Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Plot Constantly Evolved During Development

By Spencer . February 10, 2011 . 11:31am

Game developers usually have a lot of great ideas that they want to cram into a game. Unfortunately, time and budget constraints don’t always allow for this, and eventually, something — often a lot of things — needs to be cut out.


In the case of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one such feature was ATMs. Human Revolution director, Jean-François Dugas, told us that, at one point, the game was going to include ATMs that could be hacked for extra money, but that the feature had to be shelved to focus on other more important aspects of the game.


The good news is, none of Human Revolution’s story was cut out. Rather, since the plot evolved alongside the game, it was constantly being revised and improved to eliminate plot holes and gaps.


“The story has been iterative, like we were going into different revisions and implementing part of the story into the game, and we were figuring out, “Oh my God, there’s a plot hole here” or there’s something that doesn’t work very well,” Dugas told Siliconera. “So for us it wasn’t as much ‘cutting’ as ‘improving’ the storytelling or fixing some of the problems of the story.”


Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn’t have a concrete release date yet. The Square Enix/Eidos game is in development for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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  • ATMS and hacking? Bank Terminals and Hacking….Mass Effect anyone?! Im so glad that they have removed it from the game, after experiencing hacking in Mass Effect 2, after playing a game for over 40 hours, hacking starts to feel, as Shikamaru would say, like such a drag.

    Anyway, Human Revolution looks to be exciting and still sounds like a great experience in sound and drama, I so can not wait to get it! Augmented Edition on Day 1 Baby!!!

    • Barrit

      Don’t you mean “how troublesome”?

    • ResonanceCascade

      If its anything like the original then hacking wouldn’t be annoying in the slightest. You just turn on icebreaker and take the money. Or find the password and don’t bother with hacking at all.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, hacking computers, ATMs and whatever else was an option earlier in the series, but, honestly, I don’t think that removing hackable ATMs is much of a loss. Depending on how you played the games, money wasn’t that important.

  • Well as long as the game is moddable I’m sure PC owners will create hackable ATM’s and I’m sure Xbox 360 and PS3 owners aren’t that upset as long as the story and gameplay are damn good (which I have faith that it will be).

  • This is actually a pretty neat-o way of doing things, since it allows a higher level of gameplay-story integration.

    The problem with a lot of games is that the cutscenes are standalone, or else the gameplay serves no purpose in the narrative and becomes arbitrary.

  • PrinceHeir

    i just want a full 3rd person camera view point :D

    sucks the hacking was removed though. it would have been cool if they can implement it near the final release but alas it’s all good :P

    for some reason afters seeing the art director talk about Deus Ex HR. he really really looks like Adam Jensen. they definitely model the character to him. it’s better than DMC Dante that’s for sure :P

    • If it makes you feel any better I wish it had full first person camera instea of this whole “get into cover-go third person” crap. I wish developers would stick with one perspective, or have both, and stay away from these hybrids that break immersion.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah i think one perspective is probably for the best. if they want a full 3rd person game, they should go all the way and vice versa.

        still can’t wait for this :P

  • It’s sooo cliché when game devs cut features for “story optimization.” Next we’ll have auto-aim & healing for a “streamlined experience.” Cutting out ATMs might not make the slightest difference, but you have to wonder – 10 years ago the original Deus Ex provided a compelling story WITH ATMs. It’s not superfluous if it adds interactivity + real-world believability.

  • To be honest, the art director is pretty good looking himself.. You know compare to so many other directors our there.. Lol… And Deus Ex character is really cool… Anyway, bring it on Eidos! Ima ready!

  • falcomgamefan

    Day one purchase for me. I can’t find one thing that looks bad about this game.

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