BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Heats Up For PSP And 3DS With This Trailer

By Spencer . February 1, 2011 . 1:23am

Platinum the Trinity is going portable. On March 31, Arc System Works will release BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II for PSP and Nintendo 3DS. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II has a new story and an optimized for handhelds abyss mode.



First run copies in Japan come with a bonus. Pick up BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II for Nintendo 3DS and you’ll get a comic. PSP versions are packaged with a drama CD.

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  • Code

    rar, this trailer lacked ALL three things I wanted omo

    -Cat Punch

    It did however give me Makoto, and Reeeed Devil though — so we’re even this round Blazblue Trailer =w=’ Although I want more Tao, and Jubei next time >w<~!

    • I really want more tao too D;
      But more important….we need moar Bang!!!

      • Code

        Noahhh we’ve had enough of sweaty scruffy man >O> Moar Cat peoples >w<~!

  • Kamion

    Will we get the new Story as DLC or will we HAVE to play the Portable Version?

    I mean, I will get the PSP Version, I just prefer playing BlazBlue on my TV with my Arcade Stick…

    And I’m up for some Arcade and Story with Makoto :(

    (I guess it’ll be too big for DLC, so well, Portable I go.)

    • Code

      I don’t figure the story will have any major revelations that won’t be in the next console story mode.

      • Kamion

        Which would have me wait another year for MOAR NOEL.

    • Feynman

      Wait… are you suggesting that your primary motivation for buying this game is the story? It’s a fighting game, dood. The story is totally irrelevant and serves no purpose other than to supply an excuse to make the characters punch each other a lot.

      • But the story in BB is quite decent for a fighting game. Lots of plot twists, identity crisis and the motivations for each character’s actions.

        • Yeah, the story is a huge draw for me in a fighting game too. It’s why I can’t play MVC2 or Virtua Fighter. Sure, the gameplay is obviously paramount, but I won’t buy a fighting game that doesn’t, at least, have endings.

          • Darkrise

            Same here, love the story and it’s the only fighting game that I’ve been able to get into.

          • I see.. Well, GG and BB’s story has a place in my heart, although GG’s story mode is kind of bad with forced swearing and wtf dialogue. Other than that, it’s just me beating up the AI.

            You were keen in getting MvC3, right? But will it have a story? I haven’t been following MvC3’s news because I’m not really interested in it

          • It doesn’t have a full-on BlazBlue-type storymode, but, at least, it does have character prologues and endings in arcade mode, and if it’s anything like SFIV, I hope, at least, rival or last boss conversations. I wouldn’t have picked it up if it didn’t the very least have endings.

      • Kamion

        I never said that. But the game HAS one. It is very good, the characters are well written and interesting, so why wouldn’t I want to read it?

        It’s not the main selling point of the game, sure. But I kind of like the story, CSI ended with a cliffhanger (AGAIN.) and I want to see that resolved.

        • Ladius

          Come on prinnies, don’t argue among yourselves :P

          I agree with Kamion though, while the plot is only an extra and actual combat is obviously the focus of the game it is nice to see a well-developed story in a beat’em up game.

          • I’m imaging Etna coming into the room and throwing both of them to settle this.

          • Guest

            The latter Prinny didn’t even end his sentences with dood. How utterly disappointing……dood.

      • Code

        I can understand that I have enjoy some of the story that goes into certain fighters, much like I’ve enjoyed the background story in some shmups >ww<'

        My only issue with Blazblue's storyline is it's sometimes really lengthy, and sometimes really picky about figuring out JUST what events happened with each character, minus Ragna who usually gets his own spotlight opo; I kind of wish they’d have an optional path which is all the “true story” events relevant for all characters in order.

        But overall Blazblue’s managed to make a really fun cast of characters, with a decent plot >ww<'

        *Just after I go watch Teach me Miss Litchi >w<;

  • Oh god, missions will be impossible on the PSP O_O

  • karasuKumo

    Looks great although I always struggle with fighters on the PSP though ¬_¬. If it is released as DLC for the PS3 title I’ll definitely buy it.

