Catherine Lets Players Peek Into The Minds Of Other Players

By Spencer . February 15, 2011 . 11:38am

imageLike many Atlus developed titles, Catherine lets players decide Vincent’s fate. Instead of siding with law or chaos, you get to choose which woman Katherine or Catherine is the right match for Vincent. Chapters end with question and answer sessions in a confession room.


What’s interesting about Catherine is you can see a general overview of how other people answered the same questions. Pie charts are comprised from realtime data from Catherine players.


Catherine doesn’t have a multiplayer online mode, but there is a score attack style feature. Babel mode has players guide Vincent up a block tower. After you reach the top, Catherine posts your score online and you can see how you stack up against others on the online leaderboards. Colosseum mode makes tower climbing competitive. This offline versus mode pits two players against each other in a race to the top. After you clear Golden Theater mode, the main story, once you’ll unlock Colosseum mode.


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Catherine comes out this week in Japan.

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  • Testsubject909

    So on top of the already curious dilemma that they’ve provided, they then provide a real time chart that enforces sheep mentality or rebellious attitude that may or may not encourage exploration of choices, but might also impose something similar to real life expectations from the common group to which people could buckle under strain or, under moment of great duress and inability to decide, provide them with an answer that they do not personally feel is the absolute right answer, but are being told by the mass that it is the most common and thus most normal choice.

    Ergo normal being correct?


    I like this game just a tiny bit more now. Day 1, if it comes out here… COME OUT HERE ALREADY!

    • malek86

      “So on top of the already curious dilemma that they’ve provided, they then provide a real time chart that enforces sheep mentality or rebellious attitude that may or may not encourage exploration of choices, but might also impose something similar to real life expectations from the common group to which people could buckle under strain or, under moment of great duress and inability to decide, provide them with an answer that they do not personally feel is the absolute right answer, but are being told by the mass that it is the most common and thus most normal choice.”

      Actually, I’d probably just choose the answer that pops up on the screen first.

      • SolidusSnake

        I’ve done it by accident quite a few times, especially when I’m skimming through text I’ve already read before. That was one thing I liked about Devil Survivor, you have to move your cursor to pick a text option, so you can’t accidentally hit the first choice.

  • Come on Atlus… dont let me down anymore, even the valentine’s card they made was a let down >->

    • Why do you want it to be announced so much, whether they announce it today or tomorrow, I cant imagine it would make the release date feel any closer…(yes Im the type that would love for stuff to be announced extremely close to release)/

      • lurkingsalt

        If game companies announced there games too late they wouldn’t have time to hype up and PR the title like most companies do after announcements. There can be a thing as too early though, let’s say a game announced this month coming out 14-15 months. Something like 3-4 months would be perfect I think.

        • Atlus PR’s their games in forms other than emails?! Since marketing is pretty much not present, I think it wouldnt matter for their games tbh.

          • lurkingsalt

            Game mags and conventions are the big 2 I can think of that Atlus does for sure. They are small but you can’t really say they don’t try.

      • I personally want to know if I have to import the game, or if I just have to wait for the localization as I don’t want to buy the japanese ver. now just to see that there will be an English release too.

        • Has Atlus not brought out an Atlus game on the high definition consoles? I think the imminent release in CONUS is guaranteed.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, the same thing happened to me w/ Sin & Punishment 2, I figure the US release would only have the Eng. track but it turns out to be dual track, if I knew I wouldn’t have gotten the Jpn copy just 2 months before the US release (even though the Jpn cover was cool, it was in the manual of the US ver), it was used but like new for $35 anyway.. I’m importing both ver for now just for the different covers, I have a feeling the US ver would have Eng audio only somehow..

