Atlus And Sting Team Up For Tactical RPG Titled "Gungnir"

By Spencer . February 22, 2011 . 5:54pm

imageAfter Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future came out, we haven’t about any projects from Sting. What’s the creator of Knights in the Nightmare and Hexyz Force doing? Making another title for PSP.


Famitsu revealed Gungnir: The War Hero and the War God’s Demon Lance. The game is a tactical RPG developed by the Yggdra Union staff. The game stars Julio Ragwell who came into possession of Gungnir, the titular lance. Famitsu’s article also highlights three other characters: Alyssa, Elise, and Julio’s brother Ragnus Ragwell.


Point Pictures, the studio that did Yggdra Union’s opening movie, is creating an animated intro for Gungnir. Atlus will publish Gungnir on May 19 in Japan.

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  • Tactical RPG + Sting = <3

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Atlus USA is a little behind with Sting games as it is…I wonder if they’re moving on from them?

    • Nah, it’s not the case, since Atlus is the exclusive publisher to both Japanese and American releases of Sting games.

    • I know still waiting for Blaze Union

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        I’d even take Yggdra Unison at this point.

  • shion16

    gugnir…thats a comet right?

    • Exkaiser

      It’s the name of Odin’s spear in Norse Mythology.

      • shion16

        oh i see
        thx for that

  • I almost forgot: is this part of the Dept. Heaven series?

    • Guest


      • Damn; I just don’t want Dept. Heaven to be Sting Entertainment’s version of Duke Nukem Forever: always stuck in develoopment hell. :s

        • Guest

          We’ve actually gotten three games released though. =P

  • Cool news man, liked the past Sting games, not to mention that I’m one crazy tactical RPG fan, looking forward for more news on this! :D

    But, sadly the chances for a Blaze Union localization are vanishing in the never ending depths of space…

  • Xien12

    I wonder what entry in Dept Heaven this is.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Most likely it’ll be something like Hexyz Force which has nothing to do with the Dept Heaven series.

  • Well I hope its nowhere near Yggdra Union style as that game was just wonky to play.

    Otherwise, Im interested, of course, if it comes to the US

    • Zero_Destiny

      I only played the GBA version of Yggdra Union but it was fun and different which is what Sting is all about. They combine genres and make games that are like nothing ever done before. the learning curve can be high because of it but there all great games. :)

      • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

        True but imo Riviera is 10x’s better gameplay wise

  • PersonaBull

    I’ll admit, I’m pretty sad this has nothing to do with Odin Sphere (my hopes weren’t exactly high, of course).

    Other than that, it sounds interesting. I’ll be following the news on this one. Though, I tend to not care so much for tactical RPGs. I’m curious about the gameplay.

  • joesz

    Riviera: The Promised Land 2,nuff said.

    • Man, how i would LOVE another riviera game T_T

  • Cloud_ST

    Is good to see Sting is still giving lots of PSP love,hope we get more details soon.

  • Ladius

    Gungnir seems really interesting, but seeing how Atlus USA still hasn’t localized Blaze Union and Yggdra Unison I’m worried that it too could end up staying in Japan :

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      Seeing as this isn’t a spin off or sequel to anything it has a good chance. Have no fear Atlus USA never disappoints

      • Ladius

        Luminous Arc 3, Growlanser PSP, SRT Endless Frontier Exceed, Summon Night TXC, Class of Heroes 2 and the aforementioned Sting titles beg to differ, and that is only listing unlocalized titles of series Atlus USA previously covered.

        Regarding Sting titles, Hexyz Force wasn’t even linked with the Dept. Heaven series but it was localized, while Blaze Union and Yggdra Unison were left behind, so I doubt there is a trend there.

        Blaze Union is also a great title (had to import it), and I really don’t think that it deserved to be left in Japan just because it was labeled as a spin off. Let’s see if Atlus USA manages to announce some Sting goodness after Radiant Historia’s release.

  • Letiumtide

    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m honestly hoping that the Tactical RPG boom will end soon. I’m so tired of a massive portion of RPGs coming out being Tactical RPGs, not that they are bad by any stretch of the imagination. They’re simply just too plentiful nowadays.

    • I kinda of agree. I love tactics RPGs, but it seems that people haven’t been really coming up with a new spin on it.

    • kupomogli

      While there are many more tactical RPGs released now than there were say, a decade ago, I think it looks like we’re getting too many of the genre only because your standard RPG games are too few in comparison to what they were before.

