some way. While Final Fantasy XIII focused on the fal’cie Lindzei and Pulse, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is about Etro.


A certain event at the end of the game emotionally scarred the group. You will see Lightning and her comrades dealing with the aftermath. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will also feature a number of new characters. Toriyama asks fans to please wait for further information regarding them.


Producer Yoshinori Kitase reiterates Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have a serious direction, contrary to Final Fantasy X-2’s "go along your merry way" theme. The game begins with Cocoon in a fallen state, a setting that makes it impossible for the world to be peaceful. Toriyama believes Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have a dark and mysterious side compared to Final Fantasy XIII.


Another change is how Lightning is portrayed in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She had a rose motif in XIII. Feathers are used to symbolize how she is approaching to god in XIII-2. While Lightning may be more exposed, Toriyama jokes, he wants to preserve the noble and elegant feel she had from the previous game. Lightning now has more of a fantasy style with respect to her costume and weapon design.




Lightning’s new mission will come into conflict with the man shown in the teaser trailer. This man is strong enough to face Lightning, the hero that saved the world. Also from the teaser, Lightning is seen kneeling at a chair, which Toriyama teases will have a significant meaning in the game. Other Fabula Nova Crystallis games (XIII and Versus XIII) had an image of a protagonist sitting on a chair.


When Famitsu asked if players should retain their data from Final Fantasy XIII, Toriyama said currently the team is investigating if there will be some kind of bonus.


Toriyama stresses Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a new style of RPG he can’t wait to show people. This game has a number of changes including a revised travel system. Every nook and cranny is packed with people, which gives the feeling of a living world. Toriyama asks fans to please stay tuned for further news.

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  • People “all over the world” “asked” for a “sequel?”

    • PurpleDoom

      I don’t ever remember that happening, either… I’m personally excited since I liked the first game, though.

      • I’m just a bit dumbfounded. I didn’t think people wanted a X sequel either. It’s like the new saga of Code Geass. People were silently asking for a sequel in spite of the last episode that should have ended it all.

        • Aiddon

          it’s Toriyama, you expect the guy to make something new and fresh as well as being a competent writer? Maybe if the guy had ANY technical skills to speak of I could forgive him for being derivative

        • Zero_Destiny

          True I think the ending’s fine. Plus it’s actually good writing to leave stuff up in the air. Is Lightning happy? Who knows; you should decide for yourself, that’s the point I don’t want to be pandered to and sit through hours of narration to have everything I thought about a chara ruined. Just hope the game will turn out okay.

          • Honestly, I thought the ending was pretty much crying out for one, though. Not concerning Lightning’s happiness, though. That’s not really why I would’ve wanted to see one, but the fate of two of the characters really made me want to see some sort of sequel where they try to find some way to save them without killing everyone on Pulse.

          • Noxiouscale

            Many people forget that the people who comment on the internet are usually the minority. Many content or discontent people don’t use forums and polls to voice their opinions. Then there is also the factor that the game is released in more than one country and sold very well in all of them. Sales are the true survey not forums and article commenting sections.

          • @Noxiouscale – that’s very true. The majority of people I know in real life who absolutely loved XIII don’t post online about it. They don’t come here or GameFAQS or Kotaku, etc… In fact, most of them get their gaming news from me or other friends who do spend more time online than they do. It seems that the people who don’t like the game like to obsess about how much they hate it and will take every opportunity to shout down anyone who did enjoy it.

          • Aoshi00

            @Noxiouscale: Since when has a “numbered Final Fantasy” not sold well? Are you saying that games that sell well are automatically good? There are mediocre games that sell because they’re from a established franchise and many good games that deserve to sell well but didn’t because they’re new IPs. FF 13 falls into the former category. It simply means, “Final Fantasy will sell”. FF 13 was not an exception because it has the word FF and the number 13 in it in its title. This is the first FF to have HD graphics, many people waited long for this, it would’ve been a surprise if it didn’t [email protected] Lupula:Here’s reviews for FF13 on Amazon (373 4-5 stars, 303 1-3 stars), and those for Enslaved (82 4-5 stars, 4 1-2 stars). I wonder where the haters for Enslaved went, how come they’re not writing negative reviews on the net bashing it but only FF13. Guess you are the so called “vocal minority” when it comes to Enslaved? It’s funny every time I hear that term, as if the people who loved the game are denying the fact there’s an equal number of people hating that game. This entry has many faults, many people have explained logically what they didn’t like about the game but the blind worshipers just brushed it aside and refused to hear it, anyone who didn’t like the game are haters or the so called “minority”. Several of my friends couldn’t stand 13, but they didn’t post about it either..

          • @Charles Lupula Many of my friends loved it for a good while, until time went by and they realized that it wasn’t that great. They are looking forward to XIII-2 though.

          • Aoshi00

            Because it’s a Final Fantasy, we never learned do we :)? Cautious, but looking to 13-2 or VS13 as well, just like every time a numbered FF comes out (except MMOs)… *sigh*.. the powerful brand has us on a choke hold.. I still have to commend on the excellent Eng. localization of 12 & 13, some of the Jpn dialogue for 13 was just horrible (hence making the chars sound annoying) and have been improved in the US ver… I finally finished Oerba and got to Eden now playing the Eng ver on the 360 (easy mode is great for those unnecessarily long battles)

    • … Bullshit ??? :p

    • I didn’t ask for one, but I was certainly hoping for one after XIII.

      • I didn’t ask for one either I after XIII came out only a small amount asked afor a sequel but it wasn’t anything too big.

    • kupomogli

      If Square Enix was to do a poll “which Final Fantasy would you rather not have a sequel” I’m sure FF13 would be it. I think “people asked for a sequel” means “not enough people bought FF13 so we need to milk more money out of it somehow.”

      Square Enix took it that people not throwing their money at them meaning they want a sequel.

      • You, sir, are the master of hyperbole. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a very large number of people out there who did.

        • Testsubject909

          Just because a very large number of people out there did like it doesn’t mean this was their best choice for making a sequel. For the most part, this game divided the fanbase quite heavily and caused a lot of brouhaha.

          They most likely decided to make a sequel, not based out of the opinion of the people, but based off of the sales numbers. Consider how many people were disappointed by FF13, they’re going to be very relunctant to pick up FF13-2. Final Fantasy fans also have clear memories of the last Final Fantasy sequels we’ve had. FFX-2 and FF4 After Years. As well as the plethora of FF7 spin-off/prequels/sequels. The majority of them didn’t leave all that great a taste.

          As for those who did like FF13, considering they’re stating they’re “Fixing everything that was wrong with the game”. That might mean they’re going to change the gameplay itself, which in turn will alter either minutely or radically what gameplay people enjoyed out of it at the last few hours of the game for those who did enjoy the game in general.