          • Indeed, I had similar cases, where I ended up buying both versions.
            That’s one of the reasons I mostly wait now for infos on localizations, before buying the game. I just don’t have enough money and room to have two copies of like every game. :P
            I would love to have the 360 ver. too, but that would be a waste as I don’t have a Japanese 360, and now that you mention it, the Persona games had Eng audio only too…hmm dude hopefully not, the voice cast in this game is amazing.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, I think you should wait a bit to see if they’re announcing a localization and if it’s dual track. If not, for this stellar Jpn voice cast, I think it’s worth to double dip by importing later. I imported Lost Odyssey before thinking the US ver wouldn’t have dual track but it ended having 5 languages of text and audio, way more than the Jpn ver which only had Jpn text and Eng/Jpn audio. I have both the Jpn and US ver of P3/4 too for that reason, although I never finished any of those games.. the dungeon crawlers were too long for me.. I’m selling one set of pre-order bonus to someone to recoup some of my cost, otherwise yea it’s too expensive.. let’s just hope NCSX doesn’t mess it up, I hope the bonus to game ratio is 1:1 for the initial shipment.. And since most release day is on a Thursday, if I use UPS I would get them on Friday in time for President’s Day weekend, but I went cheap and used post office, so I might not get the games in time :(..

          • @Aoshi00:
            Aww man now I feel bad for you, but I’m sure the wait will be worth it! :D
            And oh shoot there are the special editions too, fuu~ now I’m even more tempted to import it nonetheless. ><

            Edit: Holy..time display on the comments!

      • Because i would be happier when i read stuff related to Catherine, i always feel like, i dont even know if something as cool as this might come when i reading, and it feels bad D:, so yeah, i would feel better if they could at least announce it, i dont mind if it will be released the next year.

        And such a crazy game makes me wonder if it would really come so much… So i feel like 50/50

        • Come on be hopeful and dont think of the contrary, regardless on if its announced yesterday, today, or tomorrow, Im stoked about this game!!!! What matters most is Atlus has not said it ISNT coming.

          • Is not like they would ever say it isnt coming =/

          • Darkrise

            Still, it IS taking them a while to clear things up for us.

          • Companies have come out and said when they have no plans to bring anything over. I think its more odd that sites arent asking Atlus about their plans to bring the game over, even P2P…

          • The only time ive seen that is with NISA, normally companies doesnt say they wont bring X game, and neither they will say they will bring X game to some random forum lurker, they will just wait until person in charge of that part decides to announce it to the masses…
            For example, a recent release they could at least say they wont bring could be (because they brought the first 2 games), Luminous Arc 3, but well, after all this time all we can assume is that they wont bring it…

    • MisterDandylion

      I son wanna play this game, dude! :3. And I’m not worried about the western realease :D I have all the patience in the world BUT if the game is given a western I will go all Tsuna-san and be there DAY 1, BABY! DAY 1! :D

    • Yui

      You’re right there! There’s been a lot less in the way of Atlus Faithful stuff recently. Even that game about the rolling rock hasn’t had an update bulletin in god knows how long. ;_;

      • yeah lol, did you saw the valentine e-card, it was just a pink rectangle with “Happy Valentine day from Atlus staff” written, not even a jack frost >_> is like they just took 3 minutes to do it lol, XSEED’s one was nicely done and funny, and Aksys just showered us with e-cards xD (if you were following them on twitter you would see the 3 or 4 cards they made >_<

        • Yui

          Hah, I feel bad now. I should start following XSEED and Aksys, though I get enough e-mail spam already. I think there’s a distinct possibility that, with Radiant Historia, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Divinity II, and possibly Catherine, they’re simply too busy – and I know XSEED and Aksys are both really busy too, but come on, I’m trying to rationalise here! I don’t want to think that the Big A has simply stopped caring. XD

          Maybe we’ll get an announcement this week, as an apology for the terribly lackluster card? ;P

          • Yeah lol, i wish to think that way too, but is not like is the first time they are releasing that many games xD, anyway maybe im just thinking too much.


          • Yui

            ^ I wholeheartedly echo WildArms’ sentiments! Please, Atlus, give us this! Show us how much you care for your dedicated fans!

            (I mean, yeah, we’ll never be happy, there’ll always be more we want. But come on. You can shut us up for now, right? ;P)

          • Rather than saying announce, why not say “release”?

