Yes, Laharl And Etna Make Cameos In Disgaea 4 Too

By Spencer . February 16, 2011 . 3:32pm

You can’t have a new Disgaea game without cameos from the original Disgaea. Reserve Disgaea 4 and you’ll get a product card with a code to download Flonne. She’s an ally in Disgaea 4.


Larhal and Etna initially appear… as enemies? Nippon Ichi released screenshots of the overlord matching swords with Valbatoze, the vampire protagonist in Disgaea 4.


laharl laharl2


These screenshots show Etna, Fuka, and their Prinny teams at war.


etna1 etna2


Disgaea 4 comes out on February 24 in Japan and is slated for a summer release in North America.

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  • shion16

    they look awesome in HD

  • Awesome Prinny wars!

    • I’d buy that, because i know Asagi would be some where in the shadows… waiting for her chance at main character.

      • Haha, indeed she’s that awesome! Actually the biggest reasons I play Disgaea are Asagi and Axel, both are the awesomeness!

        • out of nis characters these are my top five


          my top five favorite generic characters are

          scouts(disgaea 1)
          aqua demons(warslugs disgaea 2 & 3)
          samurai(female makai kingdom)

          • Haha nice list, personally I never thought about my favs, but I know that Asagi, Zetta, Champloo and Axel are at the top. I love them all though~

          • yup, almost all nis characters are great!

  • Kris

    Totally not surprised!
    That said, I keep forgetting how beautiful this game looks.

  • oh, what i would pay to have this game on the ngp(along with disgaea 3, makai kingdom, and prinny 3 hd)

    i want to ‘train’ my enemies into becoming an ally (of i read thing earlier correctly)

    • Disgaea 3 NGP better be coming!!! I would so be there for that on Day 1!!! I would love to keep replaying that game over and over again, truly one of the only games I would ever commit to playing for hundreds of hours!

      • 9999% agreed(because that is the highest number you can grind to.)
        i played the ps3 version for months and even had dreams about it. i loved customizing my character with evilities and the dlc characters where awesome!(though nekomatas should have been in the game from the start >.<)

        this was the first game bal had an actual talking part.

  • Although Im already getting this game on day 1, if they now just add in playable Almaz von Almadine Adamant and heh even Mao too, then I will be all over this on midnight of day 1 baby, lol. Also the image quality looks extensively phenomenally epically awesome, truly they are the masters of the craft!

  • Code

    rar, Disgaea, Etna, Laharl, and Flonne will always hold a special place in my heart >w<; It wouldn't be Disgaea without`em~!

  • Zero_Destiny

    When I saw the title I was like what about Flonne? But she’s in here too that’s good. I hate when they split the trio up, they work best together. :)

  • I was really happy about Axel being in the game since he’s my favorite character, but seeing Laharl and Etna make a cameo makes me even happier.

  • I hope they put Adell and Rozalin too T_T

    • probably as dlc like in Disgaea 3.

    • i am a being of solitude…

      • Yui

        What are you doing, Adell?!

        • *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* GAH!

    • I honestly thought those two were the weakest in terms of personality for the series. Not that they were bad, but I thought the others had more personality and were better to relate too (plus Axel clearly outshone them).

      • Dude Axel outshines everyone he is the Dark Hero!!

        Though honestly I liked both of them, they had a good love relationship and Adell was some awesome Shounen style fist fighter, not to mention that Rozalin was funny as hell, especially at the beginning.

      • Well, i can expect that from you…

        I loved to read their dialogues a lot more than laharl, Flonne and Etna. Is not just Adell and Rozalin, is those 2 together and how they treated each other that made Disgaea 2 epic, besides, i found Adell pretty epic because he was only a human and he never gave up, not even againts a DEMON LORD! And rozalin, well, spoilarz :P

        I found their story far more interesting that Laharl’s, of course, i found Laharl’s more funny, but for me, interesting pwnz all.

        • Testsubject909

          Yeah… Adell… Only human…

          • *wink*

          • skyblaze

            he obviously doesn’t wash behind his ears… you’d think that would’ve been a dead giveaway

      • I disagree. Those two were the best protagonists of the entire series. And Axel was a sad Mid-Boss wannabe, but he was kinda supposed to be.

      • cj_iwakura

        Adell remains my favorite protagonist. He actually has a reason to fight, not just being evil.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Lol what, Adell and Rozalin were awesome man, compared to the Loli girls and Mao’s band of losers (except for Almaz) Adell, Rozalin, Laharl and Almaz were the most intriguing Disgaea characters, Axel is just a pussy

  • Good god. I know these aren’t the first screenshots we’ve seen of Disgaea 4, but man. First time I’ve noticed just how crisp, high res, and downright BEAUTIFUL those sprites are. Definitely cannot wait to play this one. ;o;

    • Dude, lol what? You never noticed it in that 4+ minute long trailer?

  • jello44

    Really digging how the new sprites look. Mounds better than D3’s.

    Which reminds me I should get around to playing D3 sometime…

  • Methylene

    I think it’ll be more impressive if they DIDN’T cameo in a Disgaea game…

  • Pichi

    They look great! Just add more cameos and we’re set!

  • cmurph666


    • Testsubject909

      Imagine what sort of mad scientifical experiments he’d do with the “Final Boss” that’s in the protagonist’s party if Mao was present.

      He’d huff, gulp, drool, and guffaw, brag and immediately try to dissect her and find out what makes her the ultimate final boss. Or find out what flaw she had that got her scrapped.

  • pridesin

    Has Larhal officially married to Flonne ??
    They have been together since end of disgaea 1, and it is about time to show bit more interesting relationship between two of them.

    Gotta love those laughs :D
    But still need to be a playable character rather an enemy
    I still prefer laharl on all Disgaea characters

  • Stoked for this! laharl’s my favorite

  • SupaPhly

    oh what a surprise. NIS characters that cameo in other NIS games

  • Etna and Laharl as enemies? How shocking ¬_¬

    Hopefully you’ll be able to unlock Flonne if you miss out on getting the code.

  • I can’t wait to see how they’ll be put into the game, really– considering Normal Angel Flonne’s presence in the game proper, it’ll be interesting to see what motivations are behind Laharl’s and Etna’s appearance. Maybe Laharl just couldn’t stand to see her be away from the castle? (And Etna went and kicked him into going after her, with whatever she is doing for the game?)

  • Did we ever think there wouldn’t be cameos? This is Disgaea, they do cameos.

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