          Meaning, it might not actually fit those who DID enjoy FF13, while it will also not likely reach out those who DIDN’T like FF13.

          Of course. The Final Fantasy name is still deeply engrained in gamers. We’re falling into this sort of violent abusive relationship, with all these loving memories of days gone by. And when it smacks us, gives us a black eye, the neighbours calls over the police and it’s about to take our gaming hubby away, we cry out to the police “But I LUuuuurve Him!” and we’re faced with the decision.

          Let the bastard go before he has another outbreak and breaks our trust, beats us over and over again and only go visit him with the kids when he’s proven he can be capable and stable (Check out the fanbase and reviews and videoclips to ensure the next FF is to our liking before buying it or renting it).

          Or blindly push away the police, call it off, lie through our teeth, feign ignorance but deep inside remember the horrible things it did to us, and hope that he never has another dark moment ever again.

          I for one, as a gamer of many years if not decades (2 to be exact), don’t enjoy being a little punching bag for abuse, and I long saw it coming that FF13 would be divisive for the community as well as out of my personal taste, what with it being a very tightly woven designer’s story with little personal impact upon the game which is more of a design and narrative flaw then it is due to the fact that it’s linear**.

          (** Linearity isn’t a fault really, if it would’ve been so kind as to not impose such arbitrary things as level limits, upgrade limits and the likes. The game would’ve felt far more personal for each. And though it is cute that it approaches fighting in a user-friendly manner, it takes away what little challenge Final Fantasy had to begin with and removes consequence as well which is deeply engrained in our gaming mentality and becomes a bit more of a mindless linear ‘sandbox’ for fighting to which our actions. The whole characters are dictated by your story till near end isn’t so bad, as proven by many other linear games and the age-old classic Final Fantasy 4 amongst it’s own series. But we nevertheless need space for our own personal input to matter moreso then just small minute variations over others. It’s somewhat similar as to what makes Fable 3 a horrible game, despite it’s large following… Ugh, the sanctuary… Whose bright idea was it to make THAT the menu?)

          With the grand variety of amazing games out there and many of which can be bought at the fraction of Final Fantasy 13’s price in a great variety of genre for many, many consoles, as well as the upcoming great heavy weights of gaming of which many titles has an incredible following (Mass Effect 3 and TES: Skyrim are obvious titles which are going to be great time sinks amongst many other).

          Final Fantasy 13-2 is going to need to do a LOT of things. Also, we haven’t had much proof in Squeenix’s ability of “fixing what’s wrong” about a game to date either. And as such, their statements need to be taken with a bit of salt, if not a lot. And for those who DID enjoy FF13, as I stated, that means they also need to take a bit of salt. After all, if they’re “fixing what’s wrong”, this might mean they’re removing what they themselves enjoyed…

          Keep up with the news, be patient, be wary, don’t get your expectations too high or else face the possibility of another great backlash amongst the gaming community…

          • I think you should work for a magazine instead of posting essays here. No offense; more like a suggestion.

          • You see, here’s the thing. You’re excited about Skyrim. I was absolutely bored to tears by Oblivion. I couldn’t even force myself to beat it, I thought it was such a crappy game. So, I have no interest in any of the Skyrim news.

            If you disliked Final Fantasy XIII so much, why are you bothering with commenting on XIII-2? If people want to be excited for the sequel to what I felt was one of the worst excuses for an RPG I’ve ever played (in the form of Oblivion), why would I bother trying to dampen their enthusiasm by writing a novel on a website comments section? You didn’t like it. Fine. Move on. You’re not going to buy XIII-2? Fine. Don’t buy it.

            I mean I could go into the fact that you seem to feel that the people who liked XIII only liked the last few hours, when in truth, many of us liked the game from beginning to end (in fact, I know a few people who said their only complaint was that they felt it got too open once it got to Pulse) or I could mention that saying they’re going to change an aspect of the gameplay could also mean something positive, but, instead, I’ll just tell you: Move on with your life. You’re not going to change anyone’s opinions and we’re not going to change yours. Accept it and focus on what you do like.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, I could count quite a few times you mentioned you disliked Enslaved as well while many people did like it. So why do you bother mentioning you didn’t like it, same deal. Chill, people are just saying no one really wanted or asked for this sequel, S-E did this due to ease and easy milking, not because it’s universally loved. If they really are giving fans what they “want” as they claim, we would be playing a FF7 remake right now. People are just pointing out Toriyama is in his lala-land, he might be more full of himself than Nomura. We know this is your 2nd favorite FF as you’ve stated numerous times, for many it’s probably the worst or 2nd worst, or somwhere in btwn. So let both sides shower it w/ praises or criticize it w/ reason. Is it truly that hard for you to contemplate this is the most divisive single player numbered FF ever?

          • Third favorite. FFX is my second favorite. IX is my favorite.

          • Testsubject909

            Who said I was excited about Skyrim?

            I just stated that it’s one of the heavy hitters. Some people like it. Personally I didn’t play much Oblivion. Have too many games to put a lot of time into such a highly open ended one like that…

            As for me writing a novel. That’s actually pretty much the average size of my comments aside from any quick one liner I make. They’re really my immediate reactionary thoughts on the spot as I’m reading either an article or another person’s commentary rather then one of the more thought out items out there.

            Dampening enthusiasm isn’t so bad, pending upon your goal. Honestly, I just want to dampen blind enthusiasm. If there’s something concrete that actually has you excited, then all the better. But blind enthusiasm can cause a lot of unfortunate backlash. Both in immediate dissapointment, heavy flaming and hating, a wave of immediate ignorant trashtalking and a generally heightened sensation of betrayal if the game doesn’t meet the imaginary standard a person places on a game.

            Some excellent games suffered from such impossibly high expectations. And at times, they actually do have a proper person to blame (Molyneux for example, for all of you who deeply believed in Fable and were quite disappointed as to how it failed to hit the mark… and maybe even made you question if it ever even aimed.)

            Also, I’m not removing the possibility that the changes can be good. Just applying some appropriate realism.

            And no, I probably won’t be giving up. I want to spread a bit more open mindedness and careful thought into the gaming community as a whole. That my words do not affect anyone is nothing short of a blatant lie. That it’s effect might not be immense is more accurate then anything else. Every comment counts, every person who adds to the attempt at spreading more wise consummerism and spread a more mature mentality into the gaming community provides all the more power towards said side as opposed to letting this relativism/emotivism go unchecked and lending more credence to a unification between both objective and subjective opinion hand in hand as opposed to a simple and plain war between both sides.

            I know that last paragraph kind of encompasses more then what I’ve been trying to get across here, but it is a part of what I do try to do most of the time. I’m still human, like anyone else, I can get excited or a bit dumb at times. But generally I do want gamers to be better people. And it’s never going to change unless I keep trying, and unless everyone else who keeps trying never gives up.