        • Come on, we should be glad that the company is even taking the time to send out an email, why joke about it and show disappointment at it?

          • How can i be glad when Atlus wasnt like that before? This just means they are getting far from their fans, or maybe im just thinking too much.
            It felt like an obligation and not something that they wanted to do. Meh anyway, i just want them to announce Catherine… I imagine they are busy but they have been busy before too, so yeah… Let’s just hope for the best, and that im just thinking too much D:

          • They give people Radiant Historia (after announcing they were working on it for over 6 months and sped through to get it to release), announce SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked and send out a Valentines Day email and people turn up disgruntled and disappointed. I just dont understand what more people want. I am so glad Im not a PR agent right now.

            Instead of announcing stuff whenever (Admit it, people were begging them to announce a release date when the game was first revealed in Japan), Id rather they keep working on things and announce when they wanna release stuff a month or two before they come out. Stay focused on P2P and Catherine and then announce it when they can assure and settle on a solid release date.

          • You dont understand because you dont know how was atlus in its golden days, and we dont even know if they are working on that.

            But anyway, im not really fighting for anything with you here, and im not disgusted, im dissapointed, because they were not like that before, that’s all

          • I know one thing, Im at least glad and grateful for when a game is announced by a company and will continue to particpate in letting companies know when I would like a game to be localized. Why dwell on history when one should embrace and relish that which we have and are getting for the moment? Maybe be glad the company didnt disband.

          • With each reply you do, everything seems to make less and less sense, why are you so extremist? When did i say i was not grateful? Why disband company? How many times do i have to repeat that im just disappointed?

            How can someone like you that can’t play great games just because they dont have voice acting say things like that, when you are the first one that doesnt embrace or relish the games we are getting now? Just because of that little and stupid reason?

          • @WildArms Hey you were the one that brought up Atlus and their history. You should be embracing them through thick and thin, through the times they give you what you want and the times they do not. Its just odd to express disappointment after all the games that they brought fans and the lengths they go to send emails to the faithful, even my favorite EA doesnt do that. Its not like Atlus is pulling an Atari and focusing only on online games…As a fan of several companies I know I never feel disappointment because I am always grateful for their efforts and games they brought in the past and always have undying hope that they will continue to bring out games that I would enjoy in the future. I never gave up on say Namco Bandai for Tales Of games, and I never give up on Atlus for say P2P, etc. In fact, I do not think I have ever expressed disappointment over companies. Maybe Im just too simple and have undying hope that I ignore anything that would cause me too lose this undying excitement. Life is too short to be disappointed.

            If the first games you played had voice acting then maybe you would understand why it is so difficult to play games that lack voice acting. Sure it may seem like its “stupid” to people who have been around long since the days of olde but to me it is odd that in this age games still get away with lacking it. I like being please visually in sound and drama, so its a huge factor, and I do not think its stupid.

    • mirumu

      When I saw a message appear in my inbox from Atlus with the subject “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I certainly thought for a moment that it would be a perfect way to announce they were localizating Catherine.

      I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when I looked at the message itself, but I still appreciated them sending it all the same.

      I just wish at this point they’d confirm or deny. If they aren’t going to do a localization then I’d just import the Japanese version today and be done with it, but while the limbo situation exists it’s just frustrating.

      • Really impatient much, you want them to announce that it is to be coming out the week it releases in Japan? Were you one of the ones that wanted them to announce they were going to bring the game out of Japan on the day it was revealed in Japan?

        • mirumu

          I probably am impatient, but that’s only because I’m so hyped about this game.

          Oh, and no, I didn’t expect any annoucement when the game was originally revealed. I didn’t even expect it while it was still in development. It is fairly common practise to have an annoucement once the game is out in Japan though.

      • Yeah lol that’s all i want, and im grateful for the msg itself, but still, it was way too plain so i was like >_>”really?”

  • This seems phenomenal and I am glad they threw in some multiplayer mode and online interactivity. You know what is baffling. I thought that in this day and age that the single player game is dying but companies are still holding out with it (note Batman Arkham City…)

    • SolidusSnake

      Again with the trolling. If you don’t like a certain game that’s fine, but you don’t need to go out of your way to piss off fans of single player games.

