A Gallery Of Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden Ultimate Attacks

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 5:05pm

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All characters in Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden, a 2D Dragon Ball fighting game for the Nintendo DS, have dual screen ultimate attacks. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Goku – Super Spirit Bomb

021[2] 022[1] 023[1] 024[1]


Gohan – Father-Son Kamehameha

025[2] 026[2] 027[3] 028[2]


Frieza – Death Ball

029[2] 030[1] 031[1] 032[2]


Trunks – Heat Dome Attack

033[1] 034[1] 035[1] 036[1]


Krillin – Destructo Disk

037[2] 038[1] 039[1] 040[1]


Of course the whole game isn’t a bunch of dual screen destructo disc battles. Namco Bandai has a standard fighting system with punches, kicks, and touch screen special attacks.


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  • Aoshi00

    The graphics looks pretty good, need to wait for reviews though..

    I didn’t know that move finishing Cell actually has a name “Father-son Kamehameha” :) We’ll see that in the next several episodes, Kai’s moving so fast.

    On a sad note, I just found out Gouri Daisuke, the seiyuu who voiced the Ox King and Mr. Satan, passed away like 2 weeks ago at age 57 (seems to have been ruled as a suicide…), I was wondering why Mr. Satan was replaced by a different VA… First Roshi, then Tenshinhan, now Mr. Satan..

    • GamerKT

      “I didn’t know that move finishing Cell actually has a name “Father-son Kamehameha””

      Really? I mean, they didn’t give it a name in the series, but every game has called it that for years. Haven’t picked up a DBZ game in forever, have you? :p

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve heard of Vegeta yell out Big Bang Attack against No. 19 or Final Flash against the Perfect Cell. But I’ve never heard of Gohan or Goku actually yell out “Oyako Kamehameha!!” Even though this is a father-son move obviously. Could you refer to me when they have yelled out the move’s name? Hm.. been watching the orange bricks, Dragon Box, and now Kai every week, still haven’t heard that one. Last one I played was Burst Limit, I didn’t remember they had a name for it either, but yea, I don’t play that many DB fighting games..

        • GamerKT

          No. If I remember, they never ever SAID it. That’s just what the games have always called it. It stuck.

          • Aoshi00

            Right, that’s what I meant, it’s obviously a move done by the injured one-handed Gohan backed by Goku’s spirit, I just never knew they coined that name for the games. Seeing the name appear on that screenshot like an actual move just looked strange to me (like it beckons to be yelled out), because it isn’t like a special move per se but rather a phrase describing that particular scene.

            Anyway, the Kai episode next week should be amazing, Gohan turning SS2 slaughtering the Cell Jrs after No. 16 getting destroyed. Wonder what music or new song they would use, the original insert song “Unmei no Hi” for the original DBZ by Kageyama Hironobu was awesome.

          • GamerKT

            Damn, that’s what they’re up to, already? I stopped watching the episodes months ago so that I could read the manga up until the Frieza saga. Oh, well. College cuts out a lot of leisure reading in place of work reading.

    • Code

      I know the feeling, I absolutely adore the visuals in this, to me there’s this really tight quality to the polygons used to make them, that just makes it look so clean and sharp. It’s been years since I bought/played a DBZ fighter, and I’m not even a fan of portable fighters, but I’m definitely considering this. I’m hoping reviews are good~!

      Also that’s sad T_T’ 57 isn’t even that old.

      • Aoshi00

        The visual seems unique compared to other games, I liked the DB Origins on the DS as well :) But need to wait for reviews, you never know w/ anime cash-ins even though I’m a big DB fan..

        Yep, I looked up on the net, he just passed away earlier this month I was really surprised. They said he was having health problems in recent years and his eyesight was getting worse so he couldn’t read the script and do his job as well as he used to, and later he was found bled to death on the street (apparently a suicide..) by the police w/ a note saying “Sorry, and thank you”, very sad… His deep voice was so unique, I remember him the most as Hiromi in Patlabor.

        Roshi’s VA just died of old age many years ago, and Tenshinhan (Suzuoki Hirotaka) died of cancer in his mid 50’s too.. makes you realize how fragile life is and there’s no guarantee one would live a long life when disease strikes..

