It Appears You Can Directly Control Summons In Final Fantasy Type-0

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 1:01pm


Square Enix released another batch of battle screenshots from Final Fantasy Type-0. Instead of Rem, Machina or one of the card named characters (that’s not a joke party members in Final Fantasy Type-0 are named after a deck of playing cards) one screenshot shows a player in control of Ifrit. The Eidolon has a set of flame attacks and what appears to be a time limit above the command list.


Other battle screenshots show Queen running away from a Snow Giant and Eight kicking some soldiers. He’s equipped with a Power Knuckle, perhaps making him the martial artist out of the core group of hereos.


ff013 ff016 ff015 ff014


Event scenes from the PSP game show what classic creatures like Chocobo and Bahamut look like in Final Fantasy Type-0. Although, that Chocobo has seen better days. He’s critically wounded in the screenshot at the bottom.


ff005 ff004 ff011 ff010 ff009 ff006 ff008 ff007

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  • Spectacular

    • My word exactly!!!!!!

      • Darkrise

        You word is awsome.

        Mine is wonderful!

  • NoElixirs

    Agit0 will be something else. I’m excited about the use of magic and its importance period.

  • Zero_Destiny

    You can control your summons. That’s pretty cool, I’ve seen it before in some games but I think it’s not in enough games. And why do you have to remind us of the travesty that is Chocobo cruelty *stares at pick and a single tear drop falls from eye* So sad.

  • Guest

    Which one is Joker and which one is Ace

    • Yui

      Ace is the one who swoops in whenever they’re in trouble, saves their hides, gets the girl, flashes a sparkle-toothed grin, and then disappears to parts unknown. So, I assume it’s the one materializing the pole on the left of the second row in the bottom set of pictures. Joker, probably someone we haven’t had much contact with yet. :D

      • Darkrise

        Nah Ace is the blond haired guy with the cards and magic that appears in that scene with the guy and the dying chocobo(nooooo! *sniff*). He even screams out Ace.

        • Yui

          Really? I didn’t know that! Thanks, man. :D

          • Darkrise

            You’re welcome. =P

    • Ren

      Quoting from Wikipedia:
      “Revealed character names are the card using Ace (エース, Ēsu), the archer Trey (トレイ, Torei), the mace wielding Cinque (チンク, Chinku), whip sword wielder Seven (セブン, Sebun), martial artist Eight (エイト, Eito), spearman Nine (ナイン, Nain), katana wielding Jack (ジャック, Jakku), and swordswoman Queen (クィーン, Kuīn). The characters who have not been revealed wield a pistol, flute, scythe and dual pistols.”

      So, if they count the Joker as part of the naming theme, it will be one of the unrevealed ones. Hmm, then there’ll be 2 cards without a respective character. Maybe these will be unplayable. I hope the King based guy is called either Roi or Rei(I think he’s the gunman). And I hope the 2 based character is called Zwei.

      Let’s see: A, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, J, Q. Still 2, 4, 6, 10, K and JOKER to go.

  • This game looks simply stunning for a PSP game. Count on Square Enix to send a system out in high fashion! This will stand as the epitome of epically awesome phenomenal wondrous goodness of Playstation Portable gaming! It brings a tear to my eye seeing this stunning game in action and finally with screenshots. It rivals the level of excitement and anticipation I had for Persona 3 Portable! I just cant wait to have this game on Day 1 Baby!!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Pockets that are Black holes and can divide by zero, a bank account with more numbers in it than the equation of Pi, whenever he sneezes money comes out of his nose instead of mucus, and some mysterious and unknown organization pays him $10 for ever post he puts up on Silicion Era. Sawada truly has more money than all of us combined lol

      • Yui

        It’s almost sad how embittered we are by his optimism and wealth. We are truly terrible people. XD

        • Zero_Destiny

          You mean terribly GREAT people!!!! lol

          • Yui

            What? Did I do it?! Did I cross the border from my world into the Nega-Reverse-Upside-Down-Hell-Realm?! Tell me, Zero! You must confirm my theories!

            Because if not, I still think we’re pretty awful. ;P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Well at least your pretty Yui-chan. Isn’t that enough to make you happy? So can’t you handle a little awful? Please

          • Yui

            I suppose I can handle a little awful. Let’s stick together and hate TS’ wallet for as long as we can. XD

          • Zero_Destiny

            Argh Curse your wallet, Sawada!!!!!! lol

    • Oh Tsuna chan ^_^

  • Screenshots look marvellous as usual. I’d love to take control of Bahamut and cast Mega Flare on those cannon fodders

    • Darkrise

      If I could do that, I’d be spamming and yelling out “MegaFlareMegaFlareMegFlare!!!” in front of my psp, even in public. To hell with all the weird looks directed to me.

  • Ereek

    They told us about the directly controlled summons a while back, I think it was the first piece of news that really made me pay attention to the game so I’m glad they’re keeping it in. It’s nice to see more (beautiful) screenshots. I need this game.

  • i wounder if there next naming set will be chess/shogi pieces? O.o

  • PrinceHeir

    is that cloud with sephiroth outfit on 2nd pic down? what the hell?

    the interface really looks like T3B to be honest ^^

    finally after all these years it’s finally coming out, hopefully after Versus XIII and XIII-2 they can speed up other projects like KHIII and Dragon Quest X :P

    • Why so late dude, lol! I am quite sure Dragon Quest X would be OUT before Versus XIII, lol. They need to get KHIII out before the generation ends in 2013/2014.

      • PrinceHeir

        actually it would be the other way around since we barely see any footage or logo of Dragon Quest X. they’ll probably remake VII first before finally making X. KHIII will follow as soon as Versus XIII is done so that’s a given.

        • Dude, lol what?! Just because there is no footage doesnt mean it (DQX)couldnt come out before Versus XIII. Theres tons of footage and screenshots on Versus XIII and thats not coming until 2012 at this rate. Dragon Quest developers cant be sitting down doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs everyday since the release of DQ9 and Jokers 2.

          • PrinceHeir

            umm i don’t think you know how square works.

            let’s put it this way when T3B and Agito XIII(Type-0) was announced few years ago, we knew they were already in development but we don’t know when were they gonna be release. and then when T3B suddenly came out. after a month Type-0 is already being released this summer. what does that tell you? it seems the that finally square is almost done finishing their projects. i can tell you Versus XIII will came out after XIII-2(maybe a summer release or dec 2012) we don’t even know if square is gonna make Dragon Quest X themselves or with the help of other developers like Level 5. who’s the director? scenario writer? music composer? not one piece of information we know except the name “Dragon Quest X”

            im only saying that the games that square has been showing off all these years is finally happening. unless there’s a incident that would delay Versus XIII(360 release) very doubtful at this point but you never know square.

  • Day one

  • cmurph666

    I actually want to play this FF.

  • Man I have been waiting for this game for ages now

  • krokounleashed

    Oh look it’s Harry Pottra …

  • You know whats crazy is Square-Enix is supporting the PSP like crazy right now and its only like 2 years late lol they should of ramped up production on games 2 years ago and not so much now with the new handhelds looming and all (PSP2 & 3DS). Not that i’m complaining cause its always nice to see good games from Square-Enix for a change atleast on the handhelds but I just think if this type of support would of happened earlier there probably would of been even more people looking forward to all these PSP games they are bringing out (which makes me fear that some of these titles won’t sell as well).

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