            Also, opinions don’t radically change, but they do alter with time and with every input. While I won’t immediately change, a barrage of events can alter my standings or my train of thoughts, which in the grand scheme of thing, of my entire life, will matter.

            I accept that and I do focus on what I do like. But I also focus on the long term, not just on pleasing my short term and my own personal ego. Though you are free to argue that my hard headedness on this matter is to please my own sense of pride and whatnot, and you probably wouldn’t be off target either. Still. I stand by what I’m saying, and it probably won’t push you to make a full 180 degree turn.

          • Testsubject909

            I will also note. Though I do advocate objectivity. I don’t immediately assume that subjectivity be removed entirely.

            It’s pretty much obvious that I don’t see Final Fantasy 13 in a positive manner, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll immediately start chastising people for not having the same opinion as myself. One can not like a game and be able to see both the positive and negative within it.

            Simply that, by certain standards set, one can determine whether a game is truly good, truly bad, or in certain cases, underwhelming, overwhelming, or unable to meet standards set by prior iteration of a game within it’s own series. As well as be able to notice certain actions that could’ve been taken to better the standing of a game.

            Like FF13… I seriously believe that if they would’ve announced “Fabula Nova Crystalis will be a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy series, a sort of unofficial Final Fantasy 13 if you will, which will start it’s own series. Followed by Fabula Nova Crystalis Versus and Fabula Nova Crystalis Agito.” That the community would’ve been far, FAR more forgiving and positive about the general experience.

            Final Fantasy 13’s main disadvantage was that it faced the expectations of millions which were set far too high, and many others who were seeking to see acts of redemption from Squeenix.

            But it is what it is. And for those who do dislike the game, like myself. There are things you can inform them about to abate their dislike/hatred. Simple honest information.

            Such as the two years they spent working on FF13 for the PS2, scrapped entirely as they restarted anew to make the game on the PS3.

            The creative differences that the people in the development process of the game had, causing it to be a bit of a mess within Squeenix headquarters as well.

            These two simple statement already provides ample excuse for FF13 to be given a bit more of a break by those who massively detest or abhor Final Fantasy 13.

            …And you know, about me writing novel-like comments… It’s quite incidental. Know what my initial intention was with this comment? To write that in my opinion, I didn’t like Final Fantasy 13, that it is the truth, but that it doesn’t mean that I can’t respect the fact that someone else does like it. But that the respect of another’s opinion is separate from my critical judgement of a game by itself on it’s own merits and failings.

            See where that got me, huh… *looks up at the crushing wall of text*

          • See I think the people who liked 13 are people who haven’t really played the old entries in the series where as people who have played the old entries don’t like 13 all that much because it takes away the very essence of what made Final Fantasy what it is today and that is exploring , character development and a great turn based battle system (which doesn’t feature an auto battle I might add). I think these are the problems as to why the FF community is divided right now…

          • Aoshi00

            S-E being the abusive husband lol.. such a perfect analogy.. I must admit, I wanted to swear off FF having been disappointed in the last decade, but yet the franchise still has such brand power… like VS13, I’ve been burned by 13 and 12 (to a lesser degree compared to 13, and 11 & 14 and don’t count), I swore I would wait till review before importing VS 13 day one for full price, yet I got suckered in again by the latest trailer again, it’s an urge that is hard to resist :(… “Please don’t arrest him officer! I just hit myself at the table corner. He promised he’d go sober and be nice to me *looks at wedding photo* ” *.*…

      • Or that some people actually *gasp* liked FF13 -_-

        • Testsubject909

          Some people will always like something. We’re six billion people in the world, maybe more, maybe less, it kind of fluctuates.

          The simple statement that SOME people liked or loved a certain item or activity is nothing short of an obvious statement.

          The problem here isn’t whether or not some people did or didn’t like FF13. It’s whether or not this was the proper path to take for Squeenix.

          Peek your head out of the cloud of hatred and the segregation of the Final Fantasy fanbase. What exactly do they gain from making a Final Fantasy 13 sequel? Why make a Final Fantasy 13 sequel?

          For one thing, it would require far less effort then actually making an entirely new Final Fantasy, and despite some statements critical failure it received (Critical as in criticism and reviews here) it nevertheless sold well. The attitude of the majority of Final Fantasy fan is oddly similar to Otakus in Japan, that is, highly hopeful and ready to pour money in despite their better judgement, often led by nostalgia and blind hope or just the need to remain on the edge of gaming entertainment, with Final Fantasy having used to set themselves as the usual standard for JRPGs in the western world.

          A sequel thus creates a quick manner of doing multiple things:

          1: Attempt to make a quick profit, this profit could be seen as a variety of things for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re trying to make up for a bad fiscal year. Perhaps they’re trying to make up the loss for Final Fantasy 14. Perhaps they’re just being greedy and want more money. Maybe they’ll invest this money on other higher profile game or niche favorites or maybe they’re judging whether or not Final Fantasy 13 truly was the supposed critical failure that some critics states.

          2: Clean up past mistakes. Perhaps they’re trying to clean up the mess they made what with dividing the fan around. Perhaps they’re focusing on pleasing the people they did catch with Final Fantasy 13, rather then making an entire overhaul, instead refining what they have to answer the positive fanbase as opposed to answering the woes of the negative fanbase. The cheaper, more cost and time efficient answer would most likely be to pander to the positive fanbase, so long so as they can make a good profit off of it.

          3: Judge the market, test the waters. See what does and doesn’t work and risk alienating more people or miraculously gaining back it’s fanbase. They’ve already had a bit of a smack in the face with FF14, and so long as the sequel sells well, they can gather up the data, despite either positive or negative review. It IS still a Final Fantasy title, so you know millions of fans will nevertheless pick it up. They can also better gauge the popularity of some of their characters as well to better determine how to build their next games.

          There’s probably more reasons out there. But that’s all I can think up in the rough eight minutes I’ve spent writing this up… Yeah, I type freaking fast.

          • Well I think it is a good move for them to do a sequel instead of wasting time with halfhearted efforts of two games released Mindjack and Front Mission Evolved.

          • Testsubject909

            It is a good move in general for them financially, yes. There’s no doubt there.

            Production cost is probably lesser, they’ve already got a lot of resources that they can re-use for this game so the development time is probably cut down heavily as well as the money spent rendering characters.

            Also, they do have a fanbase to make use of, and it being a Final Fantasy title, it will sell by name only if anything else.

            But investing more into FFVersus 13 would also be a good idea. There’s more hope in that title then there is in a sequel for 13. Though as I suggested, perhaps they’re fishing for a quick cash in to better fund their other long term projects.

            Who knows. For that answer, we’d need an insider as well as a business analyst amongst other things.