      It’s not like the tactical RPG genre has become as flooded as the FPS that has a new one released atleast once a month. I can’t really think of 20 tactical RPGs that aren’t ports that have been released to the US since the launch of any of this gen systems portables or consoles. Even with ports included you’re sure to hit less than 30 with all systems included(again, US only.) I say US only because a lot of the tactical RPGs are Super Robot games and they’re released every other month in Japan(sarcasm but not far off.)

    • It’s been a while since we last got a strategy rpg… Well, it hasn’t been a while if you are counting the ports/remakes.
      The only new ones i remember lately is the disgaea games, and thanks to aksys, the agarest wars games (and it’s derivates), there hasnt been that many in my opinion, at least not enough to call it a “boom”

  • Exkaiser

    Aah, Sting, you and your nonsensical weapon designs.

  • malek86

    I was just wondering what the heck they were doing all this time. But they announced the game only three months before it was ready for release. Hopefully this one will be localized.

    Weird that it’s not a multiplatform title though. I guess it will be a 2D game with relatively weak graphics, otherwise they could have tried selling it on the 3DS too (or maybe Atlus doesn’t want it to compete with Devil Survivor Overcloked, even if I don’t think that would happen). From that small screenshot, looks a bit like Riviera.

    • well, if we demand it from Atlus, then it could happen T_T….it could…happen…

  • Guest

    Awesome but lame at the same time. Anything niche for DS/PSP being developed right now has a tiny chance of being localized. Well at least it isn’t a Dept. Heaven game. As long as we get all of those I’m happy. I love Sting.

    • malek86

      I actually don’t mind this being for PSP. At least, if it does get localized, I can just import and play it. Worst case scenario, I could try and play it in japanese :P

      If it were for 3DS, the chances of seeing it localized for Europe would be even slimmer (we haven’t got a Sting game since Riviera PSP) and with the 3DS being region locked, there would go any chance of me playing it.

      Anyway, waiting for bigger scans or an official site.

      • Guest

        Flashcart+import. That’s the answer to your 3DS problem. Sorry you’re in EU but I’d rather see this game in english on 3DS than never in english and on PSP. I’d rather see this on DS than PSP because the fan translation scene is alive and well on it.

        • malek86

          What flashcart?

          • Guest

            The inevitable flashcart that will be released on 3DS. I doubt they’ll do a CFW type thing on 3DS.

          • malek86

            That’s annoying though. Right now, the PSP is just a better solution for region free games.

            Anyway, with the game being announced as a standard SRPG, I think it will eventually be localized. There’s already a market for those on the console, especially in the US.

  • Hexyz Force is a damn fine RPG. If Gungnir is anything like Riviera: The Promised Land, then it should hopefully be awesome.

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      It’s seems like it, I didnt get into Ygdra Union to much but the Norse reference of Gungnir. It also seems like the PSP is the official platform for the Dept. Heaven series

  • neocatzon

    Neogaf forum said Famitsu confirmed this game as Dept Heaven Episode IX
    Spencer can you check it ?

    • malek86

      I thought that was supposed to be a MMO? If they changed their mind, good for us.

      • Guest

        Episode III is supposed to be the MMO.

      • neocatzon

        I don’t know from where Neogaf forum got the confirmation, I spend hours to find the “proof”. For know, let’s stick with unconfirmed

        though, iirc sting wanted to announce eps IX in 2010. It has a hope

    • Guest

      Episode IX was supposed to be in 3D though.

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Hopefully the art is like Riviera’s I couldn’t stand Yggdra Union’s. I know its big budget and all, but when will these guys make a console game? They’re games never fail to please so It’d be awesome to be able to enjoy they’re games on my tv

    • Ladius

      Sadly Sting games have awful sales in Japan (not that they are blockbusters in the USA), I don’t think they have the budget for home console games unless they pull an Agarest-level title budget-wise.

      • malek86

        It’s probably best if they stay portable for now.

        Although I think they could have tried and made the game for 3DS too. A title released near launch, when there aren’t too many games out for the console yet, could have been a good idea to attract a new audience.

  • WyattEpp

    I’m glad Turn-based, fighting, and STG are making a serious comeback lately. The modern design sensibility really helps them, while they eclipse the “fun” of a lot of modern game-like derivative movie-tie-in-wannabes.

  • Joanna

    I want to get excited for this….but with Blaze Union and Yggdra Unison still in Japan, I just don’t want to hype myself up and get disappointed.

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