      You’re obviously lying, since you post DAY 1 BABY!!! on so many news articles dedicated to single player games, as well as glorifying Dragon Age and Mass Effect (both of which are lacking any form of multiplayer) every chance you get.

      • Dude, lol, what? Once again, my statement on the single player age was just a response to that which we see from the market data of the best selling games and in no one conducive of my own playing habits. If I may speak for myself, I utterly ultimately enjoy stunningly dynamic and powerfully epically awesome glorious single player RPG experiences.

        • SolidusSnake

          Hmm, I’m not sure why you’d find it “baffling” that companies are “holding out with” single player games if you think they’re epically entertaining, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Also, you specifically mentioned Arkham city, but its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, was a megaseller.

          • Sure it sold well, but I think for companies having multiplayer is just a better business model (hey and sell DLC too, we love DLC!). Ive not played any game with multiplayer that wasnt entertaining, and in games that used to be single player only but added multiplayer they turned out to be phenomenal (via Uncharted 2 and soon to be Disgaea 4…)

          • SolidusSnake

            My opinions on multiplayer can be summarized pretty nicely by this jpg: so we’ll have to agree to disagree.

            I think if a singleplayer game is going to have online features, something like this or leaderboards is a good way to do it, since you get the connectivity and social aspects of online gaming without the devs having to waste time on a cheap “versus mode” or what have you that people will play for an hour and then get tired of. I think it’s a little bit early to say that D4’s multiplayer mode will make it “phenomenal,” especially since the series is already so damn good, but it does look interesting at least.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      About Arkham City, I believe it’s for the best. Sefton Hill himself said it wouldn’t be possible to deliver the game the way they wanted to if they concentrated their efforts on MP.

      I would much rather have an excellent SP campaign that keeps me coming back because of how good it is (like the one in Arkham Asylum) than some poorly conceived MP that would add zero replay value.

      It’s too bad many people have this misconception that MP equals replay value. Not if it’s half-assed stuff. And not if people are not into the whole concept of MP.

      (I will admit I am biased in that regard, because I really don’t care about MP in the vast majority of games. I don’t like to play games just to unlock stuff or compete with others.)

      • I cant think of any multiplayer experience that didnt add replay value. If RPGS had multiplayer then there is oodles of reasons to go back and replay the game after sinking 80 hours into the storyline and plot. Action Adventure games need it too, theres no point to playing say, Assassin’s Creed 2 again with no multiplayer as after 30 hours one has done everything.

        Having a Challenge Arena can only go so far…

        • Yui

          Have you played Enchanted Arms’ multiplayer mode, man? There’s no real replay value there. In fact, if they’d focused on adding more content to the main game (which was a major gripe a lot of people had with it – the fact that there was so little to do besides the main story) it may well have gone over better. :D

          • Enchanted Arms had a multiplayer mode?! How did I finish the game without know this!

          • Yui

            Haha, it was rather well-hidden, which, upon reflection, was probably part of the problem! I used to play it quite a bit. Was never very good (I focused on powerleveling Atsuma in the game, so my party suffered without him) but it was definitely thrilling. I’d just have traded it on the spot for a bigger main game, because damn, Enchanted Arms was amazing. :D



            I have to start reading the booklets again…

          • Yui

            It did! Competitive mode where you pit golems against each other. Was fun. I used to get my ass handed to me every other game, though. XD

          • Darkrise

            Wait what, where was the multiplayer mode!?

          • Yui

            It was right there, in the main menu, in the X360 version at least. I own the PS3 version now, but I don’t know if it’s there as I haven’t played it again yet, so I can’t comment on that. XD

          • Wow, Enchanted Arms… I gave up after 3 hours

          • Yui

            Oh, dude, you missed out on such an excellent game!! It gets so much better so quickly. Why’d you give up on it? :`(

          • I only got the PS3 around a year ago, and after being spoiled by Disgaea 3, RoF, Nier, Valkyria, etc, etc, I found that the pace of the game is quite slow and the graphics doesn’t really click with me.