          • @Testsubject909 I cant really imagine what more investing they could do in Versus XIII. I assume they already have budgetted for that game accordingly and are nurturing it for release. The later they wait, the bigger the base of consumers who own the systems, and perhaps the better the economy gets. Or maybe they dont want to release both Versus and Type-0 in the same year (didnt they always say Versus would come last)?

          • Thing is those weren’t developed internally at Square-Enix they where outsourced to outside developers so yea…

    • badmoogle

      I don’t like the sequel/prequel idea for main FF games but if i had to choose one i’d choose XII.
      In my opinion it’s the FF that suffered the most from the changes in development and it left many plotholes.I think XII’s story deserved a much better treatment.Otherwise the game was brilliant.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Rather have the next installment over a sequel too. There was the Ivalice Alliance, but yeah it didn’t really give a sequel for say. And with XII there was the whole Basch=main chara No wait his “sidekick” Vaan who has no reason to be in the game after like 10 hours should be the main chara because no one wants to be a 30 year old man lol. But besides some stuff like that I don’t think the story in XII suffered too much. On par with the other Final Fantasies I;d say.

        • badmoogle

          I have played through XII only once and i don’t remember the plot very well now but i do remember that when i finished it,it left me with many questions.However the aspect that i think suffered the most in that game was its characterization.You didn’t care about the characters at all,and they all felt to me a bit lifeless.I think Matsuno’s departure played a huge role in that department and the changes had a negative domino effect to all other characters.
          But all in all even with its plotholes and disappointing characterization,its gameplay made it a worthwhile experience and i had huge expectations for the next entry in the series.Unfortunately FFXIII was a big step backwards for me in almost everything except graphics and art direction.

          • Testsubject909

            I have a friend, whom I backseat gamed as he played my copy of FF12 (I have a lot of games to finish. a LOT. So I do enjoy it when I can just relax, sit back and watch someone else play while I play advisor and watchdog for danger. Plus, it’s an entertaining form of out-of-game co-op too.)

            Now, we play Pen and Paper RPGs. You know the type. Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, White-Wolf’s Exalted/Scion/World of Darkness/Vampires: The Masquerade-Requiem/Mage: The Awakening. That sort of stuff.

            Typically, he enjoys playing one specific type of character.

            The good guy fighter, big muscles, okay looking, with a sword or swords.

            His commentary about Final Fantasy’s characters as he went halfway through the game (By the way, I personally honestly lost interest in the game’s characters and story about 2/3 of the way of him playing through.)

            His statement. “These characters are one-dimensional”.

            And you know what? From what I had witnessed and eventually lost any interest in while he was playing. I have to say… I have nothing to disagree about. I’ve seriously just gotten to a point where I just went into a semi-unconscious haze whenever he started playing the game. And the Gambit system didn’t help the game too much in terms of making it interesting if you ask me. (We’re the type who enjoy doing some direct input as opposed to making use of Macros, to give you an idea whilst using PC gaming as a reference.)


            Not saying the game’s bad. Just some of the mechanics I found a bit bleh. And up to where we were in the game. Which I’m guessing halfway as he basically played three days straight at my place and did some of the sidequests before abruptly quitting and never picking the title up again.

            It’s just that we didn’t find it griping on our end. I can see the merit in the gameplay, but it just wasn’t for him, and I myself have not been compelled to pick it up… Especially not considering the fact that I have to both buy and unlock the ability to equip a HAT or a RING…

    • Roses4Aria

      Lol! Yeah, I wondered about that statement myself. I mean, I’m one of the ones who liked the game, but I have to say I never even THOUGHT about a sequel, much less asked for one. I admit I was rather dissatisfied with the ending, so maybe this will resolve that and some of the other criticisms fans had. Keeping my fingers crossed that this game isn’t a huge mistake…

    • Testsubject909

      I think the actuality of it was. A lot of people all over the worled asked for a new “Numbered Final Fantasy”.

      Meaning, the outcry for Final Fantasy 15. Personally I just want them to stop using Final Fantasy at all and just make a spiritual spin-off to start anew while also dragging along the Final Fantasy fans into the new bandwagon, which they had the chance with the interesting name Fabula Nova Crystalis which itself is a beautiful name that could’ve started a wonderful new franchise while simultaneously provided FF13/FNC a far more forgiving audience but apparently they take too much trust into the name as opposed to the ‘spirit’ which itself would’ve captured all the fans into this new series in which they would’ve had even more room for experimentation, the freaking twats…

      um… Where was I again?

      Oh yes. Final Fantasy 15. They probably took the outcry for that as an outcry for a sequel…

  • I am so glad Square Enix listens to fans comments. Now if they just listen to the cries for yet another entry in the Star Ocean series, that would be awesome (preferably on the powerful consoles) because that is awesome, epic game series.

    But anyway, dude just needs to tell me if Hope is going to be playable! Im dying to know!! (now that it would alter me getting the game, but still, it would be great to know if my protagonists returns). Oh well, this game is gonna litrally rock my socks off, lol, day 1 baby day 1! They need to announce the release date fast!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Never underestimate Sawada’s Black hole like pockets.
      Also Star Ocean is made by Tri-Ace not Square and likewise Square only became attached to it because of their merger with Enix. Sadly Tri-Ace games haven’t done too well this gen either :( So yeah …

      • PrinceHeir

        just make Valkyrie Profile 3 Hrist Tri Ace and all will be good :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          :c If only it was that easy. It’ll cost money to make that game for something like PS3/XBOX 360 a lot of money. Money that doesn’t grow on trees. Not to mention as much as I love both Valkyrie Profiles (didn’t care for DS game since it was just a tactical game and not a main one) they really only have a cult status even among niche players. Don’t think it’ll push the right numbers. DARN games and their expensive development nowadays. Now I just have to hope it won’t cost too much to make’em for the 3DS/PSP2(or whatever people want to call it). The world still needs Tri-Ace!!!

          • PrinceHeir

            well niche developers can make games on wii since it’s much more cheaper and accessible to more people(wii is the fastest selling console on the market this gen), but the problem with the wii is it’s audience, sure there are gamers like us who buy great games in the wii but majority of the owners never even bother those unless it’s mario or wii fit. seriously how many so called wii owners bought No More Heroes? House of the Dead, Other M, Tatsunoko vs Capcom? wii already has 70 million owners that’s at least 1/4 of the PS2 sales, i would at least expect games to sell around 100,000-250,000 but that’s not the case.

            oh well i fear japan will concentrate too much on handhelds(which is not bad) due to high cost development of consoles. and maybe churn out a console game or 2. but i want some console games too, that’s where the wii comes in. developers can easily make a game without worrying about development costs

            i just want Valkyrie Profile 3 Hrist and a sequel to End of Eternity. come on Tri-Ace make it happen :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            I have no More Heroes lol And I love Tatsunoko vs Capcom I play it at my friend’s house all the time. Plan to get it on the cheap (but What the hell Tatsunoko? No Macross? Worst part of that game lol). House of the dead pwns too reminds me of the Dreamcast days. I hear you on wanting Valkyrie Profile 3 though. But might I suggest Resonance of Fate? You can get it on the cheap like $20 and I think it’s even cheaper on Amazon. It’s classic Tri-Ace goodness too. Might help you hold over your hunger for Valkyrie Profile 3.

