Let’s Watch Someone Play Let’s Go Island 3D

By Spencer . February 19, 2011 . 5:35pm

Sega has a glasses-free arcade game… designed for couples. The publisher converted Let’s Go Island: Lost on the Island of Tropics to Let’s Go Island 3D.


So, what makes this a good date game? Let’s Go Island just like its predecessor Let’s Go Jungle monitors when players lock on to the same enemy and how in sync they are during action sequences. At the end of the game, Let’s Go Island shows a compatibility meter for the two players.



Now that you know a little bit about the shark shooting, octopus assaulting game let’s watch someone demo the 3D version.


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  • … I’ll admit that if I had a girlfriend, I would play this with her if she wanted to. Maybe if we were going out for… let’s say a year, then I would be the suggesting to play this if we spotted this somewhere.

    • And curses will fill the air, as you both executed several QTEs incorrectly, causing precious coins to be fed into the money hungry machine :3

      Well, at least that’s what happened when I played Let’s Go Jungle!

      • Hmmm… I suppose I should revise my fantasy/dreams to avoid this game at all costs then… Then again in my fantasy/dreams, I’m able to pick up and play any game with perfection quite easily. =P

        • Oh no, do not fret! The power of love could overcome ANYTHING :3

          If you’re used to Gunblade then it shouldn’t be that hard ^_^

          Playing a game to perfection, eh? I think it’s that the imperfections that makes us coming back for more. If I could do a Megaman no damage run, I’ll probably bored of the game at that point and is using that just to prove my skillz :P

          • Well to be honest my standard of “perfection” is not going over a $1.00 per player and arcades are usually a quarter or 2 per credit. So perhaps not “perfection” but “mastery”. Although… I pretty much got a 85-90% accuracy rate with the Gunblade and Renzokuken within an hour of playing FF8 when I was 11. Then again, I got used to timing things from playing Super Mario RPG.

            I digress though because my next point… How could I forget the lesson of Grandia 3 and just about any action anime that’s heavy on romance? D= I feel so ashamed.

          • Good luck using only $1.00 on Cave games ^_^

            Well, actually I was talking about the Gunblade arcade game, because it has approximately the same setup, but pressing R1 for renzokuken is fine too! >_<


            I'm sorry for derailing this thread off track .__.

          • Oooh. I thought you meant the FFVIII gunblade because you mentioned QTEs. Usually when I go to the arcade, I end up spending $3.00-$4.00 on a game I’ve never played before I reach the end or move on to the next game, so I’m definitely nowhere near “mastery” at any kind of game.

  • 5parrowhawk

    The first reaction I had was “Oh, that’s sweet.”

    The second reaction was “Is there a VS mode where the guy plays as the octopus?”

    I think I need help.

    • Zero_Destiny


  • Ugly character models, frantic lightgun gameplay, gimmicky input device.
    Yup, this is a SEGA game alright.
    Better coming to a console near us soon.

  • Guest

    Why do the Japanese pride themselves on having bad English grammar

    • Zero_Destiny

      The same reason why I pride myself on bad Japanese Grammar I guess :P

  • How in God’s name is the player character moving through the water so fast?


    • He’s on a speedboat…

      • He’s talking about the second stage, which is underwater. They’re connected to the speedboat by rope there anyways.

        • He’s connected to the speedboat? Even after the part where the boat goes up the ramp and everyone jumps off?

          • If you look at the video closely enough you’ll see the rope and the speedboat up above. There’s not much sane logic in this game anyways, so just play along with it.

  • So if your compatibility meter sucks does that mean someone is going to get dumped?

    And now I know not to play Let’s Go Jungle with a dude ever again.

    • I suppose it depends on how superstitious your partner is. Then again, if they want to play it primarily because of the compatibility meter, I think your relationship is already in trouble.

      • That made me go ROFL :D

        Good one

  • Jellybit

    How does the glassesless 3D work? In the video, they show the guy and girl moving all over the place in reaction to the 3D. I can’t imagine they can see any 3D effect moving around like that. Or does it use eye tracking tech to adjust it on the fly? I really want to know how the display works.

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