It Appears Persona 2: Innocent Sin Has Even More New Features Than Expected

By Spencer . February 21, 2011 . 9:25am


When we first heard about Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP it sounded light on new content. Atlus retooled the difficulty, created a new intro movie, and added an emotion meter during demon negotiation.


Last week, Atlus announced a brand new mode for Persona 2: Innocent Sin on PSP. Motoko Mitsugi, created by Persona 3 and Persona 4 character designer Shigenori Soejima, in the Climax Theater gives players quests in theater mode. Clear these quests to earn valuable items and increase your rank for the mode. Increasing your rank may change how Motoko deals with your group.


Atlus updated the official Persona 2: Innocent Sin site with those details, but more interestingly a menu bar that hints at more new modes for the PSP version.



Unless those "coming soon" buttons are red herrings, Atlus has at least three new modes to reveal for Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The game is slated for release on April 14 in Japan.

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  • Woot I so can not wait for this, each article makes it sound even better than ever! I even love the red color scheme going on! You know where Ill be when they bring this out here, Ill be there on day 1 baby, day 1!!!!!

  • DanteJones

    We can play the waiting game alllll you want Atlus, you rogue. You’ll have to drop details on Persona 5 eventually!

    On a more serious note, this is shaping up to be a pretty solid looking PSP remake, I’ve never played 2 so it should be a welcome addition to the other games I have. :D -and- hopefully tide over my need for Persona until 5 comes out, mwahahaha.

    • I wonder what people are expecting in Persona 5. Maybe they will have something to shake up the equation, new gameplay innovations, online multiplayer, characters in college, and story that takes place in a megalopolis.

      • Zero_Destiny

        OMG I SO thought of the college thing too. Really it would be a good way to make PERSONA more interesting. Like have your main be able to go to class, then to work, and then to class again like in real life. Maybe join some clubs or enjoy the stuff on a college Campus like a gym [work-out mini-games :)] and how on the weekends some lecture halls get turned into movie theaters [Dating min-games :)]. That would be great. Plus the work aspect of the story can flesh it out. Really what I want to see out of a new PERSONA is the ability to do more in a day though. Like have an actual time system based on real life time or probably be better to based off of a made a time system like in Harvest Moon now that I think about it. That way we can get more than like two things done in a day. Give us the ability to skip school and our responsibilities and do whatever we want too. A change of setting might be nice too. Maybe have the main go to America for college (and of course met a cast of Japanese/Japanese-Americans lol We know Japan can’t handle TOO FOREIGN characters after-all).

        • I’m all for more adult characters and an open world, I also like the idea of real time playing, though, that may be hard on the story as you would have to wait hours to advance further, in the end it’s all about the story in Persona.

      • shinserph

        Online multiplayer? No, just…

        • kupomogli

          SMT4 would be better than Persona 5 in my opinion, but also, online multiplayer wouldn’t be bad. Maybe have an arena to fight different rankings but also allow you to compete online in a player versus player match. Your party against someone elses party. It would work best if the SMT4 protagonist was the only human with all others as monsters, so you could use your entire party and summon other monsters during one of your turns.

          Pokemon did it and SMT Nocturne is by far better than Pokemon, so why wouldn’t it work with the next SMT?

          • This idea is ridiculously awesome. Oh, pokemon already has online battles? I’m so far behind pokemon news .__.

            However, to add despair and frustation, they should use Nocturne’s Press Turn system. That’ll make people chuck their consoles out of the window

          • kupomogli

            Yeah. Press turn battles with your favorite monsters setup.

            About Pokemon doing online battles. It hasn’t had online, but has done multiplayer battles like I’m speaking of with Gameboy to Gameboy connection. Black and White is going to have online battles though right?

          • Well, Tommy said yes, so there you go.. I’d still stick with Jack Frost over Pikachu, though

          • If you mean Wi-Fi battles, it’s in the Generation 4 games, but you need someone’s friend code to connect to them. Black & White introduces random Wi-Fi matches to the main series.

          • I see… So I’m not that far behind then :P

          • raymk

            Naw i actually wouldn’t like that. Having only 1 party member is kinda boring in a game like that. I loved SMT nocturne but I love party interaction and Nocturne doesn’t have that. I rather they do Persona 5 first then SMT4.

