Arcana Heart 3 Shows Some Love For PSN, It’s Coming This Spring [Update]

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 11:00am

Arcana Heart 3

Aksys picked Valentine’s Day as the date to officially announce Arcana Heart 3 for North America. The girls fighting game has 23 characters and 23 arcana, cards that grant special attacks, to mix and match. Eko, a girl who can breathes life into her drawings, the mysterious Schalachrot, and Weiss, the main character in Arcana Heart 3, are the three newcomers.


While Arcana Heart 3 was a multiplatform release in Japan, Aksys is only releasing the title for PlayStation 3. More specifically, as a PlayStation Network download. Like Battle Fantasia before it, Arcana Heart 3 is a full game with all of the single player stories, training mode, and online play. A digital copy of Arcana Heart 3 will cost $29.99 when it debuts in North America.


Update: While an earlier press release indicated the price for Arcana Heart 3 will be $29.99, an Aksys representative explained this price is not final. The price point is TBD. Apologies for the confusion.


Arcana Heart 2 Arcana Heart 1  Arcana Heart 16 Arcana Heart 18  Arcana Heart 5Arcana Heart 4 Arcana Heart 10 Arcana Heart 11 Arcana Heart - Animated Sidebars 1 Arcana Heart - Normal Sidebars 1 Arcana Heart 7 Arcana Heart 13 Arcana Heart 8 Arcana Heart 9Arcana Heart 12

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  • $29.99?! Wow that is a bargain, I dont even know the series but that is such a steal. Sign me up for this, I will so be there on day 1 baby!!!!! Day 1!!!!!

    • The pre-order for AH3 here is £18, so I’d say it’s pretty much the same bargain valued awesome quality game at a steal. Sucks that you guys can only get it as a DDL, though

      • Kunio_kun

        Sucks for you if you get another Agarest-like translation botch! Not trying to start sh*t, I import games from the UK quite frequently, but as an owner of both Ghostlight and Aksys’s versions of the game I can say I’d prefer the Aksys DD-only option any day over something that was lazily plugged into Yahoo Translator to get sloppy-seconds Engrish…
        I absolutely hate not owning physical media, would prefer it on disc in box, but know that times are changing and that’s the only way SCEA will let this drop in the States… When the PS4 is announced I’m fairly confident that it will be heavily DD-centric and backwards-compatible with already purchased PSN-Store media or else Sony will go the way of the dodo (Sega). They’re not that stoopid, right? (hehe, nervous laughter and anxiety about the prospect of owning a Microsoft console in the next-gen…)

        • I symphatise in your experience with Agarest, but from my experience, translation botches are a very rare case. I’m quite sure you noticed that other JRPGs that’s been released have a quality localisation, like Valkyria, RoF, Nier, etc etc.

          I’m not worried as Zen is handling the publishing here. In fact, I have high expectations for them as their handling of Blazblue’s localisation was superb, aside from the ridiculous delays, making it hard for me to find ranked matches >_>

    • MisterDandylion

      I never played an Arcana Heart (I’m missing a lot right…? xD) but as long it has a story line is good for me. And the possibility of mixing arcana cards~~~~ lol

      • PurpleDoom

        Yeah, there’s a full-fledged story mode in the game. I’ve never actually played the game myself, and I really like the idea of mixing character attributes with the Arcana cards to create different versions of each character… so much diversity there!

    • $30 for a long term rental as opposed to $60 for full ownership? No thanks. I’d rather pay $60 for a disc.

  • evilhero

    No Xbox 360 release? Not a smart move, Aksys…

    Pretty much anyone who wanted it on PS3 imported it already.

    • PurpleDoom

      I’m sure they would have released it if they could. It’s not like they’re saying “Hey, we don’t want to release this game on 360 for REASONS!” Something is preventing them from doing it.

    • Not really.

      I’d rather support localizers…locally. That’s why many of us worked the forums at Aksys for months with the hope of doing so. We wouldn’t have cared otherwise to make mention if we were just going to import it. Most of us said ‘we don’t care even if it’s just PSN’ like the last few titles they’ve been forced down to.

      You got what you asked, if you did, regardless of the circumstances. It’s a take-or-get kind of deal with some of these games in the States. Aksys may change their mind with the appropriate amount of encouragement on their forums, much like getting it localized in the first place did, but whining or complaining about it on SE really won’t get your complaints answered. I’d go to the forums and mention your 360 concerns.

      With any luck, you just might be able to get Aksys to go through and get exactly what you’re asking for.

      • With all these comments, they must now be reconsidering the decision to release it on PSN digitally first and then on 360…unless it is coming to the 360.

        • You mean the, what, six comments? I think if they’re swayed by six comments on a website, they’re in trouble.

    • I didn’t. I’ll be downloading this and so will a few of my friends, actually. Just hope it has lobbies, unlike Battle Fantasia.

    • HarryHodd

      I think it’s great it’s being localized at all. Will definitely buy and no I didn’t import.

    • Dude, lol, what? Thats a mighty huge claim to make!

  • WHAT THE HELL is wrong with these people? Why not 360 version?

    • Guest

      because I don’t like 360

      • Ditto.

