A Few More Details About Gilgamesh, Dissidia 012[duodecim]’s Scramble Fighter

By Spencer . February 22, 2011 . 1:55am

imageDengeki Online also had a bit more information about Gilgamesh, a new character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. As mentioned earlier, Gilgamesh is a "scramble fighter" and he pulls out a random weapon each time you attack. Gilgamesh has eight arms and fairly long reach. One of those arms is holding the Excalipoor, which deals 1 point of damage.


Director Takahashi Mitsunori says creating Gilgamesh felt similar to how he developed Kefka’s and the Final Fantasy VI villain’s reverse magic. The staff enjoyed brainstorming different attacks like rocket punch missiles which allow Gilgamesh to attack from a distance.


Gilgamesh’s another form wraps a turban around his face. His third form is based on pixel art and has Gilgamesh wearing full plate armor. Bartz’s third form is also based on unreleased pixel art from Tetsuya Nomura’s sketchbook. Exdeath’s third form is a Neoexdeath motif.


Yuna, as you may have seen before, has a wedding dress sans veil as her third form. Newcomer Prishe has a blue swimsuit.

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  • Ah, Excalipoor, I bet you turn up more often than anyone hopes… DX

  • joesz

    LoL the Excalipoor…Man that was a great Gag!

  • Is that you Gilgamesh?

  • Testsubject909

    Gilgamesh with Kefka support

    Or Kefka with Gilgamesh support…

    What do I do…

  • “Newcomer Prishe has a blue swimsuit.”
    Oh wow SE, fanservice?

    • Lol silly fellow, the whole game’s fanservice.
      Not that I care :3

    • Bakuryukun

      It seems kinda strange to cry foul about fanservice, in a crossover game.

  • “Newcomer Prishe has a blue swimsuit.”
    So THAT’S what Nomura meant when he said that her third form was going to be “daring…” Nomura you sly dog… xD
    I think all the other girls in the game deserve one if she gets one xP

    Does this mean that the character they’re going to talk about in that little live broadcast is going to be a new character? Since Gilgamesh is pretty much out there now…

  • “Yuna, as you may have seen before, has a wedding dress sans veil as her third form. Newcomer Prishe has a blue swimsuit.”

    So Tidus and Yuna were all set to get married but Tidus decides to save the world in the middle of their wedding. And Prishe was taking a swim but the pool was a portal to the world of Dissidia.

    Makes sense.

  • Come on Prishe Voiced by Melissa Fahn!

  • Code

    If one of those costumes lacks his cardboard arms, I’m going to be so sour over that opo; Still I think he sounds like a fun character, nothing like a random damage character to spice things up >w<

  • I’m hoping that he will not using Excalipoor Sword on his limit break….

    • “Hope… does not exist!” – Chaos, denying XIII’s existence since the first Dissidia.

      Yes, Exalipoor has been confirmed to be the EX-Burst’s HUGE drawback…

      EDIT: Also, BEHOLD! The source of Prishe’s Blue Swimsuit!


      • I am slightly disappoint. I was expecting more of a one piece blue swimsuit…

        • Exkaiser

          With her name on the front in hiragana?

          I’m kind of glad it’s not that.

  • PrinceHeir

    “Yuna, as you may have seen before, has a wedding dress sans veil as her third form. Newcomer Prishe has a blue swimsuit.”

    i want to see her again with that dress soo lovely :P

    i really can’t wait for this, shame they seem taking a break in the series, but it’s good since they can generate more ideas for the next game :)

  • ninetailes4life

    Im taking any and all challengers when I get this game. Let’s see my opponents speak all their expository banter once I kick their asses into the void that is defeat

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan


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