The Timeline Before The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 1:41pm

How does Aya Brea go from Parasite Eve to the body switching CTI agent pictured below?




We have a little timeline to get newcomers up to speed on Aya and Hyde, the director of CTI’s, back stories.


1973 – Aya Brea born in Boston, Massachusetts.

1977, December – Aya’s mother and sister die in an automobile accident.

1997, December 24 – Carnegie Hall Incident, Parasite Eve takes place.

1999 – Hyde Bohr, future head of the Overdive investigation squad, was invited to become a project manager for the Defense Sciences Office at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a unit of the U.S. Department of Defense that was rsearching and developing new military technology.

2000, September – Aya’s first encounter with Kyle Madigan. The two meet in the Mojave Desert. Parasite Eve II takes place across the country in Los Angeles.

2002 – Thelonious Cray, future CTI employee, marries Sandra Smith a nurse he met while recovering from injuries from a Delta Force mission.

2005 – Hyde enters the FBI research center where he lead his own forensics team before becoming the Director of Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence.

2010, December 24 – Aya Brea found unconscious outside of St. Thomas Cathedral in Manhattan by Hyde Bohr. Hyde picks up Aya from the snow covered ground and takes her in.

2010 – Hyde is head of the newly formed Counterproliferation Strategy Support Division, forerunner to CTI.


Decembers tend to be a bad month for Aya and New York. A few years later The Twisted ambush the city forcing Aya to travel back in time with the Overdive system to save it.

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  • January 2011 – Marries WildArms

    She already has some years into her, but her body doesn’t shows it :D

    • Yui

      Mmm, apparently she’s 37. Older than the protagonists we’re used to, certainly. That’s pretty awesome. :D

      • Wow shes that age?! Talk about looking great for ones age!!!!

        • Yui

          Definitely. She looks 29 at most. I’d like to look that youthful when I hit midlife. :D

          • Shouldn’t midlife be around the 50s… O-o

          • Well, life span of humans is around 70-80, so 30-40 is midlife.

          • Ummm, well, it really varies depending on the country though

          • Yui

            Sometimes I feel like I’ll barely make it to 60, so, no. ;P

        • Just off-topic not really important random fact: My mom is about that age and she looks about as young as Aya.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Indeed, it is nice to actually see a character in their late thirties for a change. Most characters either tend to be teenagers, young adults or very high elderly. Anything in between (people in their 30s, 40s, 50s) tends to be highly neglected.

        I sometimes wonder if the Japanese (at least Japanese developers) have a deep fear of the mid-life crisis…probably beacuse many of them can actually sympathise. :P

        • Yui

          You’re right there, and that’s why it’s such a nice change! Even better is when you get to accompany the character through their growth and see how they change over the years. I think that’s always an interesting way to portray a character’s development and certainly more unique than generic young & old protagonists. :D

          To be fair, don’t we all have that deeply ingrained fear of the mid-life crisis? ;P

    • She is not real.

    • PrinceHeir

      be sure to let her “dive” into you so that you turn into nothingness :)

      cannot wait for this :D

      hopefully we get that lightning costume :P

  • What time travel in this games?! MIND=BLOWN!!!!! This game is gonna rock my socks off then! So can not wait!!!!!

    • Ren

      The gameplay is great, even me who isn’t up to any kind of shooters liked it, and it can be pretty brutal even on the normal difficulty, but the story is badly written, the twists are previsible and the ending is Kingdom Hearts worthy. The bad kind of KH worthy. And time travel is just part of the story, it isn’t an actual part of the battle system, and since this game is only worthy for its gameplay I don’t see any reason for time travel being mind blowing. Hmm, mind blowing… That sounds dirty coming from you.

      Edit: Wow, Disqus temporarily turned into cyrillic when I posted this. ‘0 назад’ Does this mean ‘0 minutes ago’ in a cyrillic language or it’s just mumbo-jumbo?

      • kactaplb

        I agree. I barely understand anything from the story… They purposely made it confusing I think. Gameplay was very very fun however.

      • Looks Russian to me.

  • She has a disease that prevents her body from getting old…

  • idofgrahf

    At the ripe old age of 1030, Kaim still takes the cake as being one of the oldest protagenist that actually lived through those thousand years (instead of cryo, time jump etc) and doesn’t look a year past 27, it must be nice to have eternal youth.

  • Aiddon

    They got Aya’s birthday wrong. In PE2 there’s a computer that clearly states Aya’s birthday as November 20, 1972. Congratulations Toriyama, you can’t even get the heroine’s BIRTH DATE RIGHT.

  • Hehe….Boston. *whoop whoop*
    She looks pretty young for 37.
    Also, time traveling?! So, the thing I said about getting Dr.Who to help us go to the wedding can now be possible? YOSH!….(I hope…)

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