        Besides, 30 bucks is a friggin’ steal. Aksys knows exactly what they’re dealing with stateside but they’re doing the best they are able. At least we get it at all.

        For those that want to spend the extra 20 or so plus import to have a disc version of the game imported…go right ahead. I’ll be downloading it like the rest of us that want to go toe-to-toe without any disc lag.

      • The best argument.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Thanks for the info. Because my sources told me it was because Spencer only loved the PS3. I will have to correct them.

    • 360 has no games why would anyone buy anything on it? jk.. i dont know im glad its on PS3

    • BK0000

      Maybe Microsoft wouldn’t approve it.

    • Agreed. = The vast majority of my fighting game buddies all game on 360, plus I personally enjoy the layout and UI of gaming on 360 moreso than PS3.

      My guess is going to be that Microsoft only lets games onto the Games on Demand service if they exist in disc form first, whereas Sony has shown a willingness to let full retail titles go direct to digital as with Battle Fantasia.

      As for no disc, well, this is definitely a niche title even as far as fighters go. I know I can’t blame Aksys for preferring a cheaper distribution method (in case sales don’t go well at all)

      So yeah. Sucks, especially for the 360 fighter crowd, but it’s better than no US release at the very least. Maybe sales will pick up and Aksys will find a way to get it on 360 afterall. I know I wouldn’t mind.

      • SeventhEvening

        That’s pretty surprising, honestly. 360 has a larger install base, but all the fighting game fans I know are on PS3. In large part it is because of the d-pad being so useless on the original 360 controller (I haven’t tried the new folding d page).

      • I disagree on the “better than no US release” seeing this to me is basically the same thing as not releasing in the US at all. Xbox 360 retail disc or bust! Maybe I can cross my fingers and hope the European release will be region free? Lame.

    • According to your avatar, it seems you are also a Tales fan, or rather a tales of Graces f fan. So you’ll probably end up buying PS3 for Graces f, then you can buy Arcana Hearts 3 which gives you another reason to buy PS3.
      So what’s the problem?

      • Well we do not know if Graces F will be on PS3…

        • Ummm…actually, it’s the Wii version that’s in question, I’d say.

        • PS3 version is already done. The question is, will the Wii version be coming as well.

        • if i remember correctly F was added into the name for the ps3 version so thats pretty much a done deal

        • PurpleDoom

          Why is this even a question? It’s quite possible they didn’t say “for PS3” because they thought we would use common sense to figure that out.

    • Kunio_kun

      Because we hate you.

  • godmars

    Actually wish this was the trend when PSN/XBL games first started: high quality full games for $20~$30 via DL. Instead you either got $10 half games, $15 titles like Stardust HD and Shadow Complex, and $90 and up shooters on DVDs.

    • Guest

      dun forget NeoGeo pack for $79.99

      • godmars

        Which would have been, will probably be at some point, a $59 disc collection for the 360.

    • PrinceHeir

      i would love that idead :D

      add shumps as $30 digital both PSN and XBLA :)

  • Ladius

    SCEA’s “no english dub? no retail!” policy REALLY needs to go… I will be forced to wait for an european release, hopefully not a digital one :(

    Can’t see why they are localizing only the PS3 version, though.

    • Apollonis

      Probably because Microsoft just didn’t want it, would be my guess. I’m just grateful for what we are getting

      • HarryHodd

        Double post – delete

    • godmars

      Could have to do with MS file size limitations. Which is only weird when they also DL full older Xbox1 and 360 titles, yet that’s why the HD version of Stranger’s Wrath is only coming to PSN.

      • Stranger’s Wrath would have gone to the Arcade section of Live which has limitations at 2GB.
        I would have assumed that this would have went to Games on Demand [since it technically was a retail release…I guess?] which haven’t exactly seen such [interesting?] release strategies… then again, people rarely touch the section. I mean, it’s like a cancer that part of the store to the public.
        They should probably throw out an explanation so people can shut up, though I do agree with the rest that it makes no sense if you can compare it to Europe :-P.

        • PurpleDoom

          As I said in a different reply, SCEA and SCEE have very different release policies when it comes to retail vs. digital. SCEA have much stricter requirements for retail games, and I’m guessing AH3 didn’t make the cut.

          • It’s not like fighting games need english voice-overs to begin with…?
            And is there really a need to compare this to blazblue [outside of sale potential]?

            Then again, as I said… we’ll just have to wait for a reply from them since there is interest after all.

          • PurpleDoom

            Where did I compare anything to BB…?

            Anyway, yeah, I agree that the whole no dubs = no disc release policy is rather silly. If this ends up being anything like the Agarest situation though, they won’t actually be allowed to say anything and people will only get even more angry. If there’s a strong enough demand for the 360 version it might happen, though.

          • Actually, I meant to regard AH3 with Blazblue in their similarities with sales potential being the biggest difference. [BB having gotten a disc release, obviously]

            Oh well. I was going to link MS and their ‘family stance’ somewhere along the long, but decided that that would have been the lamest :-P.

