Rescue Portgas D. Ace In One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP

By Spencer . February 17, 2011 . 1:08am

ace2One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP is a compilation of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Episode 1 & 2 for Wii with a little bit of bonus content.


Aside from being in 3D, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP has a Marineford mode. Shonen Jump reports this covers the arc where Luffy rushes to rescue Portgas D. Ace in navy headquarters, Marines.


One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP comes out in Japan on April 7. Plans for an international release have not been announced, but Namco Bandai Games Europe localized both One Piece: Unlimited Cruise games and picked up One Piece: Gigant Battle. Perhaps, PAL regions will get a chance to play this?

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  • puchinri

    So… You can actually rescue him? Because if not, I won’t be able to play this without getting severely depressed.

  • Shuryou

    This time you can make Luffy actually dodge!

    • Testsubject909

      So, does it actually contain “What if” scenarios?

      Though, even if it did. The sad reality of this story is that…

  • So either the writer of this article doesn’t know or he’s being horribly sarcastic. I’m inclined toward the former…. though I am curious how that arc will end in game form.

    • Draparde

      im assuming he’s avoiding spoilers for those who may not know what happens during that arc.

  • Since Europe is getting Gigant battle, I’m sure we’ll be getting One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP. Which is so awesome. 3DS is getting some really solid games :D

    • landlock

      Doubt it, NB have already released a twin pack containing Unlimited Cruise 1 and 2 in Europe don’t see them doing this aswell. Guess they jumped the gun.

      edit: Oops it’s on the 3DS nevermind me. :)

      • Yeah the fact they released the Wii version (in needle in a heystack numbers) means they may likely release it in Europe again for the 3DS. One Piece is starting to get huge over here :D

        • It should have been HUGE since Day 1! If not for 4Kids damaging what little presence it had and that infamous scene from Naruto Season 1’s third Episode, it would have been still alive in N.A.! There’s that and the show being aired during Toonami’s last days in Cartoon Network.

          The whole thing was bad timing and FUNimation came too late to save it. I’m hoping that they re-broadcast this great show in another channel!

          • Rebroadcast? With people moving to hulu for their television shows, they have access to all the episodes subbed and over 160 dubbed in English, and the Funimation channel isnt showing it?

          • Well, I don’t have FUNimation’s channel on my TV, so I wouldn’t know…

            And I was just talking for the TV viewers in general. I already seen the past 500+ episodes already! This show should be mainstream by now. But I think it may be better this way…

          • Well thankfully the 4Kids damage has been repaired (or at least forgotten about) and it’s become part of the big three (joining Naruto and Bleach).

            I agree it should be rebroadcast as many people – espically young children – still watch watch shows on TV.

  • What about us US fans! Funimation should at least try to get it over here. If they are gonna sue 1337 people over One Piece they should care enough to bring merchandise and games here!

    • Well since the Gigant Battle isnt getting any dubbing, then maybe this one piece game wont be dubbed so therefore no need for that company to get involved.

      • Maybe I should say NamcoBandai. They need to bring this over. Since they stopped throwing their hissy fit over releasing games in US

  • Wow they are going up to Marineford?! That is phenomenal as they are still airing it, well the resolution to Ace just happened so we kind of know what happens but still, it would be epic to play it (maybe they changed the ending?! ^_^)

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      The original games had their own, original storyline. So it’s not like it’s following the manga all the way up to Marineford

  • MisterDandylion

    Awesome! :D I wanna se Luffy going Gia Sado on the admirals asses !! xD

  • Guest


  • Probably just fighting your way through the floors without a plot, would be awesome if they replicate the encounter with Iva

  • I forget, is the 3DS region locked? If it isn’t, and there’s a PAL release for this, I’m snapping it up.

    Although if the extra content is a recreation of the Marineford arc, I’ll have to prepare to baw my eyes out again T_T

    • GamerKT

      It’s region-locked.

  • GamerKT


  • ToSeektheChosen

    Wow, a one piece game coming out for 3DS. Looks like I’m getting TWO games for the 3ds, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and this. wow, it might not even come out internationally -_-

  • I think we should at least get one, one piece game since unlimited adventure since then none
    and this game looks awesome and we should at least get this game for the United States at least for the 3DS.
    Since its been so long.

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