A Window Into Adam Jenson’s Life Before Augmentation

By Spencer . February 3, 2011 . 5:32pm

Adam Jenson is a regular Joe in the beginning of Deus Ex: Human Revolution who makes his living as a security professional for Sarif Industries. Early in the game, Adam barely survives an attack and is forced to undergo augmentation to stay alive.


This trailer focuses on Adam and shows what his life was like before his surgery.


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  • PrinceHeir

    the in game and CGI are very different O_O

    i kinda wish they just used in game cutscenes(kinda like MGS series)

    oh god after seeing this it seems i would have preferred if the game where full 3rd person. and the sensitivity and aiming options is that of Vanquish. that would have been a beast(hopefully theres a option) and put Dual Audio too :)

    i would probably buy 3 of these :)

    will be getting this along with T3B.

    release this already Eidos :)

    • Dude, you really can’t capitalize the first word of each sentence but can spend the time on capitalizing proper nouns? ≧◡≦


      • PrinceHeir

        lol dude what the hell is your problem?

        not everyone here is capitalizing their first words in their very first statement yet i don’t see you complaining about them?

        i don’t know it seems i have been noticing that keep you complaining about my comments, am i bothering you or something?

        im just confused on how you react to other things.

        • Dude, lol, tis only the second time. I was just asking a simple question really; nothing wrong with being inquisitive, aye?

      • SolidusSnake

        lol you still trollin’ Tuna?

      • Aoshi00

        So says the guy who always uses crazy spellings? grammar police *siren*…

        • I think he’s trying to imitate Ikutsuki from Persona 3 when he does that.

        • Hey, do you have an isshu with my spelling? lol.

      • alundra311


        Just joking. :D

      • Don’t pick on someone else’s grammar unless yours is perfect. Which it isn’t.

    • Aoshi00

      The trailer looks wicked, I’m more of a 3rd person than FPS too, but I really like the setting of this game.. who’s the guy who voices Adam, he sounds really familiar, is he a famous actor by any chance? Dual audio would be cool, but I highly doubt it, maybe the Jpn ver would have it if S-E doesn’t do a separate release like Modern Warfare 2…

      I really think of this guy as a hybrid of Ziggy from Xenosaga and Robocop :) When Murphy was made a beehive and then rushed to the lab and the docs were wishing him a happy b-day :)

      • PrinceHeir

        yup i definitely love the setting and the black and gold pallete :)

        he seems to be popular in Montreal


        i think the japanese(yet again) will get dual audio with subs.

        ahaha except he has badass hairstyle and a combination of wesker and neo(as if wesker himself is neo enough) with a little Solid Snake(not Big Boss) flavor ^^

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks, seems like he’s been in quite a few games, maybe I’ve seen him or heard him w/o realizing it, but I don’t watch that many TV series.. He definitely gives me a Neo vibe, “Look ma, metallic hands, whoa!” His weapons are definitely badass, stabbing people’s back w/ the blades and all.. no dual track would be a pity.. but even Jpn didn’t get dual track for Lords of the Shadow, they have Jpn only.. it’s a coin toss or something..

          • PrinceHeir

            i really like his voice actually :)

            i just remembered have you played Dark Sector? it’s a game where your main character suddenly got infected and out of nowhere a glaive came out of his arm. don’t you think it would be cool if you can also use a glaive like weapon as a boomerang in Deus Ex HR? that would be awesome but i think it will be overpowering and such(maybe you can replace the dual blades in arms)

            oh man i cannot wait for this :D

          • Aoshi00

            His voice has a hypnotic quality to it, like Keanu :) I haven’t played Dark Sector yet, but that boomerang was pretty cool.. Alex Mercer from Prototype could turn his hands into all sorts of weapons too, it was pretty fun bring mayhem to the city..I like the sunglasses and goatee on Adam, and w/ the hair he’s one cool dude :)

          • PrinceHeir

            yup ^^

            let’s just hope we can use other melee weapons besides his blades :P

          • If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed II, he’s the voice of Federico.

          • Aoshi00

            Cool, I’m maybe 3/4 into AC2, still need to finish that before Brotherhood.. I don’t remember too well, but they’re all doing the Italian accent so it’s kinda hard to recognize anyway..

      • Guest

        I agree I think it shoulda just been in 3rd person but I guess they were afraid of pissing off the hardcore fans of the original games. Whatever.

  • The gorgeous female scientist is pretty awesome. I hope she was not actually killed!!! Anyway, although this wasnt as gut wrenching and intense as the previous trailer posted, this one still makes me hyper excited for the game! Now if Square Enix Eidos(?) would announce a release date, I would be able to be excited about getting it on Day 1 Baby! I have the Augmented Edition preordered though!

    • Hraesvelgr

      “Day 1 Baby!” is your catch phrase, isn’t it? It has to be.

      • thebanditking

        reminds me of Naruto’s “Believe it!”

  • Aiddon

    well, that was a motivation straight out of at least 30% of hothead cop movies. Still though, definitely looking forward to this game (wish it hadn’t gotten delayed though)

  • This is going to be one of the most awesome games this year. Hell I’ll be bolder and say ever. It looks like it takes the strengths of the first two games (yes Deus Ex II was good, get over it) and amplifies them.

    Imagine how Tsuna gets excited for a Naruto game and that’s my reaction :D Can’t wait.

  • thebanditking

    I absolutely hated every WRPG I have ever played (including DEx2) but I am really excited to play this game. The story really appeals to me and the character design is thankfully free of western stereo types like muscle men in do rags. This game really has a great style, reminds me of Ghost in the Shell.

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