      • PurpleDoom

        It’s quite the puzzle. Microsoft are usually open to niche games getting disc releases on the system, so perhaps it has something to do with the Agarest riot and angry gamers screaming for “console equality”. By that logic, if they couldn’t do a 360 download release they shouldn’t do 360 at all, because in the eyes of angry gamers DDL is worse than retail and if one system gets a disc and the other doesn’t it’s unfair and the publisher hates their system.


        • Maybe Aksys just decided to not bring it to the X360 or to retail in the US? Maybe its their decision? Perhaps we are reading too much into things?

          • PurpleDoom

            It’s possible, if they didn’t see any potential profit there. It would be unusual for them, though, since every time they localize a multiplat game they release it on all platforms. With GGXXAC+, they even ported it to Wii just for the American release.

        • malek86

          I think they can’t release it on DD (too big for XBLA, i guess), and they don’t see profitability in releasing it on retail. Or maybe it will come later?

          Anyway, i think there will eventually be an official answer on the matter, so we should probably know in time.

        • godmars

          The Agarest “riot” happened, as far as I’m concerned anyway, because you had a $55 360 version with fan extras and a $45 PSN DDL with just the game. Would likely have only been $30 when it was just PSN-only, but then it got delayed a few months with the 360 version getting a disc.

          • PurpleDoom

            I think I got a little carried away there, sorry. I was observing the entire debate leading up to the game’s release and was just extremely frustrated with the amount of nonsense going on, but that isn’t to say the entire thing was void of reason. The PSN version was most definitely overpriced coming with no extras, that I can agree with.

        • PrinceHeir

          well it could also be related to the Agarest incident where PS3 only get’s digital version while 360 has retail copy. but doesn’t make sense since even though we’re getting it it’s still not retail. well im just happy we’re getting it in the first place :)

    • Actually, my first thought upon seeing that it’s a PSN release was, “Oh…I guess this means it’s completely in Japanese. Shame.”

      Never played the series before. Can someone at least tell me it takes place in Japan, so I won’t be bothered by the voices?

      • PurpleDoom

        It does take place in Japan. You can now be at ease.

        • Alrighty. I’m cool with Japanese dialogue then. Thank you.

    • Where does it say no the game has no english dub?

      • It’s just something Aksys explained somewhere in their forums about Agarest Wars for the PSN.

        Sony Policy: No dub, no disk.

        • Really? Yakuza 3 had no dub and got a disc based released.

          • I think that was SEGA’s decision. A publisher has more control than a localization company.

          • What? Dude, Aksys is a full-fledged videogame publisher too.

    • What do you mean by “no English dub no retail”? Yakuza 3 and 4 are Japanese dub only and they got a retail release didn’t they?

      • PurpleDoom

        I remember hearing stuff about how the Yakuza games got special exceptions since the games were taking place in a somewhat realistic Japan, so having Japanese dialogue made sense. Not sure if that’s the actual reason, though, just what I’ve heard.

        • Okay this policy is starting to sound sillier and sillier every time people bring it up. It went from no dub no disc based release, to no dub though it is in Japan so disc based release, its just as strange as the no rerelease of games without x% of new content and some games seemingly add little to be in that percentage. I think these policies are just fiendish machinations that someones been spreading for the sake of taking the focus off of a corporate decision.

          • PurpleDoom

            To be honest, no one knows for sure if that’s actually a policy, but SCEA is known for being somewhat strict and there definitely is a trend with Aksys’ PSN releases – up until Agarest Zero, the only PS3 games released by disc by them were the BlazBlue games, which happened to be the only ones that had dubs. It’s quite possible that someone just suggested that it may be a Sony policy and the entire thing got blown out of proportion. I’m no insider, either, I just like to speculate and you definitely shouldn’t assume anything I’m saying is fact.

      • Darkrise

        They are sort of better known than Arcana Heart 3. Besides, knowing how the west goes, they’d obviously choose 3D over 2D. =/

      • Ladius

        It seems that SCEA allowed the Yakuza series to go retail as an exception beacuse of the importance of that franchise in the japanese market and because it actually take place in contemporary Japan.

        Of course those are still rumors, so take them with a grain of salt.

    • HarryHodd

      Because most fighter and Japanese fans are on the PS3.

      • Japanese fans? For the most part yes. Honestly can’t agree with the first part though. I have just as many if not more friends who play their fighters on 360 than on PS3.

        Sure it’s only personal experience, but still more than enough to have me question that PS3 has more fighter fans overall.

        • HarryHodd

          All I know is fighters tend to sell better on
          PS3. I think it has something to do with the d-pad. The latest Nurato game is a good example.

          • Well I think the benefit with Naruto was that the first one was a PS3 exclusive, so there was already a fan base there for it.

          • HarryHodd

            How about Blazblue Calamity Trigger?

        • Sales numbers say different. Maybe in your personal circle 360 fighters sell more, but with the exception of the original SFIV and Soul Calibur 4, every fighting game this generation has sold more on PS3 than 360. Tekken 6, both BlazBlue titles, SSFIV…all sold more on PS3.

    • SeventhEvening

      Wait, where did you pull out the idea that SCEA is at fault here?

      We’re talking about an EXTREMELY niche fighting game. The first Arcana Hearts sold incredibly poorly in the US. I prefer disk releases too, but I’d say that this is more likely a business decision rather than SCEA bringing down a hammer. It simply makes more sense for this to be digital only to decrease overhead.