          • PrinceHeir

            well i actually have Resonance of Fate(called End of eternity in japan) ^^

            well im currently playing Xenosaga Episode II Disc 2 right now so yeah im good with the JRPG games.

            on a unrelated note, should i play the first 4 orginal dot hack games? or should i go straight to GU? since dot hack is to big of a series, i wonder if i should just stick to GU, since it’s more fleshed out not to mention i can’t afford those 4 games, they cost like $80 New O_O

          • Zero_Destiny

            Weirdly enough I never got into (dot) Hack. Hated the show it didn’t make sense to me. So never got into the games.I just suggest getting XenoSaga III before it becomes too expansive. Knowing Namco I’d bet they didn’t print too many copies of it. lol sorry

          • epy

            Even as a big .hack fan, I have trouble reccomending the first 4 games. The story is excellent but spread out thin through 4 games that should have been just 1 or 2 at most and the gameplay will get repetitive. However, G.U. is fantastic and you will get much more enjoyment out of it if you play the first four.

          • Dude, lol, what? Nintendo said it would cost as much as it takes to develop games for the Wii (a console) for the 3DS, if not more. The high cost of yesterday is going to be the normal cost of today for the handhelds. I cant imagine the games they are making in JPN to even cost that much to make spare the amount Square Enix spends on their main games.

            In your list you include Other M but leave off Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Kirby Epic Yarn? Why? You make the Wii landscape sound grimmer than it really is. There are over 79 games (clearly not just from Nintendo) on the Wii that sold over 1 mln units, (DS at 114…). And why would they make a console game if they expect it to sell 100-250K units, didnt Sakura Wars Wii sell that lowly in the US and that was considered disappointing sales…

          • lol that’s one of the disadvantages about being a sales person for video games. Most people who buy the Wii aren’t real gamers, but mostly casuals or just parents/grandparents buying something for their children. So most of the games bought are Mario, fitness, sports, family related, maybe~ TV cartoon/live action shows (Spongebob, Avatar, Naruto, iCarly), and a small handful of the board games turned video games. RPGs/action games/etc like Fragile, No More Heroes, etc don’t cater to the multi-player aspect that kids and parents/grandparents are looking for. Hence why good titles miss out on decent sales here in America.

            For instance, my boyfriend got his nephews a Wii for Christmas, because he knows his nephews love Mario Kart and Mario Party. So he got the red Wii with the New Super Mario Bros game that came with it. They play Wii Sports, Mario Bros, and Mario Kart everyday for a few hours. But he’s educating his sister and brother-in-law about the shop to download other games, so it’s not just for the two brats. XD

          • PrinceHeir


            ohh i see? the reason im skeptic about it since it’s a total of 7 games if im gonna play the series, not to mention i have tons of backlog games to play.

            guess i’ll just stick to GU though, i can’t afford all 7 games not to mention the first 4 games are too damn expensive(NEW)

            did you finish all 7?

          • PrinceHeir


            that is why i said many japanese developers are focusing on handheld(i should have put PS3/Xbox 360 as examples of console high development costs) they can go the wii route but since games don’t usually sell well(even though they are tons of people own a wii) they’ll focus on handheld games instead. sure the handheld development cost may just be the same as wii, but at least they can make profit on it(as given in the sales charts here)

            you do know i only made some examples right? i didn’t even put Little King Story, Fragile, Silent Hill SM, Pikmin,and others. i didn’t list every good-great wii game here, another is that i haven’t even played those so i can’t make a judgement here. i only listed games that didn’t sell well, im sure these games you mention sold better compared to my list. since they are nintendo franchises.

            that is why if there gonna make another sakura game, it’s surely gonna be on the handhelds. im not dissing the handhelds at all. i just want a balance of the two

          • PrinceHeir

            @Aunna Terrell

            oh well i heard it’s also similar in japan(Xenoblade not selling good) and No More Heroes selling lowly than US. i kinda wish the wii was given the same treatment as the PS2. that way we can also have japan’s goodies like The Last Story and Xenoblade(hopefully despite lower sales of Xenoblade, we can still get them)

            that’s pretty cool actually, that way they can be gamers who know what to play ^^ i also think he should recommend games like Little King Story ^^ and shop VC games like Cave story :D

            do you also play consoles games as well as handheld games Aunna?

          • PrinceHeir

            @Zero Destiny

            well i have seen one copy brand new seal in a local store here, but it costs like $125 they also sell imports from Japan like vesperia and Yakuza Kenzan, im still gonna buy it though, since i know it’s gonna be hard to find a new one(well online shops like amazon and ebay might be good) but i’ll just take what i can see since im 100% it’s sealed ^^

          • @PrinceHeir the point I was trying to make was that the cost to develop for the NGP and the 3DS will be similar to that of the home consoles, so the difference isnt as drastic as youre making it seem where they are truly saving money going the handheld route in the future, so I doubt “developmental cost” is the driving factor in choosing in the future to develop for the handhelds; maybe it would be more along the lines of which is more popular with the fanbase, though wouldnt they stay with consoles which already has a large install base versus a new system, am I right.

            “Developing a game for the Nintendo 3DS might cost between 50 million and 150 million yen (approximately $600,000 – $1.8 million USD).

            According to data collected by CESA (organizers of the Tokyo Game Show), Japanese developers spent between 4.4 million and 43.9 million yen ($53,000 – $527,000) per DS title last year. PSP games cost between 3 million and 59.2 million yen ($36,000 – $710,000).

            Beyond the handhelds, these 3DS estimates are more in line with what developers spend on home console games. Wii games cost as much as 116 million yen ($1.4 million), while PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games ran as high as 250 million yen ($3 million)///

          • Yup~ I do play handhelds too. But I’m strictly RPG-only, with a few exceptions. But I rarely ever play my DS & PSP, mostly because the chargers go missing most of the time. lol

          • PrinceHeir


            well thanks for the info and i get what your saying. but i think handhelds will still outweigh consoles in japan, we already seen what Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest and Pokemon can do in japan. we barely see console games at the top of the charts unless it’s Mario, Zelda(i think?) and Final Fantasy.

            oh well as long as we get a balance of the two i think it’s all good ^^

          • PrinceHeir

            @Aunna Terrell

            oh i see, have you played Xenosaga? im playing it right now Episode II Disc 2.

            btw who is the girl in your avatar? i feel i have seen it before?

