Final Fantasy III Changes Handhelds, Headed To iPhone

By Spencer . February 19, 2011 . 6:55pm

ffiiivjumpSquare Enix has two Final Fantasy in the works for iPhone. Confirming what we reported back in December, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is still on track for release this spring.


And a port of Final Fantasy III is coming with it. V-Jump doesn’t say which version of Final Fantasy III, though. I suppose Final Fantasy III for iPhone will be the Nintendo DS remake with 3D models and actual character personalities. While unlikely, it would be neat if this ended up being the unreleased WonderSwan version done in the style of the Final Fantasy I and II remakes.


Square Enix tends to release their iPhone titles internationally, so an English announcement is probably in the pipeline.


Thanks to Michael W. and TouchArcade for the heads up!

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  • Only need to release a PSP version and its all set. :D

    • Cloud_ST

      Agreed!,until this version came to light,I think the only way of playing III was the DS version right?,my lack of DS has made III the only one from the first ten I haven’t played D:.

    • mikedo2007

      After seeing FF3 gettting the Iphone release in the future, a PSP version may be announced not too far from now.

  • Now all we need is a remake of V and VI and I’ll die [gaming] happy.
    I know they want to!!! They did some sort of sequence of remakes!

  • alundra311

    Man, there’s no love for FFV.

    • Well for remakes yeah… no love… but apparently Square is at least porting to Virtual Console…. sadly it’s Japan-only for the moment…

      In an ideal world I would love to see a remake of VI myself… and maybe V in the vein of VI (with additional story and post game content/epilogue).

      • alundra311

        Yeah, I’ve heard about the Virtual Console port. :(

        If they ever decide to do a remake, I would like it remade in the style of the Dragon Quest remakes.

        • MGSBigBoss

          i just pop in my ps1 disc and play it remote play to my psp :D

          • alundra311

            Sadly, I don’t have the ps1 version. :(

    • kylehyde

      Don’t worry maybe with 3DS it will be some love and even that I’m more for new titles, FFV was so amazing to me that (so much that I prefer it over VI, which I liked it) I will buy with no doubt a remake of that entry.

      • alundra311

        I, too, prefer V over VI. I just love it’s job system.

        I’m all for new titles too but their new titles just don’t interest me.

    • mikedo2007

      It may happen, just wait.

      • alundra311

        Yeah, I’m really hoping they release it for the DS, 3DS, or PSP.

  • Hours

    2D remake ala Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection please.

  • Wait, you sure this is the REAL #FinalFantasy #FFIII, not the US SNES version?

    • This is an article about something happening in Japan. In other words, yes, this is the real FFIII.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yeah it’s REAL Final Fantasy III not the Final Fantasy III USA (aka Final Fantasy VI) because of two reasons. Reason One: We’re talking about Japan who I’ll admit can be weird when it comes to making up names and numbering things (I’m looking at you Sting Entertainment lol) but I don’t think they’ll change the numbering up for this and confuses everyone. And Reason Two: The logo shown above is the logo for Final Fantasy III (no mistake it has a hero of light with two swords which is different from Terra on a Magitek armor) and not Final Fantasy VI. And yes it’s a relevant photo. It’s not like Silicon Era put it up to have a pic in this article. The pic is an ad for the announcement of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy III going onto the iphone. Hopes that clear things up. :) But Final Fantasy VI on a phone would be pretty cool. They could just port over the GBA remake too so it’s like SE only has to do very little. Well I’ll wait the inevitable 3DS/PSP2(or NGP whatever) remake of it. :D

      • Thanks, I just wanna double check.