      • I think that makes the most sense. I still think this entire thing is Aksys own decision and not one of “policy”.

      • Ladius

        The “no dub, no retail” policy seems to have been going on for quite some time, and apparently it was the reason beyond Agarest PS3’s dd-only release in the USA, so it has nothing to do with the game’s genre.

        Since SCEA’s policies regarding game publishers are not public there is no actual confirmation from them, but as far as I remember the rumor was confirmed by Aksys when the PS3 users lamented Agarest’s lack of physical release (see the post from Garyuu below).

        • SeventhEvening

          The problem is that there is no confirmation and there is as much evidence of this policy existing as there is evidence of the policy not existing. Yakuza has been released on disk, yet only one out of the four titles (three released and one announced) has been released with dubbing.

          The point is, there are a ton of factors that contribute to this being a DDL release, SCEA may or may not have had anything to do with it. But I’d say that if you need to point a figure, it should be at Aksys. Aksys is the only publisher thus far to have a game stopped by this supposed policy, and Aksys is the only source thus far to “confirm” the policy.

          • PurpleDoom

            Yeah, I never remember this being officially confirmed, just something someone brought up as a possibility and it caught on because it made sense at the time. Aksys did say that the reason for Agarest being PSN only was “for matters beyond their control”, but they never mentioned anything specific. That said, Sony policy has blocked things before, so it’s pretty easy to point at them.

    • Yea i agree with you

  • DD only? Thanks but no thanks Aksys.

    • glemtvapen

      I hate DD only games also, but the upside is gamesharing.

      Paying only $6 for this is just too delicious to pass up.

    • Look on the bright side. AH3 will be at everyone’s faces whenever they’re in the PS Store.

      • Darkrise

        The fact that alot of people signed over at Aksys forum and that we got the game is good enough too.

  • Now my hope is the europe release. I want a retail version(and limited edition would be nice too)

    • PurpleDoom

      A European PS3 release was confirmed a little before this one, actually. It’s a hard copy for you guys, too!

  • Pichi

    Glad that its coming. If things don’t work will, I can always go for the other English release.

  • Something seems off about that press release. How is it that Europe and Japan are getting hard copies of the game on PS3 and Xbox, but North America is only getting a DL?

    • PurpleDoom

      SCEA is much more strict about game releases. If it doesn’t meet all the criteria for a disc game, it’s download or nothing. SCEE has much looser requirements.

      No one knows why the game isn’t being released on 360 though, as Microsoft is usually pretty open to things in regards to localization.

      • The only thing I’m thinking is the file size.

        • PurpleDoom

          That could be an explanation. I know next to nothing about how the 360’s store works, so that never occurred to me before.

          • Can’t have any game bigger than 2gigs on XBLA. It’s why Stranger’s Wrath is PS3-only. They wanted to make it multiplatform, but it’s not a big enough title for Microsoft to give them an exception or change the rules, like they did for Symphony of the Night, years and years ago, and for one more title that escapes my mind, more recently.

    • Kunio_kun

      Because SCEA blows goats and is secretly run by Bernie Stolar…

      • Wow. And here I was the other day talking about how few trolls the site had.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Kunio must have been surfing *those* kinds of sites while we were posting our love for Pikachu.

  • Wow, no 360 version…


  • Apollonis

    Too much hate for downloads in here. To me it’s a convenient format, I’ve already got enough boxes and stuff sitting around, and it’s been pretty much the only format for PC gaming (to me) for a while now anyway so people should be more used to it, but it’s always funny to see the differences in opinion among the various gaming “communities.” But it seems like people are already starting to point fingers at Aksys for not releasing it exactly as they might want, as if they don’t know that people like physical copies and multiplatform and stuff or simply withheld it out of spite; consider that this was perhaps the only viable way for this to happen so… well, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully I’ll have a more reliable internet connection for online play soon.

    • PurpleDoom

      Yeah, it’s a crying shame that whenever something prevents Aksys from releasing the game exactly as it was in Japan it’s suddenly their fault to everyone. They’re doing what they can to get the game over here at all and it’s really a shame that people would condemn them for not challenging SCEA’s retail and download policies. The no 360 release really is a mystery, though, although if I remember correctly Agarest was PSN-only at first as well…

    • I would think fighting games would work as “on the go”. I mean, I know some very dedicated players who use their laptops to play games like …dang, what is it…was it the Type Moon ones? Actress something. Anyway, they only use so few laptops/cpus and it’s not like they each need a copy to bring for events.
      AH seems to blend into the same fighting crowd so this should probably work out well.

  • At least when Agarest came out it had a hard copy for 360… *sigh*

    • PurpleDoom

      The 360 version of Agarest wasn’t announced until long after the PSN version, so I wouldn’t give up hope for this just yet. All the people unconstructively raging at them isn’t going to help the situation, though… (not accusing you of raging, it’s just something I’ve already noticed.)

      • Although there was quite a lot of raging when there was a retail edition of Agarest 360 and a PSN one for PS3, though.

        • PurpleDoom

          Which was unfortunate, given that the situation almost certainly wasn’t Aksys’ fault.