          • Yes, I’ve played 1 & 2, and parts of 3. I enjoyed the series. ^^ But it’s also on my backlog list atm, since I want to replay Xenosaga, as well as other RPGs that I’ve never played or haven’t finished.

            And it’s Clare from Magna Carta 2 on the 360. lol I love Hyung-tae Kim’s artwork.. even if most of his women have melon-sized breasts. Her outfit is beautiful~ lol *is such a girl*

          • PrinceHeir

            @Aunna Terrell

            awesome :)

            lol it surely looks like from Magna Carta 2 with the long legs and such :P

            im already at the end of disc II, i’ll play it later this night :)

          • try half of the PS2’s sales dude lol. As far as the titles you stated most of those you stated still did pretty well (obviously not all million sellers but) atleast in the 100,000 to 750,000 range which isn’t bad at all.

        • Yui

          Dear god, no, don’t! Tri-Ace games have been disastrous this generation, don’t let them ruin VP too! :(

          • PrinceHeir

            they made End of Eternity that’s good enough for me :)

            let’s give them a chance shall we? ^^

          • Yui

            I wish I could agree, but…

            Star Ocean 4. :(

            LYMLE. ;_;

            Lymle was an unforgivable gaming sin. I cannot forgive them for that. It is unforgivable!!!! >_<

          • @Yui – I don’t get all the hate towards the Star Ocean characters. I had no problem with Lymle, no problem with Meracle, and I don’t understand why people don’t understand that Sarah is supposed to be annoying. You didn’t notice all the other characters wondering what her problem was constantly? The only character who started to get on my nerves a bit was Edge, and that was only in the middle of the story, when he got a bit whiny about a particular action he did, but that attitude didn’t even last the whole game.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada Right above me is an example of what I was telling you earlier (no offense Yui, not dissing you or anything)

          • Yui

            No worries, I’m used to being dissed, as it were. Being the devil’s advocate and whatnot. ;P

            Now, what I am curious about is what exactly it is you mean. Care to enlighten me? :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Yui I told Sawada that Tri-Ace has been in some trouble lately and they’ve gotten some flak from their fans is all. Not hating on you or anything lol.
            edit: lol For your other question: for some reason the Reply func only goes so far so everyone just replies to someone else close by so it’s easy to see. But in a case like this we’ve ALL commented way too much and it’s a mess lol

          • Yui

            I think this is the perfect way to promote discussion, yo. With a complete mess, sorta like a real conversation. ;P

            And yeah, you’re right – I shouldn’t be giving Tri-Ace such a hard time, because so many of their games in the past (SO, SO2, SO3, the VP series, probably a lot of others I can’t remember) have been so good. But SO4 was going relatively well for me until Lymle came along, and since then I’ve just been in a state of shock, you know? So it’s hard not to despise Tri-Ace. :D

          • I liked Star Ocean: The Last Hope a lot and I absolutely loved Resonance of Fate. Tri-Ace, at least, the last year have been great.

          • Yui

            In relation to both your comments, Charles Lupula, Resonance of Fate I enjoyed quite a bit. No problems with that game. But Infinite Undiscovery was god-awful, and frankly, Lymle got on my nerves from the moment her character was introduced, with her voice, and her lines, and her design, and everything about her. Edge, I quite liked, but the rest of the cast just made me angry. ;_;

            On my lists, she’s the worst character of any game ever made. I would be willing to love Tri-Ace if they’d only made one mistake, but…two out of three major failures ain’t right when it costs me upwards of £50. :(

            EDIT: Also, the way everyone has laid out their posts in this thread is confusing. Is there any chance you can clarify why you responded to PrinceHeir, but targeted me? That’s like shouting at someone while you’re glaring at someone else and then saying they’ve done nothing wrong and you mean the other guy when they ask you why you’re glaring at them. :D

          • I never played Infinite Undiscovery, as I don’t have a 360, so I can’t judge that game.

            As for how I am responding, at a certain point, the threads stop letting you reply anymore, so I have to reply within the last post it allows me to do so in.

          • Yui

            I’m awfully glad I come back and regularly check these threads, then, so I don’t miss out on your posts. :D

            I wouldn’t recommend it. But as I said to Zero, I probably am being far too hard on Tri-Ace, so maybe I’ll cut them some slack. Thank you for pointing out that I was being unreasonable. :D

          • I don’t know i’d Resonance of Fate didn’t too bad as a new IP from them…its got quite a cult following honestly…

          • Yui

            I’d agree with you there. I enjoyed Resonance of Fate, and a great many others did too. Problem is, 1 for 3 is a terrible hit-to-miss ratio at this point, when it comes to how I (as a generic consumer) spend money. You know? :D

      • What do you mean, Square Enix owns the property so therefore they can demand that another one be made.

        • Zero_Destiny

          There’s no reason for them to demand it since sales aren’t so great :( Likewise even if SE has Tri-Ace they can still have games be published by other companies like Resonance of Fate being published by SEGA. So if Tri-Ace loses money it can go bye-bye. And I’d be sad to see it happen. Star Ocean wouldn’t be the same without it’s 3 Aces.

          • Who even said the series lost a lot of money, I havent seen anything to even say the series had disappointing sales 4 was even given an international version). Since Tri Ace is still around then they are not in a position in which their games havent been selling well. I never saw where RoF and Star Ocean games had not great sales…just because it didnt pull FFXIII numbers doesnt mean not great.

          • Zero_Destiny

            No no no. The Star Ocean series is doing OK. The last one didn’t pull the numbers they wanted (hence why they ported it over to the PS3 to get more profit [a move pulled straight out of Namco’s book lol]) but it did well enough. Tri-Ace as a company has been losing money thou. There recent games like Infinite Undiscovery, and Resonance of Fate didn’t do too well in sales and they’ve taken some flak from their fans. Sadly many reviewers and gamers alike seemed to dis Star Ocean 4 too :( I personally didn’t like Infinite Undiscovery but Resonance was fun and it’s sad that many pushed it aside. Star Ocean without Tri-Ace just wouldn’t work for me.

          • @Zero_Destiny
            Can’t really fault Tri-Ace much with Infinite Undiscovery. It’s not a bad game, truthfully. But IU was totally not their baby from the start. It was a game that was created by another company and SE just brought the rights to complete and release the finalized game. So, I personally believe you can’t really compare IU to actual Tri-Ace standards/games.

          • @Zero_Destiny I thought the article posted on this site said that Star Ocean Last Hope met the expectations of the fans that were polled. Perhaps the vocal opinions opinions youre reading are not conducive of the opinion of the total people who bought the game. I thought it was just ported for the sake of it and having it already done. I dont think they ported it because sells were bad but because it was just easy to do, required minimal effort. Third parties shouldnt be releasing exclusives to be honest, thats like leaving money unclaimed in this day and age. Tri Ace barely releases games as it is…

  • I’ll make Lightning happy. *wink*

    • I don’t think Lightning will be happy, let alone not chopping your “gunblade” in half. ;)

  • Who’s the Fal’cie Lindzei?