        • Bakuryukun

          but don’tcha know? Online multiplayer is the way of the fuuuuuture! All games have to have it by law now.

          • I hope that is sarcasm

          • Bakuryukun

            I hope so too ;_;

        • Actually, online multiplayer doesn’t sound too bad if you think about all the different possibilities.

          There’s online co-op, like some games have, so you’re both playing through the game together.
          Online quests.
          Battles. Either timed battles to see who can beat some course the fastest or actual battles against other players.
          Just interacting, to help with the stat boosts (like the charm/intelligence/etc), trading of items, etc.

          And there’s more stuff that could be thought up. lol Online multiplayer isn’t always a bad idea, just need to be balanced out to where it’s not too simple to achieve everything.

      • SolidusSnake

        “and story that takes place in a megalopolis. ”

        Persona with an open world isn’t a half bad idea actually. You could waste years of your life playing a game like that.

        • There’s already SMT: Online, but yeah, I can see how awesome that could be. And then after a few years the conception happens and it evolves into SMT Nocturne

          • idk, I consider Persona 1 & 2 (both games for 2) kinda open world-y. Yea, there’s one main storyline, but there’s other stuff that you can do instead of following the story right away.. there’s the mini-games & extra dungeons that you can explore before continuing.

      • There’s already a SMT MMO. (It’s free!) If you wanna play SMT online, then go play that. Keep online cheaters that ruin the game away from my Persona.

        • Im not really a fan of MMO’s. The persona series is one in which they thought outside the box, so I imagine any sort of online interaction they could have would be one that is just outside the box and completely innovative and new.

  • Honestly we was liking Persona 2 for the PSP before all these extras were announced. But now Atlus is just spoiling us :D

    That’s why we love you guys :)

  • Yui

    Motoko Mitsugi, huh…

    Have to remember the name.

    I think I’m in love! :D

    • My words exactly! :D

      • Yui

        Sometimes, I can’t forgive Soejima for stealing Kaneko’s place in my heart. XD

        • For me, Kaneko Kazuma and Shigenori Soejima will always have a place in my heart. There can never be too much ‘good art’.

          • Yui

            I wish I was sane and balanced like you. For me there has to be a “best” and “worst” (though usually in less absolute terms than that :D), or I simply can’t reconcile the two. And unfortunately, here, I can’t decide which is best. ;_;

          • Should I show you my drawings? Then you’ll be able to put me in your ‘worst’ list while taking Kazuma Kaneko back up again :D

          • Yui

            You can! I’m sure they’re better than mine, anyway. I’m the world’s worst artist. XD

          • We can share the award :3 It’ll be like the Golden Raspberry award.

          • Don’t say that man, it’s not about skillz, but about the love! and passion! you put into your drawings!!!

          • You’ve been watching too much anime, man >_<

          • @Ashgail:
            Naturally, if one can’t draw masterpieces, he settles with watching other peoples masterpieces, in animation! :P

            Actually I’ve seen a lot of people saying they can’t draw, but then slap me some awesome Black Rock Shooter like art on the face! :/

          • I assure you, if you saw it, you’ll be so disappointed and you won’t be able to sleep at night ^_^

          • Yui

            Trust me – with my art, I’d come out more deserving of a Darwin than a Golden Raspberry. XD

            But I’d love to share your award! I enjoy riding on other people’s coattails. ;P

        • I always feel like being ripped apart by two parties that fight in my head for the throne of best SMT artist, it’s a brutal war, a lot of good soldiers died, but the war goes on…;__;

          Though, really Soejima knows what he’s doing. :D

          • Yui

            Amen! I totally agree with you on that. :D

            And yeah, Soejima does know what he’s doing, appealing to my love for human-looking, beautiful things. But Kaneko is Kaneko, and goddamn, Kaneko is incredible. I just love his style, absolutely. XD

          • For now we have to settle with the fact that both of them are damn awesome badasses! :D

          • Yui

            Damn right! Pit them against each other and we’ll have a battle for the ages! ;P

  • I’m curious on how will Motoko ‘deal with my group’.

  • ShinGundam

    3DS port incoming ?

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for this :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      In a perfect world no man should have to wait for this. lol But then again waiting is half the fun :I

  • Now I’m really hoping it comes over here

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