        • malek86

          Yes, most of it coming from you :P even though it was clearly not their fault.

          But in this case, it shouldn’t happen. Translating a few lines in a fighting game can’t be nearly as expensive as translating a SRPG. If they didn’t go for the retail route, my guess is they simply didn’t want to risk losing money. If so, a 360 retail release would be out of the question just as well.

          • I wish I could take credit for being the entire uproar. That would actually be something I’d brag about. But, no, I didn’t have any complaint until they announced all the extras for the 360 version. But there were a lot of people complaining when I’d be trying to tell them why a digital download wasn’t a bad thing.

            My whole thing was that they should’ve done an English dub in the first place and everyone would’ve been okay. But I didn’t even make a big stink about that.

        • Well thanks to our complaining we are getting the next Agarest on disc on our PS3s, though I would still prefer it digitally, I dont have terabytes of space for nothing!

          • PurpleDoom

            Victory! I’m sure the good sales helped too. I did hear rumblings that Sony wasn’t too pleased with the filesize, but the game’s popularity is probably what got Zero a disc release.

      • Hard copies are always best but dlc is definitely better than nothing.

        • I’d rather have nothing. At least I wouldn’t feel cheated knowing there is a localized game that I can’t/won’t be able to play.

  • Very glad this is coming stateside. Very deep game, despite the lolis. The arcana system really adds to the game, because while the characters themselves are already diverse and interesting gameplay wise, choosing arcanas lets you choose between improving zoning, pressure, mobility, your wakeup game, damage, or helps you with certain troublesome opponents. The clash system is really nice too.

    It needs to be on 360 as well though. Most of the people in my scene with PS3s have imported it, it’s the 360 players who really need a stateside version.

    • Exactly. If I wanted it on PS3, I’d import the disc.

  • To all those people saying that them not releasing it disc based, let along a collector’s edition; you have to understand that this is probably the smartest thing Aksys could possibly do.
    They are unaware how a game such as this will sell in this day and age, as the original sold poorly.
    It’s much easier to reformat and release data, than it is to form a blu-ray dvd and distribute them. It not only saves them from such a hassle, but allows them to get solid numbers from the psn sales.
    Erm… I lost my train of thought…
    Anyway- the sales from AH3 should open Aksys to releasing even more of their… mmm… semi-ecchi games… and… erm… Happy Valentine’s day, Aksys! I love you too! ♥

    • We do too ヾ(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

    • Didn’t they release both BlazBlue games? They should have an idea of how 2d fighters sell.

      • And how do 2D fighters sell? What were the sales numbers for Blazblue games and other 2D fighters? Someone mentioned the previous Arcana Heart game didnt sell well…

        • I have no idea what sales BlazBlue had… but it must have had enough to warrant a sequel… and I was referring to the original comment “They are unaware how a game such as this will sell in this day and age” <-how can they be unaware how such a game will sell in this day and age when they've released 2 other 2d fighters in the past year…?

          I don't know how well the original AH game sold… I bought it day one… it wasn't an Aksys game however.

  • zhemos

    well this kind of sucks. I hope there’s a demo

    • PurpleDoom

      I’m guessing not, but only because neither Battle Fantasia nor Agarest had a demo. The possibility is definitely there.

    • mikanko

      I remember reading somewhere that companies have to shell out monies to Sony for distributing demos on PSN bandwidth. Why there are so fewer demos compared to 360 for the smaller download only games, and every XBLA game requires a demo. Also explains why some games have their demos pulled on PSN after a couple months.

      • They should just release a time demo, via NFS Hot Pursuit, Catherine, etc. Save costs.

  • RagnaXBL

    Yessssssssssss Aksys Why so Godlike !?!?! why!?!?

  • Nice! I really enjoyed the first one, so this is a great excuse to get back into the fray and remind myself I simply can’t play fighting games seriously.

    I mean, I try, but… I’m friends with a few “tournament” players… so it kind of kills the fun when I see just how truly terrible I am at taking advantage of glitches and framerate stuff, despite my ability to string some neato combos.

    • Code

      rar, I know your feelings man, I love my fighters a whole lot, but I have a tournament friend and he literally smashes everyone to pieces every time T_T; I’ve had probably a thousand plus Blazblue matches over two games with him and won about 16 matches tops xpx; rar, I do look forward to this regardless though >w<

  • PrinceHeir

    oh my god yes thank you Aksys though i would have prefer for a physical copy this is good enough. i wish more JP only PS3 games get’s the same kind of treatment. i want my Ace Another Century, and Yakuza Kenzan too :P

    Happy Valentine’s Aksys and everyone here at siliconera :)

    though i don’t have a valentines day :(

    at least i gave my Mother a present not to mention i have MVC3 soo that’s good enough for me :)

    • lurkingsalt

      Your mention of Kenzan really stings know that one won’t ever be coming state side. I gave up after they brought over Yakuza 3, with the release of 4 next month I can’t really complain about it anymore.

      To stay on topic – I think Arcana is a day 1 title for me. Thanks a lot Aksys.