    • If I recall from the mythology in FFXIII’s database, it was some evil god that made Cocoon and lured people from Gran Pulse in.

  • one major gripe solved

    every nook and cranny is filled with people so there is probably towns

    • PurpleDoom

      It could work story-wise too, since the entire world isn’t out to get them now. I want some proper sidequests, personally.

  • PrinceHeir

    why is lightning crying at the pic? :(

    i’ll make her happy :P

    on a serious note hopefully we get to know more about her past, i remember the concept of XIII that Lightning was only a code name and that she lost her memories due to an incident, guess they change that in the final game.

    • if you played 13 I believe they do mention her real name if i’m not mistaken…

  • Fonic

    Maybe I missed something but other than the datalog I don’t recall Lindzei even being mentioned in the first game let alone focused on.
    Glad they’re focusing heavily on Lightning since she was my favorite of the bunch.

  • joesz

    Spensa,can you edit the main headline and add into “contains spoiler for the people who did not finish FF XIII” or something like that:)

    • lol dude what? Isnt it pretty much assumed that the whole essence of the sequel is a spoiler for those that didnt finish FFXIII?

      • tr1gun1212

        This is the most insightful thing you have ever said. You are completely right.

      • joesz

        I don’t know how should I explain this to you..but there’s some peoples who didn’t finish it and wanted to know what it features,..etc without having the story spoiled on them.actually I think that atleast 50%of Siliconerians didn’t finish it and clicked on this.

        • kupomogli

          How many percent of those 50% actually want to finish it is the real question.

      • lol I haven’t even started FFXIII and reading all the FXIII-2 news. >.>;

        • kupomogli

          You’re so lucky. I wish I could say I haven’t started FF13. I advise you to stay away form it.

          • lol I just haven’t really felt like playing a RPG for awhile now. XD I felt like playing like maybe 10 minutes for a simple hack n’ slash and not really a long RPG for awhile now (especially thanks to playing FFXI atm). It’s on the “things to play on the PS3” list with all my other games. XD That.. plus my boyfriend hogs the TV for CoD on the 360. lol

            I’m not like most video game fans tho.. I give all RPGs games a try and like many things about some of them. XD So, knowing me, there’s gonna be something about the game that I’m gonna like when I play it.. but at the moment, not really feeling like playing a console RPG. Tho.. I gotta get back into WKC soon. XDD

    • Some of the spoilery bits were cut out and there was a warning right on the front page….

      • joesz

        I didn’t really see that in the mini bar.But anyways,I apologize For any inconvenience.

        But I think that you have the ability to make this interview sound and look spoilerless.
        I’m sure that there’s a lot of people who didn’t finish the game,But wanted to know the new features in the sequel.even though that the avatar of the article already spoiled it for them.
        Sorry,I’m just to deep into this:)

        • Out of respect for people that haven’t beat Final Fantasy XIII, I already cut out the major spoiler-ish parts when translating it so it can be read with only minor spoilers.

          But, on the other hand if this would be entirely spoilerless we wouldn’t be able to talk about the story details and setting, which I believe people want to read.

          I’m not sure I understand the “avatar of the article.” Those are the same images Square Enix used for the teaser trailer and so forth. They don’t show anything aside from Lightning’s new look.

          I think in this case (as with many) readers have to decide how much they want to be informed about a particular topic. Our goal is to provide as much information as we can so everyone has a choice on how informed they want to be.

  • joesz

    I really have to get this on day 1,it just sounds very interesting:)
    And Lighting’s attire is very awesome and elegant.Its better then that half Jedi uniform.

  • gatotsu911

    It saddens me that this would be the driving question behind a goddamn video game.

  • NoElixirs

    As I said before, I’m confident they will deliver this time. They are certainly aware of their shortcomings and that’s all right. The team behind this title must have learned from their mistakes especially being their first foray into the PS3.

    • Mmmmm wait, where have I heardd that before? Oh yeah, FFXIV.

    • tr1gun1212

      That’s just what they want us to think. It is hard for anyone to believe that the sequel would be terrible as well – surely they would have learned? This is where their true genius lies…

    • kupomogli

      Being their first PS3 title doesn’t mean anything, atleast where you’re coming from. If there were bugs and glitches then yes it’d be understandable, but not when the game sucks because of how ridiculously bad the gameplay was.

      The system is hard to develop for so they can’t make a good gameplay system yet they happened to make a game with some of the best graphics of any game available? Here’s a break down of the FF13 development process in my opinion. A month of the development time set aside for gameplay, a month of story planning, and everything else was put into making the graphics look good.

      • NoElixirs

        You’ve managed to miss my whole point if you believe it being their first title has nothing to do with it. You’re especially far off since bugs and glitches have little do with my originally statement. Rather than state specifically *why* the game ‘sucks, you proceed with blatant and shallow statements. 8/

        I find it funny when someone ends up trying decipher their production process when there’s nothing to unearth really. Before making statements, think about downloading their PUBLIC GDC File on GDCVault which explains their production process and workflow. People are acting as if they’re concealing information or it’s not something they were planning from the beginning which is utterly incorrect.

  • Darkrise

    When I read the first half of the title “Is Lightning Truly Happy?” I thought “No, not after what happened in XIII with the complaints” which= a sequel so that she BE happy =D. But seriously, I’m looking forward to this =P.

  • “Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International, the Xbox 360 version in Japan, shipped with a novella titled Final Fantasy XIII Episode i.”

    Awesome…12 000 people know what happened there if everyone else was avoiding spoilers/youtube
    What a genius Wada is to release this version in Japan on the 360 only
    12 000 sold units for a Final Fantasy…AWESOME RIGHT WADA?FUCK YOU!

    • Aoshi00

      To be fair, w/o buying the separate Episode Zero prologue novel, the PS3 owners missed out on the intended “complete” experience as well (it was made into 3 drama CDs after all). The short Episode i was interesting describing how everyone felt at the end (more melodrama), but nothing important for those who’ve finished the game, compared to Episode Zero, there was nothing about how Cocoon and Gran Pulse would turn out. You didn’t miss anything. But it was a really well made hard cover booklet w/ artwork/novella/unreleased scenarios.

    • Yea I found that pretty funny as well LOL

  • Extra_Life

    Can’t wait for this, I really did want to carry on after the final cutscene of XIII and see how the world develop after the events of XIII.

  • I am happy there is going to be a sequel, as I thought XIII was one of the better Final Fantasy games and I did want to see the story continue from where it left off, but Lightning’s happiness is pretty much the last thing I was concerned about at the end of XIII.

