Acceleration Of Suguri X-Edition Bursts On To PSN This Tuesday

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 2:34am

rockinFirst announced on Siliconera, Rockin’ Android is bringing Acceleration of Suguri to PlayStation 3 and it’s coming out tomorrow. If you missed the PC version, this doujin developed title is a shooter meets fighting game where you guide one of eleven characters in one-on-one bullet dodging battles.


Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition sports brand new artwork from Keiko Sakurai. Rockin’ Android also outfitted the PS3 version with online leaderboards, a feature to save replay videos, and additional side stories.


A price has not been announced, but Crescent Pale Mist, Rockin’ Android’s last PSN release, was just $5.99.

  • Yesshua

    This particular genre-bend just makes a ridiculous amount of sense. Surely this has been done before? If not, these developers deserve a medal.

    • Izludicus

      I think you’ll find one of the Touhou games has a similar concept but done ever so slightly differently.

    • malek86

      I guess the game was inspired by Senko no Ronde.

    • Code

      If you have a 360, look up Senko no Ronde (English title, Wartech: Senko no Ronde, you’ll find it in bargain bins fairly often), it was love at first sight for me TwT It’s got a different pace/focus then Suguri, but it’s got that same delicious blend of fighter/shmup which is unlike anything else.

      • Which reminds me to a situation I was in before.

        Me: Hey, try this, it’s kinda good

        Friend: *takes senko no ronde* Eww, what is this? It looks like a child’s game. Look at the graphics. Who the hell plays this sh***y game?

        Me: ……..

        • SolidusSnake

          Gross… luckily I have otaku friends in real life who I can talk about anime and games with or I’d go crazy. Sometimes you do have to pretend to care about CoD or sports to get along with those unfortunate people whose power level is lacking, though.

        • Code

          rar, that’s no good omo I demand you exchange your friend for more Senko compatible friends owo~! Clearly they don’t know a good thing if it hit them in the face, sadly most 360 owners don’t opo; Step on your friend’s neck once for me >w<

  • Code

    rar, hooray Acceleration of Suguri >ww<'

  • Must buy!!!

  • xhunter

    This game is a must.Buying this ASAP.

  • Finally!!!
    I’ll buy it once I see it on PSN! =)

  • Heh I remember seeing this. Actually looked very intersting but I never got round to purchasing it. Looks like I have a second chance to remedy that.

  • nyobzoo

    consider this game bought

  • How hard is the PC version? I couldn’t even finish Gundemonium ReCollection and Hitogappa Happa.

    • Code

      X-Edition is basically a vs. shmup, which means think of it like a fighting game where you face individual characters each round, also it’ll have three difficulties to select from when playing Arcade. Generally Suguri’s key mode is versus mode for playing against other players; so the difficulty in Arcade isn’t terribly important, nor does it have a big impact on the game.

    • great games too, it took me a while to be gundemonium.

  • sounds like a blast, i can see me spending a few days on this. days well spent even.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I hope it’s $6 like Crescent Pale Mist was, I might have some money left over after I pre-order a game coming out next month, which is $40+…

  • Sure, I’ll buy this a second time. More story = Sold.

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