    • mikanko

      You’re not really missing anything from ACE:R. I owned it about a week before selling it off. Not that it’ll ever make it over with the licensing craziness, but the newer PSP game is the better game. Hopefully if they release another PS3 ACE game it’ll play closer to that. Fortunately ACE: R had a pretty big fan backlash in Japan, so it’s doubtful they’ll make the same mistake twice.

    • PrinceHeir

      is that so? well i just hope we do get at least a some mech games. a SRW with Xenosaga and Zone of the Enders would be a good start :)

      as for kenzan yeah it kinda sucks we never got it. im also hoping Deadly Premonition can make it on PSN. please Access game.

  • john411

    It’s a simple reason to see why this isn’t getting a 360 release. Aksys is going crazy low budget with it, and so the only option is PSN. Xbox Live has no service to release full games on download unlike PSN, and Aksys for likely multiple reasons have decided against a retail release for Arcana Heart 3, so there’s no way for the 360 to get a release.

    Hopefully the PSN version sells, and Aksys will decide to release it on retail for 360 users later!

    • PurpleDoom

      I thought the Games On Demand section sold complete retail games for download on 360? It’s not too surprising they didn’t go that path though, they haven’t ever done it before, after all.

      • malek86

        GOD is only for games that are on retail shelves too, I believe. I’ve never seen a digital-only game not being released on XBLA instead.

        • john411

          Exactly. MS doesn’t have the same infrastructure that PSN has. I’m sure if they did, you’d see a 360 release too. As it stands, the 360 can only get smaller games to put on XBLA, or retail packages of larger games.

          • PurpleDoom

            Ah, OK. Thanks for the explanation.

          • Thank goodness. I’d hate not having the option of buying a disc.

  • karasuKumo

    I have never played an Arcana Heart title so this shall be my first ^^

  • timmz

    Wow I’m glad I imported it when it came out last month. Oh well I like having a physical copy of the game. But its nice to see Aksys bringing over some of the games that people really want.

  • HarryHodd

    Will be there day one. Glad it’s coming to the PSN.

  • What?! Only download T_T, darn how the hell im going to get again those psn network cards!? i cant buy with my credit card because it only accepts Credit Cards from the US, and i dont really wanna pay an import price just to bring a piece of card T_T.
    And my ps3 is just 40 gigs, well, 30 gigs with agarest, and les with the other games i have, i can always install and uninstall but games like this i’d prefer to never uninstall

    • Wait for the EU release(kinda long, but with all the great games coming so soon and already are, I’m positive that time will fly away before you know it), I’m sure it is retail, they aren’t that DDL heavy. :D

      • Lol i never imported anything from Europe, ahh it must be a drag, and i would really like to support Aksys, i guess ill try to somehow get those cards… I think i have a friend going to the US soon, i could just find some dollars and make him get me some cards… OMG YOU MADE ME REMEMBER THAT!! OHHH!!! IM GONNA ASK HIM!!

        • I understand that, I would love to support Aksys too, but I can’t import those cards. :(
          Hahaha, glad to help in anyway possible, even if it was just by accident. xD

    • You seriously need to upgrade your HDD. I am not sure how expensive that is in Europe, in the States, it only cost me $70 to upgrade my old school 60gig to a 320gig.

      • Yeah, ive been thinking about it, but ive seen on the net that most people that tend to have problems when upgrading the firmware of their ps3s is when they have changed their ps3’s HDD already.
        And well, my ps3 is one of the first loot released and it has been perfect so far, i dont really want to take any risk xD, i wouldnt mind to delete some isntall data everytime, the main problem would be getting the cards.

        • Really? I had no issue with changing my hard drive for my PS3. They fixed the recent isshu with the fimrware and the HDD isshu. Or you can just get an external hard drive and shift around your game install data, I have a 400GB I use.

    • I believe you can buy PSN pre-paid digital cards (codes) off of Play Asia?

      • I was just checking…, ught 27$… and i would need 2 of 20$ because there doesnt seem to be 10$ around… that’s 54$… lol, almost like a new game, i would have 10$ around for any other thing though…

        *sigh* i guess ill need to find some way, WAIT i just remembered there is an easy way i could get it! wish me luck muahaha… is this going to be released before or after agarest war Zero?

        • This is for the Spring and Agarest War Zero was for the summer I thought.

          • Wich one comes first? there are no seasons where i live >_>

            winter spring summer fall, that’s right? Ohm so this one comes first

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hopefully they can get this on the 360, fightans should never be exclusive. ;_;

  • I’m glad this is coming over here Stateside, but I’m kind of sad that this is not getting a physical release. Not that I have anything against digital downloads, but it would have been nice. I remember playing this game in an arcade while I was in Japan last year and thinking that it would never come out over here. I wish SCEA would loosen up on their policies, but hey, at least we’re getting it on PSN.

    • I think its Aksys decision to do it on the PSN, surely its lower cost than a disc based release…

  • I’ll be downloading this. Never played the first game on PS2, though, even though I was constantly told good things about it.

    For those who imported, though, does it have player lobbies? That’s one of the few complaints I have about Battle Fantasia. My cousins and a couple friends of mine like to have fighting game Thursdays, and it was too much of a hassle to constantly switch out of player matches, so we just stick with games like SSFIV and BlazBlue that have lobbies. I hope this has them too.

