Nomura On Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Destructible Fields

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 2:36pm


Famitsu asked Tetsuya Nomura about the scene in the trailer where Noctis is running from a Behemoth. There seem to be a lot of gimmicks during battles, the video game magazine asked.


Nomura explains there are different types of Behemoths in Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The one in the trailer is a large Behemoth, chosen because being large has a greater impact within the city and its tall buildings. Players will face small(er?) Behemoths in the wild. When the Behemoth runs through the city it will knock down telephone poles and tress while it chases Noctis. However, the Behemoth won’t attack the bridge seen in the trailer if Noctis doesn’t walk on it. Nomura laments that with so much freedom, it’s difficult to cram all of these gimmicks into Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


The fight with the Behemoth continues to a collapsing three-tiered highway road. Noctis will have to jump to move forward. Nomura says the route is not fixed. When he played through this area he scurried up an emergency staircase and climbed to the roof. To get to the tip-top point Nomura made Noctis climb up an air conditioner where he could see everything from up high, even hidden treasure chests.


Nomura stressed he does not think players will be able to do everything in one play through of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


The city-like kingdom shown in the trailer is ruled by Noctis’ father. While exploring other parts of the world, you’ll come across villages, which are so spacious they astonished Nomura. As mentioned earlier, the field shifts from day to night and monsters react to the changes.



Speaking of battles, Famitsu asked if the system is a kin to another Nomura directed series with command menus in action game, Kingdom Hearts. Nomura responded that it’s closer to that, but he also says the game is quite fast with characters doing double jumps and other actions. While the screenshots have been edited to remove names, Nomura says the battle interface is the same as the game. (Spencer’s note: The trailer slipped and showed the names and revealed one of other characters, Gladiolus.) There are bars for the HP meter and an orange bar made just for Versus XIII. Nomura didn’t explain what this meter does. Above, there are character portraits, which change in realtime so you know how your allies are doing during a fight.


Nomura re-iterated bits mentioned in previous interviews, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not have a job system for player characters, but enemies may fall into job classifications. The game has summons and vehicles to ride like chocobos and magic armor. You can also switch between characters. Ignis is a tactician armed with throwing knives and support magic. A blonde haired boy can target enemy weak points with firearms and the scar-faced character goes into battle barehanded or with a pile bunker. Changing characters is optional. Players can stick to just using Noctis who wields a variety of weapons if they prefer.

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  • adam483t

    Bigger Behemoths are in the city..and smaller ones live in the wild where they can hunt and graze freely like a normal animal…


    • Yeah they should base it off of the real Behemoths that totally exist >_>

      • Masengan

        Haha love your comment but I think he ‘might’ mean… “Shouldn’t the bigger ones be the ones in the wild? Because you know… it’s wild?” Or maybe that’s just what ‘I’ think.

        • Suicunesol

          Naw, the bigger ones probably live in the city because they’re genetic mutations of the normally small wild Behemoths.

  • Ill playing as the blond guy the whole time! Not enough screen time ever! The game sounds marvelously astounding and of epic proportions. I will surely tune in for multiple playthroughs even if the game takes 60+ hours to finish one! I love it when they pack in so much that it isnt possible to do and see everything in just one go.

    This game is gonna rock our socks off, literally. Just knowing the villages are spacious and the city environments looking glorious, makes me so glad. Hopefully Piggyback releases a CE edition of the strategy guide too, so that I can pick it up on Day 1 and be able to explore every single nook and cranny and get the most out of the battle system. OH and Square Enix USA should release a CE for us too. I will surely be here for this game on Day 1 Baby, Day 1!

  • Yui

    It hurts me that Nomura-san told us not to think about Versus for a while, when all he seems to do is make us think about it. ;_;

    • You beat me to it, I was just going to point that out.

      • Yui

        I’m glad I did! I was worried someone would pick up on it before I had a chance to break out the wit. So I abandoned the wit in favour of making the comment. ;P

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      Well it’s better this way than previous years when we had to worry if the title was still being developed, this shows progress towards Versus XIII and The start of Kingdom Hearts 3, now if only Atlus would announce Persona 5

      • Yui

        True! Development hell is never nice. You’re absolutely right, it does show progress, though I can’t agree on the Persona 5 announcement. I’d really rather see an addendum to Persona 4, because I just love that game so much. XD

        • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

          Sadly I never got to experience Persona 4, I played the original Persona when it was remade for PSP and I love the soundtrack, didnt get to finish it before P3P was announced which I loved even more and made sure I finished, I’m actually thinking about starting New Game + for both that and Vesperia while I wait. I just want to experience Persona in HD which I’m sure would look and sound beautiful

          • Yui

            You’re right there. Persona in HD would be beautiful, and the original Persona remake & P3P were great games. But I’d definitely recommend picking up Persona 4 and a PS2 if necessary because it’s just that good. :D

          • Why would someone even consider still picking up a PS2 these days if they dont have one. Its already difficult enough as it is, for most people, to even support getting games on their current handhelds and their x360/ps3/wii. lol.