  • RagnaXBL

    As long as i get to see platinum’s panties it’s all good :p

    • Darkrise

      Once you take a peek, she’ll have Star Light Breaker ready to blast right in your face. =P

      • RagnaXBL

        Whether i live or die afterwards is irrelevant :D

        • Darkrise

          It only matters if you’ve had your chance and if you’re quick enough. =P

  • I traded in my copy of Calamity Trigger Portable in anticipation for this. I’m keeping my LE copy of Calamity Trigger PS3 though.

  • Darkrise

    I hate the fact that there’s so many games I want coming out so quickly into the year because it’s killing my wallet but I’m happy that I have more stuff to play.

    TS, care to share some of you’re unlimited funds?

  • kazzy0

    So how about that console release Arc System Works, or do you really intend to kill off all your fanbases outside of japan?

    • Darkrise

      The Console release a.k.a huge patch, is coming out in spring with Platinum for us all. Supposidely it’s free or otherwise the balance patch and everything else is except the dl characters.

  • Yui

    Yay, early release! I wonder if Europe’ll get any bundles? I’d love to pick this up with a 3DS, I enjoyed Calamity Trigger Portable immensely. :D

    Also, am I the only one who prefers AO-Iconoclast to this song? It’s just…it’s just better. ;_;

    • Yes, yes you are. You have failed for liking Iconoclast more than Bang’s install song

      Now! Count up your sins!

      • Darkrise

        Then that means I’ve failed too. I love Ao Iconclast more than any other BB song with vocals, even if Bang’s install song is beyond manly to the point where no one can compare.

        But really, Shinsou is also a pretty good song, a whole lot better than
        Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo for sure.

        • Yui

          Iconoclast is pretty excellent, isn’t it? I love it. Listen to it all the time. This is good, but it’s got nothing on it. :D

          • Darkrise

            Ao Iconoclast will forever remain, as the best op song out of BB. For now. Unless They get Kotoko to sing an even BETTER song than it for the next BB, then I’lll be listening to it everyday like I still do now. =P I pretty much listen to Shinsou everyday too though.

        • No, no take that Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo away from me, please.
          ;_____; Uguuu

          For me, nothing beats Sword of Doom, but the I didn’t really like the opening part although I loved Awe of She’s intro which kind of progresses similarly as Sword of Doom.

      • Yui

        But…but I didn’t say I like Iconoclast more than Bang’s install song, even though I do! I meant the song in the trailer. I’m pretty sure it’s a different song. :D

        (Also, there are too many sins to count. God knows how many times I’ve lied about practicing. :D)

        • Song in the trailer is BBCSII’s opening, Shinsou by Asami Imai. It’s in BB Song Accord 2 ^_^

          • Yui

            Thanks, Ashgail! Haha, you help me far too much for your own good. I owe you, what, a hundred now? I’ll make sure to pick that up when I go out to get the game, but for now, I’ll listen to it on YT. Thanks again. :D

          • W-w-what? I didn’t do anything ^_^’ You’re being too kind, desu

  • Exkaiser

    I wonder if this is the BlazBlue I should give a shot…

    …Eh, can’t really say it stirs anything in my heart.

    • Code

      but… but! How can Bang theme above not stir anything in your, what I assume is a giant robotic heart +o+~! Seriously though I definitely recommend trying it, it’s a great fighter, well at the same time being pretty different from most fighters, really diverse cast/play styles >w<;

  • Guest

    I dunno what it is about Blazblue I just can’t get into it. Maybe if they made a full feature anime or something I dunno. I did like Groove on Fight though back in the 90’s and of course Hokuto no Ken fighting game.

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll probably wait for the console version but the comic and drama CD is soo tempting. why do they have to be separated? i know it’s all about money but they could have at least give the fans a treat. i’ll probably buy this in the future though

  • New story mode sounds awesome and new characters as well makes this a must purchase. Now which portable system to go for…3DS or PSP?

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