  • raymk

    Great news wish it was on disk but what can I say i’m super glad its here :). Next to tales…scratch that i’m more excited for this than tales coming to the U.S.

  • Been playing this since console release in Japan a month ago and have been loving it since. Do yourself a favor and actually pick this up if you enjoy fighting games that have depth to them. The arcana system really makes things interesting because even if you pick a character that may have a bad matchup with another character, picking the proper arcana to shut out your opponent’s strengths may allow you to put the fight on even ground.

    Don’t be a scrub though and skip out on this because, “This game just has girls in it. It’s for pedos, lololol”. If you’re so insecure that you’re going to let the age of the characters in a fighting game stop you from enjoying or admitting that it is a solid game, just stick with your SSFIV filled with stereotypical characters.

    $29.99 is CERTAINLY a steal though. I paid nearly $80 for my copy, heh. If you want to occupy yourself in the meantime while you wait for this to arrive stateside, I suggest you head over to and become a member.

    They have all sorts of information there regarding character matchups, combos, arcana descriptions, etc. It’s a great place to go if you’re just starting to get into AH and pretty much every question you could ask has probably already been answered in the wikis that they provide or the threads.

    Anyway! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have been when you get it :3

    • FireCouch

      This game just has girls in it. It’s for pedos, lololol

      Although, it’s pretty gutsy for arksys to bring this over. So congrats for them, we need more gutsy publishers.

      • I think you mean, ‘Aksys’. I don’t know why so many people confuse, ‘Arcsys’ with ‘Aksys’ :/

        Anyway, if you get this game in a few months, hit me up. I should have about half a year of experience under my belt by that point, so I’ll beat you into shape, lol. I doubt I’ll need anymore ‘waifu points’ at that point to make my main blush and be happy, so it’s alright if you win a few =3=

        Get hyped!

  • mikanko

    People talking about SCEA’s policy and whatever also have to realize this game is a pretty big gamble. I think it has as much to do with Aksys not wanting to risk a retail copy, and the money that goes into one, as anything else. When Atlus released the first game it didn’t exactly do well.

    As a download title most people won’t have to feel embarrassed about walking away with it from a gamestop or wherever, and the chances are most retail shops don’t want to carry a hardcore fighting game that looks this “otaku”y for lack of a better word. The game caters to a less than pure loli fan demographic even moreso than Agarest War. The RPG community is also far more forgiving of this sort of niche aesthetic than the fighting game community is. If anyone actually looks at the cast pretty much every character is aged 8-14 clearly in print, and the mainstream fighting game crowd is more likely to hate on people who pick it up, than see themselves walking out of a gamestop with a copy.

    That said I’ll be purchasing it at that price instantly. I’m sure if it sells well they might change their minds and pursue a physical release for the game.

    • PurpleDoom

      You have a point, releasing games this niche is always a risky proposition, it’s possible they’re really just seeing if the demand turns into profit here.

      • Make it a limited print run… sold only through their own online store… problem solved. Printing DVDs doesn’t cost that much man.

        • PurpleDoom

          We’ll just have to wait and see, they recently said that they’d be issuing an official statement on the matter.

    • It’s sad, but true.

  • Code

    rarr, thank aksys >ww<'

  • HarryHodd

    The game won’t fit within the XBlive downloadable game limitations.

  • Highly disappointed this isn’t on the 360. Kinda ruined my Valentines day to be honest. *sigh*

  • JustaGenericUser

    Well, I’m glad AH3 is coming here, but I hope the PSN-only thing is AkSys decision and not Sony America being a bitch again. Because then I can see where AkSys would be coming from (not wanting to risk losing too much money on a retail release when the original didn’t do too well). Although it’s strange it’s not on XBLA, too; that’ll be a drastic loss in potential sales.

    Well the good news is that it’s not $45 like Agarest was; $30 is a bit more reasonable for a DL, I think.

    Now the question becomes… will it have english voices? Please say yes AkSys, I know most people hate dubs but I don’t. I want to hear my sweet Heart (<– made a pun I did) in English. She'd probably be played by Laura Bailey, she seems to like the bubbly, hyper characters.

    • Of course it won’t have a dub. That’s why it’s on PSN.

    • Darkrise

      The dubbing would be difficult and more costly for this game. Due to the cast, it would be pretty tough to find 23 female voice actors that would sound good enough to fit any of the characters. Especially when half of the cast are lolis.

      • Code

        Michelle Ruff will voice every one of them, and they will all sound entirely different opo;;

        • SeventhEvening

          and half of them will sound terrible.

      • Ohkay, you make it seem like the voice actors could have additional roles, which I think they could. Just because its a PSN release doesnt mean it cant have a dub…

  • I still think Aksys could’ve renamed the game because AH2 was never here.

  • What a bust… I was actually excited for this game to come stateside and for 360… but since they’re risking it on the playstation 3 AND digital, they’re going to have a hard time selling it… especially with all the rampant, easy to pirate games on the ps3 now… like killzone 3…

    • fwi: Piracy has been possible on the 360 for a looooong time now; well before the PS3, in fact (and it’s just as easy, too. Probably easier.) Heck, Xbox 360 games usually get leaked and pirated before PC games. Yet games on both platforms still enjoy good sales.