            I’m usually not picky about graphics, but Enchanted Arms looks like a PS2 ported game. I mean, Persona 4 and 3 didn’t have the best graphics, but their style and gameplay made up for it. I guess I should give it another try

  • PrinceHeir

    i choose Catherine just for Miyuki Sawashiro :P

    though i’ll play with Katherine too and after that both at the same time :)

    can’t wait for this game, it would be cool if this was released on valentines day ^^

    • Miyuki <3

      Couldn't agree more :)

    • Aoshi00

      This is actually kinda a scary game to play on Valentine’s Day w/ both girls being so homicidal lol.. and you have all these issues of adultery and marriage and biological clock ticking..

      It’s cool they have online score boards because the bronze/silver/gold trophies just encourage you to keep trying and improving the time just like shmups. I’m not that skillful though and would be lucky to just finish a stage, but I would get the achievement and different endings..

      I’m more familiar w/ Mitsuishi Kotono though, but recently I have listened to some roles Sawashiro Miyuki did and she’s pretty good, like in Black Rock Shooter..

  • SolidusSnake

    Huh… well, I’m not sure how useful this data will be, but at least it makes those stupid character popularity polls obsolete.

    • Aoshi00

      I like the scoreboard like shmups, but don’t care much how people choose either.. I would just go thru the different routes for the achievement/trophy.. I assume most people would go thru all routes eventually just to see the different endings? So that poll being in the game is kinda strange..

      • SolidusSnake

        Haha, yeah… I was gonna make a “clever” comment about Atlus collecting psychological profiles on gamers but since most people are gonna replay for the alternate endings that would be kinda useless.

        I was also wondering whether the game will be dual audio as well. Since the game is pretty short I’m thinking both tracks would be fit on one DVD (for the 360 version), no?

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, the real-time online poll is cool, but it’s kind of pointless, things would just kinda of balance out at midpoint if people go thru all the routes like a visual novel right.. I guess the choice is kinda personal, for me I don’t care what others choose, I intend to stay faithful all the way on my first playthru, and would try Cat later (then I would feel guilty..), I like more traditional and classy girls than the wild and dangerous kind anyway.

          I don’t think space is really the issue for dual audio, sometimes they feel like doing it sometimes they don’t, I can’t see that much dialogue for this game compared to some longer RPGs. Like the Jpn ver of Meteroid Other M had dual audio but the US ver. didn’t.. The game might not be even that big, even Naruto UNS2 was like about 3gb when I install on my 360 if I remember correctly and that could fit dual audio fine, depends if they want to do it.. I get this weird feeling they might not like P3 or P4 een if there is enough space.. not sure..

          P.S. I remember why I liked you so much, because Tsuna’s trolling couldn’t fool you :)

          • SolidusSnake

            Yep that Tuna can be tricky! I can’t say for sure if he’s the most naive user or subtlest troll in the history of the tubes but either way ya gotta call BS when you see it. :)

            What would be kinda cool about the poll (albeit a little creepy and stalkerish) is if it actually showed what choices the players make on a user-by-user basis, that way you could look at your friends info while they’re playing and see whether they’re cheating bastards or not.

            Having said that, you’re probably gonna think I’m a super monster, but I totally see myself going the cheater route first. Katherine seems a little too bossy for my tastes, even if she is an adorable meganekko, plus I wanna get the most psycho, nightmarish gameplay experience possible which will probably require me to be a mega jerk. One of my best, most intense experiences in all of gaming was playing the original Silent Hill at night, alone, in the dark, and in a town I was unfamiliar with. Man, some of the images in that game haunt me to this day and I think Catherine also has the potential to be a great, blood-curdling horror experience.

            I do hope we get the Japanese audio here in the US. The acting sounds fantastic so far, and I doubt Atlus USA has the dosh to put together a dub with anywhere near as good of acting. Since I’m too lame/lazy to learn the moonrunes importing is not a option for me so I gotta make do either way. Fingers crossed!