      • How are the names of Sting’s games weird? And they explained the Dept. Heaven numbering system. (Episode IV is more original in terms of gameplay than Episode II)

        • Zero_Destiny

          Exactly who numbers something based off of originality. It’s just weird. I know it was explained and it’s easy to get but it still doesn’t make it any less weird. Not complaining and when I said it earlier I meant it jokingly (and in good fun, trust me I love Sting ever since I played Evolution on the Dreamcast and Treasure Hunter G) but you have to met me half way here and admit that games aren’t normally numbered because of their originality. Now is it a bad thing that Sting does this? No of course not, in fact the connections between the Dept. Heaven games are very interesting and I can read about it on and on. I’m very interested to see episode IV (not so much III since I don’t care for MMO’s). It’s cool stuff like how the worlds all start in the same plane and end up getting connected in some way to either Asgard or the Underworld. But come on when most people make stuff they don’t decide to categorize it based off of originality.

          • Maybe that’s why the gameplay mechanics for the DHE games are so original: Because they numbered them by the originality of the mechanics. No one’s done it before. Sting is forcing themselves to be more creative. This is why I respect them.

          • Zero_Destiny

            And I respect them too, what are you getting at. lol Like seriously I’m not mad or trying to make you upset but you ask me how isn’t Sting weird and then I explained why their numbering thing is weird (at least to me) and you tell me “Maybe that’s why the gameplay mechanics for DHE games are so original…” lol I’m lost now. Are you admitting “Yes it’s weird but hey maybe that’s why these games are so original“? Because if you are I can get behind that. But I just don’t know what you mean by that statement. Sorry. Anyways if you ask me original and weird are kind of like two sides of the same coin. That’s all I’m going to say. I love sting don’t worry. I just don’t get what you’re saying. Sorry if you’re willing please explain.

  • Off topic: That lady on the right side…is that really THE Matoya?! X__X

    • I guess that’s what she really looked like sans the red witch get-up, or it’s not the Matoya of FF. I was thinking she would look like a hag thanks to Nintendo Power’s artwork of her.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Also off-topic but I love your Suikoden Cosplay. :D I can’t answer your question though since I’m not sure. Matoya’s the old witch from Final Fantasy I right? I even had to google it since it’s been a while. I think the lady’s too young to be her. Not an expert though.

      • Well, uh…thanks a lot! Haha… Anyway, that’s exactly the reason why I was a bit shocked to see that (somewhat lewd) young lady named as Matoya. But what the heck, we’ve seen a lot of Cids in different ages, too, haven’t we? XP

  • Still waiting for FFT. I really hope they do a good job with the port. Next, maybe Tactics Ogre???

  • karasuKumo

    Pretty good :) Might get it considering I never played it, although I find sticking to a game on my iPod hard haha.

    Oh by the way Square Enix have supposedly trademarked more “Type-0” titles now going all the way up to ten. I wonder what they are planning?

  • badmoogle

    FFIII DS got lots of criticism for its old school difficulty but i really enjoyed it (except for the grinding.)Story and characters were simple and lighthearted so it was a nice change from all the recent (main) FF’s.Lots of exploration,towns and villages to interact with people,job system,charming graphics and classic FF music…what more can you ask from a remake of a classic old game?
    I think the DS version is a must buy for any FF fan so i’m glad they are bringing it to more platforms!

    • Joanna

      Great to know I’m not the only one who enjoyed FFIII. I feel exactly the same way about it (except the grinding wasn’t too bad….well except when you are trying to max out job levels….that is a pain in the behind.)

  • Yes good good. Now after this is all done get to work on V and VI enhancements.

  • Praise Dragon King Bahamut if this gets transferred to the PSP, especially with the polished 2D sprite stylings of 1, 2 and 4.

  • Guest

    Final Fantasy VI hasn’t been known as Final Fantasy III for over a decade at this point. It was released in the US under it’s proper name back in 2000 for the PS1, and then again several years later as a GBA game. NO ONE is confusing the two any more except online journalists who constantly make this comment.

  • Day one purchase!

  • ValerianKnight

    It is my great hope that Square Enix will complete there Anniversary of the Final Fantasy Universe I-II-III-IV-V-VI on PSP with the same 2D template like the I-II Anniversary editions which has a very “beautiful” classic theme.

    2D classic style gaming on FF Series is better than those crappy 3D graphics of FF3 on DS.

    Hope Springs Eternal on the Complete Anniversary Editions!

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