      I don’t think it being digital only will be a problem, but it’s a real bummer for 360-only owners that it’s only coming to PSN.

      • Like I said above, the major thing is the security. On the 360, you can easily get rid of hackers online on the 360 since there is not just a set amount of keys on the 360 or any microsoft hardware. Heck, since you mentioned it, I’ll let you know that ps3 games now leak and get pirated faster than 360 games due to the huge security flaw mentioned. One huge example is MvC3 which has been out to pirate on the ps3 for a few weeks now. If someone has proof of an earlier leak for the 360, please counter me on it(all I know, my SE copy is in the mail and due to arrive on the 17th).

        • what are you talking about? PS3 games have always been available online, anyone with searching abilities can see that the game files have been online for years. I do not understand what you are trying to get at, since there is piracy they should stop making games?

    • When people talk like this, it always says more, to me, about their own habits with piracy than the general public.

    • Ohkay this doesnt make sense. DVD and movies are pirated and have been pirated all the time, PC games and even X360 games, and PS2 games had rampant piracy, did that prevent stuff from coming out and being profitable? Heh, if we want to get like this then people would have already downloaded and pirated the JPN version of Arcana Heart 3 anyway…There are over 12mln PS3 units in the US, I have difficult believing that piracy is as rampant as you make it seem that they would have difficulty selling the title from that.

      I think they can sell it digitally well, a lot of people ended up getting the PSN version of Agarest…

      • As I said, people who say this sort of thing are usually the same people who do the most pirating and assume everyone else is doing it too. The only person I know who actually thinks the PS3 is now going to be a home for pirates is also the guy who hasn’t paid for a single 360 game in years but has a huge collection.

      • The thing with 360 piracy is that unlike Sony, Microsoft doesn’t have a set handful of security keys to allow content, meaning it’s easier to stop pirates and hackers on the 360. From my experience, it’s pretty bad on the ps3 currently. If you ask me, being able to have access to games, DLC and any other content on the PSN with a simple hack(and no extra downloads) is pretty bad. Heh, that reminds me… My roommate who never used a 360 and said there were pop-ups on it, is now actually experiencing it on the ps3, but each to their own.

        • From your experience? So you actively aid the community in hosting PS3 files and allowing people to get them and hosting 360 files and keep tracking of the number of people, and make available DLC and any other content?

          • He’s not aiding anyone but himself if he has any sort of experience with this sort of thing.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I mean I suppose I get that this is a risk and all, but I’m still very disappointed that it’s at least not coming to 360 too. I mean, Deathsmiles and Agarest got released on it.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    The only thing I’d note in favor of physical release is the original did have a bit of a sales tail. Yes, a lot of after release folks were fighter fans who bought it once they learned of the quality, but it was also out on a dead system.

    It definitely will be a DAY ONE BABEE here. Just gotta get in on that kick a loli in the face action.

  • i hope they port this over to the ngp.
    what better way to spend the day then watching girl on girl action! :D

    • Agreed all the way to hell and heaven, “girl on girl action”!!! xO

      • i hope they keep there jp voice actors. it will make the beatings so much better!

  • do we really have to worry? i mean this IS Aksys, and knowing them they’ll announce an 360 version ON DISK with bonus and go like “well we did say exclusive only on PSN and nothing about retail copy LOL”

  • Darkrise

    Oh well… At least we got a localization. Better than nothing at all. =/ And at $29.99, you just can’t argue against that.

    That is my wish!
    I wanted this game to come to PSN, now I’ll look forward to it.
    A game like this fits perfectly as a downloadable game, since it’ll cost us to pay more for it if it’s on a Blu-Ray Disk. And I don’t see it worth more than $30.
    EDIT: Also, I’m glad it’s a PSN exclusive. XD

    • Why are you glad it is PSN exclusive? What does that do for you? All it means is that people who prefer Retail… or god forbid… prefer Xbox 360… can’t enjoy the game. Sounds pretty silly to me.

  • Draparde

    This game was pretty fun when i played my friends imported version, i know my friends going to get it so ill have fun beating him up in it :D (and losing…sometimes….)

  • Oh sweet. Now I won’t have to wear that tux, shades, wax for my hair, and all that fancy expensive junk before I buy these sort of games.

  • superdry

    I commend Aksys for releasing AH3 stateside. I hope it does well for them.

    Now, here’s an interesting question. Assuming, Aksys did not secure 360 rights for NA, I wonder why the original Japanese publisher did not at least make the 360 version NTSC-Free (since Europe is getting it…no point in making it fully region free) – I assume the publisher went lazy and didn’t want to fill out the extra paperwork.

    Of course my question is moot if Aksys announces the 360 version in the near future.

  • not happy its not coming to retail….

  • IceRomancer

    Very good news to hear!
    I’ve been waiting for this announcement for awhile :)

  • Congratulations North America :D

    • For what? Did I miss something? PSN only is like releasing it on NGage or something.

  • Chow

    But we got no Arcana Hearts 2 over here in North America. Great. Now there will be a hole, though since this is online-only, it’s not too noticeable for my OCD.

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