          • Aoshi00

            lol, hey it’s okay, admittedly cheating is exciting.. morally reprehensible or not.. so for a game it’s okay to get that adrenaline rush, feels pretty scary alrdy.. But amongst all the horror I just want to experience a happy ending at the end, at least the first time. I guess Kat is kind of the bossy type.. personally I like the woman to take charge because I’m the indecisive type, just the fact that such tough women choose you is kind of cool :)

            I know, they might be able to do a good job on the Eng dub, but it would be pretty hard to top this (I hate that narrator/announcer voice though, gets on my nerves.. he’s the guy that tells you to pre-order quickly not to miss the bonus soundtrack and artbook, can’t believe he’s in the game). Wonder if Steve Blum would voice something, would he be a good Vincent? That guy’s in everything, I think he’s the main char in Bullet Storm now.. moonrunes lol, yea you need to read the emails too even though most dialogue have voices..

          • SolidusSnake

            Hmm I could see Steve Blum as Vincent’s cool buddy from the Stray Sheep. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got some kind of role in the game, since he really is in like every game, lol. I liked him a lot as Burns in Vanquish, that man practically radiated badassery.

            As far as the Katherine route is concerned, I kinda wonder whether hers will be the best ending. Some of the videos I’ve seen show a pretty intense yandere side — some of her expressions were DAMN SCARY, probably more frightening than the forks and weird “heart” monsters. Her story might be like the law route in MegaTen games where your good intentions can have frightening results. The nice or neutral ending might be the one where, as Yui so nicely put it, Vincent winds up wandering the earth like David Carradine from Kung Fu. I guess there’s gotta be a boring “neutral” ending, anyway.

            I dunno, I’m gonna have to wait and see, the waiting for this game has been pretty intense and I’m dying for Atlus to give us a release date or something! @[email protected]

          • Aoshi00

            True, Steve Blum is better suited to voicing cool chars anyway (one of the first roles I heard him from was Roger from Big O), and Vincent isn’t very cool here.. so maybe one of his buddies. Burns was funny in Vanquish.

            Maybe… this isn’t like a romantic visual novel anyway, but I would try to get a good Kat ending if there is one, there seems to be at least 4 endings from the achievement/trophy list.. like 2 for each girl, and maybe some other ones.. should be a matter of time w/ the setting and chars being Western.. really thought they would announce it on V-day.. guess they would just wait after the Jpn release at least..

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Vincent will marry Kathy when I play this and that’s the end of that <3

    I don't care about leaderboards, but it should be fun seeing how people answer the questions.

    This also makes me wonder what kind of online features Atlus will use in future games, if any at all.

    • Yui

      If I remember correctly, an earlier article mentions the possibility of several endings, one of the better groups of endings being one in which Vincent can remain single and do all sorts of things, like stay with friends, or just look for a new spouse, or something.

      What I know is, I want my Vincent to walk the earth. Nomadic lifestyle for him! He’ll live the dream! :D

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        There are multiple endings, indeed! 8, I think… And I’ll get them all. But for the first playthrough, Vincent will stay with Kathy (I’m secretly hoping for an ecchi ending cutscene with her <3).

        • Yui

          Definitely, I will too. Kathy is inarguably gorgeous, and I’d absolutely love the opportunity to get to know her character better, but I feel the same way about Cathy, and it’s a hard choice for me. That’s why my first choice is to go with neither, so I can get a little understanding of them both before I throw away Vincent’s life. :D

          Plus, the game itself terrified me when I played the trial, so I want to be able to go through it with as few scary moments as possible. Living for Vincent, rather than living for one of the girls, seems like the best way to do that. XD

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            How dare you be rational about it xP

            Now I feel bad for being so perverted =(

          • Yui

            Don’t worry! It’s my perverted desire to have both women (and everything else) at once that makes me so rational. We’re both as bad as each other! ;P

