White Rock Shooter? Wait A Second…

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 5:08pm

imageBlack Rock Shooter: The Game has characters we haven’t seen before, like the mysterious White Rock Shooter. Is she a product of human ingenuity or a product of alien technology? Or neither? The secret character who may be friend or foe was revealed in Famitsu’s preview.


One thing for sure is Black Rock Shooter has an ally, Prototype. Clones of armament lifeforms are made from her production routine. Black Rock Shooter has weapons like the Blacktrike, which you’ll use on the alien hunt.


Even though Black Rock Shooter is the ultimate weapon, you still get to level her up. Famitsu shared a screenshot of a status screen.





While the magazine was light on gameplay details, Famitsu reports Black Rock Shooter has a speedy realtime battle system.


Black Rock Shooter is in development for PSP and slated for release this summer.

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  • These chicks look like dudes

    • epy

      And thats the exact way most of its target audience likes it.

    • Pft, why do you edit your comment? You first said that she had no boobs or curves, seems you got pwned in your “im a funny commenter” intent, so you went the troll’s road…?

  • PrinceHeir

    unlikely this will be localized but im interested in the gameplay.

    saw it, it looks like ZOE :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      No we have NISA who might just grace us with this since they have a deal with ImageEpoch. And if they’re able to bring it over with the Japanese voices in it . . . heheheheh I can listen to Hanazawa Kana in a GAME!!!! XD

      • PrinceHeir

        hey i love Kana Hanazawa :)

        i love her in Darker than Black Ryusei no Gemini and Kobato :)

        she’s also doing the voice with the girl in Rodea the Sky Soldier :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          I know XD!!!! I’m not one to usually idol worship seiryu (not that I don’t have my favs though) but Hanazawa Kana has one of cutest voices I’ve ever heard. T_T I feel weird saying that like I’m some kind of pervert and should be ashamed lol Oh well I mean it (in the most non-creepy way possible too lol)

          • Kai2591

            Lol nothing to be ashamed of…its only natural, non-perverted attraction, if you think about it.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol as long as you don’t stalk her and just support her in the sidelines. i think there’s nothing wrong with that ^^

          • Zero_Destiny

            Don’t worry I hate planes so there’s no way in hell I’m going to Japan any time soon, so as long as she doesn’t come here we’re all good and safe lol

          • PrinceHeir

            well i have travel from south east asia(which i come from) it takes around 15-18 hours, and that’s not counting delays and traffic. so i think japan will probably around 20 hours?(not sure though)

            i would love to travel to japan :)

            sucks english isn’t that big in japan, that would have made touring easier.

        • I thought BRS is going to be voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in this game

          • Zero_Destiny

            O_O My dreams . . . *sound of heart breaking* they’ve been crushed.

          • tr1gun1212

            Hopefully it’s not true~ I looked, but could not find confirmation either way.

      • Kai2591

        Hell yeah Jap voices FTW!

    • Zal_Yagun


      This article states NIS America first Imageepoch game IS BLACK ROCK SHOOTER

      • Zero_Destiny


        • Darkrise


      • PrinceHeir

        ohh that’s good, i guess we do get some love after all ^^

        • Kai2591

          Much love is much needed indeed

      • tr1gun1212

        Now you guys just have to hope that the NA LE gets the WRS figure, too. =P

        • Zal_Yagun

          I’ll pray to the Nine Divines, i hate that other territories get better deal, i’m still pissed that the brits got the Scarbourough Fair replica and Sam Gideon figure, and my friend cried when Blazblue CS collector’s edition was EUR only.

        • Or we can just import, you know… I’m sure Good Smile Company will be itching to get their hands on WRS

      • Kai2591

        Thanks for sharing~
        Good news indeed.
        But I wonder where Destructoid got the source from? Would’ve expect Siliconera to report it…

      • That’s good news but I was hoping for Fate/Extra first and then BRS.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh man Being a big Type-Moon fanboy Fate/Extra would be great XD

  • Darkrise

    Wow, just wow(in a good way) That scythe gives such a wicked feeling to it that it’s awsome! =P But she’s no Dead Master.

    Either way, I’d really love to see this game localized. Plz let this be on the list of “awsome” games that NISA has in store for us this year! XD

  • Barrit

    Sweet, it totally looks like alien clone technology. she looks too… abnormal. The OVA was ok, I hope this game impresses!

  • WRS’s looking good. Nice change from her design works look, though I do miss the brown skin. Made her a perfect reversal of BRS. Prototype also sounds pretty interesting and I sure hope Blacktrike (sounds kinda strange) is that bike and that it means we can ride it into battle. Also is that a minor costume change I spy? Looking good and I can’t wait to see more.

  • Man this game looks so awesome I’ll buy it on character design alone. I don’t care if I lost my job and have no money for games I’ll do anything to buy this game if it comes to NA.

  • Guest

    Where’s Red Rock Shooter…the Jamaican alien clone with the thick hard to understan accent, dreads, and affection to ganja and Bob Marley music?

    • I want Orange Rock Shooter.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I want a red 3DS lol

    • Apache_Chief

      The title of Red Rock Shooter rightfully belongs to my people. The White Rock Shooters have stolen our land, our animals, and our scythes. Only Black Rock Shooter knows the depths of our oppression. We deserve our own glowing eye and maybe a giant tomahawk or something.

  • Oh wow, a joke on Figure.fm actually turned out to be true? Awesome. Nice designs overall

  • Will Black Devil Girl be in this? 8D

  • karasuKumo

    Looks good but sort of worrying at the same time because I first thought you’d fight the original BRS characters to turn them back to themselves like what happened in the OVA.

    Still getting it though XD I like Her bike *cough* Fenrir *cough* ^_^

  • Zero_Destiny

    “White Rock Shooter: Is she a product of human ingenuity or a product of alien technology? Or neither?”
    Ahem. That’s a simple answer. Neither. You see White Rock Shooter is the end product of what you get when you combine awesomeness with moe XD!!!!

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