  • Guest

    It is strange that the primary reason is as they stated. If the fans were that influential there would be a proper sequel to FFVII that wasn’t a movie, spin off, or prequel. The game sounds more appealing than the original from this information anyways.

    • That’s very true. Personally, I think the ending of Dirge of Cerberus certainly left things open for a FFVII-2, which would hopefully be the end of that series.

      • Crisis Core told the story of Zack pretty well but i do agree in that VII remade and possible sequel for VII should still be considered down the road if they really where listening to the fans (of course i’d like to see a remake of VI as well).

  • There is 6 Billion people in the world… -.-. Lightning looks as fine as ever :3. I want a sequel.

  • badmoogle

    “Toriyama stresses Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a new style of RPG he can’t wait to show people. This game has a number of changes including a revised travel system. Every nook and cranny is packed with people, which gives the feeling of a living world.”

    Sounds good!
    However if it was an independent game that had nothing to do with XIII it would have been even better.

  • amagidyne

    While I’m skeptical about any FF sequel, every change he’s describing sounds like a step in the right direction. Cautious optimism mode activated.

  • As long as they fix the atrocious gameplay that XIII had and flesh out a better story (and characters ugh), and make it so people understand wtf is going on without reading a synopsis or that datalog crap, then I will gladly buy it. At the moment, I’m still skeptical.

    • Testsubject909

      Isn’t that basically “Fix everything other then the graphics”?

    • Dude, lol, what are you talking about? As we said previously the datalog basically stated everything you already learned through cutscenes. If one didnt pay attention to the cutscenes then it isnt the games loss that they put a datalog in place. The loading screen even reiterates what the datalog said.

      Lastly when one thinks of atrocious gameplay, Im quite sure FFXIII is far from the first game that comes to mind. What made it atrocious?

      • Aoshi00

        Actually, you do not learn from the cutscenes much of the background and history of Cocoon and Gran Pulse, how the locales/chars fit w/ one another or how the events piece together chronologically unless you check the datalog every time it updates. It is imperative to constantly check it in order to get the full experience (some datalog bits briefly mention the contents in the Episode Zero prologue novel). I remember skipping the datalog for the most part when I played the Jpn ver because I thought they’re just summaries more or less, so reading it is just redundant (like Professor Layton’s summaries which I only read occasionally but it’s not a necessity), not so, as the game itself did not tell the story and elaborate the events sufficiently (since they illuminiated the events backwards like the movie Memento). If they have done a good job, the datalog wouldn’t even be needed like all the previous FFs. Compared to say FFX, player learned about the history and culture of the Spira by visiting towns and interacting w/ the people who inhabit in that world, instead of requiring you to read that information on a separate screen, player experience everything that world offers thru “gameplay”. Datalog is a kind of presentation, but feels more like visual novel.

        As for atrocious, some people missed the bigger world (not being forced to walk in a line), exploration, air ship, sidquests, full control of party, towns, NPCs, etc, things that people have grown to like or be associated w/ in a FF or RPG, which are missing in FF13. If you don’t expect those things, FF13 is enjoyable, for what it is. There are pros and cons for 13, it depends which outweighs which when it comes to liking the gameplay/presentation or not.

        • I dont think understanding the story really required one to read the datalogs, if they were focused, the same as other games have journal features that go into great detail but one doesnt need to read them to know what is going on.

          I dont think those should be to the fault of the game but rather the fault of the person; meaning, they should have kept their expectations in check and judged the game for itself. Since the FF isnt seeming to be a large continuity then one should be aware that the game could have had changes that were contrary to that which the previous games had.

          • Aoshi00

            Nope personally I think the datalog was paramount in terms of helping one understand the story/locales/chars. My 2nd playthru was much more enjoyable after I read all the datalog entries every step of the way and reading the prologue novel. Most other game journal features are not required for you to enjoy the game, they only enhance your experience, like say Xenosaga which has many many sci-fi terms that just fly over your head (like the l’cie falcie mystery mumbo jumbo, especially more so for Jpn players).Actually it is S-E’s fault for overhyping this game for years, they were totally banking on the brand of FF, which comes w/ high expectation, otherwise how could they have sold those millions, it’s because again it has the word “final fantasy” and a number in its title. If they didn’t name this FF13, or didn’t call this a Final Fantasy at all, people might be a lot more receptive of this game as a new IP, but then it wouldn’t have sold as many copies. The series was never continuous, but people certainly expected more than the barebone experience that 13 had offered.Again, if the datalog was not needed in helping the player understand the order of events/history/char relationships, it wouldn’t even been in there in the first place, or they would’ve been made into cutscenes or further incorporated into the regular flow of gameplay, instead of being disruptive text needing you to open the screen constantly and checking the updates. I say if one wants to get the full experience of the game, do not skip the datalog at all and check it every time you see that exclamation mark flashing, alerting you to “read it”.But as I have learned, it is good to be cautiously optimistic now when it comes to S-E and FF, instead of counting on each one being a great entry. They are trying to hype VS13 and Type 0 w/ the new trailers now. And keep your anticipation in check? Are you sure you’re the person to give such advice when you’re always super enthusiastic about anything and everything w/ your “Day 1”?If they don’t want people to have high expectation and compare to the standard set by the past FFs, then man up and don’t call the new games Final Fantasy and take advantage of such brand recognition and blind purchase, then people would not see it as a Final Fantasy, and we’ll see how they sell, like other new IPs.

          • Look I think the consensus problem people had with FF13 is that it lacked some of the main features that Final Fantasy has always been know for I think that’s always been the main gripe about 13 with everyone that doesn’t really like 13…

          • Well considering I entered the Final Fantasy series with the lackluster FFXII, and the phenomenal Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games, I guess I am not able to grasp that which were main features of previous Final Fantasy games.

        • Could not have said it better…

  • what I’m most shocked about is how Lightning and co are emotionally scarred by


    Fang and Vanille turning to crystal.

    Honestly didn’t expect the gang to have such a close bond after only a few days.

    • Testsubject909

      It’s a Final Fantasy game.

      If you and I were in it, were the protagonists, and the game’s playtime was around 20 hours but the actual in-game time spent was a day. By the end of it, you can guarantee we’d both be soul mates, and whoever we picked up along the way would be friends for life or something else like that.

      So yeah. No. Not really surprised they’d develop such a close and loving bond for each other in such a short span of time.

    • Aoshi00

      I didn’t think they were such a closely knit group either, but they were all in this together during the whole ordeal so they did have a bond, some chars closer to the other, plus they’re grateful for the two sacrificing themselves saving Cocoon and everyone in it (well, a lot of people did die during the fall) and contemplate on the possibility of releasing them from their crystal forms (w/o breaking the pillar..). But for the excessive melodrama drama you have Toriyama to thank for probably lol…

  • Zefux

    They decided to put towns back in? :D

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