          • Aoshi00

            Actually I feel sympathetic toward Kat, she’s in her early 30’s, her clock is ticking, her friends are all married and have kids, her parents are rushing her, that’s why she got all nutty when she discovered Vince cheated.. She wants Vince to pop the question and instead find him sleeping w/ a blond floozy in lingerie.. so I’m standing by my gf first, and Mitsuishi Kotono, I want to hear her soft voice not angry voice :)

          • Yui

            I totally agree on the sympathy issue – Katherine’s one of those women who wants a family and whatnot, because it’s probably what she’s always been told she should have, and I respect that, I really do. Vincent certainly isn’t winning any “good guy” awards in my book for cheating, and I find him hard to like because that’s just awful, you know? But at the same time, I like the fact that I have that option, to make Vincent do what I want to do, which is live a life for himself. If he doesn’t want to get married, why should I let Katherine force him into that, right? :D

            Plus, I’m one of those ultra-radical liberal types that thinks marriage is an outdated institution, espousing the benefits of common-law marriages over legally binding ones. So I just don’t like the idea. ;P

          • Aoshi00

            lol, I totally hear you and agree w/ you to a certain extent.. w/ the divorce rate in modern times, I don’t want to split everything 50% if the worst happens and the guy needs to pay for alimony.. But I’m kind of a romantic guy and thinks that it’s nice to grow old w/ your soul mate.. To tell you the truth, I sympathize w/ Vincent too, he’s at a crossroad here (literally pulling 1 of the 2 levers) and being pressured to commit at his age, he’s neither young nor old, but the “right” time for marriage, a woman all the more so because of her optimal child bearing age.. I feel for both of them that’s why this game has another layer of scariness to me other than horror, the issue is real. Many friends my age alrdy are married and have kids, and there are more than enough people rushing me too, I know some out of good intention, but I wish they wouldn’t bother me, especially the nosy ones, it’s really a private matter you know :(… I actually came close to marrying the woman of my life, but I kinda blew that.. long story (maybe it’s not meant to be and I’m the better for it, but you never know)… One cousin of mine who’s 6 yrs younger than me, he’s very successful in his career (Wall St big shot) and engaged alrdy w/ his long time sweetheart, buying a house, all set for life, so I don’t know how to feel about that (his parents are rich, I need to support my parents) *.*… oh well, he’s always been sort of a genius, so everything works out in his life.. sry for the personal ranting.. but yea marriage is a big decision, but here cheating (which happens often in real life) makes thing more complicated..

      • SolidusSnake

        “What I know is, I want my Vincent to walk the earth. Nomadic lifestyle for him! He’ll live the dream! :D ”

        I like your style, son.

        • Yui

          I like your style, liking my style. It shows how all real men are in-sync. :D

      • I’ll make my vincent become a hikikomori

        • Yui

          Dude. Explanation? :D

          EDIT: I took the time to do some research. You are one cruel bastard. I love it. XD

          • Haha, the word even has its own wikipedia page xD

          • I’m afraid you’ll pick up lots of weird terms here D:

            Protect your purity, Yui!

          • Yui

            I think I lost my purity a looooooooong time ago, man. Probably when I was first introduced to the internet. XD

            (Also, Ashgail, where you been?! ;_;’)

          • I had a rough week, but now I’m back!!! :D

            Still need to do my report tho >_>

          • Yui

            Good to hear! I hope you stay for as long as you can!!! :D

            (Don’t worry, I’m behind on all my work too. You’re as bad as me. XD)

          • orz my uni’s supposed to have a reading week…

            My lecturers told me that I’m a to be engineer, and engineers don’t read, so no reading week. And what I did the whole week was to try and tap into a phone line, like a good professional does ^_^’

            But hey, it worked, so I can loosen up for a bit. Nyaa ~ <3

          • Yui

            Reading weeks are rough, man. I can barely handle a reading day without dying of boredom. XD

            Ooh, lucky! Though I’m shocked. What sort of engineer are you to be, then? :D Also, isn’t phone tapping illegal under the ECHR Act in the UK, Paragraph 8? Or something along those lines? It might be Convention 8. I don’t know, man, just don’t get in too deep. XD