        • Code

          rar, that’s such a bummer, I didn’t realize so much of the original cast was gone, and memorable voice actors too T_T’ So for Kai they must have a lot of new voice actors coming in for those roles, those are some big shoes to fill.

          I was always more into DB, it and Samurai Pizza Cats were my first animes >ww<;

          • Aoshi00

            I know, it’s good that they are doing Kai now while Goku/Gohan’s still around (she’s in her 70’s now and sounds very energetic). Actually if possible almost all of the original cast members reprised their roles unless the VA have either passed away or retired. Only some secondary chars have been replaced, like the Ginyu Force (Jeice seiyuu’s Tanaka Kazumi died of sickness 4 years ago, also in his 50’s), Zarbon, Dodoria, etc.. Kami-sama was voiced by the same person Aono Takeshi at first and he’s still acting, not sure why he’s replaced in the Cell arc when he merged w/ Piccolo, maybe scheduling conflict.. but for the most part, all the seiyuu for the main chars are retained, even the Androids.. so it really feels like watching the old series w/o feeling out of place, I grew up listening to a lot of seiyuu watching anime, so it’s sd that some of them died so young… Mr. Satan’s replacement was not bad either, he’s now voiced by Ishizuka Unchou who was Dojima (Nanako’s dad) in Persona 4, he also has a very deep voice, but not as funny as the original..If you want to rewatch the whole series w/o fillers, Kai, the remastered and re-edited ver. very fast paced and more closely resembling the original manga w/ new music, is definitely the way to go, right now Gohan is alrdy fighting Cell in episode 91 alrdy, in the original DBZ, they were at episode 182 alrdy. I do like both Kai and Z though, and the manga of course. I like everything DB, just not really crazy about the many fighting games, I’m glad they’re releasing both the Z Dragon sets (not the cropped orange sets) and Kai on blu-ray. I did get the whole DB DVD set too, it was really good :)

          • Code

            Ahh not too bad! I haven’t followed Kai too closely, I’ve watched some of the remastered scenes and stuff just to check it out, but still it’s pretty cool >www<''

    • holyPaladin

      Father-son Kamehameha is the best finisher :D

      • Aoshi00

        Gotta admit, two people doing the kamehameha is better than one :) I prefer Vegeta’s blast to Cell’s head distracting him though, and that left an opening for Gohan to destroy Cell, so the credit actually goes to Vegeta lol.. can’t believe we would see that in Kai so soon..

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      The characters never actually said “Father-Son Kamehameha” when they were using it. It’s just what it is. A kamehameha by the father and the son and it soon became the official name

      • Aoshi00

        Right, I guess I haven’t played enough recent DB fighting games to know that they actually named it that way. Like I said, the word “Father-son Kamehameha” was flashed across the screen on one of the screenshots instead of just being on the command list,


        so it just gives me the idea of them actually yelling it out like other special movies, like Kien-zan, Kikou-hou, Final Flash, etc, or I was missing something.. I know some moves have names like Freeza’s moves in the games, but he never really said them out loud in the manga/anime either, there were simply different forms of energy beams or blasts, but specific names were made up so it’s easier to refer to them.

  • kylehyde

    Even that I’m not a fan of DBZ games I have to admit that looks really good considering the DS capabilities, seriously is good to see that the developers put a lot of effort in this categorie.

  • GamerKT

    That picture of Goku giving a thumbs-up is so damn nostalgic and iconic for me. That’s, like, INSTANTLY recognizable. I like Goku more than Superman, even though Superman is ridonkulously powerful.

  • jakxzero

    This game be will be epic and the best fighting game on DS

  • Chow

    I’m a fan of DBZ, but seriously, how many times have they reiterated the same storyline over all the games?

    • Code

      God I’d LOVE to see a DBZ game add in a “FourStar” mode +w+

  • dusk

    Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb picture 4 is hilarious to me.
    Vegeta is still alive, trying to fight back the Spirit Bomb but the game has already determined you’re the winner. No wonder Vegeta’s always so angry.

  • GVmanX

    The Butoden series? Ehhhhhhhh…. I’m gonna keep my expectations low.

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