            Though perhaps we are looming on an eminent announcement of a P4 remake or a P5 or both. We can only hope dude!!!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada you know my PS2 died last year and you know what I did? I *gasp* BOUGHT another one!!! I’m still burning through my backlog of games and unfortunately sony decided to not make all PS3’s backwards compatible so what do you want me to do. Look at the 30 or 40 PS2 games I have and go well frig it let’s never play them again. PS2 has a great selection of games and I’m still buying games for it. Is it so bad to play older games. Or do we all have to play HD games with voice acting? Argh

          • @Zero_Destiny But the difference here is that you already had a PS2 with a large collection. Everyday fewer and fewer PS2 games are being made available, at least for realistic prices. I dont think its bad that people wanna play older games, but its becoming increasingly difficult to do so and to simultaneously support todays consoles, if they are starting off their ps2 collection de novo

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Sawada I can meet you half way there. It’s good to support our current companies and maybe the only reason I like the PS2 so much is because I’ve had mine for so long. But I missed out on the Saturn, Turbo-Graphix, most of the Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gamegear, Neo-Geo, and Atari. But I still buy games for all those systems to this day. lol Well maybe not today because there’s like 3 feet of snow out so flea-markets aren’t open. Being somewhat of a retro-gamer why is it bad to buy older games for dead systems?

    • LOL what are you talking about? Its only been maybe 1 or 2 weeks since the reveal of the game and such, and this is a magazine excerpt; surely he told the magazine stuff in quick succession of that. I could understand if one had concerns next month or something.

      • Yui

        TS? Really? The game’s been revealed for over a year now, man! Maybe the trailers are now, but even Siliconera recently posted an article where it was explicitly stated that Nomura-san wanted us all to forget it for a while in the wake of Type-0 and Duodecim. It was one of the more recent articles too, man. Come on, let’s see some tact. ;P

        • You took the statement too literally, this was in essence the big reveal of the game. I dont know the publication process, but if he truly did speak to Famitsu you honestly think it wasnt around the same time as on the day he just revealed it and possibly even made that comment. Like I said if this were a month or two later then I could understand the concern, but this is still, even if they impossibily spoke to him yesterday…not but a few days after the trailer was made online to everyone.

          • Yui

            I probably did. I won’t argue with you, TS, you’re probably right – I always misinterpret things, or take them too literally. :D

            (By the way, the thing I was mentioning was in the last paragraph, and according to Versus was announced at E3 06, so really…that’s why I’m saying what I’m saying. :D)

            In response to your other post, which is too far along for me to reply to (damn Disqus! :D), I just think everybody should own a PS2, because it’s just that incredible a machine, even at this point in time, even if it is an extremely expensive machine to find the niche games for. And yes, Persona 4/5 HD! Those are two games where I can certainly say “Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!!” :D

  • badmoogle

    A huge world to explore,multiple ways to explore an area,towns,big overworld villages,day and night circles that affect monster behaviour,a fast battle system,diversity in combat and all wrapped up in an extremely beautiful package…
    Ok i can safely say that this is the Final Fantasy game i was always dreaming to play…Please take my money now Nomura!

    • Say bye bye to it if it gets ported to moneysofts 360
      They force SE with 5 Billion $ to delete everything like they did with 13

    • I’m telling you this should of been the real FF13 and not what was eventually released as FF13…

  • Zero_Destiny

    Still can’t wait for the game. I’m SO taking the path Noctis took in the trailer I want to see the bridge and parking lot get destroyed. More destruction the better!!! XD

  • Nomura says the game plays fast compared to Kingdom Hearts? “Lieght!” I see nothing of the sort. If anything, it plays smoothly while the action has its own Ninja Gaiden pace.

  • karasuKumo

    This is basically the FF I have dreamt about (quite literally) since playing the PS1 titles, it makes me happier knowing Nomura has so much involvement in it too. I just wish there will be a launch event with him signing copies! I doubt it though haha

    I will not move once I have this lol I will play it straight until the end! Depending on how the story ends it would be nice to have the ability to free-roam after the ending too. Also I’m curious about those numbers under their portraits, I wonder what they represent?

    • NoElixirs

      Nomura has probably been wanting to develop a Final Fantasy much heavily linked to urban fantasy than anything else.

      • Now if they would give him the keys to FFXV all would be well for the future of the series… (Oh and bring back Nobo for the music as well please…XIII’s music while ok wasn’t up to par with what the series quality normally is.)

  • Guest

    It shouldn’t be directly thought of as just a KH clone gameplay wise since you can actually switch between characters, commandeer enemy tanks and mechs, plus the whole 3rd person shooting mechanic Prompio has

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