            Loosen up with me. We should play some BB. :D

          • Doing Elec Engineering. I’m gonna build a Gundam! >_<

            It's not hardcore tapping… Probably tapping isn't the right word :P We acquired data off a phone cable and analyse the frequency to pinpoint the number dialled by the system. We're not going to use it against the community anyway *cough* I think it was good practice for the theory I've learned in lectures ^_^'

            Yes, we definitely need to BB together. I just hope it doesn't lag. i can't seem to find a decent connection these days orz

          • Yui

            That’s actually awesome. Oh, man, I’d love to be able to do something like that. Even as a joke it’s better than most serious things. XD

            Sounds like it! Time for some cool espionage. It’s definitely hardcore, no doubt about that. Sometimes I have trouble working the phones in my house, haha, and they’re simple as all hell! :D

            I’m off to bed in a moment, so tonight I can’t do (;_;’), but we have to soon. I’m no good at fighters, so I have no doubt you’ll beat me, but man, it’ll be a fun fight. :P

          • Aye aye I’ll be waiting for it~ <3

        • Testsubject909

          Interestingly, and this might or might not be connected.

          But I can definitely see him go: ZETSUBOU SHITA!!!

    • Aoshi00

      Lol, why do we have so much alike, I planned to stay faithful to Kat on my first playthru all the way too, I don’t want the fork and the giant baby to haunt me, I hope there would be a really happy ending among the many.

      Then on my 2nd playthru I would go the cheater route, actually I’m doing Kat first on 360, and then Cat on PS3 just to honor the different covers :)

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        =D Kathy rocks!

        Poor Vincent, if his nightmares are any indication, he isn’t yet prepared to accept responsibility (both long-term commitment and children)… But we’ll help him with that, won’t we?;) (as in, force the bastard to stay faithful to the goddess)

        I hope for a happy ending as well! And I already know I’ll feel bad for going the cheater route.

        Yeah, the game is coming out tomorrow! You should get it this week, right? Lucky ;_;

        I’ll pester you later to give us some impressions, if that’s okay with you =P

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, and people say she’s crazy, she wants to have your baby *.*! (that’s where all those scary imagery in the nightmare comes from..) lol, yea, he’s so wishy-washy and needs his Stray Sheep friends’ advice.. I’ll definitely make him stay faithful, I’ll write nice e-mails to Kat :)

          Wow, nuts, I kinda forgot it’s tmw.. I hope I would get it on Fri or Sat so I could play it over the weekend because Monday is a holiday here (President’s Day), that’s what I get for saving a couple of bucks by using post office instead of UPS..

          No prob, I hope I would have some good news for you, I would make Vince marry his girl (I don’t want those weird Twilight Zone endings..), you don’t let a girl like Kat get away even if she wants to murder you in your dreams :)

  • Well if I was going to have a women kill me after…bedroom activities it would be Gogo Yubari. But if I had a 2nd choice (Gogo too busy killing rich playboys) then Catherine would be the one.

  • Darkrise

    Plz announce this already Atlus… I MUST know if there will be a localization soon or I’ll lose it and import! DX

    • You really want them to announce the game the same week it released?

      • Darkrise

        That would be great, yes. But what I do mean is if they would announce something about it anytime soon. Doesn’t have to be this week.

  • >_< The more I hear about Catherine and playing the Demo, more I want it to be localized! T_T I have Faith in you Atlus! Hopefully down the coming months, we hear something new on Catherine.

    I'm really excited about the answers other players picked while playing. Again being being cautiously optimistic.

  • Shikinami

    I played the demo when it came out and frankly I’m not a big fan of the gameplay. Maybe I just didn’t fully understand the instructions or something, but it was quite the pain trying to reach the top of that nightmare level and I eventually quit near the end after dying several times…

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

    now if they can just announced a western release that would be great :P

  • animefans12

    Given those type of choices, I would close Katherine. But then again, I might change my choices after playing the official game. :P

  • animefans12

    Given those type of choices, I would close Katherine. But then again, I might change my choices after playing the official game. :P

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